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  1. Geoff

    Crashdiet: New singer and new album(?)

    Wow, is that just for a single? Surely there's not going to be a new album in a couple of weeks??
  2. Geoff

    Frontiers 2019

    Eclipse and Defiants for me... and that's about it. Always look forward to new Whitesnake and LA Guns, but I don't have too much faith in either at the moment. Hardline could be pretty decent too.
  3. Geoff

    Palace - Binary Music

    Oh dear... that's not a good sign for future output. Yeah, I agree that the lyrics in Wild Rose are really bad. Poorly written, but I guess in some stupid 12 year old part of your brain, they're still kind of "relatable." They are singing, very badly, about what other bands you can relate to sing about, and the general person relates to. It's just a shame they do it so badly. The difference on this album is that the lyrics are rubbish about pointless things I sure as hell don't know or care about, nor do I think many would eg. 'Binary Music,' 'Tears of Gaia,' 'Queen of the prom' etc. I don't really mind poor lyrics I can kind of relate to, but I just hate stupid stuff that you just can't gel with at all on any level. Just nonsense, imo.
  4. Geoff

    One step from the edge - Believe (2018)

    Hmmm, interesting. Not sure this'll go down too well on this site, but good luck in your quest!
  5. Geoff

    Grand Design - Viva La Paradise

    That's not very good. This is an album I desperately need to re-rate as it has very poor reply value. I do like 'Love Shouldn't Hurt' though.
  6. Geoff

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    Well I'm going to say I'm happy with this. I actually think as an entire album it's not far off the last one at all. It certainly hasn't disappointed me one bit, I can honestly say. It's definitely a little samey, but if I'm meant to not like any of these songs, good luck picking which one/s! I just genuinely really enjoy the whole album. There are riffs borrowed straight from other songs, and there's plenty of familiar ideas... but bloody hell it's all still damn fine music. I guess at the end of the day I'd much prefer samey stuff of a high quality over an eclectic collection of stuff that misses the mark as often as it hits it. Yeah, I just have this playing and it makes me happy. I think the weakest song on here (whatever that is?!) is better than a few tracks from the last album. On the other hand, the best tracks here aren't as good as the best from the last album. But all in all, it's a very good album and should happily sit in my top 5 this year.
  7. Geoff

    Michael Oakley - Control

    Solid tune. His EP last year was one of my favourite recordings from the whole year. Massive fan of this guy too. Just quietly, hope the next songs are better than this one.
  8. Geoff

    State Of Salazar - Superhero

    Haha, we'll see. The CD actually turned up today so I'll spin it tomorrow and see how I go. I strongly dislike POL, though, so this is not a good sign to start with. Keen to check out their new album too...
  9. Geoff

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    Haha, sounds like we may be onto something with Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Sorry, Cure, but their radio songs are more or less the only ones I know and the reason I hate them so much, lol. They have absolutely 0 redeeming qualities. I can honestly say that I absolutely, whole-heartedly hate ever song I have ever heard from them. All these other bands you doods are mentioning I agree with two. I like less than 5 Queensryche songs, no Motorhead or Anthrax I can think of... Judas Priest etc. But the thing with those bands is that they don't offend me. Grunge and Red Hot Chilli Peppers do.
  10. Geoff

    Palace - Binary Music

    Couple of threads on this album so just to quickly answer Dan & Karpethead's comment in the other thread - yes, I did like the debut. Granted, it's worth was probably over-inflated by the fact that 'Part of me' was one of my top 5 songs of 2016 and that song was worth the price of admission alone. But generally, it was quite a good melodic rock CD. Anyway, Kim, your post seems to be directed at other people more than me (I haven't said anything at all about this being 80's pop - in fact, I wish it was as I'd probably like it more). And I certainly don't want to stick with Brother Firetribe as I quite disliked their last album in the end. Pain in the ass to listen too. However, One Desire's album does whole-heartedly slaughter this Palace album. Anyway, to the comments directed at me. I do love Scandi stuff. Somehow, amidst the trainwreck that is the new TNT album, I have found myself loving 'We're gonna make it,' despite how far TNT have fallen. But you don't get more Scandi than that in 2018. But Palace? No, not to these ears. I don't think he/they've really changed anything drastically (except that awful Queen-esque song you mention - what rubbish). No, generally, he/they is still doing a similar thing. Only problem is, the songs are just really bad... imo, of course. Off the top of my head - 'Binary music' is actually a pretty decent tune... until the lyrics start. I just hate the lyrics on this tune and it entirely affects my enjoyment of the song. Okay tune; dreadful lyrics. 'Tears of Gaia' - completely channeling his inner Gary Hughes here... but why? Has he not heard how awful Ten are? Not the type of band you want to be trying to sound like for a song, imo. Again, horrible lyrics and meaningless drivel. 'Nothing personal' - actually, speaking of 80's pop, I guess I could see people comparing this to 80's pop. Another really poor, school-kid written type of tune with a very unpleasant boppy vibe... and again, lyrics that make you want to break some of your own bones so you can lend your attention elsewhere. 'Promised land' - this is actually where I thought he was going to come good. This song is for the most part pretty good and I can't be too harsh on it... but the chorus is very weak and lets the whole thing down. Nothing too outrageous, just a bad chorus in an otherwise pretty decent song. 'Love songs' - like I said, this one is pretty decent. Far from perfect, but pretty nice, catchy melodic rock / AOR. 'Dangerous Grounds' - another okay/decent song, but the chorus loses me again. Just weak, over the top without consideration for a good hook, imo. 'Queen of the prom' - if you're wondering where the terrible song is, the answer is right here. Disgraceful and doesn't gel at all with what this project has been about. 'Who's counting time' - bland and weak as can be. Just a super weak, uninteresting and boring song. A put-to-sleeper for sure. 'Julia' - as noted, it has it's moments. Okay melodic rock... but still missing the mark, imo. 'To have and hold' - like the above track, it's almost there but just misses keeper status again. But the last two songs are the best two, after 'Love songs' imo. So there you have it, hope it explains a bit. Like I said; not major change in style for me but it's just a much weaker collection of poorly written songs, with really bad lyrics and poorly written hooks/melodies, imo. I'm glad for him that people disagree with me because there's a talent in there, but I don't think this is an album he will be overly proud of in years to come.
  11. Geoff

