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  1. Leykis101

    Big Talk ever been discussed?

    TWAT? dude you got to much of da ole cock in your ears, don't tell me your one of those whose going to sit and (with a straight face) argue with me about this, 1st of all, Brandon Flowers has a voice that might just border with Neil Young as most agonizingly bad voices in the history of recorded music, sometimes when I'm listening to it, I find my brain has completely stopped, and I start trying to figure out if im having an acid flashback, or if this is honestly a dudes lead vocals in an actual real song, because I cannot comprehend just how bad a vocalist can be, and you Nolan, listen to a Killers song, and upon finishing the song, one of the words that pop into your head upon listening to anything Flowers sings, the word GOOD!! falls into anything describing his vocals?? you my friend are a schmeckle, now put a dollar in the swear jar, and apologize for bad taste, we believe in forgiveness!!
  2. Im not sure if they have ever been discussed on here or not, but came acrossed this disc by accident, not being a huge fan of The Killers, they are somewhat of a local act, but I had never in a million years known Ronnie Vanucci the killers drummer, could basically smash his popular band, with his side band called Big Talk, and not to mention sing waves around Brandon Flowers, it's ashame he takes backseat after putting out music like this song, I mean nothing mind blowing but in this day and age, and compared to the killers, this is pretty much as close to good rock as ive heard out of america in years, sorry if you already discussed this, as usual, late to the table.
  3. Leykis101

    What song is stuck in your head

    I'll tell u what I've been busted singing at work, and it's just to see what coworkers do or say, I Need A Man With A Slow Hand,I need a lover who tosses the salad! Surprising how many people really don't want to hear that song, I don't know why it's a fucking classic??
  4. Leykis101

    Hey Nolan!

    lol i know, you just got sick of me mentioning him so much a few months ago, so i thought i'd refresh things, feeling nostalgic!
  5. Leykis101

    Hey Nolan!

    Nolan, do you remember me? my name is Cody, have you ever heard the Canadian musician who goes by the name of Bernie LaBarge? he did a disc called Bargin In! back in 84, awesome Westcoast AOR, anyways, he's one of my favorites, have you ever heard him?
  6. Leykis101

    DEATH ANGEL - The Evil Divide

    Fucking Rad!
  7. Leykis101

    Hard Knox - Psycho's R Us

    It appears you linked me back to my own post, is that intentional? being a wise ass? I know this fucking guy, dig, there was this fucking guy and he decided he wanted to be a wise ass, and im like, Hey! fucking guy! what the fuck? check this fucking guy out, and he's like no im being serious, then he just vanished, strangest fucking shit I ever came across, no what i mean, get it? ya dig?
  8. Leykis101

    Hard Knox - Psycho's R Us

    I don't know just how well known these guys are outside of the Wasatch Front area, but if you are a fan, Im certain if you weren't aware of the news, you will be delighted to hear about these seemingly impossible 10 years ago, but blood moving info im telling you now, this band was never supposed to talk to each other ever again, and here we are today, and they are on the verge not only the Remaster(which is already completed) but merely days away from being talked into actually performing live again, hows about that shit? I will pas info along to you as I find it out. or you can go seek it out yourselves.I already received my disc, and heres the latest word I pulled off of Facebook. Let’s make some noise and get these guys up on stage again! Hard Knox is one of the best bands and we are looking forward to their return to the stage sometime soon! If you haven't checked out there page yet please do so and give it a like. Keep your eyes and ears out for a possible reunion of this kick ass band!. Get your remastered copy of the Hard Knox CD, Psyco's R US. Contact Therron Arrington at 801-573-4236. TNT Rocker Promotions is Tracey Jackson-Owner/Manager, Sheila Glasgow-Promotions Coordinator, Dori Mead-Page Editor and Alan Roy Carrington-Photography/Video.
  9. Leykis101

