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  1. Geoff

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    No, it's definitely not. For the record, though; looking beyond what the media jams down your throat, I don't personally find him misogynistic to a degree that offends me at all; I sure as hell don't find him to be racist (seems like it's the go-to tag for someone who might just call a thing or two for what it is from time to time). As for being a liar... probably true, and that's different to absolutely zero politicians in all of history. Anyway, I agree... not the time or place. I actually hate politics and rubbish political discussions. But I hate the media more and I hate just going along with an opinion without thinking about it for yourself even more than the media!
  2. Geoff

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Agreed. But if you have a view that makes you look really stupid and is something to be embarrassed about, probably best just to keep it to yourself and sing about vaginas instead. For example, if you follow a religion the worst thing in the world you can do, imo, is publicise it... especially in a song. It just makes you look stupid. In. My opinion, of course. But it's the same with that stupid Kryptonite song, which is preaching to forsake all sense of logic and just allow every human being into everywhere. Australia only has 25 million people? WHAT?! Even though you can't move in the fucking place, let's let everyone in and have 50 million by the week's end!!! says mr singer of Kryptonite. Well I never had an issue with the guy at all in the past, but now I look at him different - in an irritating, stupid kind of way. Anyway, to each their own. Everyone's got their own view n' stuff, but it just seems to sound even more stupid in a song if you have a view that is very polarising. As for my percentage on who has a problem or not with Trump... I agree. I probably did get that wrong. Much more than 50% of people are sheep and follow what their favourite celebrity or the media is telling them without actually thinking for themselves. For the record, I don't really have much of an opinion on Trump because I don't care enough about it all to get involved. But I definitely like him more than I dislike him and think the outcry against him is just a pathetic banquet of sheep falling over themselves to fit in. Personally.
  3. Geoff

    Johnny Gioeli - One Voice

    Oh shit, yeah, sorry, not technically Airless. But if I read that thread right it's the entire Airless band; just with Gioeli on vocals. So it may as well still be called Airless, lol.
  4. Geoff

    Tiffany - Pieces Of Me

    Yeah, that's nice. Am I right in thinking this is the one hit wonder from the 80's who had a massive hit which I forget now, and she appeared on Australian 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' either this or last year? I'll check it out. I wonder if Shannon Noll is on it at all. If it is the Tiffany I'm thinking of they were jamming in the jungle and spoke of working together. This sounds a hell of a lot better than his last album though...
  5. Geoff

    Ten - Illuminati

    Thus far, the sole time I spun and will ever spin this repulsed me. It's just really, really hard to listen to. Dreadful lyrics, dreary old melodies, lacklustre musicianship... sadly, just nothing at all works about this. Which is sad. Very sad to see where Ten have gone in recent years, and I don't think there's any going back whatsoever.
  6. Geoff

    Breaking music news

    I've actually never heard Rouge before. I was curious why he'd reform this rather than do a solo album but a google search and I see it was the first thing he ever did, so I guess it's for old time's sake. But yeah, I'll be curious to hear the style. I'd just be amazed if he did a rock album as he strikes me as someone who writes accordingly for the era he's in. Anyway, it's interesting. He must have a genuine desire to get some new music out there with his name on it, as there's no way in the world he'd be doing it "for the money." This dude must be the richest person in the entire history of music considering the hits he's been a part of and the income he no doubt generates on a daily basis. Yeah... it's an interesting one. I hope it's a rock album but I guess we'll see.
  7. Geoff

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    I do really like it and it's a tune that'd really grow more and more as you spun it. The sad thing is, 70% of the song is perfect... the weakest part, unfortunately, is the chorus. But it's cool. Nice, as said above, "basic" stuff. But those verses are sublime... Dude looks like it's the first video he ever made. Poor dude. If I was him I'd have kept the mic on the stand. Props for the Poison shirt too. Nice.
  8. Geoff

    Johnny Gioeli - One Voice

    Is that Airless album being released this year? If so, we're looking at four albums from him in one year?! Is that near a record? ARP, Gioli/Castronovo, Airless and this? Hectic. Anyway, will try to hear this asap.
  9. Geoff

    Perfect View - Timeless

    This and 'Promises' are the best two on this pretty adequate release.
  10. Geoff

    Breaking music news

    Whatnow?! Seriously... what?! If it's rock, I'd still expect it to be quite good... surely?
  11. Geoff

