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  1. Sorry buddy but I don't agree and no I don't take offense as you have a right to your opinions just like the rest of us....who do you think does all the shit jobs in America that the majority wouldn't touch if their life depended on it? That's right, the unskilled immigrants...they do what immigrants have done for over a century in the US, they work their asses off so that their children will have a better life and education....are they all people you would want as neighbors? probably not but you can say that about any group of immigrants, lets not forget about all the Italians that came to t
  2. The problem at your southern border has been around for decades and Trump didn't fix it, all he did was slow it down some.... his multi-billion dollar wall is easily scaled with a cheap ladder.....the problems that are driving desperate people out of their countries in Mexico and South America are climate change, extreme poverty and gang violence....until those issues are dealt with , people will continue to look for a better life elsewhere.....one thing all the anti-immigrant people don't mention is that the vast majority that come to the US are good, decent people who just want the opportuni
  3. Personally I don't think presidents and political parties have much influence on employment and the economy. They take credit when things are good and avoid blame when things are bad....shit was bad under Bush and got much better under Obama..... when Trump took over the economy was on an upward swing so of course he took credit....Biden will take credit as long as things are good just like any other president would do.....bottom line is that the economy is affected by forces that no politician has control over such as pandemics....
  4. Boring....they can't seem to touch their earlier stuff....
  5. Yeah they are not for everyone that is for sure....I checked out several of their songs and they are hit and miss for me....they do however sound different from anyone I've heard before.....
  6. Yeah really like what I hear from this band and will be looking out for a full release....
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