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  1. Her last couple of albums were up and down. 'Fire And Gasoline' was pretty average but 'Diamond Baby Blue' was very decent over all. This one isn't great. 2 or 3 good songs at most, but pretty unremarkable otherwise.
  2. Can they make it 4 killer albums on the bounce? Sounding good so far
  3. Saga - S/T (2021 Remaster) Saga - Images At Twilight (2021 Remaster) Saga - Silent Knight (2021 Remaster) Saga - World's Apart (2021 Remaster) Saga - In Transit (2021 Remaster) Lee Aaron - Radio On AC/DC - Power Up (Deluxe Light Box) Nitrate - Renegade Dream Theater - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour Of Events - Select Board Mixes Anette Olzon - Shine Sparks - Past Tense: The Best Of...3 CD
  4. Some really great albums in this list. Mastedon, Michael W. Smith, White Heart, The Brave, Rick Cua, Petra, Nouveaux and the mighty John Elefante have all released some absolute killer albums over the years, whether your into your CCM or not.
  5. Not much mention elsewhere on this one unfortunately. Shame as it is a great album
  6. Yep!! Still a fantastic album from start to finish
  7. Trust - Re. Ci. Div: Trust I,II,III (Box Set) Blutengel – Erlösung: The Victory of Light (Deluxe Box Set) Blutengel - Omen (Deluxe Box Set) Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal: Live CD/Bluray/DVD Lord Of The Lost - Judas John Mayer - Sob Rock
  8. The original is one of the best Melodic rock songs ever written...this isn't too bad a version
  9. Take off Queen, Rush and maybe Bon Jovi (because of their first 4 albums) Then add: Metallica The Sex Pistols The Rolling Stones Oasis Green Day (And most of the other Pop Punk motherfuckers that damaged our hearing) Nirvana Korn (and most of the other Nu-Metal motherfuckers that damaged our hearing) and Poison
  10. Saga - Silent Knight/World's Apart Jefferson Starship - Freedom At Point Zero Toto - IV Zappacosta - S/T Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo
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