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  1. They certainly became more appealing to the masses under the Hagar regime but apart they were much better, Standing Hampton anyone? And yes I do prefer Dave over Sam in VH, the songs were more appealing to me, kind of like the Phil Collinless Leppard. As I prefer the Willis era. To each their own.
  2. Burdens of being bi-polar... Or maybe just a little lit. Cool band nonetheless.
  3. Yes they were quite good. I personally loved them. Incredibly tight, energetic, played the dickens out of their respective instruments and had what looked like a hell of a time doing so. Hell the set still resonates 25 years later and as I mentioned earlier the Natural Woman inclusion was so random but so cool. I totally dig/dug Kevin's voice, very unique and teh rest of the band was so tight as well, smh. As I ruminate they more and more remind me of another band no one likes and should have been bigger is TPOH (The Pursuit of Happiness). Maybe a little Ruth Ruth too. Another in the ilk
  4. I do love these videos and this guy is farking funny. I'd watch and rewatch as he is "razor" sharp 4 sure.
  5. Oh dear. Who the fuck is this non football playing JJ Watt and who told him he should sing? This would have been far superior if Kory Clark would have just sung the whole damn thing or maybe an instrumental album. At least that other shit band Russ posted with the busty grandma, had a busty grandma in it even though that was the ONLY thing going for it.
  6. This was a good song, some great guitar work and many nice vocals. Also a few broads worthy of a repeat look. I HATE when the makers of these types of videos are so blatantly lazy that they can't be bothered to put the artists name and band up when they show them on screen. WTF? If I was singer number 2 I's want somone who had no idea of the Frontiers artists to have easy acces to me and my works. Whatever. Here are the players, I will never go back and try and pair it up though. MUSICIANS Jeff Pilson – bass Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards James Martin – keyb
  7. Some already mentioned, Glorydaze, Spirit of Metal (use to contribute a lot here, but it went south a few years ago, there are occasional pushes to get it started again, but its not the same, Encyclopedia Metallum (wankers). I still contribute to Sleaszeroxx, not as much as I would like to, so go read my reviews only, LOL. I miss the forum, Olivier didn't like that aspect much and when Skid bowed out he killed it. I am sure it would be supremely shit (ty) now anyway. Not a fan in the least of all the regurgitated retro reviews of Bark at the Moon and the like. Those albums have had their
  8. That is a very good cover and that Dino kid sings well outside his years, but that to is already known.
  9. That Officer Tatum has some good points, as do many, but unfortunately logic is not going to help anything at the moment. I fear out west noone or nothing will change good or bad until something very wrong transpires. The pressure cooker is about to implode and I dread what it unleashes.
  10. I was going to say this for Merkins' (Maybe its more for me being on the west coast):
  11. That's a good song and I do have studio releases, but live sounds great. Speaking of Dio, Hammerfall was to open the Seattle show for him, while he was supporting the Killing the Dragon record, but they were a no show. Don't recall what the reasoning was, but oh well did see Kings X for the 30'th time and Dio was well fucking awesome.
  12. That Kick ASs 2 fight was fun, I forgot about it and The Warriors is loaded with epic battles, man I love that film. Boppin their way back to Coney Island... This one came to mind almost immediately ( man I love this movie):
  13. This is very nice. Shame I missed the debut. Thanks @Stefan for sharing. Kudos to @JThorley for coming around and posting up stuff to support his band plus. After a couple more spins of both songs in this thread, they are very infectious, well structured and I am certainly smitten by the guitar tone and the tasty solo's.
  14. Nice songs. Obviously not in the same league as the 80's stuff, but well crafted and she still sings very well. It goes without say that fap worthy is a definitive. AND if "Fucky Lucker" isn't the best band name not yet used I am unsure what is. I mean seriously could you se that in the Maiden or Leppard font?
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