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  1. As should anyone who took it upon themselves to find offence in the photo.
  2. That new one is nice too... Nice beefy sound, good tune.
  3. Let's just say I disagree vehemently and leave it at that, lol. Doesn't even register consideration for me, let alone earn a place in best of year chatter.
  4. Haha, ironically I hadn't thought of or included singles... Except this one. This would still be my favourite but yes, there is more competition than I thought. I generally don't acknowledge a single until it's released on an album hence why this was an exception. The 11 single thing is interesting. I didn't like it, but on the other hand it kind of puts pressure on the artist to make sure each song is a killer. Oh, and NFO suck.
  5. lol. Nah, no thought in it (like everything I post). What's so shit about it? Just everything? I did notice some of the wording kind of blends which I don't like. I'm saying if you don't like political threads, don't read them. I am not encouraging that they are deleted and banned. Because, I meant to say, that seems to be the way of the world now and I hate it. If a minority is offended by something in 2020, the easiest solution is to just get rid of it for everyone. Don't discuss it - just get rid of it and pretend it never existed. Because that's how we solve problems in 2020. But that's separate to the threads here. If you don't like the threads, there's no need to read them. BUT, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be there for those who are taking part in them. It'd be like me asking Dan to remove all the NFO threads, or westcoast AOR threads because I don't personally enjoy those threads. Simple, I just don't look at them. Anyway, fuck this. I know my point and you fuckers are just going to read between the lines because it's clear to me at least.
  6. It wasn't instantly my favourite tune, but I've never seen a song take the spot with such quick ferocity. And I'm sure it would be my favourite regardless of what songs had been recorded this year, but when I actually looked at it realistically, I couldn't see anything close to it. Two songs on the HEAT album are up high, as well as Butch Walker's 'Out in the Open.' Aside from that, there's not really any actual competition yet, imo. I actually couldn't contain myself and shot this tune off to my brothers today - both of whom hate good music. I dared them to dislike it. Got a reply from one bro and he loved it. That shit doesn't happen, for what it's worth, lol.
  7. No contention about it, mate. I am officially in love and you can cancel the rest of the year in music. 'Magic Trick' is hands down, by a mile, my favourite song of 2020. I will bet my eyebrows that there will not be a better song (imo) than it for the rest of the year. I can't stop either playing it on my stereo or video device or in my head. Couldn't love the song more. And I agree about the video. I'm not telling fibs when I say that as far as I can think, this is my favourite video clip ever. So, so cool. I know there'd be some clip somewhere of naked ladiez being scandalous and that's still epic... but this video just trumps everything at the minute. Absolutely flawlessly constructed and delivered. The song/video combo is immaculate. Heard the debut album from 2018 the other day and some splendid moments on it... but I love the new stuff even more. Any news if an album will come from the two new songs? 'One Phone Call' is an absolute beauty too, even if it seems really familiar to me for some reason. It's great. But 'Magic Trick,' sweet jesus, it's just what music is about.
  8. Nah mate, I don't specifically go after Glen at all. I am the most anti-political human in existence and avoid politics and discussions of politics like the plague. I only swoop into action when I see something I intensely disagree with and it just happened to be that Glen was pushing what I really didn't agree with, hence there was a difference of opinion. Could have happened to anyone had they shared the view Glen did and voiced it as he did. Anyway, the obvious choice in the list here is ignore it if you don't like it. It seems to be the trend in 2020 - if you don't like something, just remove it. Don't like the past? Ignore it and pretend it never happened and remove all trace of it! Don't like the name of that candy? Then change the name! The name of my band or sport team offends one person in every 15 million?! Well change the fucking thing! Isn't that the obvious, logical solution? My sex offends you? Easy. I am now gender neutral. We're a planet of absolute fucking geniuses. Haha, no offence at all to the origins of this topic, but as with anything and everything in life, if you don't like it, just don't open it up... don't look. Very easily done. Still plenty of music threads and posts on this forum to look through. And when the NRL season is done, I'll be looking at those ones myself... not the political threads.
  9. Really can't wait to hear this.
  10. Yeah, possibly. Not sure, though. I kinda feel like the black dude's probably going to bring it home. Probably as much to do with the current global climate as his voice. Dude can sing his balls off, but lacks the passion and artistry of some of the artists I've really liked on the show so far. The guy in the semi that Guy got rid of to keep him - that dude who wrote his own song about his wife and his battle with cancer - that dude is a true artist and musician. That's who I want to see win shows like this. Anyway, drew that out a bit, but yeah, I'd have to put my money on the black fella to win.
  11. Yeah, they were the days when it was a nightly watch for me. Kind of miss it, to be honest. Been a few years since I've seen more than an episode or two per couple of months. Sadness.
  12. Just for the trivia buffs out there, lead singer Mark Furze was on the current season of Australia's The Voice. Just got dumped in the top 8 before they cut it down to 4. Flew the "rock flag" throughout his tenure. Hope we get an album out of his brief brush with fame.
  13. Geoff


