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  1. Hello Dan, i’ve sent donation, please check Thanks a lot for keep this site running
  2. Haven't listened to Levara, Ronnie Atkins, Dirty Honey, The L.A Maybe, Maverick and Dangerous Curves Will check em out this weekend So far Creye, WET, Lebrock, Chez Kane, Midnite City,NFO, well the usual suspects I think Kent Hilli, Rian, Robin Red, and Chris Farren not bad too
  3. new additions : + AC/DC - Shot In The Dark + BLIND ALLEY - Fire and Ice + BRIAN MCDONALD - Between Heaven and Heart + BRONZ - Two Silhouettes, When The Lights Die Down + CLARK KENT - 4 tracks from the debut + EDDIE MONEY - 6 tracks from 'Can't Hold Back' + FM - 5 tracks from 'Tonight' + HIGH TENSION - 6 tracks from s/t + JOE LYNN TURNER - On The Run, Young Hearts, Endlessly + LIPSTIXX N BULLETZ - 5 tracks + LITA FORD - Shot of Poison, Playin' With Fire, Little Too Early + LIZZY BORDEN - Terror on The Town, Love Kills, Me Against The World, Shock, Eyes of A Stranger, Voyeur + LOUD & CLEAR - 4 tracks from 'Disc-connected' + LOUDGUNS - 8 tracks from the debut and 2 tracks from the sophomore + LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - Too Big To Fail + LOVEKILLERS - 4 tracks from the debut + LYNCH MOB - killer tracks from the first two albums + OUTFIELD, THE - assorted fave tracks from several albums + RECKLESS LOVE - Loaded + RUNNER - Fooling Myself + SPIN GALLERY - Tic Toc, Indulge + STONE FURY - Break Down The Wall, I Hate To Sleep Alone, Life Is Too Lonely, Don't Tell Me Why + URIAH HEEP - Too Scared To Run, Think It Over
  4. yup, looks like a new era is coming good news for us
  5. Last statistics (16 Oct 20) : Old Ballads : 1572 songs Old Rock : 2035 songs New Ballads : 736 songs New Rock : 1237 songs Please feel free to follow and drop suggestions to add more songs to the playlists :)
  6. DREAMSTREET - Heartzone (86) is a nice little AOR gem, once reissued by Retrospect but sadly it's on CDR not silver pressed. Anyway, there are plenty songs to love here such as 'Fade Away', 'Power of Love', 'Heartzone', 'Money', and the ballad 'Face To Face' GRIM REAPER - Rock You To Hell (87) is a great classic heavy metal release and the vocal delivery is just sensational. I like the title track, 'Lust For Freedom', 'When Heaven Comes Down', 'Waysted Love', and 'I Want More' LEGACY - s/t (11) is a good Christian rock album released by Eonians and i like 'Forever In Your Arms', 'Live It', and 'Change of A Broken Heart' here STAN BUSH - Every Beat of My Heart (92) has many lovable ballads like 'Could This Be Love', 'Ain't That Worth Something', 'Never Ending Love', 'It Don't Get Better Than This', and 'Every Beat of My Heart' is perhaps the only uptempo track here Also finally GREAT WHITE - s/t, Shot In The Dark, and Hooked finally added and some killer gems from these three albums were added to the playlists other additions : + BALAAM AND THE ANGEL - She Really Gets To Me (electric and acoustic version) + BULLSEYE - Treat Me Right, It's Over + CHARLIE SEXTON - Don't Look Back, Impressed, Beat's So Lonely + DAMNED NATION - Stonecold Woman, Desperate Call, Going Crazy + GRAND PRIX - Thinking of You + SHOUT - Never Stop, Shout, Winners or Losers + LAVALLE - The Lucky Ones + LAW, THE - Come Save Me + LE BROCK - Please Don't Cry + LE MANS - Bad Reputation + LEA HART - The BOys Are Back In Town, Don't Believe A Word + LEE AARON - Empty Heart, Powerline, Rock The Hard Way, Tough Girls Don't Cry, How Deep + LEVEL 10 - Cry No More + LIAISON - Give Me One Day at a Time, Go and Sin No More + LIFE BY NIGHT - Phone To Phone + MEAT LOAF - You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth, Heaven Can Wait, Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through + SAMMY HAGAR - There's only One Way To Rock, Piece of My Heart, Baby It's You + SEVENTH KEY - What Love's Supposed To Be, I See You There
