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  1. 66 mustang

    Don Barnes

    BTW, thank you very much for giving this album a proper release. it is a fantastic album
  2. 66 mustang

    Don Barnes

    so have you all heard the .38 Special version of I Fall Back? I like it more that what is on this album but then again I'm a huge 38 fan and it was the first version I ever heard. It was the B-side to the single The Squeeze, the first things they did when Don came back to the band.
  3. 66 mustang

    country songs that are different / cool

  4. got this in at walmart!!!!!!
  5. Was just listening to the samantha7 cd 2 days ago
  6. 66 mustang

    Sebastian Bach - Give em hell

    and as for women, the more you around someone the more they CAN become attractive. someone you first started working with you didn't find very attractive but as you work with them more and more you start to find that they become more attractive
  7. 66 mustang

    Sebastian Bach - Give em hell

  8. 66 mustang

    Bret Michaels - A Beautiful Soul

    not bad at all
  9. 66 mustang

    Night Ranger - High Road

    looking forward to this
  10. 66 mustang

    Sebastian Bach - Give em hell

    great voice plagued by not so great songs outside the first 2 skid albums but that is just my opinion
  11. 66 mustang

    Kaitlyn Baker

    she is from the town about 15 minutes away. you can see the Pound, Virginia sing in the video
  12. 66 mustang

    My Stuff on HubPages.com

    Bumpin' up this oldie because as of today, I have been tobacco free for a year. Yes, I'm just as surprised as you probably are. that's awesome
  13. 66 mustang

    Allie Hazzard


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