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  1. So Darkstone, I just barely read your questions, to say it simply, in American football, the goal is to advance the ball as far as you can get it away from your own goal line, which is the end zone behind you, so any kind of movement backwards is extremely risky, now it happens occasionally, it's not completely dead, some coaches will use all sorts of plays in their playbook with different variations of laterals, this happens frequently in the NCAA, but generally when balls are lateraled, it's tied to some kind of trick play, such as a flea flicker, or a pup dog, the point in American Football
  2. Funny you say that, when I was in high school I got my first internship at believe it or not, a Pop Rock station, I was in 11th grade, and that was not the kind of radio station I wanted to be associated with, I was rather embarrassed tbh, but my very 1st day I was sent on a remote with one of the older jocks, we had to go to Park City, as I'm sure you all know that's where Sundance is held, I had to get all Dave's shit ready because he was veteran press, and he would get 1st crack at the "Big" interviews, which he also did for TV, He later went onto host the tabloid show Extra, his name is Da
  3. seriously bro, Have you peaked in on it at all in the last 10 years? I have peaked, if you have seen even a segment of it, you wouldn't be that shocked, it's been basically taken over, I think they don't call it the BET Awards because they cant have two awards shows with the same name, and they have to keep 1 of them that way it's reverse affirmative action.
  4. 2 of my friends who have had the Corons, and one who has right now, all decided to head over to my house yesterday, cause I was going to lose my mind from boredom and isolation anyways, I feel so ran down I didn't feel like even playing darts or pool, so I busted out the DVDs and we viewed all the classics, mind you these guys and girl are all half my age, they had never seen the good old early 80's titty classics, so I presented them the classics, Last American Virgin, Revenge Of The Nerds, Hardbodies, Beach Balls, Private Resort, Fraternity Vacation, and of course, the king of them all Porky
  5. Leykis101


    Im officially stir crazy
  6. Especially that one! so are the people who attend an the bulk of it's audience, their the ones who mutilate the english language, and are to illiterate to even rap anymore, so they just mumble, and the people who think FUCK! this sounds awesome, are the rest of the genetic novelty that make up and make that the premier award show ever.
  7. You all know how much I hate this fat puke, but for one time he did something honorable, so for that I commend him, but I still think he's a fat puke, I dont really care about the AMA, EVH would probably be offended to have his name associated with pure shit, and the bulk of it's audience probably has no clue who EVH is anyways, since their pulling a collective IQ of about 2, not an audience I look at very highly. https://popculture.com/music/news/amas-2020-eddie-trunk-slams-show-profanity-laced-rant-not-celebrating-eddie-van-halen/?fbclid=IwAR0lH-xvUAqbqlihpOh108kZJ31mDYKop4Ra_n_q
  8. Leykis101


    Why thanks G-Off, and bro, I can tell you that I have 3 brothers, 2 are cops, those are the only 2 people in my immediate family who have not tested positive for it yet, ironic right, they are dealing and interacting with people daily, and they stayed in their house while their family's had to quarantine, and they still haven't tested positive, my daughter and her mom are ok after tomorrow, everyone else is still Quarantined, thanks for asking bro.
  9. Yep sir! like about 90% of the hard rockers of the time, Mr. Victor (or David Chayce) sported wood hardcore for Janine, but not acquiring Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx status he could only sit back in the shadows and jerk off too the home made video of Neil and Janine fucking like rabbits that was stolen and bootlegged, but good came out of it, he wrote this incredible song to her, that still didn't get him the pussy, I would've given him the pussy if I was Janine and I heard this song written for me, or at least a handy.
  10. It looks like some cock gobbler took that Lost Weekend track down, if you want something done right ya gotta do it yer fucking self,
  11. You all know who this songs about right? the legendary Janine Lindemulder!!
  12. Leykis101


    Well bro, I can honestly say, if shit has that wonderful texture, I would probably blow chunks before I even got it in my mouth, as far as tasting it, I can literally taste nothing, i just tried splashing Saracha on my tongue to see if I could taste it, nope, tabasco, nope, it did start to burn, it's pretty irrelevant what I eat or drink, so I'm keeping it to the cheapest shit I have, which probably isnt going to get me better any quicker, I'm so fucking bored.
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