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  1. For you, Darkstone Woah, He Working Class Man !!
  2. Another when Lockett and Carven at Sydney , Lockett kicked a bag of goals and pig was let loose.
  3. Pity, they can show when Jezza was clean up Magro. in 80's. Or the grand final Hawthorn and Geelong, when Yeates crunch Dermie in first 5 minutes. That was one brutal grand final, like two cats punching on with Dipper
  4. As Travis Bickle says " You talk to me?"
  5. Boogie With Stu - Led Zeppelin
  6. Left Foot Boogie - Stage Dolls
  7. Early part of Romper Stomper, the skins verses the Asians
  8. We All DIE Young- Steelheart
  9. Gee, would Collingwood love have him back in black/white. The season starts now.
  10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Robin Hood ( Errol Flynn version ) Saving Private Ryan Apocalypse Now
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