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  1. Heavy Metal Hippies - Loudness
  2. Looking forward their release of the Boss' album.
  3. Don't forget JPY biggest hit on the " Strictly Ballroom " soundtrack, " Love Is In The Air". The only connection with Youngs, that George ( Brother of Malcolm & Angus) and Harry Vanda produced some of his albums.
  4. In memory of Neil Peart, Rush's 2112.
  5. Never get to see Rush, only on DVD. He inspired a lot people to pick up the sticks and be a drummer. God rest your soul, Mr Peart.
  6. I am one members who Mike latest in my top 10. Reasoning is I enjoy what he doing , not he living on his past but moving on. It might weak excuse.
  7. Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood Defiants - Zukusho Roulette - Now Soleil Moon - Warrior Danny Vaughn - Myths, Legends and Lies Jim Peterik -& World Stage - Winds of Change Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning Mike Tramp - Stray From the Flock First Signal - Line of Fire Work of Art - Exhibits Shocker of year : Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Lighting
  8. Happy New Year one and all.
  9. Self title was release their own label. Ear Music has a lot of Bands on their roster, e.g. Europe, Alice Cooper and Thunder.
  10. RIP Gregg Yes, I do hear a lot of Trixter, and early Tora,Tora and Southgang. I not talk about the follow up CDS, it might heated.
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