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  1. Love Bill....love the way he boils down all the insanity to common sense....we could use a lot more of this sort of thing especially in politics.....fucking cancel culture is the demon child of the politically correct assholes who seem to be everywhere these days....
  2. Great release and AN's best IMO although it is not quite a no skipper for me....
  3. Dead Planet


    The liberal media had it out for him after the 'access hollywood tape' and for good reason IMO......but if he had kept his head down and just done the job of president a lot of the negativity would have dissipated eventually, instead he constantly complained and insulted anyone who did not kiss his ass, if he had not been on twitter the liberals would have had to talk about policy and political issues and most people would have tuned it all out until the next election cycle....
  4. Dead Planet


    I still say that if Trump had stayed off Twitter he would probably have won a second term...most of the bad publicity came from idiotic comments on Twitter that the media made sure the world knew about in real time....so bottom line he was the author of his own demise politically....most of the shit he was pushing uphill was his own.....
  5. Dead Planet


    My memory is far from perfect but I don't believe I paid much attention to Trump for at least the first several months of his presidency...I remember finding him and the reaction to his win as funny...the seriousness of the situation only set in much later....
  6. Dead Planet


    The majority of Bidens executive orders have been to reverse Trumps executive orders so that is not a surprise....happens every time a new president takes office as for the kids in cages thing, Biden needs to fix this asap and if he doesn't then that is a major ugly mark on him and his administration....lets remember folks that it is still early days for Biden....lets see how things look in a few months at least before we write him off for the next 4 years....
  7. It is probably heresy to say this but I really don't care for 'Out of the Silence'....there are a couple of songs that I like but after hearing Blood From Stone and being blown away I had high expectations when I played OOTS and was sadly disappointed....
  8. Can't say it is a no skipper for me but there is some good stuff on it unfortunately I was disappointed with it overall after the brilliance of their first release....
  9. Another no skip mind blowing release....
  10. Great release by a band rarely mentioned here and very underated imo......
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