  7. JAMES CHRISTIAN - Meet The Man (04) is really a great album. I love the two ballads 'End of Time' and 'Surrender Your Love' and the other four uptempo tracks, 'Leave Well Enough Alone', 'Strong Enough', 'Know You In The Dark', and 'After The Love Has Gone' KEEL - s/t (87) is a good commercial album of KEEL and I think perhaps their most enjoyable release. I like the ballad 'Calm Before The Storm' and also the powerful and anthemic tracks such as 'United Nations', 'King of The Rock', 'I Said The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl', 'Don't Say You Love Me', and 'Fourth of July' KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Ecstasy (18) could easily be their best album out of their entire career. I think 4 strong tracks here are : 'Wild Wind', 'Superhuman', 'You're Not Alone', and 'Heart of Stone' KRYPTONITE - s/t (17) still sounds refreshed and really quench the thirst for early THE POODLES. My best picks are : 'Chasing Fire', 'Fallen Angels', 'Get Out Be Gone', 'Better Than Yesterday', and 'One Soul' other additions : + 17 CRASH - Face To Face, To Hell and Back, Heroes + BON JOVI - Do What You Can, Blood In The Water + GOLDEN FARM - I Can't Tell You, Fire and Ice, Everything Sometimes + IRON MAIDEN - Different World, The Pilgrim + JOHN WAITE - If You Ever Get Lonely, Shadows of Love + KINGS & DREAMS - It's Been So Long, 2000 Miles, Mirror Mirror + KISKE/SOMERVILLE - Open Your Eyes + KORITNI - Night Goes On For Days, Water of Life + L.A. GUNS - Speed, Baby Gotta Fever, Don't Bring A Knife to a Gunfight, Needle To The Bone + LANESLIDE - Flying High, Look The Other Way, Your Fight + LANEY'S LEGION - Assassin of Our Love + LAST IN LINE - Martyr + LAST TRIBE - Dreamer, Man of Peace + MICK JONES - Danielle, Just Wanna Hold + XORIGIN - What Love Is All About, Too Late, Can't Keep Running
  8. Won't get over this ever Such a sad day indeed, the legend has gone but the music remains in our heart :(
  9. FASHION POLICE - Calling All The Shots (92) is pretty good forgotten gem, reissued by Sun City, the sound is quite similar to POISON and PRETTY BOY FLOYD. I like 3 songs here : 'Destination : Sunset Blvd', 'Days and Nights', and 'Alone/Together' FIERCE HEART - War of The World (2020) surprised me especially the first half which is really strong. IMHO. Sadly, it veers off to an average ending but I think songs like 'Lost Inside Your Love', 'Power To Rock', 'Out For Blood', and 'Built For Speed' deserved to be in the list. KEE OF HEARTS - st (17) still sounds great after 3 years and maybe I've been missing classic FAIR WARNING way too much. Plenty of tracks added! KENNY LECKREMO - Spectra (18) is definitely not H.E.A.T contender but always happy to hear Kenny's voice. After revisiting this album, I'll say I still like some tracks here such as '10 Years', 'Nothing To Die For', 'We Were Young', and 'Losing' KILLER DWARFS - Dirty Weapons (90) is a hard rock gem, maybe forgotten by many, though as I recall, this is probably their only great album ? CMIIW. I dig plenty songs here but the best 4 tracks I think are : Dirty Weapons, Doesn't Matter, Last Laugh, Comin' Through SURGIN' - When Midnight Comes (85) is a good melodic rock album which reminds me of early BON JOVI and one of the songs 'Shot Thru The Heart' was co-written by Ponti. I like some other songs like 'Hot Nights' and 'Hands of Time' WILD SOULS - Queen of My Heart (20) is a nice Greek melodic rock surprise. Some hooks reminded me of 80s WHITESNAKE and overall a good album, need improvement but i see the potential. I love 'Hold Me Tight', 'Love Ain't No Lie', and 'Nothing But Loving You' other additions : + BLACKFOOT - Fly Away, Rattlesnake Rock N Roller + KEE MARCELLO - Don't Miss You Much + KEEL - Speed Demon, Back To The City + KELLY KEELING - Take Me To The Limit, Still Need You In My Arms + KICK - Time, Praying For The Day, Painless + KING COMPANY - One For The Road, Holding On + KING JAMES - Hard Road To Go, The Prisoner + KING KOBRA - Knock em Dead, The Ballad of Johnny Rod, Take Me Back, The Crunch + PRIMAL FEAR - I Will Be Gone + RON KEEL - Dreams Are Not Enough + TEN - Give In This Time, Black Hearted Woman + TONY MITCHELL - Living On The Run + TRASH - Hot Legs Black Stockings
