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    But don't worry, guys. "Freedom day" is almost here! All along we've been programmed to live in fear of this virus, and ensure that every move we make in our lives is governed by fear of the virus. But finally, we're all about to be free to, uh, continue to live in fear of the virus. Never-mind, though. At 80% the - and I quote - "vertical consumption of alcohol" will be permitted at a bar. I think probably only at outside bar, but fuck me, can I not wait to vertically consume a beer. And I will of course toast our incredibly generous government for making it possible, when it is possible. Seriously, I just don't understand this country. There is absolutely zero desire to move on from covid in this joint. I have absolutely no doubt that in December 2023 it will still be dominating our news with "covid crisis" headlines on every bulletin. I see snippets from people I watch/follow from around the world, talking about ambitious (and booked) travel plans all around the world. People out there genuinely moving on from this thing. But it's not even Australia's pretend ambition. I'm not even going to mention 70% because I think 70% allows us to go to the letterbox instead of staying behind our front door for the last 3-4 months, but even at 80-90% all I hear is "you can do these few more things, but we still want you to be petrified of this virus and act accordingly." They talk about international travel commencing, while they're building quarantine concentration camps in parts of the country, thinking anyone is going to want to come to this hellhole via a two week quarantine period. I know they're apparently working on this, but I just feel like this country is so, so far out of the loop it's ridiculous. I genuinely hope the international community completely turns its collective back on any intention to travel to Australia until, by deafault, it forces the braindead fucks to actually properly understand what the point of all these vaccines is. And they can then try to get their shitful brains around the concept of actually properly trying to live with covid. I know I've said it repeatedly in this thread, but just genuinely ashamed of this country right now. Trapped in a covid panic they never want to get out of. Every day, you are still 100% assured to see a headline along the lines of "covid crisis worsens" or the like. Our daily "crisis" is most countries' hourly tally, as they get on with life.
  2. Yeah, I don't want to speak this too loudly, but it's actually the only Queensryche album I like, and like it I do. But, I should say that I've been meaning to revisit 'Operation MIndcrime' for at least a decade, and will definitely do it hopefully kind of soon.
  3. Yeah, he's not the greatest, but again, plenty of better, plenty of worse.
  4. After seeing their story on Youtube the other day I finally actually did this. In the spirit of complete honesty, I must admit I found it a really surprising discography. I've owned and loved 'Symbol of Salvation' since way back in the day, and on reflection, it genuinely seems they saved up all their talent and flair for that one album. They're an entirely capable band and offer good musicianship and lead vocals from their first to most recent album. The problem for me is that the songs, album after album, are just so bland. That new album probably has a few more promising tracks than most in their discography, but for me, it's all still about 'Symbol of Salvation.' That's a fine album, and imo, the peak of their song writing by a long way.
  5. Good excuse to listen to and post this. Basically the blueprint for perfect mid tempo melodic rock / AOR -
  6. I think they possibly could and should be better than they are, but I also think a lot of that would have a lot to do with what I was saying above... that a bigger, fuller sounding production job would do these guys a world of good. I do get what you're saying about the tunes and I agree to an extent, but in saying that, I think these guys are a lot better than a vast majority of active bands, so I don't think they're doing too bad at all.
  7. Put my little thing in the other day (that's what he said) and I thank you for the top site, Dan. Sorry I can't throw more at you, but I appreciate the site always.
  8. lol, creep. I'd recommend it if you like kind of creepy stuff. I didn't see the whole thing and it seemed to take quite a while to get started, but not bad. Watch before you have kids, lol.
  9. Cool. I assumed it'd be something like 'Best I can,' not that I'd really know at all. I pulled up the video on youtube last night and noticed it had... hold on, let me check... almost 41 million views. Mind officially blown.
  10. Not great, but interesting. What sort of era do we think that's from?
  11. Not sure this is the thread I was after, but something interesting anyway. My wife has been watching the new series Nine Perfect Strangers, with Nicole Kidman, and I must admit I've been struggling to keep my eyes off the screen when it's on. In fact, it's the kind of show I'd usually watch and one my wife would not normally watch. Interesting show, but invokes thoughts you'd rather not allow into your head as a parent. Anyway, we were watching the last episode today and the show ended in a hauntingly touching fashion with a sweet melody which at first I was thinking, man, what is that sweet haunting tune, and I quickly then realised it was none other than 'Silent Lucidity' by Queensryche. It took me that long to place it as I found it so incredibly surprising. Don't really know the history of the song and if it was actually a hit back in the day, but seemed really surprising to me. Perfectly suited to the occasion, ending the series.
  12. How embarrassing. Things like this need to happen, though, to make it blatantly clear to fucking morons that being a fucking moron isn't all it cracked up to be. I hope next year there is a male competition and a female competition, like it should have been this year.
  13. Yep, it certainly got the 2021 treatment. I walked past the TV news a few times on screens today and constantly saw it described as the "Earthquake Emergency." Makes perfect sense that a small rumble under the ground is now an emergency, living in a country that is locked down for virus with a 99% survival rate. Yep, Australia - land of the dumbest fucks on planet earth. My kids said they felt the earthquake here on NSW Central Coast, but I think that only happened after they saw on the news that it was felt in NSW.
  14. Yeah, I only ever owned the 'Gutter Ballet' album which sounds like it was a bit out there at the time. Keen to try a couiple of those mid to late 80s one. Not expecting too much, but curious. Same with Riot. Only ever owned one of their later albums... Maybe late 1990s or early 2000s. But curious to try their 86-93 era albums, out of curiosity. With Armored Saint, I only ever owned the awesome 'Symbol of salvation' and it's looking like that was a smart move. Entirely adequate band, but holy shit they just wrote the blandest songs outside of that record.
  15. Wonder why Icon got removed. I'm subscribed to this channel so watch the new ones as they come out. Really enjoy this channel. A lot of the bands I don't have many cds from, but always interested in their stories anyway. Armored Saint and Riot ones, even Loudness and now Savatage have given me the incentive to check out albums from their discography I haven't checked out before.
  16. Geoff


