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  1. It's as close to pure Westcoast as you're ever gonna get and one of the best of it's type for a very long while. I totally understand it not being for everyone, but i personally love this style of music.
  2. Cheap Trick, Creye, Page 99, Lifesigns, Steve Lukather, Ronnie Atkins
  3. Yep..quite like that..will check out the full album
  4. 'Wooden Box' was a great release over all, although It took a while for it to all hit home with me. Good to see another one being released
  5. This is going to be a major player this year...excellent stuff.
  6. Just purchased Uncle Pete's new piece of plastic...I feel all warm inside
  7. Of his first 4 albums, this comes 4th for me, which isn't to take anything away from it at all, as it is a really really good album, but it just goes to show the magnificence of the debut, 'Subject' and 'Twitch' and how good they really are...almost perfection.
  8. Avalon - Everyman A King (Rock Candy) Pink Floyd - Live At Knebworth 1990 Farcry - Balance Marillion - Clocks Already Ticking 3CD/2 DVD Yes - Like It Is: Live At The Bristol Hippodrome 2 CD Yes - Symphonic Yes CD/DVD Gary Moore - How Blue Can You Get (Deluxe Edition) Sick N' Beautiful - Element Of Sex (Signed) Vega - Now That's What I Call Vega Arena - From The Beginning: A Photographic History Of The First 25 Years. (Hardback Book + 2 CD)
  9. Jez

    Page 99

    Got this one a couple of weeks back and I can say hand on heart it is fantastic. if you like all the artists mentioned above, this is a must have album. Fabulous songs, and a super smooth production to die for. Of it's genre, one of the best Pure Westcoast albums I have heard in the last 20 years. Absolutely joyous
  10. Liking that a lot...Cheers Stefan
  11. Lords Of Black - S/T Motorhead - Louder Than Noise: Live In Berlin CD/DVD Elyose - Persona Sick N' Beautiful - Hell Over Hell Yes - In The Present: Live In Lyon Yes - 50 Live Yes - Topographic Drama: Live Across America Jude Cole - I Don't Know Why I Act This Way
  12. Marc Jordan - Talking Through Pictures (Jap Remaster) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live AT Knebworth '76 CD/Bluray Temple Balls - Pyromide Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls Lords Of Black - Icons Of The New Days ( Deluxe) Toto - Live In Japan 1980 Europe - Live Look At Eden CD/DVD Dennis DeYoung - Boomchild Far Corporation - Solitude
  13. Only had a quick spin of this, but first impressions are very favourable. More spins over the weekend
  14. Haven't seen Peter for a good while now.. He put me onto some good stuff. Bajm are similar sort of stuff, Pop/ Rock ..some albums very hit or miss, but 'Baila Armia' is really good and well worth tracking down..should be fairly easy to find
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