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  1. If anyone plays guitar, this song is fun as fuck to play, and it fucking rocks
  2. ill respect the first person who steps up and tells the truth, yep, I hate all sorts of gerz, phags, chinks, gooks, wops, kikes, spics, and all sorts of rug pilots, so guess what you woke waste of dna, your loads that should of been swallowed and you can all gobble down my white pecker snot! now I I'd have respect for that honest person, I judge people by the person, i give a fuck less if their racist, it's like being gay, far as im concerned I just dont even need to know, but ill tell you what, these fucking puke liberals are starting to make me a little wishy washy towards blacks, not all of
  3. Ill tell you what I certainly learned, the next time I see Antifa causing trouble at an intersection Cody's either taking a right, or flipping a bitch and going a different way, this was just way to close for me to just blow off, I went to prison when I was 18, and Ive never had any desire to go back, the amount of physical stress my body felt when I thought i was gonna have to go back wasnt worth even the damage on my jeep, I am getting older cause that wouldnt have even been an option even 10 years ago, i'll still be there for the PB's because I believe in it and I made a commitment, but I o
  4. Dug my SK discs out to jam and wanted to relearn New World on the guitar, and started thinking what a fucking raw deal Jason Beiler gets, as far as complete guitarists go, he is absolutely at the top of the list, and even I forget and dont mention him when I add to best guitarists lists, I just always remember Harry Cody, LOL, but these guys were just different enough that it catches on, then Jason just absolutely shreds, especially on the debut, any other fans on here? I know they are a complete hit and miss band, but I completely dig them.
  5. Dont know if anyone is hip to this but Ellie Kemper from The Office has recently dealt with almost the exact same situation.
  6. I dont know, is your Bachelor different then ours? is there like a Aussie Bachelor? cause our host stepped down to, they wanted him to last season, because of remarks he made about chicks with dicks, and about a black guy and white bitch on the show, he was given a huge exit package and was heavily compensated, so it wasnt like he was just forced out without a hope.
  7. Ive learned in my life, I never feel as good as I should when I get even, it's kind of fucked up, Im really doing this more on principle, anybody in the streets gets fucked up, it's just standard, you dont say you know who did it, never, this dude is a faggot Antifa queer, he was hitting peoples vehicles with a pry bar at the stop light in downtown Salt Lake City, knowing nobody would do anything about it, I might have way overacted, but I just hate fucking Antifa so bad, they are the biggest fucking cowards on the planet, and I just lost my mind, I dont fight because for some reason when my a
  8. Thanks man, I lost about 20lbs stressed out over this, they were talking about charging me with attempted homicide and I started throwing up, man I can't even explain what that feels like, I don't wish it on anyone
  9. He's on location doing his new movie , but I will
  10. I'll reword it of course, how about poor mislead antisocial with non vaginal access and prefers large anal intrusions but would prefer to be the deliverer of fellatio, and couldn't swing a pry bar hard enough to do to my jeep what I did to his jaw, collar bone, rear ribs and ankle, with whiplash, that was the Japanese bonus track
  11. Well I had trial today, so I can now officially talk about this, they wanted me to plead to simple assault and they would drop it from a felony to a misdemeanor, that was in Feb, i told them to fuck themselves, I want to take it to trial, well it took the jurors 15 MINUTES!!! to come back with a not guilty verdict LOL, and im a free fucking man, my attorneys turned around and hit this little scumbag with not only a civil suit, but filed criminal felony aggravated assault charges with intent, so the second the judge declared me innocent and released me from court my attorneys went straight down
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