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  1. I’m a mega fan of Kids In The Hall. I’ve never watched Letterkenny but my 18 year loves it. It’s the only reason we have Crave TV. Most of the locations are filmed in Northern Ontario near my in-laws and a buddy of mine was an extra on the cast last season. Another Canadian hit that everyone knows after sweeping the Emmy’s is Schitt’s Creek. Eugene Levy and Catharine O’Hara are icons. Speaking of those two...SCTV was a classic in the late 70’s early 80’s. With John Candy, Martin Short, Levy, O’Hara, Rick Moranis, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty a
  2. JSS is one of the busiest guys out there. I made a Spotify playlist of my favourite songs with him singing and it’s a huge playlist. The man deserves to be a household name and not just in our Melodic rock world.
  3. Love the pair of tracks I found on Spotify but the production of those singles are so weak compared to the others in my Robbie Lablanc playlist. I sure hope the full length album gets a boost in the production department.
  4. These guys are more of a prog band but this single is melodic bliss with a killer solo.
  5. Queensryche was the first thing that popped into my head. Fates Warning can really do no wrong.
  6. Same here for the DLR era When It’s Love for the Sammy era
  7. New track out on Spotify....Impossible not to like. But the spelling of the word Impossibile isn’t French like they are pronouncing it. It’s written the same as in English.
  8. Not as immediate as their other releases and the choruses are more subtle. It will be a grower for sure. Brother Firetribe changes their sound just enough to keep it interesting on every release. The ballad is the only track I didn’t add on my Spotify mix. The cover art is so shit...combined with the album title, sounds like an exercise or spinning class release. They should have called it Night Drive and use the artwork from the single.
  9. Kiss From Above - Gathering Of Kings Forsaken - Paradise Lost Youngblood - Tokyo Motor Fist Young Hearts - Captain Black Beard Rise / Come Clean / Heaven Must... H.E.A.T so much for 1 track
  10. The album dropped today on Spotify. Solid stuff, nothing earth shattering. I like the production and sound.
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