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  1. zacharyamelie

    Striker - Play to Win

    Both of you make a great point. But the last two albums has really bumped up the seriousness and the production. They no longer sound like an indie band putting out demos.
  2. zacharyamelie

    Degreed - Body Of Work

    New Degreed track up on Spotify called Body Of Work. It’s fuckin’ excellent!
  3. zacharyamelie

    Palace - Binary Music

    Glen should love this, it’s like a stripped down Night Flight Orchestra. Excellent stuff, much more AOR than the debut with this track. Sounds fresh unlike many other releases out there....with a cool solo to boot.
  4. zacharyamelie

    Strÿkenine - Dangerous

    Music is ok but the vocals are weak and buried in the mix. Pass!
  5. zacharyamelie

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Loving the new track but according to Andrew’s pre-review over at Melodic Rock.com is that 8 of the 10 new tracks are ballads...sounds like a Michael Bolton type of release. ?? I can see a 1/2 and 1/2 split because it is Perry but only 1 rocker other than No Erasin’ has really made my excitement diminish.
  6. zacharyamelie

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    This looks very similar to the new Treat album cover. Loved the last State Of Salazar release. Bring it on!
  7. zacharyamelie

    Treat - Tunguska

    It’s good, not blown away after two tracks. I find the Spotify version sounds better than the one in the video....that could also be my phone.
  8. zacharyamelie

    Bad City

    Call Paul Stanley is still one of the best songs of the past 20 years.
  9. Barcelona is soooooo amazing! The title track sounds like the main song of long lost late 70’s or early 80’s James Bond movie. Wicked good!
  10. Awesome release...not much not to love about it. “Pretty Thing Closing In” is the only track I’m not sold on after a couple of spins. Easily my album of the year so far.
  11. zacharyamelie

    RIP Vinnie Paul of Pantera

    https://www.thewrap.com/vinnie-paul-pantera-drummer-dies-at-54/ Sad news from a legendary musician.
  12. zacharyamelie

    Treat - Tunguska

    Wow! That’s a nasty album cover and has nothing to do with the album title.
  13. 100% agree with Glen...which may be a first. Album 1 & 3 are nearly perfect. Skyline Whispers is half amazing with some throw away tracks...too much 70’s prog and disco on some tracks.
  14. Loving the new track....feel an A-Ha vibe. I’ve fallen hard for these guys over the last little while.

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