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  1. 'Ignition' out March 27 on AOR Heaven.
  2. This sounds great. From their facebook: The long-awaited VIOLENT POP -album release on 6th of March 2020 Blind Channel will be releasing their anticipated 3rd album ’Violent Pop’ on March 6th via Ranka Kustannus / Out Of Line Music. The long-awaited album includes eleven tracks of pure violent pop anthems. The ’Violent Pop’ -album is definitely the sickest Blind Channel record ever made. Joel Hokka - Vocals & Guitar Niko Moilanen - Vocals Joonas Porko - Guitar Olli Matela - Bass Tommi Lalli - Drums Blind Channel - Violent Pop: 1. Gun 2. Over My Dead Body 3. Died Enough For You 4. Fever 5. Timebomb (Feat. Alex Mattson] 6. Snake (Feat. GG6 from Amaranthe] 7. One Of Us 8. Enemies With Benefits 9. Love Of Mine 10. Feel Nothing 11. Lanterns
  3. How awesome is that guitar?! I had to google the guitarist Michael Klein. So here's some nice info for you. He used to be in the band Wicked Sensation, Dennis Ward also appeared on their 'Crystallized' release. He also teamed up with Dennis on First Signal's debut and Place Vendome's 'Close To The Sun',
  4. If they get the best out of BFT and OD, it will be. Hell, even if they don't, it will still beat the shit out of many new releases nowadays.
  5. Jimmy Westerlund from One Desire producing (and maybe writing as well). This could be a killer album. From Brother Firetribe's facebook before Christmas: We’ll probably spend the Xmas holed up here but man, the new stuff sounds AWESOME. Are you ready for it?? From Jimmy's Instagram (April 2019): An interesting music week behind. Started off by making plans for the new Brother Firetribe album recordings. We have a couple new songs and it will be awesome to be producing this together with Tomppa Nikulainen.
  6. First song 'Walk Away' released. While KHYMERA started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician, Daniele Liverani and then KANSAS singer Steve Walsh, it developed into a regular musical project when bassist and producer Dennis Ward (Magnum, ex-Pink Cream 69) entered the fold. While known as a bassist, Dennis always sang background vocals with his bands, so he was more than ready and willing to take over the lead vocals on the Khymera albums “A New Promise,” “The Greatest Wonder,” and “The Grand Design”. While Khymera has been on hiatus for some time, Dennis is ready to come back with a new album, “Master of Illusions”, which comes about four years after the release of the last album, “The Greatest Wonder”. Musically, the new album very much follows the logical progression of the musical path that was started when Dennis joined the project. “Master of Illusions” is a strong, extremely melodic release, which showcases the fantastic vocal abilities of Dennis and highlights his great skills as a songwriter and producer. Khymera still offers one of the most shining examples of what great European melodic rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and songwriting that reminds fans of the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, and Signal roamed the Earth. Tracklist: 1. Walk Away 2. The First Time 3. Master Of Illusions 4. The Sun Goes Down 5. Paradise 6. The Rhythm Of My Life 7. Follow The Sun 8. Father To Son 9. After All This Time 10. Victim Of Your Love 11. Let It Happen Line-up: Vocals and Bass - Dennis Ward Guitars - Michael Klein Keyboards - Eric Ragno Drums - Pete Newdeck
  7. Saker - From The Heart Brunorock - X-Over Axe - Twenty Years-Volume 2 + 2 (JAP) Oriental Spas - The Telling Tree Mike Tramp - Cobblestone Street Jerusalem - Black Horses Ken Hensley - The Last Dance Whitesnake - The Purple Album Platens - Out Of The World + 1 (JAP)
  8. New album 'Through Hell And Back' out March 20. From facebook: Born in 2011 in Tuscany, thanks to the passion and dedication of Phil Hill and Ros Crash. 17 Crash at their beginning unleashed their love for the 80's L.A. Glam Rock Style.Their first Album “ Reading your Dirty Minds ” (2015) well represents that “teenage rampage” spirit. After a first tour all around Italy, the band came back in studio in early 2017 for the second chapter. After the "Glam era" the guys were ready for a change: they needed something different, something more fresh, always maintaining their rock nature but more with an eye to a modern hard Rock/Aor. “Hit the prey” saw the light on March 2018: a perfect compromise between the 80's sound and the modern Hard n'Heavy/Aor During this 8 years of activity they had a lot of great opportunities and rewards, more than 300 live and the chance to play as opening act for : Geoff Tate, Crazy Lixx, Faster Pussycat, Girlschool, Adam Bomb, Frankie Chavez. Ros Crash - VocalsWildcat - GuitarCJ "Black Dog" Guarne- Guitar Maxxx - BassPhil Hill - Drums 01. Face To Face 02. Be A Man 03. Change Your Way 04. Through Hell And Back 05. Bite The Freedom 06. Don’t Surrender 07. Heroes 08. Pray Your God 09. First Day In Heaven 10. Voice In The Night Here's some stuff from their 2018 release 'Hit The Prey'. Musically sounds good, but could be much better with a different singer.
  9. From Lions Pride Music: Lions Pride Music feels excited to present you the front cover and press release details of their 29 May 2020 worldwide release Wild Souls "Queen Of My Heart"! Front Cover Designed by Akis Reperage, Model Starring: Georgina Proimou Press Release Wild Souls - Queen Of My Heart: Formed in July 2010, Wild Souls is a Melodic Hard Rock band from Kavala, Greece. Until today they have released two studio albums titled “On The Road” (Jun. 2013) and “Game Of Love” (Oct. 2016) respectively and are currently awaiting the release of their third lovechild with the title “Queen Of My Heart”! Heavy guitar riffs merged with melodic voice lines is what creates their characteristic sound, a sound that was quickly embraced by fans around the globe. Wild Souls have opened for bands such as Steam Roller, founded by ex Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, Axxis and Pretty Maids. Noteworthy in their 10 year long history is also their collaboration with Doug Aldrich, who composed and recorded the guitar solo for “On The Road”. The band who originally signed with Lion’s Pride Music for the release of their second album back in May 2016, has updated their contract with the Danish label, for their third album “Queen Of My Heart” set for a worldwide release on the 29th of May 2020! Wild Souls are: George Nikolaou: Vocals Kostis Tsiligiris: Guitars Thanos Kalantzopoulos: Guitars Leyteris Nasos: Bass Michael Saroglou: Drums Guest musicians: Dimitris Kyriakidis: Guitar / I Remember You Tasos Kalafatis: Keyboards / Set Me Free, Hold Me Tight facebook 01. Nothing But Loving You 02. Night Groove 03. Love Ain't No Lie 04. Ready To Rock 05. Queen Of My Heart 06. Sexcellent 07. I Remember You 08. Set Me Free 09. Snakebite 10. Hold Me Tight 11. Beyond The Stars 12. Street Eagles
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