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  1. And how novice of me to forget an even better one;
  2. I always just liked Motley Crue and it never seemed to matter that I actually agree they weren't really an amazing band, musically. But they did enough goodness to keep me interested. I love 'Girls Girls Girls' and think it's in my top 15, but 'Don't go away mad' I don't think would be anywhere near my top 50, maybe even more. Gotta say, doesn't do a thing for me at all. Kinda hate the chorus if I'm dead honest. One killer tune that hasn't been mentioned yet; Probably should have done my top 20 to include cool stuff like that.
  3. I wasn't sold on the first song, but you hooked me in with the second one. Very nice. Like the dude's voice. I'll be checking this one out for sure.
  4. Did you try 'Dizzy up the girl' and the album that followed that? Even 'Superstar Carwash?" I thought they had some really cool discs.
  5. 1. Live Wire 2. Wild Side 3. Piece of Your Action 4. Looks That Kill 5. You're All I Need 6. Dr. Feelgood 7. Kickstart My Heart 8. Shout at the Devil 9. Too Young to Fall in Love 10. Same Ol' Situation 11. Afraid
  6. That's a really, really random Goo Goo Dolls one to like. What made you choose that one? I know there's lots out there but I can't think of many. One comes to mind; Cheap Trick - 'Busted'
  7. Wow, that's very nice. An album full of those will be a bit marvellous.
  8. So much cool stuff!! Really love the Bangalore Choir one... and many others.
  9. Chrome for me too and have no real issue with it. I can't remember the reason, but when I rarely open up my PC that has Firefox and it, along with the computer, is always painfully sluggish. Probably not Firefox's fault, though.
  10. Oh goodness, how cool is the Sleez Beez one?! That song just couldn't be better if it tried. Not seen the Saraya one either, but I like that. She's surely the sexiest artist to come from that era. Oh dear... how many mullets can you fit in the one band, regarding Skagarak? Some things are better left unseen, lol. Great band, but low on visual appeal.
  11. First option. Imagine my immense glee when Crazy Lixx and (to a lesser degree, I regret to say) XYZ got added to the Reckless Love show.
  12. Yeah, his solo stuff is very good. Well, except for 'Machine,' which could have passed for a Skintrade record.
  13. QFT. They have sadly been terrible for a long while; even with Jack Russell still on board.
  14. I thought this song and album was, sadly, rubbish... again. They have descended a long way in recent years. One might say, lol, they've gone a long way down. lol. I was a big fan of these guys for a long while but this is two or three bad albums in a row without any hint that they'll turn it around. My favourite track on this new album was;
  15. Absolutely monster tune - good shout.
  16. 'Refuelled' is actually okay. Easily the best Skintrade album. If he takes this group in a melodic direction, I don't mind, but the song above doesn't fill me with confidence. Anyway, what I mean by it is that Alfonzetti is a wonderful melodic rock artist. Absolutely love his stuff. But Skintrade was his mid-90's obligatory "sell-out" project where he tried to fit in with the grunge and more metal scene. Those two CDs from 1993 and 1995 are purely him trying to fit in with what was going on at the time, and they're shit, imo. Rubbish typical mid-90's garbage from an artist not strong enough to stick to his guns. In my opinion, of course.
  17. Didn't comment much on this through the year, but I thought this was really a pretty cool album. Quite a few keepers on it. Surprisingly enjoyable.
  18. Really, I thought you guys were proper too? It's '37'C In the Shade.' What on earth is 66?
  19. Gotta be honest... I probably prefer the verses to the chorus. The verses and the pre-chorus. I like it all, but the chorus, for me, is probably the weak link. All in all, I guess it works pretty well. It's kind of like their 'Unskinny Bop' or 'Cherry Pie,' in which case, it's probably better than those two, lol. Probably on par with 'Cherry Pie,' actually.
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