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  1. Oh Yeah??? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/rapper-killer-mike-says-best-130000576.html https://www.inc.com/magazine/201808/sheila-marikar/how-i-did-it-rapper-t-i-clifford-joseph-harris-jr-buy-back-the-block.html watch the whole conference, Atlanta mayor talks about it.
  2. I watched that, you know why Killer Mikes so upset, cause him and TI own most of the shit in the part of Atlanta getting ransacked, all "their' people are destroying black owned business, people who do what their supposed to, people who work, and pay bills, and act like responsible citizens, more or less the kind of people these ghetto trash despised, that's why he's so emotional,
  3. here is the thing, only a small small small percentage of the US population is racist, but its great news, so it gets covered, there is people killed way to often by the police in America, but only when it's black people is it covered, it's incredibly one sided, there are every single race on the planet in America, so why is it only one is always crying racism, I've dealt with it, as a white Japanese man, Ive been called a slant, a chink, a spoon face, a zipper head, and my favorite a gook, I say it only offends half of me, really I don't give a fuck, I make sure I make small genital jokes before anyone can get them, it's implanted into blacks minds from an early age, they are victims, but truly their not, no more then orientals, jews, mexicans, indians, all other races, now it's get to the point where white people are castigated and demonized for saying anything at all, fuck that, stereotypes are hilarious, and generally true, and I got no problem giving it as much as I can take it, it's when people started being hateful, that's when I say that's to far, but the people who talk most generally have the least to say, and it's like having a parent or guardian that bitches at you your whole life, eventually it gets old, and you start getting the in one ear and out the other syndrome.. And heres why, they arrest the cop who killed dude, so what? no that's not good enough, they want all the other cops and anyone else standing around, nobody else gets to demand someone be arrested, not whites, mexicans, jews, nobody, but they feel like their different, and I hang out with a lot of black people, many, none of them even give a fuck, they no more care about this shit, really then I did, sometimes you gotta just grow up, get a job, be responsible, and mind your own business, none of these people were slaves, yet we gotta hear about it all the time, these people didn't know that guy that got killed, so it's just an opportunity to do what they supposedly don't do, and everyone is racist for thinking it, and all the white pukes out there with them, have no clue, their gonna end up destroying their life for what? their not black, whats their excuse? I'm extremely unnerved by all this.
  4. I am working with some kid's right now, I kind of recruited some kid's from the local seen, and got them together to see what it would sound like, of course I did all of this after discovering a singer that blew my fucking mind, he's fucking 18 years old, and he was singing in kind of a blues based band, but I heard him on one of their songs, and this dude isn't meant to sing blues, this dude is born to sing melodic rock, and it took me a minute to convince him to just come give it a try, so yesterday I got these guys together, only 2 of them knew each other, the rest are complete strangers, but they started jamming and all I could do was just sit and think what did I do? it cant be this easy, but we decided to cover a song, and they told me to pick the song, my mind was blank, this isn't something Ive ever even thought about, and im not generally a fan of covers, but I got home last night, and just hit shuffle on my laptop, just to see if anything stuck out as something I could give them, maybe a song that doesn't rock, but you hear that if performed right, could easily rock, then the Del Shannon song Runaway came on, and I thought, this is it, a good band could kill this song, it would absolutely rock, I meet with them Tuesday, what do you guys think of this, and do you have any suggestions if not this? please only 1 suggestion if you have one, im not trying to get so rattled I become overwhelmed, I'll hurry and find the link to this song, though im sure everyone of you know it, just in case, thanks metal brethren.
  5. Holy Fuck!! this fucking blows, I was listening to Eyes Of A Stranger on the way to work this morning, man it just keeps coming doesn't it? at least we have something to remember this man by correct? I mean the reason we even know who he is, he must have made an impression on us somehow, and I for one will appreciate his work even more now.
  6. I fucking dig this, and I would totally knock the bottom off of her, I'd definitely have her playing the blues after i finished with her, I'd give her the best 2 inches and 3 seconds of her life, GUARANTEED!!!
  7. so when a dirty scumbag power mad pig, kills a criminal trying to pass off bad checks, it's a disgrace to police in every part of the world, I don't know anyone who disagrees with that, that scumbag pig should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I'm on track here, correct? but if the criminal happens to be black, that means everyone can go get themselves free TV's, furniture, food, electronics, etc. and while leaving, they can torch the structure, and move onto the next business, and if anyone does anything about it, it's racist, am I correct so far, or did I bump my fucking head? that's the way for a certain class of people, who seem to do this every 20 years or so, perpetuating a stereotype another class of people hold on them, then turn around and claim racism for their actions, WHAT THE FUCKING CHRIST IS GOING ON HERE? all I can say is boy im glad that 2nd amendment hasn't been taking away by the Dems, cause It seriously feels like the quiet majority has about had it, and if they come to life, nobody's going to have to worry about whats going on, cause it will pretty much work itself out, perhaps it's time for the people that make this country run step up and make sure everything we go to work for everyday, everything we do to make our life's better, and protect our family's for, maybe it's time they make sure it stays that way. Ive had it, entitled motherfuckers constantly complaining, waiting for shit to get given to them, instead of actually going out and contributing to the country, then trying to take out of my blood sweat and tears, and give it to motherfuckers who refuse to do anything, sorry I had to vent somewhere, and this is the only place I can do it where I know level headed people resided, regardless of their affiliation, sane people.maybe I'm straying from sane, but everything about this feels wrong, and it aint gonna end well. Any thoughts I can take into account that may change my feelings? id truly appreciate it.
  8. I still like Ronnie's side band Big Talk much more, but I like shit that sucks, as you all know, including G-Off, my favorite mate, you already gave these guys a good trashing, there's no looking back now, your only hope is somehow Petragirl will swoop in and save you on this one, anyways.
  9. I actually enjoy that entire disc, the one im looking for is way out there, think Enrique Iglasias meets Wham! meets Nickleback, no it is way fucking out there though, that's why I love it, this debut CD wasn't that bad, I heard much worse, I mean nothings as good as Playing With The Boys, by Kenny Loggins, (listening to it right now) seriously though, much worse Cd's then the debut by Hotel Hunger, like their disc called All You Can Eat, it's fucking horrible, and thanks to the new tip, im headed to Discogs now, don't know how much 20 Euros is, but it sounds like a bargain, thanks again guys.
  10. Excellent! I love bands that suck, the harder they suck the better, think you can find this disc where your at or no?
  11. I love the nightshade leatherwolf comparison, spot on
  12. I never hear anyone talk about this disc, and Ive always considered it up there in my elite collection, I often wonder if nobody else feels this way, or if its just nobody's really ever listened to it, why this album was never huge, and these Brits never released anything else is one of the biggest mystery's I can think of, fine musicians, who wrote an album of awesome songs.
  13. Leykis101


    Well they have 3 different singers on 3 different albums i bought, their good and melodic, sometimes funky, they do some good shit though, I like their funkiness and the way they go off on Hard To The Beat.
  14. So nobody has it? does anyone know who im talking about? do we have some brethran in Europe? or Scandis? I think these guys are from Denmark, id have to double check, these guys
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