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  1. Great band, especially the first three albums. 'Songs From The Big Chair' was rarely off my player back in the day, one of the great albums of the 80's
  2. My Mistake.. I mean't 'Night Of The Crime'
  3. Alcatrazz - V Leverage - Above And Beyond Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls Part II Riverdogs - S/T (Rock Candy) Icon - Right Between The Eyes (Rock Candy) Henry Paul Band - Grey Ghost (Rock Candy) Dokken - Broken Bones TAO - Prophecy
  4. Eclipse - Wired Houston - IV Yes - From a Page (Box) Airbourne - Boneshaker Bite The Bullet - S/T (Rock Candy) L.A.Guns - S/T (Rock Candy) L.A.Guns - Cocked & Loaded (Rock Candy)
  5. Yes - The Quest 2 CD KK's Priest - Sermons Of The Sinner Kix - Blow My Fuse (Rock Candy) Kix - Midnite Dynmite (Rock Candy) Malice - In The Beginning (Rock Candy) Stone Fury - Burns Like a Star (Rock Candy) Steve Jones - Mercy (Rock Candy) Steve Jones - Fire And Gasoline (Rock Candy) Fish - Suits (Remaster) 3 CD Fish - Songs From The Mirror (Remaster) 2CD/DVD Fish - Sunsets On Empire (Remaster) 3 CD Fish - Raingods With Zippos (Remaster) 3 CD Fish - Fellini Days (Remaster) 3 CD Fish - Field Of Crows (Remaster) 3 CD Fish - Farewell To Childhood : Live In Europe 2015-2016 2 CD/ DVD
  6. Top notch.. looking forward to their new album
  7. Lee Aaron - The Lee Aaron Project (Remaster) Signed Lee Aaron - Metal Queen (Remaster) Signed Michael Kratz - TAFKATNO Uriah Heep - Choices (Box) Malice - License The Kill (Rock Candy) Saga - The Beginners Guide To Throwing Shapes (2021 Remaster) Saga - The Security Of Illusion (2021 Remaster)
  8. Top quality as pretty much always
  9. Quite like it, but not completely bowled over. Lacks a few killer tunes if i'm honest. All in all, nowhere near the quality of his day job
  10. The debut was good, but I prefer 'Alien Shores' and 'Contact'...not a band I listen to very often, but some good songs on all their albums
  11. They have basically done these re-records as promo for future gigs/tours to showcase how the band sounds now and made it a bit of a money making venture as well for the collectors.....There is only one pressing of this CD, so once it's gone, that's it. seems reasonable. Damian sings these really well too , although the originals will always be my preferred versions. They were absolutely fantastic live when I saw them last week, if anyone is thinking of catching them on this tour.
  12. Looking forward to this...Very very solid band
  13. A mate who is selling his collection and going digital. Got a few more today (as well as a few new ones from RC direct) i've cleared him out I think Vega - Anarchy & Unity Robin Red - S/T Chris Farren - In So Many Words Marillion - Fugazi (Deluxe Edition) 3 CD/Bluray Newman - Into The Monsters Playground Eric Martin - S/T (Rock Candy) Loverboy - S/T (Rock Candy) Loverboy - Get Lucky (Rock Candy) Saga - Wildest Dreams ('21 Remaster) Anette Olzon - Strong Billy Idol - The Roadside EP. + Final Batch of Rock Candy's Dakota - S/T King Kobra - Ready To Strike King Kobra - Thrill Of The Chase Jetboy - Feel The Shake Silent Rage - Don't Touch Me There
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