  10. a fan of both albums so i'm looking forward to this
  11. I recall this being an average album with a killer guitarist after checking out GPAP, yup that's one great song indeed
  12. BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Feel The Burn (20) is still a nice follow-up and maybe a little bit too poppish this time but all (maybe most) tracks are enjoyable but somehow I get the strange feeling of getting enough of them and if they continue this trend, I don't think it's interesting anymore. Nevertheless, I like the first two singles and also 'Arianne', 'Bring On The Rain', and 'Ticking Away' DEEP PURPLE - Slaves and Masters (90) might not be a good album to the 70s fans but for me, I think it's pretty good and some tracks are great enough to be added such as 'Wicked Ways', 'Fire In The Basement', and 'The Cut Runs Deep' HELLOISE - Cosmogony (85) was rated high at the main page but IMHO it's a good heavy metal album, not more. I like several songs like 'Run A Mile', 'Gates of Heaven', 'For A Moment', 'Ready For The Night', and the title track JUNKYARD - Old Habits Die Hard is a collection of cool songs from the mid 90s and tracks like 'Hangin Around', Tried and True', 'Take Me Home', and 'Holdin' On ' worth a space in the list ROKO - Fantasy (96) is a decent AOR/Pop album, a departure from their early hard rock root and a goodimprovement over the average 'Think About Tomorrow' (94) release. Good to snap some ballads off this album for the list but not really recommended for the whole album cause it's a snooze-fest SKAGARACK - A Slice of Heaven (89) is a very nice (maybe forgotten) Scandi melodic rock. I love the uptempo 'Anytime, Anywhere', 'Answer To Your Prayers', 'My Way or The Highway' and the ballad 'Open Your Eyes' SKEW SISKIN - s/t (92) is a forgotten hard rock gem and surprisingly I like at least 6 uptempo tracks here and not saying that it's a 9/10 or 9.5/10 materials but a solid 8 to 8.5 and definitely enjoyable TERRY BROCK - Back To Eden (01) is really great. There are at least 6 gems to love here such as 'We Invented Love', 'Back To Eden', 'Another Chance', 'Forever Now', 'I Should've Known', and 'Waiting' VANDENBERG debut is perhaps the best of the first three and I think tracks like 'Burning Heart', 'Lost In A City', 'Nothing To Lose', and 'Ready For You' are really great. W.A.S.P debut is clearly their best and hard to top that. The few follow up albums has some gems too but nothing as consistent as this. 'Animal Fuck Like A Beast', 'I Wanna Love Somebody', 'Hellion', 'The Flame', 'L.O.V.E Machine' - all classics! other additions : + ALYSON AVENUE - I Still Believe, When Dreams Fall Apart + AUTOGRAF - Oh My Boy + BAD CITY - Touch, Straight To The Grave + BAD SISTER - Talk To You Later + EDDIE MONEY - Take Me Home Tonight + FIONA - You're No Angel, Hang Your Heart On Me + HARLEQUIN - Innocence + HIROSHIMA - Tell Me What You Want, Broken Heart, Forever + JASON BONHAM BAND, THE - Holding On Forever + JIMMY BARNES - I Wanna Get Started With You + ORION THE HUNTER - So You Ran + PRISM - Don't Let Him Know + PRIVATE LIFE - Last Heartbeat + ROSSINGTON - Returned To The Scene of The Crime + SAXON - Power and The Glory, + SHOTGUN SYMPHONY - S.O.S + SPYS - Rescue Me + Various great tracks from JOHN WAITE early albums as well as the newer one + WHITE SISTER - Troubleshooter, A Place In The Heart
