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    Harley - Ready To Hurt

    https://www.facebook.com/HarleyRocksOfficial/ Fun and simple like Talks Cheap meets Cinderella.
  2. martinsane

    Piqued Jacks

    Stumbled on this band trolling YouTube and was smitten from the start. Very nice, catchy stuff. At times just a mellow modern rock band, at times a little Jamarouqui... SHRUG https://www.facebook.com/piquedjacks/ Tell me what you think. I think KarpetRyde will dig them.
  3. martinsane

    Chontaraz - Speed The Bullet

    I was initially going to remove myself from the thread based on the ghoul grease paint freeze frame on the YouTube clip, but I persevered and clicked and was pleasantly surprised by a fairly solid modern metal tune with a grip of Rammsteiney electronic elements tossed in. However older clips are full on screamo grossness. https://www.facebook.com/chontaraz/
  4. martinsane

    The End: machine - s/t

    Upon further examination I see that the band is now called The End Machine. This too is a stupid name. I thought in first passing that they were just going by the End and even though that was questionable I let it go.
  5. martinsane


    Didn't see anything here on this very nice prog metal/hard rock band called Mindlane. Seems they have an LP dropping in February of 2019 entitled Darkest Matter. Here is the single: https://www.facebook.com/mindlaneband http://www.mindlane.se/ Looks like this is the bands 3rd release...
  6. martinsane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Ah, well there you go. Glad you enjoyed them. I sure do too. The Case Conflict disc still adheres to the staple of the latest however there is a bit more funk bass and some horns to boot lending itself to a more Apple Pie White Trash kind of vibe at times, yet still rather pleasant.
  7. martinsane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    That was a quick grab, curious to hear your thoughts and where'd you DL it from?
  8. martinsane

    Bad Mankeys~Black Bonus

    Glad someone is appreciating this and you are correct they are a very good band.
  9. martinsane

    Bad Mankeys~Black Bonus

    Some of you may recall the mention of this Finnish hard rock band with its sonic Skid Row meets Slik Toxic meets Ugly Kid Joe meets White Trash sensibilities when I mentioned their debut Case Conflict a few years back... Fast forward and now the band is back with an equally impressive sophomore release entitled Black Bonus. The album just dropped late December of 2018, here is the album cover and track listing and a old video version of track 10 and track 8. Give them a long look as they are very good.
  10. martinsane

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Rather liked that Tommy & The Love Tribe. The Suicide Bombers are a dead ringer for this unknown band, even though they are fairly unknown as well.
  11. martinsane

    The End: machine - s/t

    I too missed this "superstroke" post, very glad they changed the band name as that name was a floater. The song is a good one though and they are all sounding very good together. The songs verse reminds me of an Alice n Chains song but the the rest is a huge 80's anthem, an interesting amalgamation. I am intrigued to hear more and I have always like JP, he is an underated bassist, songwriter and vocalist.
  12. martinsane

    Eonian Records

    Hardy har har, nice pun.
  13. martinsane

    Bad ManKeys

    Funky hard rock stuff in the style of Ugly Kid Joe, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Love On Ice and White Trash. https://www.facebook.com/BadManKeys/
  14. martinsane

    Eonian Records

    Both their FB and Twitter haven't been posted on since December of 2017 announcing a 60% off sale... All accounts including the website are up and running at the moment.
  15. martinsane

    Bad ManKeys

    Bumped for the new thread for the bands sophomore release Black Bonus. If you missed this one check both albums out! Pronto!
  16. martinsane

    Katy Perry's Tits

    Watching both videos, sound off in the first one of course, and I am still gobsmacked at how tasty KP is. Sigh. And how frickin cool is Vince Vaughn?
  17. martinsane