    Living In Fiction

    You are wise one, my AOR friend, very very perceptive,
  10. Leykis101

    PRETTY MAIDS - Motherland

    Invu is just fucking insanely awesome! Id go as far as to call it a classic, what a ear crushing perfectly produced, professional sounding, and overall overwhelming recording and sound, this song landed on my top 20 of all time sometime in the mid 2014's, and has done nothing but work it's way up that list since, I am totally taken back by this song, and I dont see them ever being able to top it on an individual level, but PM have done that a few times yet here I sit, commenting on this song, a fucking legendary track, insanely awesome is a good start, but if you feel about this track the way I do, I have a hard time even fishing out the proper words to describe it, everything just seems so minimal, like any words I use are discrediting the track, maybe Im just to passionate about it, but I cant help what I hear, only comment on how it sits in my brain after hearing it, I could never not like this song or hear it to many times, it's one of probably a handful of songs ever, in the history of music that seems to get better every time I hear it!!!
  11. Leykis101

    Dynazty - Titanic Mass

    New Sensation, Hunger For Love, absolutely brilliant melodic power rock songs, that actually have catchy hooks, memorable choruses, and prove this band could create something brilliant had they cared enough to go out and find someone, anyone with any kind of writing talent, and employ that person to write an entire album for them, which in my heart, not only frustrates the fucking shit out of me, actually pisses me off, if you just suspect a band could be killer it's completely different then a band actually proving and giving you a taste of just how good they could be, then dumping nothing but shit on you for every release following it, maybe it's just that nobodys told them their writing skills blow, and their songs suck, maybe it's as simple as someone merely pointing that out to the band?? im finished wasting my money on their shlog though, fuck that, I dont see anything vastly or even in the ballpark of good anywhere in the immediate future.
  12. Leykis101

    DEATH ANGEL - The Evil Divide

    I was going to mention, Testament is another pretty consistent thrash group, and could easily been added to your list, some might mention Overkill as well, though I do not agree with that, a lot of people believe they are consistent! and it is an accurate list you put, I cannot really disagree with you, those 3 are perfect examples.
  13. Leykis101

    DEATH ANGEL - The Evil Divide

    I would definitely never argue with a word of this, their are however more then likely a few other bands I would ad to this list, I couldn't make it a 3 band list, because I believe there are legendary thrash albums, that were put out by bands that may have merely vanished afterwards, and bands that did strong follow ups, or discography's that never received any press, or were even heard by anyone, its mind boggling just how many thrash albums appeared in thrash's pinnacle hour, possibly the most exploited and buried genre to ever exist, one of the only genres I can truly think of that possess literally hundreds of excellent to legendary albums by bands who were never heard from again, and albums that were not only released in infamy, but some that to this day have still never seen the light of anything other then vinyl release, I mean the amount of one off and single release thrash albums is almost uncomprehending to me, as is the amount of pure fucking shit thrash that was released, cloning maybe thousands of other shit thrash bands and albums, some thrash is so disgustingly phony, and unimaginative that Its surprising more lawsuits for plagiarism never arose, In my low IQ having opinion, thrash was perhaps one of the hardest genres ever in history to release a truly great album in, because of the song structures and just the overall base of the thrash sound, it just feels like a truly difficult genre to produce any kind of album of substance in, mainly because to stand out, you had to have a truly different vocalist, and a completely unique axe man, even if you had that, you had to then match the entire band up and get perfect chemistry, and round it out with the completely almost impossible chore of lining all these factors up and then having at least 1 member of your band possess the almost undefinable talent of being able to write catchy hooks and melody's, and then putting them within the structure of the thrash beat, I don't know, it just didn't seem to be an easy genre to lineup the usual "basics" of a killer rememberable song in, let alone an entire album, but many bands who did pull it off, were never even heard of, and many truly legendary albums never even crossed the paths of 99% of thrash audiences, you had to truly go out, spend sickening amounts of time, and cash, and realistically have vast resources even if you did spend the time and cash, to find many of these albums, and there just aren't that many kinds of people out there, to do that, as you know from any other genre of music, but most of the thrash genre in particular was so cheap, and so easy, to produce and release albums for, for whatever reason? more so then any other genre outside of maybe Rap, that it just seems there's so much more generic clone garbage then anything else out there, so when bands who really didn't have the push of the big label could strike the luck of somehow hitting the mark, like Death Angel, like Exodus, and like Deliverance, even though one could argue just being on Geffen records was enough, for a band who really never tasted any mainstream success, to stay as CONSISTENT, and continue to release one after another killer thrash albums, you could make the argument that Death Angel may be an anomaly, and that they may be a truly one of a kind band! cause IMO while there are so many truly good and even killer thrash bands with strong discography's, I cant think of any other band who stayed as consistent as Death Angel did, nothing ever completely bombed as far as them releasing a shit album, IMO, I never put a single DA album on, and thought anything other then "this fucking sounds good" and I cant think of any other thrash band off the top of my head, that that is the case with, they never bombarded us with so many releases we stopped listening in overwhelming fashion, it's like they strategically and surgically took as much time, on each album, and made sure it was exactly how they wanted it, before they ever dropped it, and they would never release anything that sounded less then perfect, cause fan or not, you need to clean your ears out, if you can find me more then 1 filler off each album if that, these guys were always on point, which is why Its a fucking travesty they never got the props they deserved, maybe im way overboard with this, but it's always been my personal feelings about this band!
  14. Leykis101

