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  1. Found What I Needed - Sykes
  2. Black Bambi - Black Bambi
  3. Skyhooks - Latest and Greatest, with the bonus disc.
  4. Which are label that has Collateral on their roster, and music supplier I go to can't get it from his supplier/
  5. Cacophony Of Souls - David Reece
  6. Again 2 Be Found - Jeff Scott Soto.
  7. Well put me in cell. And I wouldn't picking the soap for anyone
  8. I will be holding my breathe to see that major electrical store down here will get it, they claim the last studio album by Eclipse as a new release. The band that Bon Scott was previous in joining up with AC/DC, they would not stock as know who they are.
  9. Wind Outta Sails - Fashion Police
  10. " Trashed & Dirty " - Nasty Idols
  11. Maybe Hollywood ran out of money or they prefer to push the Scream
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