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  1. Sorry Terry I was being a smart ass, you kept commenting on how good BTE was live, so I axed you again, truth is, I know your not lying or exaggerating, because I too saw them in 96 with Tonic, Sponge, and Our Lady Peace, BTE were extremely surprising, as they took to the stage and the guitarist opened with a fucking huge solo, I never saw it coming out of that Alpha Gama Ray fraternity looking dude, blew me away, but I gotta say, after that night, I went from having only heard of them, to being a lifelong Sponge fan, they were mind blowing, and their discs do them no justice to their live act
  2. Now I never said that, why you trying to do that bro? LOL, pretty smooth though, Rugby's a brutal and awesome game, I enjoyed the brief time I learned to play it, it's just not an easy sport to stay up on here, unless it's soccer or darts, we don't get a whole lot of international sports coverage, I mean I guess if I cared enough to go looking for it I'd find it, but I don't care, at all, I don't even care about American sports outside of the MLB this year, I refuse to watch them, and just like all the other leftist bullshit going on, they are too digging their own graves inserting the communi
  3. Oh I was most definitely lit, I was high as Giraffe pussy bro, there's shit that happened that one of my friends will say "remember when this shit happened" and I will not remember a single moment of it, you know like the years 98 to 2018, those years, so I am not to hard on myself for not remembering shit that I heard, because more times then not, I'll have heard it and completely do not remember, unless it stood out,, so yeah no bi-polar here, just completely fucking bashed for 2 decades, so don't be mean, or axe me to remember anything.
  4. Been saying that the whole time Terry, but I've been saying the silent majority who really run this country, will not sit around and watch everything they have worked their whole lives for be destroyed, burned, looted, or taken away, I think the song by Barrakade - Someone Will Pay would be an awesome theme song right now, watch the silent majority is going to vote Trump back in, and then go and dispose of the human waste destroying our cites, we are the United States, and this small minority of people are obviously not United to the rest of us, they should close off these cites from the count
  5. Hey Terry, I was curious, how was B.T.E. live? were they any good? axing for a friend
  6. Yeah I was pretty hard on them, it appears it was so forgettable that I don't even remember hearing it, cause I don't think the vocals are as bad as I apparently think they are?? maybe it was the other Cody.
  7. Dont steal that, I might use it, good call Terry
  8. Then it would just be MMA, and guess what??? we utilized the FORWARD pass, making the game that much more captivating, it's really nothing like rugby, outside of it being a contact sport, that's really the only distinction I make.
  9. Dude this fucking sucks, this sounds like all that shit from like the 80s and stuff, ya know the shit that's so mind blowing you don't know if you dare to believe it's real or not, by the 4 song's I just heard, I get very down, because it makes me wonder if a full album would be able to stand up to these tracks, maybe it's the best 4 off the album, regardless, this is a sweet fucking find, and for once I hear it before it's release, instead of a year later, awesome find bro, seriously, this shit sounds way good.
  10. Come on aussies, did you even bother watching the clip??? you didnt show me one thing in any of those highlights you posted, other then that the chicks hit harder then the dudes.
  11. Bro Dirk Kennedy couldve been one of the premier front men in metal, had he stayed with it, this album is phenomenal.
  12. Petra, how about a line up? cops do it all the time, post your pic, and 6 other people your age, and then post it and say "it's one of those" then send 1 of us an anonymous pm saying what number it is, then you names not affiliated with any pics, come on guys, just a little brainstorming, you all had to do that in school didnt you?
  13. We generally notice when anyone is gone, sooner or later, we dont get many "13 year old girls" on here, so of course were gonna notice, this isnt tic tok, this is where the niche people who have well above perfect musical taste congregate, and me.
  14. G-Off is always perplexed as to how anyone could possibly love American football over Rugby, well G-Off, I found the perfect clip to show you why we love this beautiful sport, and why it brings us Americans so close together, bringing enemies into friends, friends to enemies, familys and friends together, why we start at 8 years old in Pop Warner, and play till we cant play anymore, usually the end of high school, this is what I love about it anyways, the real football, not the pussy shit that goes on now, enjoy buddy.
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