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    NOTE: Keep ultrapersonal one-to-one stuff in email or PM; this isn't the place to air the personal dirty laundry in your life.

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    • From Frontiers: Iconic duo Janet Gardner and Justin James return with their brand new album, entitled No Strings, which will be available through Pavement Entertainment. No Strings is the follow-up to the duo's 2020 album, Synergy. In the two years since the release of Synergy, Gardner and James went to work crafting their most exciting and memorable release to date. No Strings grabs the listener from the thumping anthemic opener “I’m Livin’ Free.” From the bluesy ballad “No Strings” to the rowdy closer “Drink,” No Strings has something for everyone!Gardner says, “Justin and my work flow has become so effortless that the creative process never gets bogged down in the technical aspects until it comes time to mix and master. Justin’s determination to bring this album to the next level, sonically, has had the biggest impact on this release.”James says, “I’m so proud of what Janet and I have created with No Strings. From the first chord recorded to the last note sung, No Strings is a piece of who we are.”   Known for being the lead vocalist of the legendary female rock band Vixen, Janet Gardner’s powerful vocals propelled Vixen to the top of the Billboard charts with crossover hits “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin'.” Justin James has worked as a guitarist/songwriter/producer with members of Staind, Collective Soul, and Tyketto. Together, Janet and Justin have penned a collection of emotionally charged songs with gritty grooves, infectious hooks, and inspired lyrics that merge hard rock influences from the last four decades.   Tracklisting:1. I’m Living Free2. Turn The Page3. 854. No Strings5. Don’t Turn Me Away6. Set Me Free7. Hold On To You8. Into The Night9. I’m Not Sorry10. You’ll See11. She Floats Away12. Drink    
    • Maybe he donated $20 twice?
    • Sins of Greed - Madam's Lullaby
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