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  1. "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage" (2010)Way cool, in depth history of the Canadian power trio's long and storied career, loaded with vintage clips, interviews, and commentary from famous friends and fans incl. Gene Simmons, Jack Black, Billy Corgan, and more. A treasure trove of eye and ear candy for Rush fanboys and an entertaining, educational doc for newbs too. "The Amityville Terror" (2016) A dysfunctional family moves into a creepy old house which, of course, has a dark past. When weird supernatural stuff starts happening, it's up to the teenage daughter to uncover the secrets of the house before it claims her and all of her loved ones. In other words... same sh*t, different movie! ...I've been on an "Amityville" kick lately for some ungodly reason, but holy crap, this was bad. It made "Amityville 3-D" look like the Royal Shakespeare Company. I soon learned that this no-budget, community-theater level slab of schlock is part of a recent wave of cheap horror flicks that have no connection to the "real" Amityville franchise aside from the town's name in the title. So at least I learned that I can safely avoid the other in-name-only knock offs that are floating around my various streaming channels, like "Amityville Theater," "Amityville Asylum," "Amityville Death House," and "Amityville Exorcism." AVOID.
  2. Garage sale pickups: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (replaces a prior copy that was a scratched, skipping clusterf**k) Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction
  3. "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract" (2017) As DC's teen heroes plunge into battle against Deathstroke and crazed religious cult leader Brother Blood, they learn that they have a traitor within their own ranks. This animated adaptation of the classic Marv Wolfman/George Perez epic (one of the best comic books of the '80s IMO) has been updated from its '80s origins to fit current DC continuity, so some of the faces and characters have changed from the story I remember, but it's still a fun, action packed flick with plenty of the usual cartoon ultra-violence and cool voice casting (incl. the late Miguel Ferrer making his final film appearance voicing Deathstroke, and Christina Ricci as Raven!). "Amityville II: The Possession" (1982) Another ill-fated family moves into the infamous house on Ocean Avenue and soon their teenage son is hearing demonic voices that inspire him to put the moves on his own sister (yuck!) and eventually commit all-family homicide. This sequel is actually sort of a semi-"prequel," as it's basically a very loose adaptation (with plenty of supernatural embellishments) of the real-life murders of the DeFeo family who occupied the house prior to the Lutz family moving in. As an added bonus, the movie turns into a pretty decent ripoff of "The Exorcist" in the last 20 minutes, as the family's priest struggles to save the boy's soul before he gets the electric chair. "Amityville II" is nastier, more mean-spirited and way sleazier than the original film, and as a result it's the best movie of the whole damn franchise!
  4. EPIC yard sale score this AM! I filled in a lot of the holes in my RUSH catalog, and grabbed a few other odds n ends too RUSH: A Farewell To Kings Permanent Waves Signals Grace Under Pressure Hold Your Fire Presto Roll the Bones Clockwork Angels Plus Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers David Lee Roth - A Little Ain't Enough All in great shape, all for a buck each. Happy dance!
  5. Had some luck at Goodwill this morn: Flotsam & Jetsam - Unnatural Selection Def Leppard - Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-1995 Petra - Jekyll & Hyde
  6. Lazy Sunday double feature: "Justice League Dark" (2017) A series of violent deaths seem to be caused by magic, so Batman enlists some of the DC universe's supernatural anti-heroes like John Constantine, Zatanna, The Demon, Deadman, and Swamp Thing to help solve the mystery. The usual blasting, zapping and ultra-violence ensues. Nicely animated as usual, and it's nice to see some different characters getting to play in one of these DC 'toon movies for a change, instead of the usual Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman triad. "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" (1984) The heroic Buckaroo Banzai - a skilled neurosurgeon, rock n roll star, adventurer and all around awesome dude - has to save Earth from destruction by inter-dimensional aliens in this utterly bizarre cult sci-fi/action comedy. The last time I saw "B.B." was when it hit cable in the late '80s and I remembered next to nothing about it except for a vague feeling that it didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. Re-visiting it all these years later... it still doesn't. "Buckaroo" has a great cast incl. Peter "RoboCop" Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, and more) but it feels like it was made up as they went along. I guess this is one of those movies that you either "get" or you don't, and I don't. (shrugs)
  7. Poison - Native Tongue ...my first Goodwill Store score in a couple of months! It ain't much but I'll take it. Hopefully this is a sign that the dry spell is coming to an end.
