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  1. From Paul Laine's FB: And then.... There was album number 3... And so it begins .
  2. Only us two enjoying the new song... From FB: Holy heavens ,it's been ages since the last post. Just wanted to say that we are still working on second night. We have 14 songs and from this lot we will choose what goes in our second album called "Deep Connection" but i can tell you that 12 will go for sure. It will take a bit more time,coz there are only 2 of us in the band at the moment doing all the work and also we want this to be better than Mel Gibson. But let's share another demo called "It's only a feeling" And if you still want our first album.Let
  3. They're working on their follow-up. From FB: It's been a nice hiatus, but it's time to get back to work! Studio time is locked in to start work on some new songs, plus did we mention we've already completed our next single? Release date, music video etc etc is all in the works.
  4. New album 'By the Grace of Rock 'n' Roll' out March 12th. Tracklist: 1. Shining Star 2. By the Grace of Rock‘n’roll 3. Kairi 4. Black Thunder White Lightning 5. Kisses of an Enemy 6. Pleasuredome 7. Spaceplane 8. People’s Parade 9. Bad Habit 10. Hotter Than Fire 11. Angels Cryin’ (Bonus Track) 12. Shining Star Voice Outro (Bonus Track)
  5. From AOR Heaven: After decades of silence, renowned Black Country/West Yorkshire AOR/Melodic Rock band ESCAPE are reborn and returning to the fray with a new line up, their third studio album entitled 'Fire in The Sky’ and new on-location video for track ‘Heroes in the Night’. This comeback album is very much in the vein of breathing new life into old classics, combining a wealth of experience and new recording technology. Some of the tracks are over 30 years old and were in desperate need of a resurgence. They have been re-recorded, reimagined and brought to the forefront of a new
  6. I agree. And do you know why? Because that song is from the freaking 80s. I think they are 'cheating' a bit. If you do stuff from the 90s, please do the songs that were released in that decade. Come think of it, there weren't that many great movie songs in the 90s.
  7. New song, Cutting Crew's classic. Great song. I love the original.
  8. From AOR Heaven: FarCry is a melodic rock band from the Northeastern US formed in 2006, with two successful albums under their belt, High Gear (2009), and Optimism (2011). Playing across the US and as far away as the Nottingham, England for Firefest in 2012, FarCry has shared the stage with numerous acts including Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Dokken, Firehouse, Danger Danger, and many more with a killer live set. Shortly after they completed their 2011 release “Optimism”, vocalist Mark Giovi left the band for personal reasons, and later in 2011 the band began working on new material w
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