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  1. More Than the Moon - Station
  2. BOOO !! Us , Aussies, cannot get AOR Heaven stuff anymore.
  3. I use have drinks with Dave, at the cathouse. I have catch up with him he owes a few beers. Dave only recent open his own store, where he sold vinyl only, only closed it he wasn't getting many customers and rent was stupid. Steve the owner, after selling Bluebirds, start working with JB
  4. No More Tears . Ozzy Osbourne
  5. If enjoy this, give Relapsed - Into A Former State a listen. Most of members of C.I.T.A are in the band.
  6. No Presents For Christmas - King Diamond
  7. I would place XYZ in same section as Dokken, as Don produced their first album Snake Bite Whisky - Gasoline Bitches
  8. Got the MTM Music version , which had Victor and Dodge on the front. Where was that little independent store ?
  9. Hell Haith No Fury - Rock Goddess
  10. Doggy


    Did you break a mirror or black cat walked in your path ? Keep strong.
  11. Hell Yeah ! - Black 'N Blue
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