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  1. Give him a break? He is FIFTY FUCKIN' SIX! He is old enough to be everyone involved in his videos dad plus. Lose the fishin lure jeans and stop trying to appeal to 16 your old girls. Frickin pervo.
  2. Grandma's Boy - A typical R rated affair from the Sandler camp. I hadn't heard about this early 2k release but it was well acted and filmed and full of cameos and off color humor. Worth a watch for the grandma's. Ma - Watchable albeit simple little revenge thriller. Surprised by a couple of moves to keep it R rated in a day and age were PG13 is the norm and this one could have been easily snipped here and there to accommodate.
  3. Its a fine fluffy lil' number and Rick does look good in a John Stamos kind of ageless way. Seems this song could be better suited for like 5 Seconds of Summer or sumthin like that.
  4. And they don't even bother to cover the Chris De Burgh hit "Don't Pay The Ferryman".
  5. Indeed great find Stefan. Liked vid 1 better than 2 but both are good songs with so many tasty little influences I am looking forward to hearing more.
  6. Don't believe the hype growing up is no picnic and nothing to race toward, trust me I know. Enjoy your youth while its still there and try not to worry about being grown or growing up as life has a way of passing you by and before you know it you'll be old like me with teenage kids of your own... Speaking of fun sayings here's a good one: "Being older doesn't mean your any smarter just means you'll die sooner".
  7. I am certain they will appreciate that. Thank you. Nothing anyone can do and she is doing her best in what can only be described as the worst experience.
  8. Arguing on the internet is of no interest and adds no value to yourself. Sounds like this individual is a very unlikable person and is trolling you. Keep your chin up, stay positive and another old saying "Don't wrestle a pig in the mud. Win or lose the pig loves it".
  9. Yes welcome and thanks for the the little introduction. Very impressed that your invested at such a young age in these classic rock tombs we are all obsessed about and the core group here is very informative and a good group of guys. Maybe outside of your current Christian Rock obsession you'll find some other bands of interest as at the end of the day its only rock n roll but I like it.
  10. Those 2 are definitely go to's! Toss in: Sea Hags-S/T Salty Dog-Every Dog Has Its Day, Warrior Soul-Last Decade Dead Century Enuff Z Nuff- S/T and/or Peach Fuzz and/or 1985 Stryper-Above The Law Y&T- Open Fire Protein-Songs About Cowgirls Jellyfish-Bellybutton Balaam & the Angel-Live Free or Die The Dwarves-Are Young & Good Looking (but any will do) Kings X-Gretchen Goes to Nebraska Teeze (akaRoughhouse)-S/T Fastway-Trick or Treat Soundtrack Pretty Boy Floyd-Leather Boys with Electric Toyz Metal Church-S/T Junkyard-S/T Nelson-After The Rain The Gin Blossoms-New Miserable Experience or Congratulations I'm Sorry Kix-S/T or Cool Kids or Midnight Dynamite, but mostly the S/T and Cool Kids Extreme-Pornographity Culprit-Guilty As Charged Heavy Pettin-Lettin' Loose Skid Row-S/T or Slave or Subhuman for that matter, but mostly S/T and Slave Tesla-Mechanical Resonance and The Great Radio Controversy! These would all be go to play through no skippy.
  11. That is a catchy song and very well produced. Wish DJ would cut loose like he did on that Beautiful Creatures S/T.
  12. Pretty good is a mega understatement. 2 full on robot chubbies for the tune and Scarlet Madison (nice fucking hooker name darling).... Lipz is and always will be a talent to recon with for me and this cover is in the vein of my favorite Lipz variant. Well done boys and Scarlet!
  13. As mentioned I have the (copies anyways) of XXX and Joker and I have Tried and True as well. That said if they would have doubled down, made a 2 disc with both those albums in one silvery pressed place I would have bought it and probably still will if I come across this one on the cheap...
  14. Yea the Fuck Everybody, even though I like the chorus and the concept as I agree with the premise just had lame as fuck lyrics. Sorry not clever or nothing as I mentioned prior just phoned in...
  15. Agreed heavy and melodic with a bit of attitude to sleaze it up a bit. Great find.
  16. The House of Tomorrow Another I hadn't "heard" of but a nice film none the less and again with a punk rock story. This one was well written and acted and was a nice little feel good film.
  17. What message does that send, blowjobs aren't evil as far as I am aware, sheesh.
  18. Agreed Karpet and wow, 57, I'm only 6 years removed... As mentioned cancer is a real mother and I know first hand hoe it can trash a life. RIP Tony as mentioned you seemed to have lived as much as you were allowed and your music will live on and tell the world about you.
  19. I like this Cut Through song too. Its again very Open To The Public and even Wests voice is more reminiscent of 30 years ago. Again and sure its no S/T but its better than the first song from this album and even that song is light years better than that new Roxy Blue drivel.
  20. Maybe or maybe as I mentioned after seeing Wonder Park, is this the new trend? More though provoking less funny? Snowman. I like this Sure it was a glorified SUV episode but it was very nicely shot, well acted with an engaging story line.
  21. The Highwaymen-Live American Outlaws (3 cd/ 1 dvd)
  22. You should its a dinger no lie. Iche Seh Iche Seh or the incredible incoherent English re-titling "Goodnight Mommy". Another movie well worth your time, sure its in glorious Auf Deutch but this one is super tense and well done. Fingers crossed us Amerkins don't reboot this and wreck it.
  23. How To Talk To Girls At Parties ~ Wow, where'd this 2016 movie come from? Really good film and not in any way shape or form associated with the title which has no relevance to the film. Super eclectic but not in that Portland trying to be weird way by screaming it in peoples faces that your weird to try and convince everyone even though your not. Period 70's movie centering around some punk rockers that stumble upon a "party" but everyone there are aliens, unbeknownst to the 3 boys. Crazy ensues there after with a very cool sappy ending. Well worthy a watch imho.
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