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  1. Uhm, nope. That one doesn't work. Great song but..
  2. Ah showin' some love for Rodney. Excellent. Been lovin' his stuff for ages. VERY funny and certainly not PC in the least.
  3. So I just revisited one of my all time favorite films That Thing You Do!, you may recall the 1996 Tom Hanks vehicle that portrays the early 60's Pennsylvania youngsters that stumble into greatness with the saccharine laced title track to the film. Anyways the film is brilliant and the soundtrack is even better, but after a little post film Googling I find out that Adam Schlesinger passed away last April (2020) due to complications from COVID, he was 52. Now for those not hep Adam was a really prolific multi instrumentalist and founding member of THE Fountains of Wayne as well as on t
  4. Very cool. Looks like they are about to drop an album under the new name Death Pop Radio, but their FB has an album with this song on it when they went by Ravens. https://deathpopradio.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deathpopradio
  5. Not familiar with them but I like that song a bunch. In doing a little searching the lamest site in known free world Metal Archives (Metal Posuers) shows all 3 of their releases. Nothing on Discogs so if you can get all 3 records (CD's) get them for me would you!
  6. I messaged them a couple 3 days ago on the FB, no response, but I always leave my email addy and ask to be emailed v FB message as I do not use FB for anything, well other than random pings to bands and bangin whores, but that is mine and ADC's lil secret.
  7. Great stuff on those kids, looking forward to hearing how you warp their sensibilities. As for this Cyadine, no secret really. I usually spend a couple 4 hours (or waay more) a week just noodling around on Youtube and came across a really shitty flip phone recording of them and then kept poking about and found this cut from their EP and the rest is history. I too am trying to get the EP (their FB says sold out) and I want a t-shirt as well. Couldn't agree more on the logic as well. It amazes me that a handful of kids that can barely vote and certainly can't
  8. martinsane


    Here's a pretty tasty lil thrash metal band of youngsters from Michigan. I think @Dead Planet @Leykis101 amongst others should enjoy this. https://cyadine.com/ https://www.facebook.com/CyadineOfficial/
  9. Way to much logic in that video for the masses to accept or even comperehend. Incredibly quotable but I do like this one a lot, "we hate the government but get government assistance" and "ironically I was asleep when you claimed I was woke". I look forward to the twins or officer Tatum to "react" to this.
  10. He can sure spin a good yarn. I enjoyed the "your not pretty enough to be such a bitch". lyric as that is so true in many cases.
  11. I like it. Reminds me of the Cure or Gene Loves Jezebel kind of "rock".
  12. It sounds familiar but who knows what it was called or if you put a space or hyphen or who knows what?
  13. It is done, but you already know that.
  14. For fucks sake, lol. Brilliant.
  15. This one is as good as the Spice Girls one.
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