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  1. Make sure your drivers are up to date and check your addons for Firefox as some of them can slow down page loading.....
  2. Midnight Sin - Sex First Santa Cruz - Katharsis Silvertomb - Edge Of Existence
  3. So no Aaron Rodgers blowup doll at home?...lol
  4. Interested to hear some samples....
  5. I have lost interest in this band...same old same old on every release.....
  6. I do regret dumping all my vinyl before I moved cross country a few years ago....but I didn't want to take them with me and it was too much trouble to sell them 1 at a time so I literally gave them away to a vinyl store...250 albums for $500....dumped all my cassettes too at the same time for virtually nothing....over 500 for $300 to a cassette store.....heck it was enough hassle packing up and moving over 6000 cds! ...there is no way I'm going through the hassle of ripping my cds let alone selling my cds...I'll have them til death do us part lol...I listen to digital stuff in my car but I just download complete discographys of bands I like and put them on flash drives....
  7. I was hoping the Titans would upset the Ravens but wow they had a much more impressive win than I could ever have expected...the next team to take them on had better be ready!
  8. The stories about a replacement have been around for some time now ...so not new...Geddy Lee has been itching to get back in the saddle for awhile ....
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