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    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    Has anyone heard the 5 song ep by Bryan Dallas called Over The Edge? If not it is available as a free download on his website. I strongly suggest any fan of good melodic hard rock check it out... http://thisisdallas.us/
  2. Evil Rick

    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    Lol thanks ??
  3. Tora Tora Finally Release 'Revolution Day' On CD February 19, 2011 FnA Records releases a not so new album from Tora Tora. In fact, inferior copies have been floating around the internet for years to the dismay of the band. Guitarist Keith Douglas comments: "The files found and shared on the net are a poor copy from cassette to cd that are actually too fast. This release will be the closest thing ever to the original recording. Revolution Day Is Here!" Revolution Day is material that was being worked on by Tora Tora for the follow-up to Wild America when the band found themselves in the midst of a new genre called Grunge. Fans of the hard rock genre would be disappointed as they saw their favorite bands dropped from their labels. What was a successful band like Tora Tora to do? Anthony Corder recollecting the Revolution Day sessions: "The Revolution Day project was an interesting time for TORA TORA. It was the '93-'94 era, we were overlapping the last embers of our Wild America dates, rehearsing ideas for the new project, growing from our touring experiences, and experimenting with recording techniques. We relocated our rehearsal space to a warehouse over by the Memphis airport, and tried to stay focused on pre-production. We were pulling together ideas from handheld cassette recorders, scribbled napkins, & 8 track recordings we made on the bus or hotel rooms. I think we were more comfortable with our creative spirits, more confident in our ideas and our approach to songwriting. All of us contributed on the former projects, but everyone was struggling for the third project to keep the TORA identity, and go somewhere new at the same time. We definitely had moments of anxiety and frustration but it was all well worth it once we locked down the tunes. We were joined by The Memphis Horns as well as Susan Marshall and Stacy Plunk, adding back-up vocals on two tracks. The Revolution sessions were some of our most memorable escapades, and had us back at home in Ardent, hanging with Molly's LaCasita crew, and me personally closing down most Midtown establishments." So what can the fans expect on Revolution Day? Well those fans of Tora Tora who fell in love with the bluesy feel of Walkin' Shoes and Phantom Rider, can expect more of the same (just with an updated feel) on tracks like Mississippi Voodoo Child, Candle And The Stone, Shelter From The Rain, Me and You, and Rescue Me. There are also your hard rockers on this album like "Living A World Away", "Out Of The Storm" and "Little Texas". Revolution Day shows a huge growth over Wild America as the band became more comfortable in the studio. On top of that, Anthony Corder's voice is at a top-notch level. The fans will not be disappointed. FnA Records, LLC. formed in 2009 to bring Rockers and Metalheads some of the best unreleased and hard-to-find music from the 80's and early 90's. We are also a label that allows you, the fans to bring us music that you remember from "Back In The Day", and to have it professionally released. FnA Records has been the home for the last 3 Tora Tora albums: "Bombs Away", "Miss B. Havin", and "Before & After". To pick up your copy, visit the website at www.fnarecords.net 'Revolution Day' track listing: 01 Intro- Revolution Day 02 Mississippi Voodoo Child 03 Candle And The Stone 04 Blues Come Home To You 05 Time And The Tide 06 Shelter From The Rain 07 Living A World Away 08 Rescue Me 09 Little Texas 10 Memphis Soul 11 Me And You 12 Out Of The Storm Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and fnarecords.net
  4. Evil Rick

    If I like Danger Danger...

