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  1. Damn triple post ...got to be my first triple fuckup...lol...hit submit 3 times and it didn't show as saved any of the times so reset the page and there they were....
  2. Really 3 times.....I missed the other 2 times lol....good song, I'll try to track down the cd....
  3. Really 3 times.....I missed the other 2 times lol....good song, I'll try to track down the cd....
  4. Really 3 times.....I missed the other 2 times lol....good song, I'll try to track down the cd....
  5. Dead Planet


    I don't think anyone has a real plan to deal with both flu and corona this winter....they are all praying that it isn't as bad as expected...if it gets ugly here in Canada I expect that there will be at least a partial lockdown....
  6. I have the cd but rarely listen to it....
  7. Dead Planet

    NFL 2020

    Watching the first Sunday football of the year.....should be an interesting year...looking forward to see how Brady/Tampa and Newton/Patriots do this season...not to mention seeing if Big Ben can take my team to the playoffs....hopefully they will be able to play the season without virus issues....as for the kneeling stuff all the teams have to do is keep the teams in the clubhouse until after the anthem....
  8. I would like to see all the people doing the violence and destruction get arrested and charged but not all of the people at these events are rioting , usually it is just a few idiots causing trouble BUT when you watch the cops in these situations, they charge the entire crowd and arrest whoever they can get their hands on and that is usually not the ones breaking the law so yes they get released without charges...however in places where to violence has been going on for weeks at every 'protest' they should be charging everyone dumb enough to show up...that might bring an end to the silliness h
  9. There are protests going on all over and the majority of them are peaceful but we don't hear about them because the media only covers the ones with violence and rioting...and I said MAYBE Biden getting elected would calm things, actually the only way for things to calm down is if the cops stop killing unarmed blacks and that will take a legislative change where police aggression and systemic racism is dealt with and that will only happen if the Dems win all 3 houses...
  10. Those helmets only help so much...there is a long list of guys with brain injuries in football and hockey....
  11. I hope I'm wrong but I expect that we will have to get a shot every year to combat this virus as I think it will mutate constantly...it will be the same as influenza....which means we will be fighting it forever....I can't believe it will ever be mandatory anywhere except places like China where you have no choice in anything.....
  12. It depends on whether they rush a vaccine into production.....many people will be wary if it has not been properly tested....I know I wouldn't take a vaccine that wasn't fully tested and most people would feel the same.....would you take the Russian or Chinese vaccines?.....I think it will take more than a vaccine just before the election to help him out....of course anything is possible, I would not count him out as people are extremely gullible these days.....
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