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  2. Thanks for making me revisit SW. Been a while and a considerably longer while since all my cds are inaccessible so no opportunity to stand and stare... I do like this band and these songs still play well today. Listen to SW made me think of the Portland, Oregon band Generator, that changed their name to Slowrush for their one and only debut Volume. They had a guy or 2 from the Dan Reed Network in the band and if you can find the long play they released as Generator prior to Slowrush then you get basically 2 different records. Sorry for the hijack.
  3. Haven't heard " Brod and Cirkus. He plays awesome. Why when people talk who's best shredder, why his name is not mention like Steve of Autograph.
  4. I love it and the singer sounds familiar... Man I abused Audio Galaxy, what a flash back.
  5. Audio Galaxy was the dopest file sharing site back in the wild wild west of the internet, with all the hoopla going on over Napster, the good shit was on Audio Galaxy, which had little buttons with satellites on them next to each track, if somebody wasnt online, you'd still see the song, but you'd click on the satellite button, and leave, whenever they came online it would auto dwnl it to their servers, then when u got on it would auto load it to your HD, and all the impossible shit to find was always on there,
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  7. I enjoy RomComs, too. Dunno if I can handle another teen film, though. I'll look into it.
  8. LOL ok Im going to admit right here and now that I enjoy Romantic Comedies. I Love a movie that makes you feel good. Along with the Action, SciFi, Westerns, Animated, Mystery, Historical, War, Biographical and others I have always enjoyed a good RomCom. I watched one tonight and it even had a little Fantasy to it. It is called "The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things". I really enjoyed it. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11080108/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  9. Time Bandits - Endless Road + I'm Only Shooting Love. I heard the first one in the supermarket today and it reminded me of the second one. You can't get much more '80s than this. Memory overload for me with these two.
  10. I also noticed that one of their older daughters from that doco has since left and denounced them. If I remember correctly, it wasn't just gay soldiers funerals they were rocking up to. They believed that "GOD hates America". Okay, so they may have been right about that (how else can you explain the Kardashians?), but I still can't condone their behaviour. With some of the Dickheads in this World, if you don't laugh, you'll cry.
  11. Don't even know what Audio Galaxy is.
  12. Watched that, too. They're so fucked up. Nothing they say or do has any biblical backing. They're completely twisting it to support their hatred. And the weird thing is they ostracized their founder while he was on his deathbed. My buddy and I suspect he was actually gay, and started the whole thing to suppress his homosexuality. Something happened when he was hospitalised that pissed off his family.
  13. Kinda sounds similar to 'Vendetta'....or some other german/foreign speed metal band.
  14. Now this could very well be a demo, with that paper thin production
  15. And gotten rocked big time the last few days, fucking legendary disc, with my 2 favorite tracks, wish albums like this came out more often.
  16. No Fucking Clue who this is, singer sounds like he may have potential, this is so old, it was on a cd I burned of music I got off of??? ready 4 this? AG! yep, Audio Mother Fucking Galaxy, dis old as fuck.
  17. I saw a Louis Theroux doco about them. The worst thing is that they're teaching their kids that shit. Very hateful.
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  19. The House passed the bill.Now it's up to the senate to do the right thing !
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