    Gambles Bride

    Shame but seems standard that no one took a poke at this excellent disc and commented, oh well. If you care I have reviewed it and it should go out soon: Gambles Bride Flesh Released January 21st 2018 (Urban Renaissance Music Group) Review: From the opening chord of track one State of Emergency from the debut long play Flesh from Washington DC/Maryland's power duo Gambles Bride you are hooked, line and sinker. The opener is easily worthy of the cost of admission on its own. A must for fans of Kings X as this track could slip in between the sheets of any KX release and both guitarist Mike Gamble and vocalist Gene McBride could stand in for Ty Tabor and Dug Pinnick if needed. I kid you not. As we move through the disc the similarities to KX stay true and strong but we see Mike and Gene dabble into some more modern sounding hard rock bands they are influenced by in the likes of say Sevendust or the Deftones, I hear 2 heaping handful of Living Colour, maybe even some Fishbone and dare I say some Suicidal Tenancies in there too, but this menagerie of influences are just that, influences and Gamble Bride are 100% original in the 11 hard rock songs presented on Flesh. Hey You, Flesh and Day of Atonement all carry the hard rock torch onward keeping the listeners heart, head and fists a pounding with 2 tackle boxes full of harmonies and hooks, melodies and rhythms to shake anyone's hips and fretwork from Mike that will have the guitar aficionados clamoring to get into Mike's head to figure out how he did that. Let This Be The Last Time and Never Thought "slow" things down a bit and give the listener a taste of Mike and Gene's "softer" side with a pair of arena rockers with a healthy smattering of cigarette lighter love song styled rhythms and poignant heart felt songwriting that would be fodder for many's broken, healing or just plain ole heart. The solo in Never Thought is a standout for me as it plays well with the songs timbre and it is played quite proficiently and pairs nicely with Maurice's synth work. Left Side is another hard rocker that sways between modern hard rock to slower melodic rock to almost arena rock and back, with clean guitar vs distorted and the always present Gene's Pinnick fueled wail tying all the elements together perfectly. There is a definite Tom Morello guitar element in this one see if you can catch it its not that hidden so not to worry. Letters slows things down ever so slightly, but mostly tempo speaking as the guitar work is still distorted and heavy, but Gene's vocal work is as pure as the driven snow and layered in harmonies. The lyrical topic is a bit heavy as can be implied in the songs title "Letters", a man's journey captured in his "letters". Of course where and why he is writing these letters is up for interpretation and only adds to the songs impact. Return The Pain is another poignant hard rocker with a very heavy song topic yet presented in a nice lil hard rock package that you might miss if you get swept up in the tidal wave of the music. Testing Time is a definite modernistic metal tune, but still keeps its hard rock principles with its layered harmonies/vocals and a killer supremely infectious "hit me with the ya ya ya's" vocal. This track is a real dinger for certain and one of my favorites. The disc wraps up with The Ride and Tease, which is just that a little teaser of the guys talking while on a "drive" and fanning through the radio stations trying to find something worth a listen, stopping shortly on song snippets (played by the band themselves) in various styles from country to gospel, finally landing on an alternate version of the bands very own Letters, which they play to the fade out and I must say I'd like to hear the whole tune in the manner they presented it here as it is a great song period but the alternate is just that, I nice alternative to the original. Standouts are a plenty on Flesh, but today Letters, State of Emergency, Never Thought and Let This Be the Last Time are front runners. This disc sits proudly in the Martinsane's unknown but must own collection. Do yourself a musical favor and get your hands on this silver pressed digipac release from Gambles Bride, show them some love so they can make some more music for us to enjoy. Track List: State of Emergency Hey You Flesh Day of Atonement Let This Be the Last Time Never Thought Left Side Letters Return the Pain Testing Times The Ride and Tease Band Members: Mike Gamble: Guitars & Bass Gene McBride: Vocals & Ambient Vocals Additional Players: Maurice Chevalier: Keyboards, Synth, Melodica, Dictionary Vocals, Lapsteel Guitar, Bass & Strings Gary Grainger: Bass on Let This Be The Last Time, Never Thought Victor Douglas: Bass on Never Thought, Paul Reed Smith: Guitar Solo on: Letters, Derrin "Buck" Brown: Drums on State of Emergency, Testing Times, Corey Baker: Drums on Hey You, Letters, Brian "Syda" Wheatley: Drums on Flesh, Chris "Biscuit" Bynum: Drums on Day of Atonement, Let This Be The Last Time, Left Side, Carl "C-Man" Anderson: Drums on Never Thought, Return The Pain, Production: Recorded by Maurice Chevalier @ Urban Renaissance Written & Produced by Gambles Bride & Maurice Chevalier Songs 1,2,4,5,67 & 8 mixed by Mike Ferretti @ Architekt Studios NJ Songs 3,9,10 & 11 mixed by Maurice Chevalier @ Urban Renaissance Studios Washington DC Mastered by Andy VanDette @ Engine Room Audio NY NY Band Websites: https://www.facebook.com/gamblesbride/ http://www.gamblesbride.com/ Available from: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/gamblesbride https://www.amazon.com/Flesh-Gambles-Bride/dp/B07964YCPP
  18. martinsane

    Gambles Bride

    http://www.gamblesbride.com/ Mike Gamble is the co-producer of Shang's "Beautiful" with Maurice Chevalier Davis, Mike Gamble is a guitarist extraordinaire. Capable of creating richness within any context, Mike is humble to a fault. It is for this reason you are as likely to find him on stage with a pop band as a jazz quartet. Gene McBride is a funkmaster, dynamics genius, and extraordinary vocalist. He is capable of styles as varied as Philip Bailey or Barry White. But Gene is most exciting when expressing his own sound.  Mike and Gene are currently putting the final touches on their first rock release as the group "Gamble's Bride"
  19. martinsane

    Vangouw - Passion Rules

    Gerard, thank you for posting this information and yes we here are fans and definitely interested in all the efforts you have your name on. The demos and live materials would be amazing to nab definitely. Please keep us posted.
  20. martinsane

    Flotsam & Jetsam - The End Of Chaos

    Yes i did like those. Some nice traditional hard rock with metally overtones. The singer voice is great and a monster production. What is the line up nowadays? Anyone original, sorry never was chin deep in the band just a casual follower.
  21. martinsane

    Hell City – Flesh & Bones

    Meh, I don't mind most of it and it is catchy and played well, sans the cookie monster non-sense. Truly takes away from the song and adds absolutely nothing and its from the bloody drummer. I mean doood you know what they call a drummer without a girlfriend right? Homeless, that's right.
  22. martinsane

    Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR!)

    That Big City release should be on everyone's wish list if its not already in everyone's collection! Daniel Olaison is a guitar wizard and the songs on this new album and the bundled together Wintersleep album are just dreamy. BUY IMMEDIATELY!
  23. martinsane

    Black Coffee

    "I Barely Know Her" is still in VERY heavy rotation! GD what a kick ass song! Not surprising this thread went over like a fart in church, but what a shame for those that missed it or (?) as this band should be on everyone's short list.
  24. martinsane

    Black Coffee

    As mentioned in the tags, this Columbus Ohio former 3 piece, now 4 with the addition of a "formal" bassist may have an odd name but they farking slay! https://www.facebook.com/officialblackcoffee/ Give them a proper listen and appreciate the greatness!
  25. martinsane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Absolutely, except for mine... but I steer for left and nothing on any of my lists is on anyone else's...

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