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  1. LOL ew. As for the cover its fine/harmless/ whatever. Is it me or should this band have spelt their name "Def Ratt"?
  2. That is a lot in that box, sounds like a grip of live show and rando stuff that is of no importance to me. You'd think limiting the run and getting the band to sign a 1 sheet would be cooler than the laminates but? AND this particular record is right up there with Load or Reload or that Lou Reed record or St Anger as being pure garbo. Why not do a Kill Em All or Ride mega box set? Oh cuz song copyright, makes sense don't want to give more $ to Mustaine, Burton or Diamond Head. Sorry but I will pass and agree with DP, cant imagine you'd even open it let alone listen to the stuff.
  3. Hopefully in those oversized boxes. Boy I miss that corner of the video store...
  4. Just got a new phone and haven't populated it just yet as I am lazy and AccuRadio works fine for whatever tickles me. B4 that I am more of an album guy than just a song guy so, I had the S/T and The Dark from Metal Church so Metal Church had the most songs on my phone.
  5. That was my introduction, the band sent me the EP, it is a solid one and the tunes are re-purposed on the full length. Very good band imho and that song is infectious. And that Dorothy is top shelf and I like her voice, but prefer her jump suit...
  6. Welcome Sophia. Thanks for sharing. Have to ask, can I have that copy of the CD you mentioned.
  7. martinsane

    NFL 21

    2 t's hatting. I know not of Aarons sexy time preferences.
  8. martinsane

    NFL 21

    The new season started Thursday with the Tompa B'rady BUcc's eaking out a win thanks to Dallas' fg kicker leaving at least 7 if not 10 points on the table, but that's pretty standard Dallas. Weekend #1 of a 17 game season has been awesome! Of note The 'Taints and THE Jameis Winston studding up and ass hating Aaron Rodgers. And of course the most hated franchise in the NFL, my Pittsburgh Steelers, goes to Buffalo and hands the monumentally favored Bills there ass. Stairway to seven for #7! Let's frickin' go!
  9. martinsane


    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/federal-workers-vaccine-mandate-prompts-confusion-as-the-government-struggles-to-return-to-offices/ar-AAOjuK1 For those millions of civil servants that toil away for zero appreciation and make a less than fair wage (compared to the private sector) but do see a tick above average regarding benefits, now they get to be required to get a shot (AGAIN THIS IS NOT A VACCINATION BY DEFINITION!!!!) or lose their employment. SLIPPERY SLOPE. As many mentioned, this is going to get very ugly very quickly.
  10. Yep. Not as frequently as I used to. Not a fan of the way the site is managed (but that is another story). The last one I did from earlier this year was the new solo Steve Whiteman release You're Welcome.
  11. Yep. It is my introduction to and my favorite recording the boys did/done. Got it from the band waaay back in December of 2013. My review from February of 2014 https://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/station-wired/
  12. Nice was just going to post that and yes a photo book with some stories but you get 4 cd's as well. Also this:
  13. Or any genre that has music in it?
  14. Good night. Now that is a hype video. Take my $ Tom.
  15. Yes currently in Washington/Oregon (I live in Washington, work in Oregon) both states have mandated everyone wear masks anywhere in public. Be it stores or on the street.
  16. The app is actually the tell on the participants "TWIT" ter... As for G'offs question about vax'd (not a vaccination btw) wearing masks, yes speaking for the US and the PNW, EVERYONE is now again wearing masks no matter what. You see when everyone started getting their non vax vax shots they all thought it was sunny in Philadelphia but got a rude awakening that COVID doesn't give to shits about what organic all natural radon, herpes and tracer chips that are being flooded into your bloodstream, you can still get it, get sick, carry it around like a badge of honor and pay it forward. I was talking to this guy I work with today who is "out sick" so me being Cody light had to ask, so did you get the vid and he says no, got tested not COVID. So I says well what's the story? And he says "I went in to get my COVID shot cuz I was tired of getting threatened about my status and losing work (wtf???) and whatever they shot me with got me sick as 2 dogs". LOL SOOOO you go to get a non vax vaccination shot and get sick, flu. smmfh.
  17. martinsane


    See, you learnt, but it took a minute or 20 and cost you plenty. But hey pussy right. No slag I do it did it and will continue to do it cuz, well pussy
  18. When I read the title I thought we were going Outlaw country and yearning for some Hank, Cash, Waylon or Straight. Maybe some Kristofferson. Or some of the moderns with Hank III, Colt Ford or even I love that stuff. For what your looking for Rebel Meets Rebel is a good choice and features Outlaw country legend David Alan Coe and Pantera: THC is alright and they incant the fuck out of Pantera, especially Dimebag: May as well make it a hat trick and throw in Vinnie's last band Hell Yeah!:
  19. So what are the gals thoughts on the whole thing? She is wanting to hang up her cleats and be Mom? Or does she think Cody will just snap to attention and be Mr Mom and do her bidding while she keeps at whatever that she is about? No slag just curious as I can only assume you 2 weren't talking about your futures together and starting a family etc... I'd assume she is/was a kool chick that when she was in town liked you being a dick and having a dick. As for being an asshole etc, we all have a touch of that, some more than others its a defense mechanism to keep people at arms length cause some of us don't people quite right.
  20. The weather is starting to cool down, winter is on its way, le us hope that these incidents will die down as the fair weather Johnson's have to retreat to their holes for fear of getting wet. Getting soooo desensitized to these yahoos doing what sane people wouldn't even think of without consequence. It's a daily/nightly occurrence and I for one have had more than my share. Seriously I will say it again, Portland is a cesspool and Wheeler is the shit stirring dolt that has let this happen and keep happening. He is the worst.
  21. martinsane


    No cuz chix like chix and just allow a diddle once in a while so they can get a car or a house.
  22. Ha. Excellent. Well done mate. I wonder who will be the next fallout band to cancel culture...
  23. Even though I hate to say it a loud they are prime candidates for Frontiers.
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