    Saw that, mate, and couldn't believe it. When does our prime minister step in and say hold on, what the fuck? You can't shut down a whole industry because a few people made you sad. Absolutely outrageous. How can such a petty, spiteful action possibly be legally okay? As Anastacia in Queensland repeatedly shows, there is absolutely no compassion in these cunts. Doesn't consider for one second the ramifications a decision like this will have on so many people, in what is already the hardest time of their lives.
  17. Congrats mate. Can we ask what the new gig is? Something... Sexy?
  18. Really hate to say this, but I was underwhelmed to shittery by this. I admit I probably built it up so high I was bound to be disappointed, but I wasn't really expecting disappointment on the level it delivered. It's not a bad album as such... but I just didn't really dig most the songs. It's generally quite playable, but very few songs - as in maybe three - will end up in my 2021 playlist. Like I say, not all the dude's fault that I had such high expectations, but sadly, it doesn't do much for me at all.
  19. Awesome album. Loved most tracks on it. There were a couple of fillers, but I feel like this one is the strongest release in a few years from these guys. It was a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to many more.
  20. Geoff


    I think you dudes were getting your wires crossed. CTS is saying these "freedoms" come into effect when we hit 70-80% double vaxxed, which we are not at yet, but are expected to reach in coming months. I tell you the minor technicality that's really starting to get to me in this whole thing. And I noticed it abundantly when my wife had the news on last night... but why are these things even being called "freedoms?" It's absolutely fucking ridiculous terminology. If someone in prison moves from solitary confinement to standard incarceration, they're still imprisoned. Which is exactly what is happening in Australia. Make absolutely no mistake about it, there is nothing one would mistake for freedom to look forward to when we hit 70-80% vaccination. But you turn on the news and reporters are smiling and happily reporting people sitting there in masks with 2-3 other people on a picnic rug, gleefully reporting on our new "freedoms." It's absolutely fucking pathetic. I am so embarrassed on a daily basis as to what this country has become. But I wish they'd stop calling it "freedoms" and call it for what it is. One or two restrictions are being removed, but we are are still living in a pathetic, scared state of heavy restriction. Restrictions we'd never have imagined in our wildest dreams two years ago. No one anywhere in Australia is free to do as they wish and there's no roadmap anywhere for when that could possibly happen.
  21. Unsurprisingly, I love it. Love these guys and that's a killer cut. Hope an album is to follow.
  22. Geoff


    To be honest, that's the only way I think I'll be travelling for any future I can see - within my own state. I can't even say country, as even interstate travel looks unlikely for a while yet. NSW is a beautiful state, but travelling a couple of 100km either way from your home isn't exactly my idea of a proper escape. "But Mr Merriman said just 5% of positive tests were sequenced in July, adding that people were being "ripped off". And Mr Merriman is 100% correct. I hope common sense prevails here and the UK can start to lead the way. Also it indicates other countries in Europe don't require mindless tests? If we're lucky in Australia, we might catch up around 2030 or so. Add to that the media pressure, and I'd still guess that at least half of the country, if not more, doesn't want to leave lockdown. It truly is a country of complete idiots. Generally speaking, there is no comprehension in this country that we will ever have to move on from this. That understanding just isn't there for far too many.
  23. Happy to hear this as I agree with your summation on what's become of him. But yes, the new track definitely sounds more like what we expect from the guy. Glad I can look forward to spinning it know it's not going to be that same garbage he's been dishing out over the last few years.
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