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  1. The Steelers/Ravens game has been pushed to Wedsnesday now...at this rate the Steelers may have to play a doubleheader on Sunday...lol
  2. Covid is starting to cause issues...Denver had to play without a proper QB and that was ugly...the Steelers and Ravens may play tomorrow night with God knows how many players on the covid list....of course this isn't a surprise considering how many cases of the virus are found every day in the US.....
  3. Yeah, if the vaccine is tested, safe and actual works then people should take it...it's not as if you are only hurting yourself by not taking it, if that was the case then I would not care, just like euthanasia, if you want to die I won't stand in your way but you have no right to kill others because of your selfishness....liberty does have some limitations otherwise there would be no laws at all...
  4. I'm not a fan of many of the movies listed but Porkys is a classic for sure...now I need to watch it again...lol
  5. Trudeau is an idiot and hopefully he will get kicked to the curb soon....
  6. What I find amusing is that some people think that they are unaffected by happenings on the other side of the planet...we live in a very interconnected world these days and having an unhinged president in the most powerful country should be a concern to everyone...
  7. I'm willing to take a vaccine that is 95% effective but as Dan pointed out, these vaccines have been rushed so they will have to earn my trust by being in use for some months without serious side effects before I take a chance on them.... No one should be forced to take a vaccine as I firmly believe in individual freedom.....however if you are entering an enclosed place where the virus is more easily spread then you should have to wear a mask and socially distance by LAW to ensure the safety of others....if that is an issue then don't enter.....and yes they could force you to show proof o
  8. Yes once it has proven effective and been tested by all the people who will be first in line....I figure 3-6 months after the vaccinations start....
  9. Yeah after 911 he was on top of the world and now he appears completely out of it....maybe dementia is setting in...
  10. He is getting negative press because in every press conference he looks and sounds unhinged....if Trump wants to be taken seriously then he needs to find someone else to lead the charge.....
  11. There is only one AC/DC and there are very few copycats that are worth listening to....
  12. I think there is a good chance he will run again in 2024 ... even if he doesn't run he will have a big influence on whichever candidate does end up running which will not be a good thing for the Republican party IMO....I'd be willing to bet that top Republicans will do everything they can to get rid of him over the next 4 years so they can get back control of the party...
  13. Has anyone seen the latest Giuliani press conference silliness? The guy is sweating so much from the bullshit he is spewing that the hair dye is running down both sides of his face...lol...you just can't make this shit up....
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