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  1. BTW, thank you very much for giving this album a proper release. it is a fantastic album
  2. glad to see this thread still going. Last movie I watched was Keeping Up With The Joneses https://youtu.be/3WDT3qSVrW8
  3. so have you all heard the .38 Special version of I Fall Back? I like it more that what is on this album but then again I'm a huge 38 fan and it was the first version I ever heard. It was the B-side to the single The Squeeze, the first things they did when Don came back to the band.
  4. Bumpin' up this oldie because as of today, I have been tobacco free for a year. Yes, I'm just as surprised as you probably are. that's awesome
  5. plan on watching Escape Plan tomorrow. Stallone and Schwarzenegger in leading rolls together for the first time in the same movie
  6. The Lego Movie - man, is going to a 3D movie expensive or what!!!!! it was cute for what it is.
  7. Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince - almost through the series now. it holds up well. Gets darker and darker as each movies happens
  8. good movie. kind of a prequel to the tv show
  9. couldn't Miami Vice have been the script for Bad Boys 3?
  10. have started the Harry Potter series over. on movie #3 right now
  11. watched that a few days ago and enjoyed it
  12. gets better with each movie. 5 is better and 6 is even better than 5.
  13. Fail. fixed. gotta turn off the top left square
  14. I can't quote any thing from any poster for some reason
  15. you can stop with that one and not bother with the rest
  16. Classic? I've never even heard of it. your kidding???????
  17. McKagan finds himself in another new band: the Walking Papers, which also includes Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, plus singer Jeff Angell and keyboardist Benjamin Anderson, both of the Missionary Position. Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready also plays on the bands album, Walking Papers, out Tuesday. PHOTOS: Concerts by The Times McKagan describes the sound of the band as dirty blues, both bruising and contemporary, while more willing to indulge in restraint and empty spaces than typical offerings from GNR or Velvet Revolver. But in a three-decade career that has bounced from
  18. just got back from the drive-in where we caught a tripple feature (yes, for the price of one) Smurfs 2 Wolverine Conjuring
  19. I have heard that this one is really bad, acting and story wise? Or is that just the professional critics with their usual bullshit opinions..... Just have to watch it as a no brainer action flick. I didn't mind it, will watch again to get myself off the fence. I want to see this one too. and it is at Redbox so it may be a watch next week on my off day
  20. Parental Guidance - was at dads camper on the lake Friday night, staying till Saturday morning then going on to Gatlinburg Aquarium for my girls 9th birthday. it was an ok watch. no tv so it was movies only. I brought Fast 5 but decided to try something we havent seen after the girls went to bed.
  21. and there is such a twist at the end!!!
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