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  1. New lyric video for 'Those Who Burn'. I diggit.
  2. Release Date: 17th July 2020 Catalogue no: ESM343 Track list: 1. ASCENT TO THE POINT 3:17 2. SO ALIVE 6:53 3. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 4:09 4. HERO 6:26 5. NEVER SURRENDER 4:37 6. IN THE WAKE OF HOPE 6:00 7. SHADOWS OF PEACE 6:06 8. BEYOND 5:20 9. NOTHING AT ALL 5:25 10. PRODIGAL 5:44 11. SYMPHONY OF MIND 7:06 From Escape Music: Pinnacle Point is a rock band whose music blends the sounds of Melodic Rock and Epic, Progressive, Symphonic Rock. The band’s 2017 debut album Winds Of Change climbed the album oriented rock charts and was voted top melodic rock album of the year for many rock music reviewers. The founding members are American lead singer, Jerome Mazza (Angelica, Outlaw Son solo album, and also featured as guest singer on Steve Walsh’s (x-Kansas) last album "Black Butterfly", and Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A). Their first hit from the Winds Of Change album titled “Damage Is Done” caught the attention of Escape Music boss, Khalil Turk Khalil had a few ideas and one of which was to involve Jerome Mazza to sing duet on “Born In Fire” with Steve Walsh. Khalil had discovered Jerome on you tube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Jerome is also the voice behind the second album by Angelica and was honoured to be asked to sing a duet on the album with Steve and asked if he could contribute more. As Jerome has such a fantastic voice it was an easy decision to make and the result is explosive! The second Pinnacle Point album Symphony Of Mind blends the writing styles of Jerome Mazza, Torben Enevoldsen and American composer, Rich Ayala. Mazza went around the globe in search for the perfect violinist for their second album and after auditioning 16 players, found just the perfect fit in Valeria Pozharitskaya. A huge Neil Peart fan, the excellent prog drummer, Mark Prator on drums. On bass is the extraordinary Takeaki Itoh, beautiful piano playing by American pianist, John F. Rodgers as well as the sensational Howard Helm (Zon) on B3 and synth. Pinnacle Point is: Jerome Mazza: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards Torben Enevoldsen: Guitars, Keyboards Rich Ayala: Guitars, Background Vocals Valeria Pozharitskaya: Violin Mark Prator: Drums Takeaki Itoh: Bass Howard Helm: Keyboards, Organ, synthesizer John F Rodgers: Piano, Strings
  3. Stefan

    At 1980

    According to facebook: New single OUT May 23rd! ‘Missing You’, the next single from our upcoming ‘A Thousand Lives’ album will be released on NRW Records on May 23rd. The track features Josh Dally on vocals and we can’t wait to share it with you. I can't find any info 'bout the album. More tracks:
  4. New song 'Godsent Xtasy'. And the rest:
  5. Roxette - Look Sharp!: 30th Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)
  6. New album to be released later this year through Escape Music. I suppose it's the same band that released '...Spin This' back in 1991. More info to come...
  7. New lyric video for 'Change For The Better'.
  8. New EP coming soon. Band features John Elefante and Frank Boxberger. Sample of 'We Will Be Fine':
  9. Gathering Of Kings - Discovery Gathering Of Kings - First Mission + 1 (Reissue) Mike Machine - Alive Trishula - Scared To Breathe The Milestones - Higher Mountain-Closer Sun + 2
  10. From Frontiers: Mark Spiro is an iconic American songwriter and an established award winning producer, recording artist, and accomplished musician, with a career that spans over two decades. Among his many accomplishments are 45 Gold and Platinum Records, and nine solo albums. His songs and productions have been represented on records that have sold over 100 Million copies worldwide. The “2+2 = 5: Best of + Rarities” compilation encompasses the best of Mark’s solo material starting from “Now Is Then, Then is Now”, originally released in 1996, until “It’s a Beautiful Life”, released in 2012. Also included are his songwriting collaborations with none other than Dann Huff (Giant), Michael Thomson (MTB), Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams), and Tim Pierce. As a special treat for the discerning and passionate melodic rock fans, the album includes 13 unreleased songs which also includes collaborations with Dann Huff, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce and Jason Derlatka. Tracklist: CD1 1. All The Love We Kill 2. Wind On The Water 3. Better With A Broken Heart 4. Don't Leave Me In Love 5. Vendetta 6. Through My Eyes 7. Mid Western Skies 8. My Devotion 9. Valdez 10. The Rain Came Tumblin’ Down 11. The Rhythm Of Your Soul 12. Can’t Take That Away (Stuff Version) CD2 1. I’ll Be There 2. King Of The Crows 3. When Winter Comes 4. It’s A Beautiful Life 5. Come Back To Me 6. Mighty Blue Ocean 7. Monster 8. Between The Raindrops 9. The Fisherman 3 10. Wheels May Rust 11. A Beautiful Mistake 12. Love Don’t Come Around Here CD3 1. Take Your Time 2. Holding You 3. Cry Me A River 4. Leave My Heart Alone 5. By The Riverside 6. Watching Over Me 7. 24 Hours A Day 8. Broken Home 9. Whirling Dervish 10. Whenever I Remember 11. Feels Like 12. When You Were Nothing 13. Screaming Like A Crow
  11. The new album 'Magic Is Alive' out August 7th.
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