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  1. Solid tune, but for those who slagged the new Eclipse....this could easily be one of their tracks from the sound to the cheesy 80’s never say die / fighting lyrics. 2019 has not been a banner year for good lyrics in most of our usual favourite bands.
  2. I actually find them irritating now.
  3. Haven’t paid attention to Weezer in years....but that track had me hooked in under 3 seconds.
  4. Your take on this release is pretty spot on. The only tracks that do nothing for me are All Nighter and Drink Up!...both are too cheesy for such a classy release. Paul's vocals are in top shape and Rob’s solos are even better here than the debut.....and Bruno continues to be a melodic genius. I’ll be enjoying this one for the rest of the year....and beyond.
  5. Just to stir the H.E.A.T pot...my Spotify mix has 6 tracks from the debut, 7 from Freedom Rock, 6 from TDTW, 5 from ITGU and only 3 from Address The Nation...plus Drink Alone. Not sure why but I guess Address The Nation is my least favourite release....but don’t get me wrong I love them all.
  6. Yep! Can’t stand the vocals either. I’ve tried again and again with each release but just can’t enjoy them.
  7. Is that a Steel Panther styled joke? 😂
  8. Just gave the new 91 Suite a spin. The guitarist is sick, some of the best soloing I've heard in years. The songs themselves are pretty decent but the lead vocals are terrible and make it near impossible to listen to. He sounds like JBJ singing with a mouth full of marbles. You get Paul Laine singing these tracks and this album would be amazing.
  9. I just found out “Down Again” is a cover as well
  10. Never Enough For You is my favourite track of 2019. Down Again is another original track from the band...almost just as good. I’d love a release of originals only. They are clearly the best cover band in Canada....Todd Kerns could be the best rock vocalist from Canada right now. I’ve been a huge fan of his voice for over 20 years....but this is miles away his best project and blows everything else he’s done out of the water. Their covers are so good that the majority are way, way better than the originals....especially in the production.
  11. I understand those that are sick if the fight songs....I feel the same about the cock and pussy jokes from Steel Panther. Over doing a good thing gets old after awhile,
  12. The more I listen to it the more I like it....but the first two tracks were much better.
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