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  1. I agree, the singles released were really good but as a whole the album doesn’t excite me much.
  2. Don’t care it’s still a track I can’t listen to and yes I am a huge fan.
  3. I’m a huge White Lion fan but I can no longer listen to “When The Children Cry”
  4. Seriously?!?! That’s a fucking great ballad…I’m expecting the shoe to drop with each track released…but damn they may be for real.
  5. Not sure how great it really was…the secondary still scares me. They will get steamrolled by a top team if things don’t improve.
  6. Definitely the band’s simplest release but still ear candy to me.
  7. Album just dropped…and it’s absolutely delicious. Not a dud in the bunch. These guys just blow me away release after release. This and 2 new Abba tracks released on the same day…I’m in disco pop rock Heaven.
  8. They already have one called Bukakke Tears. Great track from All You Can Eat
  9. Gave this a spin and it’s better than I expected. It sounds great, well produced and top notch players.
  10. Sounds like a million bucks. Cheesy as Hell but fantastic in every way. These guys just do it and do it right.
  11. Holy shit! Great tune…one spin and I was hooked.
  12. Could have been lifted straight off Loverboy’s “Just Getting Started”. Brilliant track from one of the best bands in Canada.
  13. https://youtu.be/TxdOHXQ5gCU new original track called “Up To You”
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