  13. update : 18 Sept 20 BONFIRE - Strike X (01) is a decent release in the new millennium. Definitely can't touch their peak years but I don't mind several songs such as 'Anytime You Cry', 'Damn You', 'Until The Last Goodbye', and 'Strike Back' DEGARMO & KEY - The Peldge (89) is not as strong as 'Street Light' but some tracks (mostly ballads) are pretty good such as : 'Hand In Hand', 'If God Is For Us', 'I'm Accepted', and 'Aliens & Strangers' DREAMER - Full Metal Racket (91) is a forgotten gem which reminds me of early ICON or DOKKEN. Love plenty of their songs here and took almost half of the albums for the list JEFF PARIS - Wired Up (87) is a truly wonderful album and packed with killer tracks such as 'I Can't Let Go', "Charmed Life' and the three sensational ballads 'A Matter of Time', 'Cryin' (yes the VIXEN one), and 'One Night Alone' JIMI JAMISON - Never Too Late (12) still remained my top pick of 2012 and it's a pleasant to give thisalbum another spin and more than half of the songs here really belong to the playlist. RIP Jimi JOEY TEMPEST - A Place To Call Home (97) is a laidback attempt of EUROPE's frontman and I don't mind several songs such as 'Don't Go Changing On Me', 'Elsewhere', 'Harder To Leave ..', 'Lord of The Manor', and 'Under The Influence' JOHN SYKES - Loveland (97) is also a laidback effort of John Sykes and 4 ballads picked for the playlist, including his rendition of 'Please Don't Leave Me' which became 'Don't Hurt Me This Way' here JON ANDERSON - In The City of Angels (88) is a very laid back and soft albums but can't stop listening to beautiful tracks like 'In A Lifetime', 'Hold On To Love', 'Is It Me', and 'For You' MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy (85) got plenty of gems such as the uptempo 'Don't Tell Me It's Over', 'You Don't Want Me Bad Enough', 'Save Our Love' and the two ballads : 'Call My Name' and 'Desperate Heart'. Couple of fillers but all in all, a great 80%-ish album ! SANTA CRUZ - Screaming For Adrenaline (13) is their biggest achievement and it's only a debut. Shame they went the modern path which I don't like but man this debut is truly superb. Added 6 tracks straight away! TALK OF THE TOWN - Reach For The Sky (98) may not be as strong as the eponymous debut released 10 years earlier but nevertheless it still has some killer songs such as 'Top of The Mountain', 'You Hide Your Love', 'Broken Promises', and 'Waiting' other additions : + ADRENALIN - Gimme Your Heart, Road of The Gypsy + AFFAIR - Face To Face + BONNIE TYLER - If You Were A Woman, Before This Night Is Through + CHRIS THOMPSON - Secrets In The Dark + DAKOTA - The Ride, Luck Time and Mind, Hot Summer Night + DEACON STREET - Radio + ENUFF Z'NUFF - Fatal Distraction + FANDANGO - Cadillac, Don't Waste My Time + HIGH TENSION - Leather Beauty + HUGO - Anyone In Love, Our Love Will Be There + IRON MAIDEN - Rainmaker, Wildest Dreams + JIMI ANDERSON GROUP - Best For Me, Where Do We Go From Here, Feel Like Letting Go + JOE SATRIANI - Crushing Day, Always With Me Always With You + JOE WALSH - In My Car + JOEL HOEKSTRA's 13 - Until I Left You, Long For The Days + JOHN DIVA & THE ROCKETS OF LOVE - Rocket of Love, Wild Life + LE MANS - Love Is A Waste of Time, Don't Wanna Work, Love Lies + LEVITICUS - Isn't It Love ? + MISHA CALVIN - Put A Little Faith In Me + SHA-BOOM - Night After Night + THRILLS - Changing My Ways + TOBRUK - Burning Up, Two Hearts on The Run, Cry Out In The Night + VENUS AND MARS - The Last Time, Dancing On The Highwire
  14. I don't know if you notice but i have been building a massive playlist and you can check out my Spotify playlist thread and perhaps you can follow and check out what I've been missing. One playlist can accommodate up to 10k songs and so far from 4 playlists, I managed to add around 4-5K songs I guess and will keep adding one by one I still keep around 1500+ CDs at home and there are still hundreds great albums that's not available so will slowly sell and downsize to maybe around 500 CDs. Intend to do that just for the sake of portability
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