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  1. The album came out and it’s good. The first 3 tracks are solid. The best track is the fifth one “Every Little Thing”. The second half has a few good tracks but too many average or Jazzy Westcoast ones that I’m not into. The voice and sound of WOA but not as good. The layers of sound and technicality that make WOA so special just aren’t the same with Lionville.
  2. This release is massive! Easily my favourite debut since One Desire in 2017. Everything from the songs, vocals of all sorts, guitars, drums, tasty keys and production are all ear candy to me. The only “weakness” might be the lyrical content, but I really don’t care. They could have added an extra minute to “Lift Me Up” so awesome! Can’t unhear Winger’s “Madelaine” when hearing their “Madeleine”...that’s not a bad thing.
  3. New beefier remix of Takes All Night is on Spotify...awesomeness!
  4. Of all the 80’s big hair acts none have shamefully turned their back on their original sound like Bon Jovi.
  5. Agreed! the original still sounds like it was recorded yesterday. Why touch “No Bed Of Roses” or “Sweet Sister Mercy”? Those tracks were perfect....leave them alone!!!
  6. Yep! That Pinnacle Point is also fantastic.
  7. An absolute gem of a release. Note for note awesomeness. The production is fantastic as are the songs.
  8. I actually like that 2 vocalist release. Just like Allen/Lande....Laine/Poley would be awesome. Call the album Danger Meets Danger.
  9. I think Night Drive is awesome sounds like an end of credits track from an 80’s James Bond movie. Sounds like LeBrock which is great to my ears. I’ve loved all three tracks so far.
  10. I’m the opposite...when I see 14-15 tracks I’m thinking filler-ville! 10 like Glen said should be filler free.
  11. Once again Great White is making news that has nothing to do with music.
  12. Totally agree The first 4 tracks are great...Lions is dreadfully boring. Decadence On 10th Street reminds me of Extreme for some reason...it’s ok. Sedona is another snoozer. The tracks around those are good...the closer Winner Takes It All is excellent. The Defiants have taken the clear lead now after 2 full releases for each band.
  13. An evolution on the debut in the sound and production...more mature...more Defiants like😂 The title track sure crashes the momentum after the first four awesome tracks.
  14. It’s an anti “best of” list. Songs that were big hits or band’s signature tracks that to be honest are not a favourite of yours...you can’t even add them to a “best of” mix on your phone or on a CDR...and some just down right suck! Headed For A Heartbreak- Winger (so boring!) Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi (Dead please!) Dude Looks Like A Lady - Aerosmith (awful!)..Rag Doll was even worse Cherry Pie - Warrant (not a bad song but the majority of the rest of the album is way better) Mr. Roboto - Styx (I still can’t forgive Dennis for that mess) More Than Words- Extreme (I like the song but damn that was so not the Extreme sound in general...my dad thought it was the Everly Brothers) When The Children Cry - White Lion (I cry because I can’t take it anymore...too sappy) Pretty Fly For A White Guy - The Offspring (nice sell out boys) Enter Sandman - Metallica (It’s almost become a jingle and was so over played) Silent Lucidity- Queensryche (I saw them live and they ended the concert with this one...talk about not leaving the show on a high)
  15. That Raider logo is so Winger “In The Heart of the Young” era. To be honest the vocals are the weak link...three cool tracks but the singer doesn’t have a ballsy enough tone for the tracks.
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