    The point of the comment is that you have a seriously unhealthy obsession with Trump and seem to feel the need to blame every single negative thing that happens on him. You could probably pull up your posts for the last few years or so and there's probably at least one Trump-bashing post per day. It's boring. You're not alone, and it's just fucking boring. Who's fault is it then? Is Trump forcing people to go out and contract Covid-19? Is there no such thing as personal responsibility in the US? Is every covid case in the UK your prime minister's fault? I don't blame our prime minister in Australia for every case of covid-19 here. We've all lived with this thing for half a year now - we know what to do to maximise our chances at not contracting it. If you don't want to get it, don't put yourself in a position to get it. But don't blame the president of the USA if you get it - it's just stupid. Like I said at the start of the piece, no one anywhere has handled this perfectly and yes, the situation in the US - to an outsider - looks like an absolute mess. But you can't just fix every problem in the world by saying, "Oh, it's Trump's fault." As with the BLM thing... just think a little deeper. And I like how you removed any fault attributed to the BLM protesters from the equation in your earlier post. So the new spread of the virus IS all Trump's fault. But definitely NOT the bunch of mindless, moronic deadshit cunts who went against every bit of virus-avoiding advice that they were given to by their government... they are not at fault at all? They've been flawless at ensuring the virus doesn't spread? Great logic there. Your mind is warped so far to the left and it blows my mind that you can't see it.
  14. I just love dudes like this. If I was anyone in the music industry, in the business of selling records, I would be glued to guys like this and what they do next. The fact that he struggles to get his product out there for lack of interest is a shining example of how rubbish mainstream, popular music is. All you can do is hope that guys like this just keep plugging away and doing their thing.
  15. I'm just trying to figure out what's happened here. I seem to have missed this self titled album from 2018, although I know 'The Outfield' inside out. The reason I do, I have assessed, is because it was on the 7th Heaven 'Covered' album from last year... but I think that's the only way I know it. I don't have any record of listening to the Night Game album. That will be amended asap.
  16. Fuck me, that is incredible. Love the absolute shit out of that. What a cool song. Man this guy is cool, lol. What a talent.
  17. Geoff


    Are you saying Glen approves of Brexit? If so, then yes, of course Trump had nothing to do with it. If, however, it is something that Glen views negatively, I can guarantee you it's Trump's fault!
  18. Geoff


    Lol, life must be smooth sailing for you, Glen. You definitely have a permanent default setting. Out of curiosity, has anything ever happened anywhere ever that isn't Trump's fault?
  19. For some reason that seems a lot clunkier than how it sounded on the album today. I actually quite like the disc, to be honest. It's not really any (better or) worse than the EndeverAfter album. Like that album, there are a few songs that miss the mark but there's quite a few songs that I like here quite a lot. The main difference is that it all sounds a little looser than his big label debut and this album would have benefited from the production that album featured. But overall I dig it. The lead single is easily the worst song, so well done to whoever decided on that one. First song is a song that'd tempt most on this forum... Reminds me of prime LA Guns or something.
  20. Took a while to get good, but I like the new song too. Apparently I liked the first two as well, so fingers crossed it's a good album. As for number of tracks, I'll take 10 over more any day of the week, unless it's one of my absolute favourite bands in a groove where they can do no wrong. BFT are certainly not that, so 10 is good for me. Hope they nail them all.
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