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  1. No point for re-recording unless they got a new singer :D
  2. Wishful thinking but hopefully they make at least one new album in the veins of 'Prisoners' or 'Out of This World', or at least go back to the first three albums
  3. Even though I think this new album is still solid and belong in the top 10, Eclipse do need to venture into a new territory and won't hurt to be more experimental in the next album as they will soon become 'Axel Rudi Pell' if they don't do that.
  4. Been spinning this one lately and getting more love from me. Very Beatles-que with a hint of early EZN, it's a fun record Shame it's way too short, need couple more tracks
  5. My winner and runner up from 2010 - 2019 2010 - CRASHDIET - Generation Wild and TREAT - Coup de Grace 2011 - THE MAGNIFICENT - s/t and WORK OF ART - In Progress 2012 - H.E.A.T - Address The Nation and JIMI JAMISON - Never Too Late 2013 - RECKLESS LOVE - Spirit and W.E.T - Rise Up 2014 - WORK OF ART - Framework and CRAZY LIXX - s/t 2015 - FIND ME - Dark Angel and ECLIPSE - Armageddonize 2016 - FIRST SIGNAL - One Step Over The Line and VEGA - Who We Are 2017 - CRAZY LIXX - Ruff Justice and WILDNESS - s/t 2018 - W.E.T - Earthrage and MIDNITE CITY - There Goes The Neighbourhood 2019 - FIND ME - Angels In Blue and WORK OF ART - Exhibits
  6. is that the female trio Muna with the album 'Saves The World' ? i think i heard some songs like 'Navy Blue', 'Good News', and 'Pink Light', pretty okay
  7. Thanks man, will check em out on Spotify
  8. Not much love for the new Toby Hitchcock, Rob Moratti, and Eclipse ?
  9. What's up Geoff ? any good modern rock recommendations of 2019 ?
  10. i kinda dig the first album, i can say it's pretty good, too bad he's flown under the radar, hoping this one can be better
  11. Totally true, although Ruff still beats it by couple of inches
  12. UC perhaps can be considered a one album wonder, the rest are quite average and forgettable with probably only 2-3 great songs on each album
  13. really enjoyed the last album and i think it's the best one so far, wonder if they can top it with this one
  14. Excellent release, definitely top 5 contender, no doubt
  15. Amazing ! Can't believe I'm checking this site out since 2004 and still doing it today, thanks for all the great effort, much appreciated
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