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  1. That could be the one but as far as Cindy goes that was part of the Roadcrew songs and I don't believe it was a pre-No Respect demo like No Tears for You.
  2. He's talked about it in his recent interviews but it seemed to be an issue with Hans and Hans' manager and David put in his notice to leave by the end of the year but the band replaced him several months before that and I don't know if there was some issue behind the scenes that caused that or not. He wasn't happy and decided to move on. They had played a lot of shows in Europe and the lineup was doing well but whatever happened is done and he's happy living his life in Italy and is married and doing his own thing. Many of the other projects are usually just one off deals such as Reece Kronlund and Wicked Sensation. The WS deal was their singer had surgery and they had a time line to finish the album so they hired David to sing on the album and he co-wrote a few songs in the process but that wasn't ever supposed to be more and he was never in the band but was a hired gun. I'm sure he will still do solo albums from time to time but he would prefer to have one band and not have to go project to project like he gets crap for doing but what we need to remember is that the guy is just trying to make a living and being in one project that sells 1500 copies don't pay the bills. The only way to make money is touring these days.
  3. Not all new songs. There are two older ones I think.I wasn't aware of that. Which 2 songs?Deliver the Passion for sure. Not sure which other Chris Damien Doll talked about on mafia Facebook page I think. Passion was definitely one of them.
  4. Not all new songs. There are two older ones I think.
  5. If you like No Respect, All Those Strangers and Enough Rope you're gonna love this album. The sound of the download from the band is a little off sounding so I hope the cd sounds better but the songs are there and guitars are great and of course Davy sounds great too.
  6. I'm looking forward to getting this one. I really liked the last release.
  7. Agree on all points Geoff. He's a good songwriter and good live too. Hopefully he can get this project released and maybe more releases in the future.
  8. I'm digging this and the music fits David's vocals great. He's always been influenced by Paul Rodgers and Coverdale and this is a great mix of old Whitesnake and Deep Purple. Sorry for those that don't like it but he's happy doing what he's doing living in Italy and this is his only active project and has been for some time. Frank Pane' from Bonfire contacted him after David left Bonfire about this project while he had been working on the RPG. RPG did do some shows in Europe and the UK but all parties are busy with other projects so it's on hold for now and this band is David's main concern. As far as the comment above about him leaving Tango for this band that is not true. He left Tango for Bonfire(after he had been touring and recording with EZ Livin which basically turned into Bonfire) which was a great gig for him. It afforded him the opportunity to tour regularly and live in Europe and to be a full time musician. I loved the TD stuff David did too but the Bonfire gig was a huge opportunity that he would have been stupid to pass up.
  9. Nice interview with Davy Vain. I was at the Buffalo Rose show.
  10. It took me a while to accept this album but now I dig it more than when I first got it.
  11. Savatage Dead Winter Dead Def Leppard Slang Deluxe Edition
  12. Another cd I keep meaning to get but keep forgetting about.
  13. I ordered it and I'm sure I'll like it but it'll never be the same without Bas.
  14. I really like this album great songs and great playing but I could see how those that don't like Classic Rock especially Zep would not enjoy it.
  15. Tesla - Simplicity Laney's Legion - S/T The Last Vegas - Sweet Salvation Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the Firepit
  16. Yeah maybe you cut a ballad or two but at the end of the day there is only one song I don't like and love all of the rest and with each spin it gets better so I'm happy with this album and will continue to play it.
  17. The last album was pure shit. I tried so hard to like it but it WAS bad. I hope this album is a throwback to regular cheesy metal that they do best.
  18. I liked the album but don't love it. I hope they do another one but with only one singer through out.
  19. Eden’s Lie – S/T Bad Company – Here Comes Trouble Endeverafter – Kiss of Kill California Breed – S/T Skrapp Mettle – Sensitive Noisy Mama – Everybody Has One Rubicon Cross – S/T Gotthard Bang – S/T Extreme – III Sides to Every Story Killer Dwarfs – Method to the Madness Stephen Pearcy – Social Intercourse Kick Axe – Vices Helix – Bastard of the Blues Fates Warning – Darkness in a Different Light
  20. Haha. Yep! I always laugh when a certain few will say, "there were some obvious fillers." Quite often, those 'obvious fillers' are my favourite tracks. I guess I just love shitty music. I mean, obviously. Haha I agree. So often someone uses that word and I think to myself that I love that song.
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