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    • Anyone else getting their face slapped around by this one? In the past they've been pretty standard metalcore type stuff with all screams and not much else. This album, however, has some really cool and catchy metal tunes on it.  Here's a few of my faves;          
    • The last few comments are basically where it's at. It's really not a bad album. I like 'Idiots,' 'In the maze,' 'We are the legion,' 'Parasite' and 'Waiting for your love.' And none of the rest is terrible... though not great. I guess stuff like this is probably the future for the band. Just one of the crowd, rather than the genre leaders they were with the debut and 'Generation Wild.' Nice solid album, but they're not the band they used to be.  
    • Wow, you're certainly one of the younger members here. I think Karpetface turned 9 this year, but after him, you're the next youngest!  Welcome aboard and yes, pretty impressive to see someone so young into this type of music. Do your parents listen to this style of music? Interested in how you got into it in the first place. 
    • So after listening to this a bit more I can agree that there are some good songs here but as already pointed out the production is pretty poor  It pretty much ruins it , Bang bang being the most obvious example for me  Good song but the production on that one is horrendous
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