    DEATH ANGEL - The Evil Divide

    Ya know of the few consistently good bands still around from the last 20+ years, I have to stop and openly give credit where it's long overdue, I always harp on Slayer never selling out their sound, if you love them, or think everything they've done over the last 15 years was shit, Death Angel is a thrash band who while I believe disgustingly never got the credit they so deserved, were one of only a handful of bands of any era or genre, who IMO from a fan of the genre standpoint, never, and I mean NEVER!! did a bad record, even their mediocre work, was great, and far better then many bands best work, and while It's probably pretty fucking hard knowing your main sound is not only dated, but thrash as a whole is pretty much extinct, they are the only band I can think of at this second, who didn't completely overhaul their style, and head off in a new direction, but almost started doing thrash records and evolving the thrash style, while maintaining the thrash sound, and to my ears, doing the impossible, keeping the thrash sound somewhat relevant, and not sounding a bit dated while doing it, i haven't listened to any of the clips off this album, cause i want to hear the whole thing in it';s entirety. Their last couple records did not disappoint me at all, granted their will never be another Act III, IMO, I believe they continue on, because Act III is still fucking left out of every list, and all conversations when any discussion of greatest Thrash records of all time, comes up, and they are disgustingly left out of any and all conversations even when the thrash genre is being discussed solely, a fucking absolutely brilliant, rocking, band who not only pulled off a rarity by writing hooks and choruses that were memorable and catchy(for any genre not just thrash), but first and foremost they are one of the most consistent groups that I can think of in metal history.
  15. Yeah bro, I basically was paid, to do nothing more then practice and whip myself back into shape, to get ready for our next production, in which GEOFF! The Writer and Director, has decided to cast me in my 1st ever leading role, I want accolades from all of you, it's only taken Geoff 12 years, and 300 movies to finally cast me as something other then the Janitor at an all boys prepatory academy, and/or a doctor who has to be souly in charge of performing physicals on my patients, I finally got a lead role, in G-Offs brand new flick, WoodFellas! I hope everyone of you will watch it, and support me, I think you'll find my acting skills top tier, and my style one of a kind! you'll all be highly impressed, Don't worry mate, one day soon I'll release a DVD Series of all our casting couch clips... when you've made a name for yourself after 'Woodfellas.' 12 years, and you auditioned for all 300 of my movies... and both you and I know they were some pretty wild auditions. All of them filmed. So we have enough material here to keep your career alive, even if your back takes another decade to heal. Thats why your my agent as well as my director, your "on top of thing," always going "hands on" you are literally "sitting on top" of the director of the year award, I just "feel it" and I know you do too

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