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  1. The name and album cover had me thinking this was a joke. Holy fuck was I wrong...those 2 tracks are outstanding.
  2. The Proud Boys have now been deemed a terrorist organization here in Canada.
  3. Shotgun Messiah had 3 great albums...I wish Harry Cody had kept making music...hell of a guitarist.
  4. Can’t stand Trump or understand his followers, but he certainly had way hotter chicks working on his side than Biden ever will. I feel real old when I want to get it on with a governor....that crazy yet hot one from South Dakota. Yummy!
  5. Between 2000-2015, 75% of my purchases were likely from NEH. All of a sudden their shipping costs became unaffordable and I moved on. Then in 2017/18 I stopped buying CDs all together. It was a very reliable site and I must have bought 2 to 3 hundred titles from them. still miss getting that package in the mail.
  6. Great tune! Good news the bands music is back up on Spotify...they had removed the band’s stuff last year.
  7. Easily the best release of this week. Much better than W.E.T or Wig Wam. Way better than the garbage Jason Bieler release...only the singles were any good.
  8. Heavy as hell but not melodic enough for my tastes.
  9. Lillian Axe was at the time my favourite band. Poetic Justice might be the best produced and greatest guitar sound on any album I’ve ever heard. Love & War was a bargain bin purchase in 1990...based only on the cover. Turned out to be one of the greatest releases ever...like Hysteria this album has so many epic classic tracks, this album deserved to be a massive hit. The debut was solid, sounded like a Ratt album especially with Robyn Crosby’s involvement. Psycho...was the bands last great release...a change in sound to what we see today from them started on this release. Like Poetic Justi
  10. So is it time to finally remove this and all political threads. This is a music website and this is why we all came here.
  11. Huge Bucks fan!!!! Let’s go OSU!!!!
  12. BLM rioted stores and gas stations at night...yesterday Trumpsters rioted in the middle of the day time the political shrine of the USA. Not exactly on the same level to my foreigner eyes.
  13. With Spotify as my source of music, I have three lists for my best of 2020 Top 20 releases of 2020 H.E.A.T. - II Cats In Space - Atlantis The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic Palace - Rock And Roll Radio Arctic Rain - The One Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn Captain Black Beard - Sonic Forces Paradise Lost - Obsidian One Desire - Midnight Empire Pyogenesis - A Silent Soul Screams Loud Those Damn Crows - Point Of No Return Allen/Olzon - Worlds Apart Gathering Of Kings - Discovery Fates Warning - Long Day Good
  14. Every time I listen to “Marionettes” all I hear is the pomp side of Savatage. Damn I love that track. This release is miles better than all their others. It may even be more enjoyable than the last Night Flight Orchestra.
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