    I swear there was another thread on this topic a while back but I can't find it so my apologies... I just started to really get into Danger Danger recently and would like any input on bands with a similar sound to them. I know you all will be able to point me in the right direction so any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Rick
  5. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    I've been spinning both this and Enough Rope in equal rotations and I prefer Rolling with the Punches hands down over Enough Rope. And this is easily my second favorite to No Respect. Now if they would just get the actual cd shipped...
  6. Evil Rick

    Cornerstone - Reflections

    I heard Last Night on Spotify and was thinking it was an 80's band similar to Toronto, great sound
  7. Evil Rick

    FarCry release new single "I'll Find A Way"

    Yes indeed they are! I believe it should be out this year
  8. Evil Rick

    Junkyard High Water

    I just bought the regular version for half the price. $20 wasn't worth the "bonus" stuff
  9. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    Not all new songs. There are two older ones I think.I wasn't aware of that. Which 2 songs?
  10. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    Yes i too received the digital download and have played this album completely through at least seven times now and i love the entire thing! Classic sounding Vain and just solid catchy songs. And i believe these are all new songs, i think it was the last album Enough Rope that had some old demos that were re-recorded
  11. Evil Rick

    Sainted Sinners - s/t

    I remember the thread: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=34409&hl=rpg But not sure if they released a disc or not. The project is on hiatus so Reece can focus on the Sainted Sinners project.
  12. Evil Rick

    RHINO BUCKET - The Last Real Rock N Roll (2017)

    Finally got to see these guys live for the first time last summer. Looking forward to the new release
  13. Evil Rick

    Sainted Sinners - s/t

    Not a lot of love for Reece here, eh? Oh well, to each his own. I've got this on pre-order. Love old Deep Purple and early Whitesnake so I know I will enjoy this. Plus David has a fantastic voice and this style of music perfectly fits the way he sings now.
  14. Evil Rick

    Babylon A.D. new studio disc coming Sept. 2017

    This comment right here has really got me interested. I always shudder when bands say "it'll sound like our old stuff with a modernized sound" or something similar to that. Davis is flat out saying they are trying to make an album that sounds like the music we know and love, and I hope they are successful.
  15. I just got a heads up from NEH Records that the Marchello unreleased 2nd album The Magic Comes Alive has been released on the AOR Heaven label. Limited to 1000 copies. Needless to say I have already placed my order ! http://www.nehrecords.com/SHOP/ENTER.HTM http://www.aorheaven.com/
  16. Evil Rick

    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    He apparently made like the Mexican Magician and said "Uno...Dos...", and then disappeared without a "Tres".
  17. Pretty decent documentary on the band. I agree with whats already been said about Leste. Pretty cool to see some of the footage later in the movie was from Dakota Rock Fest which a few of us from HH attended
  18. Evil Rick

    Recent Retrospect/Sam/Jared bruhaha

    LOL Huh? You replied to Sam a couple times in that thread if I'm not mistaken
  19. Evil Rick

    The Darkness - Last Of Our Kind

    Been waiting to pick this up until the deluxe version was out. Coulda done without the Santa song IMO but oh well
  20. I have a cd-r of Vice - Hot... Just Lookin' At You and have been keeping an eye on Ebay for a while now and haven't noticed it come up for auction. My question is was this ever released on cd? And if so what is the going rate for it? My copy (although good) sounds like it was taken from a cassette. I would love to pick this up on cd but want to know if I'm wasting my time. Thanks Rick
  21. Evil Rick

    Need help with Vice - Hot... Just Lookin' At You

    Awesome! I've been looking for an original to cover up the reissue pic, I don't care for the new pic at all
  22. I am just listening to the Angel Eazy album "Lightning Strikes". This is some damn good stuff! It's a bit different, very light hearted but cool vibe and hooks. I don't see them listed on the main site and can't find any info on the band other than the cd was an idie released in 1991. Anyone know the story with this band? Is the cd fairly easy to track down? Thanks! Rick
  23. Evil Rick

    Is there any way to tell...

    The difference from a regular cd and one of those crappy Walmart edited for content cd's? I picked up a copy of Motley Crue - Saints Of Los Angeles at a used cd store and low and behold all the "fuck"s are blanked out. This is the third time that has happened. Is there anything in the small print that would tip someone off?
  24. Evil Rick

    Maverick - Quid Pro Quo

    This is definitely a "must buy" album. Quid Pro Quo kicks ass from beginning to end. Hopefully this band sticks around.

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