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  1. A.T.M., I asked "what I am out outside where there is curfew ? " Right Darky and Marten
  2. Livin On The Run - Razormaid
  3. Classic Aussie band. Livin' In The Seventies - Skyhooks
  4. While waiting for 20th Century Records release. I dragged out my vinyl copy of Boss - Step On It.
  5. Looking at logo, it's very similar to Grand Design
  6. Well Buckley has saved his job for now. Saints are on roll, Steele what a superstar
  7. Doggy


    Chris Jericho is at again starting another Heavy Metal band , " Wheelblocks ". First release is a cover of Iron Maiden's " Aces High " it's on @ Spotify. @ iTunes and @applemusic.
  8. Doggy


    Slipknot would be making a lot of money if they selling their masks.
  9. Breaking A Heart Is So Easy - Coastline
  10. Doggy


    Good morning Darky, what level you fall under 3 or 4 ? Hoping you and Crue surviving The store you connecting me at, has had a few good weeks, it's only falling off the past week. And recycle store has been open right through/ Been worried jumping on train to go down there, you never know what other passengers are carrying
  11. Cherish The Moment - Ken Tamplin
  12. Cherish - David Cassidy
  13. I still keep in contact with Glam Junkie on Facebook.
  14. Comfort Me - Night Ranger.
  15. Wonder how Golden Robot Records going to promote this, we saw how much they spent on A New Revenge ? Yes, they given us previews songs, but what about "coming soon ".
  16. It's one of that my list of top twenty CDs that you must have.
  17. Comfort Zone - Tesla.
  18. Zone - Southern Sons
  19. Sorry Alpha, but that's just horrible.
  20. Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
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