    Robert Rodrigo Band - Living For Louder

    The solo's the best part of the song, lol. I personally really like this guy and that second Airless album is a very good album. I miss guitarists like this and it reminds me of stuff like Fate, Masquerade and TNT back in the day, with little solo fills all over the place. I dig it. However. Both those songs are very weak.
  12. Geoff

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    The debut album that Eric Martensson made for him is excellent... despite the muddy production job. But that was 100% pure Martensson in his prime. I can't see any way this new album with have anything in common with that, but here's hoping. Anyone know if Martensson is on board again?
  13. Geoff

    Stephen Pearcy - View To A Thrill

    I'm digging it. Probably prefer it to the last one, to be honest. Some good ol' fashioned hard rock riffage throughout. As for his voice... is it any different (on record) than it was back in 1983?
  14. Geoff

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I despise it, because you polarise listeners. Cool for you because you don't like Trump, but what about the other 50%+ listeners who have no issue with Trump? It's just annoying to them/us. Personally, I found this to be the most irritating song from last year. Cool tune and album, but the lyrics just piss me off;
  15. Geoff

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    And also, just to put that into context... you have to remember that Treat (with Ernlund) were not an active band for 21 years, and then all of a sudden they drop 'CDG' on us. If there is a single band in history that have released back to back killer albums, 21 years apart, then I'll carefully cut my balls from sack, cook them, and send them around to all my friends as a festive season delicacy. What I mean to say, is if everyone thinks it's a pretty damn fine album, I think it sure as all heck deserves such accolades.
  16. Geoff

    Doomsday Outlaw - Suffer More

    What a rough looking bunch. Unfortunately, the songs aren't doing it for me at all.
  17. Geoff

    Wild America - Gasoline

    I'm not completely sold either, but it sounds okay.
  18. Geoff

    StoneLake - Thunder And Rain

    Yep, I completely missed this one. Sounds just like my thing, so I'll check it out asap. As for why it passed me by, I'm guessing the terrible band name probably put me off - sounds like anything but a melodic rock band name.
  19. Geoff

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    Yeah, there's a definite Steelhouse Lane vibe to these songs. Sounds quite a lot better than what Slamer has put his name to since then, and yeah, I like the guy's voice. This is sounding very promising. Jeez Slamer has a super distinct sound...
  20. Geoff

    Care Of Night - Love Equals War

    That's not too bad. The two over 6mins is unfortunate and 5:49/42 isn't far off, but the rest isn't too bad. Yeah, not too worried about that... and I too hate long songs.
  21. Geoff

    Roxanne - Radio Silence

    This, I cannot deny.
  22. Geoff

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Yeah, sorry dudes, just not a close contest for me. CDG is home to 'Paper Tiger,' 'A life to die for,' 'Tangled Up,' 'Skies of Mongolia,' 'No way without you,' 'We own the night' and 'All for love' - all are absolute killers to me, and sorry Glen, but there is an abundance in song type/tempo/style in that lot. However, on the other hand, 'Tunguska' has... uh, um... well, nothing, really. 'Build the love' is my favourite, but I'm not jesting myself that it's on par with any of those songs from 'CDG' - no way. The rest of 'Tunguska' is all nice 7.5/10 type of stuff (except 'Best of enemies' which I don't really like) but I'm not having a lend of you folk; just polar opposite albums to me. 'GOG' is a fine album and imo far more enjoyable than 'Tungsuka' - I like them in order of release. Anyway, as for whether Nitrate, Hearts On Fire and Station will rate higher than Treat in 2018, for me? My word they will. Because they all at least have a few killer tunes (especially Station) which the Treat album is missing probably more than any single other album I like in 2018. Yes it's a solid album, but I just need those few ball crackers on an album to make it really worthwhile to me.
  23. Geoff

    Gathering Of Kings

    Just catching up on this thread now... sounding pretty good. I had no idea it had been so long since this all commenced, but I hope they get this released in January.
  24. Geoff

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    Haha. I don't actually hate it. He was never a strong vocalist, but it sounds like time has taken a little extra off what was there before. As for the song, I don't think it's that bad. Not completely into the semi-acoustic delivery, but it's quite a catchy, hooky chorus... and even the verses too. Yeah, I don't love it but I certainly don't dislike it.

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