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    Melodic Rock. Hard Rock, Hard AOR, and some Metal. Love movies and is the biggest Hockey fan. I watch it and play it. I LOVE IT!!! Spending time with the wife and kids, and friends.

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  1. The Melodic Rock is what they do best and should write more in that style. The heavier stuff is still somewhat Melodic, but not commercial enough.
  2. Weakest album, but still good. Only 2 listen through's so far, my favs are - Mary Leigh, Blood, Delirious, Winter Ends, Masquerade.
  3. Same! I have an Amazon the next City over(15-20 min. drive), and I never EVER get new releases on release day.
  4. Dokken - BFTA W.E.T. - Rise Up But in all fairness, I don't listen to a lot of full albums anymore. Over the years(going back to late 80's early 90's) I've made 1000's of comps. Cassette then cd now on my ipod.
  5. Better Off Alone -Emergency, perfect description!
  6. I barley made it to the solo before I stopped it, SO lame!!!
  7. It's definitely Crazy Lixx and the he Defiants for my 1 and 2 for the year.
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