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  1. Love it and consider it another Foreigner release....it gets a regular spin from me as it is as good as any of the first 4 Foreigner albums IMO...
  2. Dead Planet


    A good portion of the large fines here in Canada have gone to reverends, pastors and priests who refuse to follow the distancing/lockdown rules because God forbid people are not allowed to attend church service since their spiritual health is more important than their physical health...not to mention the financial loss of not having the usual suckers in your church handing over their paychecks... Sorry but the source of this info is way too biased for me to ignore...
  3. I've always thought of him as a moderate and while I'm sure there are fans from the left, I expect there are many from the right as well...
  4. F9 (2021) - another crazy entry in the Fast & Furious series and if you enjoyed the previous films you'll like this one as well....
  5. Dead Planet


    A lot of the comments on this thread are about freedom or at least freedom of choice but I believe that true freedom is an illusion these days....our freedoms have been eroding over the last several decades and the erosion ramped up after 9/11... they have done it with the reasoning that it is for our own good which is debatable....they follow our every digital move online, on cell phones, credit cards etc...the Snowden papers proved that our freedom has been reduced considerably....we are being manipulated everyday and in every way by governments, big business and even individuals (online mostly)....we can fight it and maybe even win the occasional small victory but we don't have a hope in hell of winning the war....this is our 24/7 monitored future where we can expect cctv on every corner, digital currency so they can completely control our money and life choices being reduced to what 'they' want us to choose....so what is the answer? I don't have one unfortunately, at my age it is just easier and more sensible to go with the flow and I expect the majority of the world will do the same until the process is irreversible... Sorry felt the need to rant...
  6. Jungle Cruise (2021) - enjoyed this as it appears they threw bits of POTC, The Mummy and Indiana Jones into a mixer and came up with this flick, worth checking out IMO....
  7. Dead Planet


    Now that is a concern we both share... just look at the meltdown we have experienced over a virus that is less than 1% fatal, if one comes along that is 10-20% fatal you can say goodbye to civilization.....
  8. Dead Planet


    Not sure about 10-15 years....maybe at one time that was true but the time frame has been dropping for decades....it was I believe down to 3-5 years before Covid came along and now it is considerably shorter....some of the first vaccines did not get a lot of testing as they came along before all the rules were in place... Anyway the bottom line for me is that I'm fine whether they vaccinate kids or not...the powers that be will certainly not be asking for my opinion on the subject and I suspect they will not be asking for the opinions of anyone who is not in the appropriate field of endeavor...so as usual most people will do as they are told, like it or not...
  9. Dead Planet


    You may not like it but I'm willing to bet that it will happen....the politicians will dictate that kids need it to go to school because we will still be dealing with it next year and for years to come as variants will continue to crop up....of course with kids the parents have control of whether their kids get it although home schooling isn't for everyone...and yes big business including big pharma controls the world we live in like it or not because that dirty green stuff is the grease that makes everything move....
  10. Dead Planet


    Not recommended at this time.... “At this time, no submission has been received for the approval of any COVID-19 vaccine in children under 12 years of age,” the statement reads. Both Pfizer and Moderna have begun clinical trials of their COVID-19 vaccines in children as young as six months old, with Pfizer expecting first results in July and full results in September. The company said it hoped to see younger children getting vaccinated in early 2022.
  11. Dead Planet


    People have been taking vaccines for decades ( diphtheria, tetanus, polio, smallpox etc...) and that includes kids...in most places your kids can't go to school without them...most of those other vaccines were new and mostly unproven when they first came out and now few people even think about any consequences from taking them....there will always be an unlucky few who will experience bad reactions to any vaccine, you just have to weigh the advantages against a very small possibility of a negative reaction...
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