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  3. It’s been fixed now...every fantastic second is now there.
  4. Cover art and tracklisting. 1. Wild And Free 2. Run 3. My Loveless Lullaby 4. Waltz For The Movies 5. 4 AM 6. Go 7. Snakebite Charm 8. Let The Games Begin 9. A Culinary Detour 10. Catch You If I Can 11. Rampant Wildfire 12. Race Against Time
  5. So I listened to this and it's pretty bland on teh first listen. Only real stand out was the last song, because it's a slow ballad and suits the bland vibe. Hopefully will get better with more listens...
  6. I hate threads like this. My expectations for this are so high they will certainly drop when I hear it. Then afetr more listens it will surge I;m sure, but there is no way it can come close to what i am expecting lol
  7. Album out now... this ROCKS!!! https://gbdeclaration.org/
  8. AWESOME!!! Song... https://gbdeclaration.org/
  9. going to play today at some point. expecting a cheesefest but in a good way
  10. I've never seen that before on Spotify - says full album available soon. it's not clear if they've held in back or there's been an error uploading it
  11. From what I understand, Pete and Steve are extremely pissed at Mark "Gus" Scott. https://www.madrock1025.com/trixter-members-go-public-with-feud/ In an argument that’s gone uncomfortably public, Trixter drummer Mark “Gus” Scott has fired back at his disgruntled bandmates, claiming he only wants what’s best for the group. The feud began when Steve Brown and P.J. Farley told interviewers Scott was on “the sh*t list beyond belief,” comparing him to disobedient dog. Now, in a new interview, Scott says the band’s problems go well beyond just one dissenting member. “I don’t know
  12. What's the story there? I recall a couple videos between the two "new" albums that portrayed them all as good buddies.
  13. Ok, so they did shoot a video for "Breakdown." I fucking love this song!!
  14. New hard rock from Maryland:
  15. Here's a few from artists not included on your list yet. I think they all qualify, we'll see. I've saved the best for last. A Legendary Aussie artist covering a Legendary Aussie band. The song is about the Vietnam War. Very profound.
  16. Holding out until the wedding night is what we were instructed as kids.
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