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  1. Thats right Russ did tell me that, definitely no machismo here, and Nolan really, thanx 4 the compliment, I get that alot, but your opinion truly means the most to me, HA HA G-OFF!! who da man now, not even an honorable mention, where my creds at?
  2. Thought we weren't gonna out that? you already pulled that curtain back, I guess just tell em about it? me and G-Off lost our virginity's the same time, actually in the same bathroom, and actually it was the same person, we lost our virginity's on Nolan, G-Off went 1st, then made me go cause i was gonna chicken out, but thanx to G-Offs prowess, I got in there and took care of business, then we threw Nolan a towel and walked out new men, and I do know what song was playing while i made sweet ass love, it was??? Endless Summer Nights, by Mr. Marx, G-Off thought it would loosen the mood up, good
  3. Your kidding right? Nolan is like Herpes, you can figure out the rest of this one, especially if your blessed with them.
  4. Talk to him everyday, he was just making fun of me cause the last cd i cant find to complete my stolen cd collection replacement is XOX and a couple guys thought that was hilarious, since it's literally nowhere on this planet for sale, thought i'd axe anyways, he's on FB in the Melodic Mafia with Wes and them guys. im gonna go over and bitch they dont support their roots.
  5. waiting for you to follow through on your promise here, haven't seen you reference this not one time since this post???
  6. Ya know buddy, I will be honest with you, i was experimenting with substances in this frame of my life, and I dont remember the music because it was a jr high party and they only listened to shit then, I wasnt lucky where I gota go to partys in the 80s, Rap was becoming prolific, I remember sitting tripping on Acid at this one party in high school and I started feeling violent because every fucking party I went to they were all playing the same fucking 2pac cd, and it really begin to eat at me, and as the acid kicked in I stood up and walked over to the cd changer, and i was well fucking tripp
  7. You all were listening to music the 1st time you smashed it??? no you guys are all full of shit, mine was like a minute and a half in a bathroom at a party in 6th grade, fuck I dont know what was playing, probably New Kids On The Block, or Milli Vanilli, to be honest I wasnt paying attention to what music if any was on, I was paying attention to the vagina that was in front of me, and probably the titties, but mostly just the cooch.
  8. Great, fucking Firefox man, so guys, yeah I decided those 2 songs off that Bradford Youth album, stand so far and above anything else on that album, it's almost not even worth wasting your time, just listen to these 2, I dont get how those songs are so blatantly over produced, over written, almost designed to a certain sound, and just completely over the fucking top, I mean come on, those are the definition of "Gang Vocals" if I ever heard them, almost sounds like a legit choir, but those 2 songs just sound so well thought out, and crafted, the rest of the album sounds like whoever wrote those
  9. Is there some reason why none of these videos are playing?? is it just me? are you guys all watching these videos on this page or going to youtube? I cant get 1 of these videos to play
  10. Sponge may not be your cup of tea bro, they were pretty well known, songs Plowed and my fav Wax Ecstatic, but they are very post alt, maybe even post grunge, kind of like STP before they got all weird, I always said Vinnie to me sounds like what Neil Diamond would sound like if he sang Hard Rock, they are Howard Sterns favorite band, and my step dad is a chingone, he has been a session musician for 45 years, he is also the conductor of the Utah State Symphony, has a masters in Orchestra arrangement and some sort of weird theory, and he's a meteorologist on the local news, I am 2 and 2/3 of a q
  11. 1987, yeah bro I saw that Vinnie played drums on it when he was 16, Im a huge Sponge fan, bro I heard it and put 2 songs on repeat all morning, the 2 on here, they have a different sound I think, I assume their from Detroit, as thats were Sponge is from, but my step dad had the cassette, he has all the cassettes, lol, i thought the band name sounded kinda gay, so I was leery, but bro, Im so glad I listened to it, it's fucking killer.
  12. I'm sure everyone here other then me has already heard these, not me, I just barely discovered, thanx 2 my step dad, but where have these guys been all my life, wow this band has an entirely different sound to them, HUGE choruses, and Sponges vocalist Vinnie Dombrowski at 16 years of age playing drums, this band would go onto be an ultra early version of Sponge, of course they completely changed, and Vinnie is a much different singer then this dude, and I dont know why but it wont play these, oh well, if you havent heard them, just follow my Youtube channel and they work perfectly on there???
  13. But I bet you never get the ones like i prefer, you know that we did in the second segment of Cocked & LOADed Part 23? I think you need to put up a little clip of what you did with those salad tongs and meat tenderizer, I bet it's never been done on camera, legendary
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