    Lightfall - Rose Gold

    That one is very nice. Must check out that EP asap.
  12. Geoff

    Massface - Black water

    What a terrible band name. Haha. Song sounds okay... not totally sold, though.
  13. Geoff

    Palace - Binary Music

    Penis' in my ears or not (and there are several), I think the album is awful. 'Love songs' is passable, but the rest is a super disappointing collection of crap. 'Julia' and 'To have and hold' try and salvage what is a wreck, right and the death, and if there were more like those it'd be an average to okay album... but instead it's just bad.
  14. Geoff

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    Okay, I'll tag onto Dan's line of reason here. Not Nirvana specifically, but that whole grunge style is a genre I do actually hate. Horrible music. Hard to pinpoint any single band as I hate it all, but that's a great lot to pick from. Grunge, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  15. Geoff

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Oh shit, sorry to burst your bubble, Dan, but Palace is absolute shit. Not average; not okay - but it's shit. As in it won't even be in my top 200 or so this year. Super, super disappointing.
  16. Geoff

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    Creye destroys all albums this year, imo, so not too much of a stretch there. Albums, not EPs, because Lebrock is still the best of the year.
  17. Geoff

    Reece - Resilient Heart

    Sorry dudez, I think it's bad. Proper bad. The album, that is.
  18. Geoff

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    ... and as for Poison being responsible for the demise of the genre, I can't agree with that. If anything, I'd lean towards the opposite. They sold a lot of albums and had a massive fanbase and generated a lot of interest in the genre. By the time the genre started dying they'd more or less lost their glam image and gained a little respect too. Anyway, to each their own. I personally think the hundreds of Poison copycats and cheap clones probably hurt the genre a lot more than they did themselves.
  19. Geoff

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    I find this basically impossible to answer. I guess the ones I'd hate the most I just don't listen to. So how do I pick one? What's the criteria? Looking at Glen's list, I do think Van Halen and Led Zeppelin are incredibly over-rated, and I do hate most their music (apart from a handful of VH songs) but do I actually hate them? I certainly don't hate them. I just don't think they're any good. Anyway... actually, I don't know. I'd probably have to pass. Stuff like Tattooed Love Boys, Rock City Angels, Quireboys are dreadful too... but do I hate the bands? Nah, they're just rubbish.
  20. Geoff

    Starbreaker - Dysphoria

    Two rather different songs there. Not wild about 'Pure evil' - haven't heard Harnell sing like that since the title track on 'Tell no tales!' But the second track is well in line with my tastes.
  21. Geoff

    Tiffany - Pieces Of Me

    The opener, 'Worlds Away,' is great, and the rest is solid... but for the most part, that's about it. Solid stuff with a good opening track. Nice full sound, though.
  22. Geoff

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    How severely disappointing. Love Slamer's playing/sound, his production work and most of what he brings to the table, but his song-writing, from the Steelhouse Lane days, has changed dramatically. There's some okay stuff on this, and some of it's just plain weak. In the end, the only song I actually like is 'Heartbeat Away.' Fine song on an otherwise poor album.
  23. Geoff

    Track list of the year

    Yeah, as noted, this new one is their most prolific stab at something more pop-orientated. But generally, yeah, they're far more guitar driven (even if it's not often heavy guitars). Excellent song writers, though, with some really great lyrics along the way. Excellent lyrics, often. Definitely the kind of band that if you let them grow on you, they really do. Every single album has been the same for me, in that I like it more and more after every spin. I really perk up when the songs from this new album come onto my 2018 playlist. Just a good, solid band.
  24. Geoff

    Track list of the year

    Haha, enjoy, mate. I figured you might like some of these ones. I agree the Deaf Havana one will be right up there for me too.
  25. Geoff

    Track list of the year

    Yeah, 'Pure' and 'Worship' are definitely the highlights of the back half, and I agree that the first half is excellent. Their slower stuff can be brilliant as well. Their last album, 'All these countless nights' was quite mellow throughout, but a beautiful album. Songs like this start as something very nice, and by the end of the year and dozen upon dozens of spins, they're just superb; They're a band well worth investing your time in. Four good albums now, all unique in their own way whilst retaining a distinct sound/style. This new one is their most "poppy." and possibly has my favourite songs from them yet.

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