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So, this happened...


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So here it is. Where else on the net would I make my first cyber announcement about the birth of our first child?


Here's a piccie of my baby boy, whom we named Taylor. Born 21/2/13, after my wife spent 18 hours in labour, he will be one week old tomorrow. :)




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I though you'd been quiet!


Many congratulations to you and your wife! 18 hours isnt too bad for a first birth - my wife was well in excess of 24 hours!!


Enjoy it mate, cos it flies by.........my Lily is 6 and the twins are 3.5 now and God knows where the time has gone.


If I can make one recommendation : use Bepanthen.........magic nappy rash cream (if you can get it in Oz that is)


All the best.

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Thanks mate. Yeah, I'm planning to enjoy these early moments as I know he won't be this cute for long! :) Thanks for the nappy rash cream. I assume it's available here - I'll check it out.

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  • My Little Pony

Yeah, I'm planning to enjoy these early moments as I know he won't be this cute for long! :)


Oh, so you assume he's gonna look like you? ;}

Congratulations, bud!

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Geoff you lil' devil....you GO boyeeeeeee!!!


From one Rocker Dad to another, heartiest congratulations to you and yer missus. He's a cute lil' booger. Treasure him.


...and make sure he inherits your taste in music.

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Congrats on the new little rocker to you and the family Geoff; he's adorable! :)

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Congrats, mate ! All the best to the 3 of you !! :)

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Dude im so happy for you, you'll never feel the love you feel being a daddy, it is a whole new kind of love, and you must know what im talking about by now, if you dont, you will soon. congrats bro

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Big congrats mate, a cute baby boy and sure you need to teach him those 70s music you love and avoid the modern stuffs, alright dude, and welcome aboard restless days and sleepless nights, but I bet you'll enjoy that :D

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Cool beans Geoffrey.


Whats it like being a dad? Pretty amazing and scary and awesome and scary and exciting and... :)


As stated by Stefan, from one dad to another enjoy your sprout, fatherhood is truly a magical journey and as Glenn mentioned it FLIES by... my "babies" are going to be 7 and 12 next month.


If I can offer any words of wisdom they would be 2-fold, love, love, love your baby and never let him forget it and do the same for mom. Always lend an ear to what she's going through as a new mom cause it can be a rough go emotionally...


Congrats again!

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Thanks all, much appreciated.


And Dan, they did not allow me to reproduce. But that didn't stop me. Couldn't stop me, in fact. I'm dangerous like that. ;)


Thanks for the tips, Terry. And yeah, scary as hell - no doubt about it. I'm just some punk from the streets of downtown Oatlands, and now I have this funny looking, cute little dude who is completely dependent on my wife and I. Crazy stuff.


I was always hesitant to finally take the plunge into having a kid, and I'm glad we waited till we did as we got a lot out of the last few years. But once your baby's born, all that hesitance kind of fades away and it is indeed a crazy feeling. Hard to describe, but one thing I noticed is a more intense understanding and appreciation of what my parents went through, and what it took for them to care for me and my 2 brothers for all these years.


Anyway, no rambling. Someone said the other day that you will never regret having a kid, but you may regret not having one. I'd never heard that before, but I can appreciate it now. It's scary for sure, but I'm looking forward to the journey. :)

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