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  1. Super, super safe album. But there's some nice stuff on it. The opener and title track actually has one of my favourite hooks of 2019. So good. After that, though, it's all pretty safe and at times a tad repetitive with hooks that stay where they are without expansion. But it's nice - just not amazing.
  2. BLUE CHARVEL IS BACK! Good to see you back, Pete, if only for a fleeting moment. I will reach out and hope that I can grasp a strand of your hair as you pass through so that I can pluck it out and cradle it in my arms. That aside, good to see you here, Pete. Hope you can drop in from time to time.
  3. For the record... and I really need to go back into the memory bank here as The Magnficent album wasn't a stand-out for me. But from memory, it was a good solid album with one truly cracking song. Let me check my archives. Ok, so I actually did really dig it. I rated it 87%. If I remember I'll whip it out of the CD racks in the garage tomorrow morning on the way to work. I'll make a serious point of this. Either way, this Diva album isn't very good stuff, in my honest opinion. To each their own.
  4. I'm very lukewarm (closer to frosty) on this one. 'Just a Night Away' is a great 80's style ballad and 'Lolita' is a solid track. The rest? Doesn't really do anything for me at all if I'm being honest. Just C-grade 80's hard rock that you wouldn't even blink at if it was recorded in 1990 (or for me, 2019). Be honest - if this was released in 1990 would you even acknowledge it's existence? Well, for me, anything I wouldn't acknowledge in 1990, I'd also not acknowledge in 2019.
  5. lol. I actually didn't think it looked right. But they don't deserve any amount of accuracy anyway.
  6. Anything by Sticky Fyxx or Halestorm before their s/t debut.
  7. I was actually really disappointed with this. Such an average album of poor hard rock and even poorer metal. Such a letdown after that really cool, authentic 80's commercial hard rock EP. The quality of songs has dropped immeasurably. These are my (weak) favourites of a bad bunch;
  8. Again, another album with a few pluck-worthy songs on it. I like some of the above posted tunes, but probably this one most of all;
  9. Not perfect, but again a few pretty nice tunes... namely this little gem; 1. Deluxe 2. Breathe It In 3. 21 Days 4. Never Changed 5. Drift
  10. Nice, solid but average album. Two keepers on it, though;
  11. Another band allegedly three albums in (this being their third). Again, a very patchy affair but when they're good they're pretty awesome. In the age where you can pick and choose your favourite songs easily enough without having to continually skip through the fillers, an album like this can really offer up a few treats. 1. Omega (01:19) 2. True North (03:24) 3. Only the Broken Evolve (03:19) 4. The Departed (03:44) 5. A Thousand Reasons (03:03) 6. Deceive (04:27) 7. The Void (03:37) 8. Autonomy (03:32) 9. Nothing Left to Save (03:09) 10. Carry On (03:36) This here's one of the best songs I've heard this year so far; The rest are probably a bit screamy for folk here, but some nice melodies inbetween too;
  12. This is apparently the third release from this German band. Bit of a mixed one here. Some of it's not that great, and some of it's pretty great stuff. It's not an amazing album, but I'm enjoying parts of it. 1. My Supernova 2. Cold 3. Don’t Need You Now 4. Fall 5. Spirit 6. I Think It Isn’t Fair 7. Soulmade 8. Savage 9. At Night 10. Addiction To The Worst 11. Everyone Else
  13. Wow, this has me stumped. Who else has done a really awesome cover of this song in recent years? I actually never knew that version - whichever one it is I'm thinking of - was a cover song. Anyway, sorry, this is a bit too dancey for me. The other version I have of this song, which I cannot remember at the moment, is much better, imo.
  14. I assume any fan of these guys picked up on the news earlier this year that they released a cheeky little EP called 'I'm Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 1.' Three songs, all very nice. My favourite is this; 1 . Hard To Love 2 . Casket 3 . The Fear Of Letting Go
  15. Having this and the new Find Me album released in the same year is kind of like having a double album in my 2019 playlist, as they're identical in every single way, except for the vocalists. Everything else - identical. Even spread of good songs over both albums.
  16. Surprisingly well produced CD, but I was never a fan of this band and this hasn't swayed me. Quite poor overall, actually.
  17. This album was pretty disappointing for me. I quite like 'How many more goodbyes' and there's a decent batch of solid songs on here... but severely lacking in keeper tunes, sadly.
  18. Rubbish album. However, strangely, I do like the cover of 'Maniac.' Even though it's been covered 18,986 times, this is probably the best cover I've heard. Ironically, the only other good song on the thing is a wonderful bonus track. Usually I'd say why on earth is the only good song on here a bonus track?! But I actually genuinely understand it in this case. It's the only good song because it's the only in it's style. A pure, catchy and super melodic song. Kind of sounds a bit like WET to me. The rest is just bland, boring over-long power metal.
  19. NONE!! Hate live albums, but the Bonfire one from around 1990 was always pretty cool when I bothered to play it. D2's 'Live and nude' is good too, to hear some of the Poley songs with Laine... even though I prefer Poley's versions.
  20. Oh, okay. Thank you sir. That'd be why I don't really know him as I don't really move in those circles. It's a shame they're using a vocalist like that on what is essentially a very commercial hard rock project. Well, at least that's how it sounds to me.
  21. Who is this Owens guy you all speak of so knowingly? I assume it's the vocalist. If so, I agree with y'all that he is the weak point here. Otherwise, though, this is pretty good. Sounds a bit like they're trying something similar to Midnite City. Obviously not anywhere near them, but some good catchy, melodic choruses there. I'd love to hear a full album.
  22. Gasp!! Will check this out immediately.
  23. Sadly I never got a genuine copy of this and only ever dealt with a CDR. One of those typically enjoyable albums from the era. Not perfect, but a very fine album with a great vocalist. I'm absolutely mad for the ballad 'I can't wait,' but there were a handful of good rockers on this too... including 'Backside of love' and 'Feel the fire.' I assume y'all know there were a bunch of leftovers released from these guys on Suncity Records a few years back?
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