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    What are you a fucking idiot? what kind of a fucking bollocks statement is that mate, you must have your head so far up your ass, you can smell your own breath, never talk with that much sense G-Off, you cant let little things like reality and common sense get in the way of Covid, you should know that, now denounce your whiteness, apologize for your white privilege and say 10 hail marys, then we will forgive you.
  2. It's what made him famous, and for absolutely perfect reason, folks here is a little known comic, touring on the opey & anthony comedy tour, the previous comic was booed offstage, you've heard of notorious philly crowds, watch what happens when they start booing an unknown Bill Burr, this was legendary, wish it could have been recorded better.
  3. all I can say bro is today's country is just 80's rock with twang, i'll tell ya right now go get David Lee Murphy's new album, No Zip Code, he's the force that's written so many songs it's almost impossible to list, he even wrote for Rock City Angels, as far as I'm concerned I've never heard a bad song he's done, and this new album is no different, I believe he's the originator of making country music that seriously jams.
  4. I'd definitely drop a load to her, you gotta remember, these are the chicks I watch on mute, but BTW, as far as people who just unbiased read and report the news, I may have just answered my own question, maybe it's time I unmute Robbin Meade, as she from all I can say, may be the only example of unbiased news I can provide.
  5. Perhaps the funniest comedian ever, or IMO, he went on SNL and did this shit, now everyone's up in arms, i fucking love it.
  6. Leykis101


    Well if I catch it I'm probably a gonner, same with the flu, but I cannot live terrified of it, thats not living to me, and the way I see it, my days are numbered as is, I'm certainly not gonna spend them or waste them I should say, worrying about catching some virus, 3 of my 4 grandparents and my mom have all died of cancer, now that i'm more worried about catching, catching the cancer is alot more likely to take me,
  7. Leykis101


    Well Glen guess the way I see it is I suffer from Kidney Failure, I cant sit around and be glad I don't have something more serious, I just have to take it in hand, my kidneys wont last long, so I just do all I can to be as healthy as I can, and if I die, I die, there's not to much else I can do about it, I as my daughter and her mom believe this isnt legit, oh the virus certainly is, but not the bullshit around it, I don't believe the chinese virus is as deadly as Ebola, or perhaps even the flu, the thing is, I don't know anyone personally who has died from the flu, or from the CV, I now know
  8. She's so hot, I just dropped 3 loads posting this
  9. Leykis101


    Well my daughter and her mom caught the Corons, they are more pissed they have to Quarantine,
  10. I'd let Shawna play with my whammy any day,
  11. I havent been on it forever, alot of the good old sights have gone, it's kind of a shame
  12. Well Stefan, it's on FOX news, thats all the proof you need! lol, if it was on CNN or MSNBC then it would be real
  13. Just when I thought Confess were going to take it clean, I go and hear this song, it embodies everything I love about this kind of music, perfect riffs, completely awesome singer who I put up there with Darren Rogers and Terry Brock, fucking bad ass song, guess I'll see if i like it more then Confess???
  14. Oh I can show you a bunch of different shit from all sorts of various websites, so where in your example is the proof any of these are lies? just cause some nutjob website says so? good try though.
  15. What I cant change my mind? is that what you mean? I liked OAN, I also use to watch CNN, so that means I have to stand by that forever? lets talk about a small problem with truth, how about your entire party? I quit watching CNN because their entire line up is smeared with idiot left wing liberal journalists, who absolutely make up news, if I gave you an example i'd have to just post the live link to it, I should post the clips I can find where they report the actual story as is, but I dont have access to the archives, Id have to go back to like 84 and shit, no what I mean, you aint getting me
  16. Well I am just fine with FOX, if you watched it lately, they are a shell of their former right wing self, Hannity is still a blowhard and I don't watch him, matter of fact the only Editorial show I watch on FOX is Tucker Carlson, because he's a smooth cat, and digs up a lot of off shit that nobody else seems to find, he doesn't stray to far right, and isnt an ego cocksucker like the others, on the other hand, OAN, and Newsmax are the mirror image to the right what CNN and MSNBC are to the left, completely unwatchable, just fucking garbage, I wont watch any of those, I don't need to make up my
  17. At least your big enough to admit it, good job
  18. I still don't buy it, time to fess up, who are you working for, and who are you after infiltrating our boards.
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