  8. "Batman and Harley Quinn" (2017) Batman and Nightwing grudgingly enlist Harley Quinn -- who's been trying half-heartedly to go straight -- to help them stop an apocalyptic plot by her former BFF Poison Ivy in this entertaining cartoon flick. This fast, funny team-up is a throwback to the style and feel of the classic early '90s Batman animated series (though this flick's PG-13 rating allows for a few risque gags that the old show wouldn't have gotten away with!), and is (thankfully) less grim than the last few DC Animated Universe installments I've seen. Cool fanboy stuff.
  9. Coming soon from Stormspell: VISIONS by Carriage Virginia based retro/occult metal band. Fans of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, check these guys out. "PRIMAL RITUAL" on YouTube: Review @ my blog (shameless plug, shameless plug) https://spinditty.com/genres/Carriage-Visions-Album-Review
  10. Review of "Visions" by Carriage. Fans of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, check these guys out. https://spinditty.com/genres/Carriage-Visions-Album-Review
  11. "Return of the LIving Dead" (1985) Two dorky warehouse workers accidentally release a toxic chemical that re-animates corpses, leading to an invasion of brain-eating zombies from the local cemetery. Hilarity ensues. A tongue-in-cheek parody of the zombie genre with a great cast, cool makeup and gore effects and a punk rockin' soundtrack. This flick is so "80s" it hurts!
  12. "Stunt Squad" (1977) A ruthless criminal syndicate holds an Italian city in a grip of terror, till a tough police inspector forms the "Stunt Squad" - an elite unit of motorcycle ridin', straight-shootin' cops who are authorized to use any means necessary to bring law & order to the streets. So yeah, this is yet another entertainingly schlocky "polizotteschi" flick, full of dudes with rad '70s mustaches, lots of gun battles, frequent vehicle chases/crashes/explosions, and occasional splashes of cheesy gore. These movies are like potato chips, you can't watch just one!
  13. "Beast With a Gun" (aka "Mad Dog Killer" and "Ferocious," 1977) A quartet of prison escapees rape, murder, and rob their way across the Italian countryside until a tough police inspector (Richard Harrison) makes it his personal mission to bring the gang's leader (Helmet Berger) to justice. Yet another trashy, sleazy slab of Eurocrime, featuring the usual awkward dialog and poor dubbing, comically over-the-top violence, frequent plot holes and a decent amount of female eye candy (courtesy of Austrian beauty Marisa Mell of "Danger! Diabolik" fame). Tons of cheesy, ass kickin' fun.
  14. "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980) When a peaceful planet is threatened by a galactic conqueror, they send a young emissary out into space to recruit mercenaries willing to help them fight the bad guys. Roger Corman's "Star Wars" knock off is essentially "The Magnificent Seven" set in outer space, with surprisingly lavish (by Corman standards anyway) sets and effects and a cast full of familiar faces like Robert Vaughn, Sybil Danning, John Saxon, George Peppard and Richard "John Boy Walton" Thomas. It doesn't have an original bone in its body, but "Battle Beyond the Stars" is enjoyably cheesy comic-book fun. Useless trivia: a young James Cameron, later of "Terminator" and "Titanic" fame, was a special effects technician on this movie. Corman recycled special effects shots, set pieces and even bits of the musical score from "Battle" in other movies for years afterward, including "Space Raiders," "Forbidden World," and his doomed "Fantastic Four" adaptation.
  15. Oh yeah, the Italian movie industry was always quick to jump on whatever the big movie trend was at the time and made plenty of knock-offs. When Westerns were big, they made Westerns. During the James Bond craze in the 60s, they made spy movies. So when cop movies like "Dirty Harry" and "The French Connection" were the hip thing in the early 70s they made a ton of cop flicks. If you are an Amazon Prime member there are tons of Eurocrimes on their streaming service. I must have about two dozen lined up in my watch list right now, haha. Most of them have aged pretty badly (or were never very good in the first place), but they're so ultra-violent and sleazy that I got hooked on them pretty quick, haha. There's a way- cool documentary about'em called "Eurocrime: The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70s" which is a great introduction to these movies and is damn entertaining in its own right:
  16. "Violent Cops" (aka "Crimebusters," 1976) A soldier (Henry Silva) and a detective (Antonio Sabato) team up to investigate how common Italian street thugs are getting their hands on military-grade machine guns. Naturally, this leads to lots of shoot-outs, vehicle chases, and fist fights. In other words, this is a pretty typical '70s "poliziotteschi" flick, i.e. short on plot but loaded with cartoonish ultra-violence. Entertaining junk.
