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  1. Busted this disc out yesterday and really forgot how good it was, I mean in some places Kristen Massey sounds eerily as close to Stevie Knicks then I have ever heard anyone get, in passing it fucks with me, but I wish they would get back together and hire someone to write some better songs for them, even though there were some strong songs on their debut, this one for example, I fucking really love this song..
  2. You know I use to play a song from these guys on a radio show I did, I had an awesome program director who just ordered all sorts of shit and we'd sit at the station and just fucking blow through stacks of discs, and this was one of them, the song was fucking mind blowing, it was Heartache Breakdown, and it got good response too, dude has an enormous voice, almost sounds like it could be a black dude singing rock, that song was fucking huge.
  3. How bout this one, anybody else use to rock this shit?? I fucking did, still do, good shit.
  4. You mean this one? How did you find out about this? and isnt this the singer for Adaigo???
  5. Leykis101


    This is the sum of what ive been saying all along.
  6. Its not often you have a German band feature an American singer, they also have an awesome Live album out, Im not a fan of live albums, so when a band impresses me with one, it speaks highly of that band, I wish I couldve seen them live, Ted Bullet also sang on the Son Of A Bitch album, as you know thats just Saxon minus Biff Byford, I think he's a bad fucking vocalist, and has one of the coolest voices in the biz.
  7. I just got this disc, I ordered it cause I thought they might somehow be similar to Asia, nope! but theres some pretty good mellow melodic tracks on it, I mean I dont always get into the ultra mellow shit, but these guys are OK.
  8. Well they are all similar yes, but this is my favorite album, because it's the best production, but their one of those bands that if you like them, your really not gonna be let down by any of their albums, cause they al do sound similar, I think this is the most quality, but their all good.
  9. Also I'm aware I misspelled that fags name, thought it would be cool for Nolan, and Glen, give them something to make fun of me for, you guys have been letting me down lately, Ive done so much retarded shit, yet nothing, I feel like you guys don't care about me enough anymore to hurt my feelings, and make me want to go hang out in my garage suicidal.
  10. Dead Planet and Glen and of course my pal for the NBA but not politics, Mr. NY may want to stay away from this one, might trigger some patriotism in you guys, dont say I didnt warn ya, OH it is country since it seems his days of Staind are well behind him.
  11. I have wondered for years how AOC got into politics, IDK if she's crazy or crazy like a fox, or just a fucking retard, regardless, how the fuck did she get voted in? oh yeah, it speaks volumes of the accumulated IQ in the US, anyways, ive gotten to where I just cant wait to hear what genius shit she's got to say next, I would definitely bang her though!
  12. Anybody like these guys?? I bet Nolan likes this song, a bunch, these guys just fucking rock though.
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