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  1. Hinder - Take It To The Limit Therapy? - Troublegum Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Hardline - Double Eclipse Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation
  2. Best bridge ever is in Warrant’s I Saw Red just before the solo. ”I’ve been hurt and I’ve been blind....” I love a great bridge and this one is what I define as a great bridge.
  3. The new Ozzy track Ordinary Man with Elton John and Slash is nothing short of brilliant. Another fantastic track to start 2020
  4. We aren’t even 2 weeks into 2020 and so far Night Flight Orchestra release another great new track, Gathering Of Kings release a Styx like AOR gem with the track Kiss From Above and now H.E.A.T release this melodic rock bliss....damn I’m loving the new year so far.
  5. Awesome sauce! Love it! According to my Spotify account NFO is my band of the decade and Van Halen is my favourite of all time...hard to disagree.
  6. No kidding! Great song, a highlight of 2019
  7. In my musical tastes over the past 30 years my big 4 are Dream Theatre Van Halen Harem Scarem Danger Danger and side projects
  8. New track just got released sounds just like them but the catch is that it’s an instrumental...the deception almost had me in tears.
  9. Solid tune, but for those who slagged the new Eclipse....this could easily be one of their tracks from the sound to the cheesy 80’s never say die / fighting lyrics. 2019 has not been a banner year for good lyrics in most of our usual favourite bands.
  10. I actually find them irritating now.
  11. Haven’t paid attention to Weezer in years....but that track had me hooked in under 3 seconds.
  12. Your take on this release is pretty spot on. The only tracks that do nothing for me are All Nighter and Drink Up!...both are too cheesy for such a classy release. Paul's vocals are in top shape and Rob’s solos are even better here than the debut.....and Bruno continues to be a melodic genius. I’ll be enjoying this one for the rest of the year....and beyond.
  13. Just to stir the H.E.A.T pot...my Spotify mix has 6 tracks from the debut, 7 from Freedom Rock, 6 from TDTW, 5 from ITGU and only 3 from Address The Nation...plus Drink Alone. Not sure why but I guess Address The Nation is my least favourite release....but don’t get me wrong I love them all.
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