  17. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (2017) In the latest "Star Wars" epic, Rey tracks down Luke Skywalker for help discovering her Jedi destiny, then battles the evil Kylo Ren. Meanwhile Finn and Poe fight to save the remnants of the Rebellion from a final all-out assault. "Last Jedi" got tons of hate from fanboys who were apparently pissed that the film didn't live up to the personal fan fictions they were carrying around in their heads... but I thought it was great fun and it still made about a bazillion dollars at the box office. So either I'm easy to please, or the haters simply need to get off of Twitter and YouTube and get out of the house more often. Bring on Episode IX!
  18. "Amityville 3-D" (1983) A journalist who specializes in debunking supernatural phenomena moves into the famed house at 112 Ocean Avenue, planning to write an article on his experience. Naturally, this turns out to be a spectacularly bad decision for him and his family. The third "Amityville" installment was released a year after Spielberg & Hooper's "Poltergeist" and borrows heavily from its plot, but it isn't nearly as much fun. The 3-D gimmick adds nothing to this slow moving flick full of cheap scares and even cheaper special effects. Useless trivia, "Amityville 3-D" features early-career performances by the then-unknown Meg Ryan and Lori ("Full House") Laughlin as a pair of teenyboppers!
  19. Church rummage sale pickup: Gryn - Capital Punishment (1995) - a self released disc by a Kansas-based groove/thrash metal band. Given the time period, it sounds pretty much like I expected - local yokels copping the Pantera/C.O.C./Sepultura/Prong vibe. For 50 cents, I'm not gonna complain too much
  20. Yeah, the soundtrack is better than the movie. :D
  21. "Dr. Butcher, M.D." (1981) The Americanized cut of 1980's Italian splatter-fest "Zombi Holocaust," in which an investigative team from New York travels to a South Seas island that's home to flesh-eating natives and a crazed doctor whose experiments on the locals have created a race of zombies. Whatever name this movie goes by, it's the same ridiculously gory nonsense. Fun to watch in a WTF sort of way but not a must-see by any means.
  22. ...and geez, I've been slacking on updating this thread. I never posted my last batch of Stormspell Records reviews: "Steel Assassin," aka "The Mystery Band" https://spinditty.com/genres/Can-You-Help-Identify-Stormspell-Records-Mystery-Band Terravore, "Unforeseen Consquences" https://spinditty.com/genres/Terravore-Unforeseen-Consequences-Album-Review Siren, "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More" https://spinditty.com/genres/Siren-Up-From-the-Ashes-Early-Anthology-and-More-Album-Review "Stygian Oath" EP: https://spinditty.com/genres/Stygian-Oath-Album-Review
  23. New entry! I don't collect vinyl but every time I'm in my local Goodwill scrounging for CDs I always flip through the moldy old LPs just to see what kind of weird sh** will turn up. Here are a half dozen album covers that made me go WTF? https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Weird-Thrift-Store-Record-Finds
  24. "Last Action Hero" (1993) Thanks to a "magic ticket," a young film buff suddenly finds himself transported into his favorite shoot-em-up film franchise, where he fights bad guys alongside his hero "Jack Slater" (Arnold Schwarzenegger). This flick wants to parody the cliches' of action movies and while it isn't always successful, it's got enough in-jokes amidst the butt kicking and stuff blowing up to keep viewers entertained. The behind-the-scenes drama of making "Last Action Hero" has become a legendary Hollywood cautionary tale, involving major budget overruns, frequent rewrites, disastrous test screenings, and last minute editing. To add insult to injury, it opened a week after "Jurassic Park" in the summer of 1993, which totally crushed it at the box office. Ahh-nuld's film career never completely recovered.
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