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  1. Luke and Williams have both come up trumps on their individual albums... Joe's is more Westcoast as you would expect, while Luke's is more varied, with 5 original tracks and 3 covers, namely Traffic's 'The Low Spark Of The High Heeled Boys' ,Robin Trower's excellent 'Bridge Of Spies' and Joe Walsh's 'Welcome To The Club' which are are really great. Both of these albums are really really excellent.
  2. Like the Luke album, absolute top notch stuff
  3. Epica - Omega (Earbook) 4 CD Steve Lukather - I Found The Sun Again Joseph Williams - Denizen Tenant Serious Black - Suite 226 Serious Black - Magic 2 CD Vanishing Point - Dead Elysium Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned/ Live At Wacken (Tour Edition) Therion - Leviathan Korpiklaani - Jylha Yes - Fly From Here: Return Trip Eloy - Chronicles 1 & 2
  4. Great album, although I prefer 'Out Of The Silence'
  5. The first album was pretty damned ok in my book, so very good to see a second one coming out.
  6. Great little album.. As mentioned, for fans of Go West/Hi Tech stuff.
  7. Craig Chaquico..great player on a great cd
  8. Kamelot - Silverthorn (Box) Kamelot - The Shadow Theory Kamelot - Haven Edenbridge - The Chronicles Of Eden Part 2 (Signed) Edenbridge - Live Momentum (Limited Edition) (Signed) Radar - Lost In The Atlantic Everdawn - Cleopatra Headpins - Turn It Loud (Remaster) Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight Amberian Dawn - Circus Black
  9. A very very disappointing album. Sound like leftovers from Drama/ 90125 era Yes, but not very good ones at that. A big pass unfortunately
  10. Wildlife - Burning (Rock Candy) Imperia - Flames Of Eternity Imperia - Queen Of Light To/Die/For - Cult Epica - Retrospect 3CD/2 DVD Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden (Deluxe) 2 CD Edenbridge - Shine (Deluxe) 2 CD Sirenia - Riddles, Ruins and Revelations Sirenia - Perils Of The Deep Blue Arc Of Life - S/T 3.2 - Third Impression
  11. I must admit, that some of the 'Native Tongue' songs are more than bareable with Kotzen playing on that album. The rest of their stuff is just terribly weak in my book. I go to a gig for excitement, not to be bored witless, which unfortunately I was at this one. The bar and company was quite enjoyable though
  12. Besides Kotzen on guitar, Everything. Good job old CC wasn't there, otherwise it would have been even worse. I was in London at the time and was given a mates ticket, as he couldn't go..otherwise I wouldn't have gone myself tbh
  13. First concert - Def Leppard - St. Albans City Hall 1980 'On Through The Night' tour Last concert - Loads of bands on the Monsters of Rock Cruise Feb 2020 inc . H.E.A.T, Y&T, Krokus, Honeymoon Suite, Thunder, Extreme, Autograph, FireHouse, Tokyo Motor Fist Best concert - Saga - Hammersmith Odeon 'Misbehaviour' tour 1986 (with Honeymoon Suite). Saxon - St. Albans City Hall 'Wheels Of Steel' tour 1980. Blizzard Of Ozz - St. Albans City Hall, 1980. Worst concert - Poison, Hammersmith Odeon 1993, Motley Crue Hammersmith Odeon 1986 with Cheap Trick, who destroyed them. C
  14. THE most AOR track on the album and an absolute cracker
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