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  1. Tygers Of Pan Tang - Wild Cat Tygers Of Pan Tang - Spellbound Tygers Of Pan Tang - Crazy Nights 3.2 - Third Impression AOR - The Ghost Of L.A Downes Braide Association - Halcyon Hymns Gary Hughes - Waterside Issa - Queen Of Broken Hearts Saga - Symmetry Thunder - All The Right Noises Zon - I'm Worried About The Boys Accept - Too Mean To Die Arc Of Life - Arc Of Life Inglorious - We Will Ride Michael Schenker Group - Immortal The Pretty Reckless - Death By Rock And Roll Sainted Sinners - Unlocked & Reloaded
  2. New lyric video for 'The Last Guitar Hero'.
  3. i think it's quite good except for Billy's bass wanking. Can't stand the guy, always showing off.
  4. Album out July 16. From Escape Music: One of the long lost records of the ‘80’s, L.A. based Life By Night’s self-titled debut album is finally getting some way overdue recognition! Formed by lead vocalist and bassist Tom Croucier, the brother of Ratt bassist Juan Croucier, Life By Night had the songs and the look, but sadly not the traction, thanks to the usual story of music business politics to take things any further than they did. Having played in a variety of different groups through years, Tom has been a part of Roger Romeo’s group “Romeo” as well as A&M record’s Bobby
  5. Personnel includes Björn Strid, Jona Tee, Robin Eriksson, Linnéa Vikström and more. Press release: Nighthawk is the brand new soloproject by Robert Majd, also known as the bass player in Metalite and Captain Black Beard. When the pandemic hit in March last year and tours got cancelled left and right, Rob asked Jona Tee to help him record some rock’n’roll. The idea was just to have fun and get to play guitar again. Henrik Johansson joined on drums. No rehearsal, no preparations. Just spontaneous and energetic rock music! A few month later Rob came up with the name NIGHTHAWK and got
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