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  1. Leykis101

    WWE vs AEW

    Thats horrible when wrestlings gotten so mundane and gay that you gotta watch 20 year old ECW and CZW matches on youtube, and you cant wait for ROH to come on so you can just watch normal fucking wrestling by normal fucking wrestlers.
  2. So this will more then likely be coming out sooner then later so I'm probably ok talking about what the news is going around, from a source of bet my life on being correct, there's been deaths in triple digits in the last week alone, not crossing deaths, sickness deaths, violence deaths, starvation deaths, plus double digit rapes, robbings, a few kidnappings, 12 baby's born, and this is just around the Mission, Jimenez part of the border, about a 75 mile Area
  3. No not with you guys, believe it or not I respect you guys on here, which is why I have toned it way down and reeled it in big time, I dont disrespect any of you guys, I mean not with a mean tone to it, I talk all sorts of other shit to you though, right Dr. Glen
  4. Leykis101

    Lara Bingle

    Thats right Dave, and i'll tell you after years of dealing with these kind of anorexic load swallowers, never be surprised when A home porno of her suddenly goes missing then shows up on line, cause that's exactly how these type operate.
  5. Leykis101

    Lara Bingle

    The only update I give a fuck about or want to hear about is that my load has successfully reached her titties and face, anything other then that, dont care.
  6. Leykis101

    WWE vs AEW

  7. You sure bro? cause it's pretty disrespectful and I dont go there with my metal brethran but it popped into my head and it was hard not to say,
  8. Leykis101


    Well you can but those would all be theories, I wouldnt be claiming any of them are true or fact, and I certainly wouldnt be ushering people into following them, plus conspiracy theories are what seem to be really just right answers after all the lemmings are done following the head sheep off the clif
  9. Leykis101


    Dr. Glen knows they could see into the future to know what will happen after 10 years, the effects the vax might have down the line, 5 to 10 years down the road what will those effects of the corona vax be? Dr. Glen, Oh well they have this way of knowing exactly what will happen even though this vax isnt even 2 yrs old, Hell you figure if they got it like that, they could cure cancer, hell my kidneys would have a way to stop failing, why dont they just come out with vax's that dont have a main virus yet? I mean they know that 10 yrs from now whats gonna happen, they shoudlve already had this vax out b4 the corona hit the world, I love this logic, but you cant fix stupid right?
  10. Leykis101


    No cause there are some smart nurses out their and I think they might no a little bit more then you and I, and they think for themselves, I'm gonna start calling you Dr. Glen, like Phil only Glen, and you dont fix family issues, you fix covid issues
  11. I could make a 10 out of 10 joke right now, but I think you'd take it personally and get really mad
  12. What my brother just told me they are doing a mass set of flights, then their done, so we gotta pay to fly them back too, why dont they stay in mexico?
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