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    Riptide - Wetter The Better

    I did not see that coming... Very funny but yet so AOR-e... Great find and some good stuff, thanks for the share.
  2. martinsane

    Doomsday Outlaw

    DO have just released their second album in May of this year. This is some very nice and heavy hard rock in the vein of Paw and the like with a gaggle of Zack Wilde squeals in the guitar bits. Good stuff! https://www.facebook.com/DoomsdayOutlaw http://www.doomsdayoutlaw.com/
  3. martinsane

    Love Stallion - Unforgettable Ride

    Band sounds great. Simple but effective and from the States which is a rarity these days. https://www.facebook.com/lovestallion/
  4. martinsane

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Been a while since anything came my way but that said this was in the post box a couple weeks back: And it is a nice record to boot...
  5. martinsane

    Ablaze - No Chaser

    That's nice! https://www.facebook.com/ABLAZEband
  6. martinsane

    Lipz - Scaryman

    Not from me I rather enjoy them. Wish I could get ALL their releases.
  7. martinsane

    Take Cover

    Here you go pal! Tis a tasty find the songs posted are fun and saccharine laced! https://www.facebook.com/takecovermusic/ Band Members Ryan Wickard - Vocals Odin Holmes - Guitar/Vocals Sean Grundhauser - Bass Derek Johnson - Drums Brady Trudeau - Guitar/Vocals Hometown Minneapolis, MN takecoverofficial@gmail.com These should link you up to a gaggle more YT vids! Also looks like the singer and drummer split off in 2012 ish to release this EP Golden: https://www.facebook.com/goldenofficial?hc_location=ufi
  8. martinsane

    Vimic - 'Open Your Omen'

    Yea I didn't see much of anything other than an announcement for a full length in early 18, but that didn't happen and now the 4 songs but those seem to be only digital.
  9. martinsane

    Metal Missionaries Documentary

    Watched a good chunk of this and it is a well put together piece. Even if some won't bother due to the content/message the music still slays and again the effort, well, well done. Kudos and thanks for sharing.
  10. martinsane

    Vimic - 'Open Your Omen'

    This is freaking brilliant!
  11. martinsane

    Metal Allegiance - Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty

    That's quite nice. Good and heavy with a massive production. Thanks for the share.
  12. martinsane

    Fuzz Evil - High on You

    Not my thing but I am sure it is well done for those that dig this. Waaaay to dronie for this kid though.
  13. martinsane

    Cameltoe - Up Your Alley

    https://www.facebook.com/TheCameltoeBand/ Here is the FB link for those leary of Googling "cameltoe"... Otherwise as mentioned a very nice hard rock band. Reminds me a lot of Armored Saint and Lizzy Borden as Cameltoe has that metal with MHR mix, very sunset strip metal sounding to me. Anyways nice share TY!
  14. martinsane

    Magick Touch

    Some very excellent music coming forth from this Norwegian 3 piece! For fans of Kings X, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Badlands, et al... Just plain excellent! New album Elektrick Sorcery to drop any day now. https://www.facebook.com/magicktouch/timeline/ http://magicktouch.no/
  15. martinsane


    Well here is a nicely played tune from this hard rockin' band from England. They have a new EP available called Stone Soldiers. https://www.facebook.com/bigfootukrock http://www.bigfootband.co.uk/ https://youtu.be/ZkGDYr8Bnd8
  16. martinsane

    Cover songs

    No explanation necessary...
  17. martinsane

    Crash Alley

    Yes I still have it and I think I found the 2nd cassette someone else mentioned earlier. As for parting with it, well that is another story...
  18. martinsane

    Crash Alley

    OK, so I find this cassette tape the other day, I will try and post a pic of it tomorrow, of a band called Crash Alley. The tape is self titled on EZ Records from 1991 and again out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The cover of the tape is, of course an alley, with a hot chick and some long haired dude crawling on the ground towards her. In glorious black n white. Songs: Getting Excited She Makes Me Crawl Holding On Pushin' Away EZ Going Down Get It WHile You Can Do Ya Good Caught Me Members: Jason Phelps-Vocals Chris Simpson-Bass Brian Bateman-Drums Jason Williams-Guitar Any help on getting some more information on this release would be greatly appreciated. Here is the only information that I could find... http://www.cincinnatimusic.com/interviews/JasonPhelps.htm
  19. Just kudos for the effort of compiling all the stuff like that, as mentioned very cool for us who geek out on this level of effort and I am not that familiar with the band but the songs sound just fine by me!
  20. martinsane

    Peacemaker - Concrete and Terror

    Yes yes yes. Nice!
  21. martinsane

    Pavement Princess - First Night Out

    Very nifty indeed and the name is synonymous around our house for those massive Ford F350's with 40" wheels that have NEVER seen a mud puddle or dirt... https://www.facebook.com/PavementPrincessRock/ http://www.pavementprincess.nl/ Of note the second link can take you to a dropbox link for those that want to download the album for the cost of nothing.
  22. martinsane

    Turbo Vixen - Drive into the Night

    That is absolutely killer! And so is this! And this! https://www.facebook.com/turbvix/ Thanks for the heads up on this big guy!
  23. martinsane

    Sixgun Renegades

    Nice! https://www.facebook.com/SGRband https://www.sixgunrenegades.com/
  24. martinsane


    Wow. This is some nicely done dolled up glammy goodness. Like Kiss was fronted by Andrew Wood and wrote a great record! Sorry if there is a thread but searching Wicked is dodgy... https://www.facebook.com/thebandwicked/ https://www.wickedrocknrollofficial.com/ From their FB page: WICKED began in 2012 in Utica, NY when two brothers, Chad Michael “The Queen of Hearts” and Danny Doll “The Ace of Spades,” set out to capture the steamy emotion and the explosive power of 1970’s Rock & Roll. Scotty V followed suit as the “Jack of Diamonds” and the band began to cultivate their songwriting. They combined the bombast and larger-than-life energy of KISS, the alien seduction of Ziggy Stardust, and the gutsy machismo and vocal harmonies of Starz. From these elements and under the influence of intense heat and pressure, WICKED crystallized into the pure essence of Rock N Roll. WICKED found their wildcard with “The Joker,” GG (Gunnar), and the boys immediately slammed their heavy, leather heels onto the stage. The WICKED boys, with 100,000 watts of personality, exude the attitudes of Las Vegas, Hollywood and NYC. WICKED electrified thousands of fans at the 2013 Rocklahoma Music Festival with Guns N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, Motorheard, Halestorm, Seether, Cheap Trick and many more. They have also brought their high-voltage live show to cities all over the East Coast and Mid-West, including New York City, playing with acts such as Spread Eagle, Survivor, Crashdïet and others. WICKED released and supported a special-edition vinyl record called “LIFE ALIVE.” Going against the grain of the music industry we know today, the record was recorded 101% live to give their fans hope that Rock N Roll can once again be raw, exciting and authentic to the core of what live Rock N Roll started as. In a day and age of great arena acts disappearing, WICKED is poised and ready to fill the glamorous heels of our influences and become the Rock N Roll Superheroes our world needs today. The band’s fun high-energy songs and captivating live performances will continue to unite fans under the flag of “101% Rock & Roll!
  25. martinsane

    E.L.I. - Push It Hard CD

    I think more amazing than the ELI CD selling for $1500 and someone paying or potentially paying that is that DAVE is around again! Have not seen him in ages. Hi Dave!

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