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  1. i kinda dig the first album, i can say it's pretty good, too bad he's flown under the radar, hoping this one can be better
  2. Totally true, although Ruff still beats it by couple of inches
  3. UC perhaps can be considered a one album wonder, the rest are quite average and forgettable with probably only 2-3 great songs on each album
  4. really enjoyed the last album and i think it's the best one so far, wonder if they can top it with this one
  5. Excellent release, definitely top 5 contender, no doubt
  6. Amazing ! Can't believe I'm checking this site out since 2004 and still doing it today, thanks for all the great effort, much appreciated
  7. I like this one, pretty good, will buy the disc when it's out
  8. Sadly nothing's interesting from that list for me so maybe July onward will be better ?
  9. i agree, two great albums and enjoyable discs, such as shame, but this one is predicted as most of the releases went off the radar and thrown off to the Sale bin in AOR heaven website :(
  10. I think this one should be shaping up to crack everybody's top ten :D
  11. yes, a huge fan of this band, definitely will continue to buy the Jap CD i kinda dig the synth remix but the original is of course the real deal
  12. Sad to hear Tony is battling the cancer, hope he'll hang on and do his best
  13. well this one is I'm waiting for, surely won't disappoint
  14. Once in a while, I get to hear 'Sweet Child O Mine' and 'Livin on A Prayer' in the radio or shopping mall, used to love it a lot then hate it when it's extremely overplayed everywhere but then love it again cause nowadays you rarely heard it in public :D
  15. so far the top 5 now for me are Find Me, Toby Hitchcock, First Night, Roulette, and Beast In Black the new DT is far from their peak, quite decent and good but not great enough for me, still struggling with Burning Rain, Tesla, Jetboy and Hardline, I reckon they will fall in the 75% range the bad one is The End Machine, LA Guns, Kane Roberts
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