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  1. This weekend could be anyone. It would be nice to see the Titans pull off a white shirt run as that's bad ass and hasn't been done in a hot minute and they should play SF. The logic would be that SF should steam roll GB like they did once this year and KC after shooting their wad and scoring 51 last week should be spent. Plus the Texans are a better team. Let us hope that Goodell and Riveron allow us a players game and not another "officiating opinion" outing.
  2. And by the Texans too... Aaron Rodgers played the entire game with 2 full nuts of Roger Goodell sperm in his belly, which telling by the outcome is what it takes to win games in the NFL. I think this will be my last season watching. The game has gone so far downhill that wrestling is a more believable sport than the NFL and certainly far less rigged. As for next week if the game was played fairly without any outside influence I'd say SF and the Titans go on the the SB. But since Rodgers is enjoying chapsticking up and choking on more slong than Elton John it will probably be GB and KC.
  3. one of the first that came to mind: But there are many and to everyone's chagrin that "I Saw Red" song is dog shite. Here's a few more that tickle me:
  4. Only regret at the moment is accessibility and neglect as my collection is all packed away and has been for 8 years. MAYBE 1 day I will be afforded 10 sf of any residence I fund and get to resurrect my stuff.
  5. I don't mind the repetition and as Geoff mentions if SP could still spin a yarn like in the past then they'd still be appreciated by the likes of us. We talked about it but it seems like some of the stuff is phoned in and just doesn't have the same edge or doesn't resonate like previous tunes.
  6. I understand completely Cap and I am envious of your friendship and in a different time I'd lean on you raid the bands merch closet. Even when we aren't at least acquaintances with artists we still get attached to some degree and a passing resonates in our psyche's. Again I hope you can come to terms and same for the other guys in the band that you still befriend. Maybe you all can lean on each other a bit and help each other out to some degree.
  7. Wow that is sad and I remember this band and especially this my town tune and another Hell In My Eyes I think (anyways), played it a lot a while back and then it and the band got lost in the shuffle of life and other bands. Thanks for posting Cap, I'm feeling a little shook as it certainly seems like this may have hit you and I hope you can get unshook. Chin up mate and RIP to Mikey.
  8. The best from this record that Heavy Metal Rulez is, sure not worthy of being on the first few records but better than what I have heard in recent years.
  9. Heck yea! Excellent choice and boy do I have some stories about these guys... I remember a sunny summer afternoon day in Fife in the late 80's and Jim coming running out on the porch of the Tramp House where we all crashed and he says read this, so I did and it was a song called Doghouse. We song it through a hundred times, tweaked a few lines and jumped around like we just took over the world. Great memory and that early version recorded by Tramp Alley is not far removed from the NAS version, a little sleazier and a few different versus, cuz well it was still the 80's after all. Man I wish Jim and Johny would do something again. For completists go get the Will Records version. The later version has more tunes but the earlier issue has a waaay better cover and of course you can find me inside... Here's a few that may have been on the NAS 2nd album... And lets not forget the Crow Salvation cut (this one is also on the self titled Japanese version only of course: And the "official" vidja for American Shame! I remember Jim coming over with the VHS of this before it came out, so killer and exciting we were so juiced about the whole thing! And this one is my faves from the shame, so much so a line from it is in my siggies, "Is, was and always will be an american shame". I have some other demos of stuff that should see the light of day (NAS 2) but probably never will including the infamous "Foot On the Pedal (Heavy Metal) which the band recorded for the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack and then were told no thanks at the 11th hour, shame (literally) as it is a kick arse tune. Thanks for the thread, made my Friday!
  10. The poor Saints took in the keester again... This weekend I'll go: Vike's upset the Niners. Truth be told SF isn't all that so the Vike's could take em. Ravens. I wish it weren't so and I will be praying to satan all weekend that I am wrong and Tannehill can persevere and Henry just may have another 180 yard game. The Ravens did have 3 weeks off so who knows they may all suck even more now. KC, the Texans aren't beating the Chiefs. Seattle will beat GB and I predict Lynch will have a great day. Maybe 100 all purpose yards.
  11. It Chapter 2 Simply cool. Well done and a befitting part 2. I enjoyed both films a lot. Cockneys VS Zombies This one was a lot of fun. Well acted and again 2 hoots 4 sure.
  12. Not a lot of love for High N Dry (or On Through The Night for that matter), my favorite (of course with the inclusion of Me & My Wine). This record would encompass my top 10+ DL tunes even though I did enjoy the later releases up to maybe Adrenalize (maybe, but probably more like Pyromania) they were just too much over over over production and way to fluffy compared to the raw hungry H&D era. Maybe that was the Pete Willis influence versus the Phil Collen influences.
  13. Looking up a new band led me around a few FB pages to the old hard rock band Fighter and they apparently re-issued their catalog on Girder Music. Here's the link to the site, they have a gaggle of records, cd's, t-shirts. Both old and new. Some of the pricing is laughable but it was neat tooling about to see what they had and for some (Petragirl) this may lead to a purchase or 2. https://girdermusic.com/
  14. Those are sound picks, I'd like to see the Patriots get knocked straight away though. Ultimately I think the Saints will be the kings of the world this year.
  15. Who looks like Jaime Pressly. On topic went to the theater with my son and saw Spy's In Disguise which was really quite good.
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