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  1. As with BDC, The Meices are another band that I L U V and this tune runs through my mind on the regular, the lyrics (along with everything else) are stellar!
  2. martinsane

    NFL 2020

    Tompay Bayrady going to go out with another SB win adding to his accolades he will be the oldest to win one and then the number of SB rings, 7 and the first team ever to win the SB in their home stadium. Goodell is soiling himself thinking about it...
  3. That's a fine song (snippet) and her voice is super powerful on it. And yes I will go first the band in that photo is tastier than the tune.
  4. Yep cancer if I recall in 2020. This just popped into my noodle, damn I love this band:
  5. Seems we are simpatico at the moment and yes that riff is tasty af. The singer, Josh (RIP) has a real distinct and solid voice.
  6. That song was great! Your lead in made this pop into my head.
  7. I didn't mind Sponge at the time and I have and spun a gob that Rotting PiƱata album.
  8. Absolute gold. And looped in "atm" as well. For those not hep, thats ass to mouth.
  9. I was going say the same, incognito is a dinger. As for the cover, truly looks like some sunburnt scrotum.
  10. Whatever happened to Keith Abt aka Fat Freddy?
  11. martinsane

    NFL 2020

    I think you got 1 right. Smells like TB12 in the NFC to me. So TB and Buffalo in the, well Tampa Bay.
  12. The S/T from whenever that was 90 sumthing was played to death. As mentioned Buddy Holly and my fave of the lot The Sweater Song. Nerd Rock I think was a moniker at the time and it bred many spin offs, the best being the Nerfherders who are a super smart band and you all probably remember their "hit" Van Halen. As for the new stuff its alright, I didn't mind the Wild Stallions cut as it was undoubtedly the best song from the most excellent movie.
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