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  1. Yes the first 4 and the last one are GREAT, and I also like Dream Your Heart Out, and Blow Your Mind and Look Into Me are decent enough. Enjoying the album a lot.
  2. Great song. I didn't mind the debut, but so far the new single is my favorite song from them.
  3. The Bangalore Choir is top fav of all time for me.
  4. Debut is great! Hopefully the singer is good.
  5. Don't Blame It On Love and Mr. Rainmaker are 2 of my favorites songs of all time.
  6. Out In The Cold - Jagged Edge UK
  7. W.E.T. Crazy Lixx the Magnificent First Signal Midnite City Defiants
  8. Was just listening to Skull the other day.
  9. Why? I like the last album and Love Diamond!
  10. The songs are just no where near as good as the debut, very disappointed. And yes for average songs, WAY too long!!
  11. Right Glen?! Not a fan of Crazy Lixx???!
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