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  1. Dead Planet

    Mia Klose - London

    Sounds good to me.....
  2. Dead Planet

    Wild America - Gasoline

    I prefer the second song as well but the first is decent .... count me as interested...
  3. Dead Planet

    Brothers of Metal - Prophecy of Ragnarok

    Good stuff...
  4. Dead Planet

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Bloodbound - War Of Dragons
  5. Reminds me of bands like Amaranthe and Within Temptation....
  6. Dead Planet

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    Going by the cover it should be heavy.....
  7. Dead Planet

    Tommy Paris Band - S/T

    I like it...
  8. Dead Planet

    Starbreaker - Dysphoria

    Sounds good.....
  9. Dead Planet

    Inglorious - Ride To Nowhere

    Doesn't work for me.....
  10. Decent song...not buying the release though...
  11. Dead Planet

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    4Fourty - I Am Human Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days Metalite - Heroes In Time Metal Allegiance - S/T

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