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  1. From The Inside - From the Inside
  2. Long Way From Love - Mark Free
  3. Bare Knuckle Messiahs - That Which Preys On The Dead.
  4. Roanna's Radiers - Fire From Heaven Recon - Behind Enemy Lines Whitecross - S/T Barren Cross - Rock For The King.
  5. Have been signed to Frontiers, for new CD next year. They are describe the missing link between Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx.
  6. That reminds me, I better pick up my hot cross buns.
  7. One for Darkstone Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes
  8. Boys of Summer - Terry LLous
  9. One of my favourite Christian I enjoy was Rosanna and the Raiders. A female fronted band from Australia.
  10. Ablaze, Snake City Whisky, Massive and Airbourne are some Aussies' bands that Aussies don't support. They prefer wait to see international acts.
  11. Nice X mas presents for myself, this and the new one by Tony Harnell.
  12. Ablaze Snake Bit Whisky Airbourne Massive Some Aussies bands that Aussies don't go out check out, they wait for international bands tour down here.
  13. Sad, Metallica has cancel their tour. Due James' problem. Thou Slipknot are still coming down
  14. Blind Faith - S/T Baker Bruce Moore - Around The Next Dream
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