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  1. I thought the Bonham stuff was rather average.....
  2. Yeah not as good as the first release but still decent IMO....
  3. Decent stuff although I never picked up either of their releases...never was much into funky/soul type rock....
  4. Those of us with knowledge and understanding of gun safety are going to check any real gun handed to us , even if we trust the person who gives us the gun who says it is unloaded or loaded with blanks.....once a gun is in your possession, you are responsible for it....and prop guns are real guns....actors however live in a fantasy world and after handling prop guns for dozens of movies/tv shows where everything is fake, they come to trust the people who are paid to ensure the guns are safe to use....the people who are truly responsible for this tragedy are the people entrusted with gun safety on the set or the person/persons who hired them if they are not qualified...
  5. A lot of hate going on there buddy...personally I wouldn't wish what happened to Baldwin on anyone, being responsible for another persons death even by accident is tough....that said, there were some definite safety issues on the set of that movie, only the day before someone fired a prop gun where 2 bullets came out so if I'm on that set, I would have been checking the prop guns personally before even pointing one at someone...gun safety is something that does not come naturally to people which is why I always promote safety courses for gun ownership, half the people in the US only know how to use a gun from what they see in the movies....
  6. It's all good bro, I get that you can't stand Biden and the Dems and all that they have done and are trying to do, although I think the infrastructure package is a good thing for all Americans.....as for Trudeau I would trade him for Biden in a heartbeat so that should tell you how far left things are politically in Canada these days....at least you have a good chance to dump the leftists in 2024(although I really hope the Republican candidate is not called Trump!!!)...here in Canada I don't see the Conservative party getting back in power anytime soon as the majority of Canadians seem to be voting left these days...
  7. Dune (2021) - Dune was the first sci-fi book that I read as a kid and it blew my mind and made me a sci-fi fan for life....so it was nice to see a big screen adaptation and this flick was great although it is difficult to recommend since it is only half the movie with the second half coming out in maybe 2 years assuming the first half makes enough money...
  8. "he was a fucking queer that let Putin fuck him in the ass and give him reacharounds" Now that is the most believable thing that I've read in this thread yet ....you got to stay off those pro-Putin sites or they will convince you to do your next porno with Geoff in Moscow....
  9. I have several of their releases and they are decent but I don't feel the urge to get this one....
  10. I own the cd of the 2nd release and I didn't think it was as good as the first....
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