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  1. good read but the only list I have any real connection with is Jez - agree with a lot there
  2. cannot wait for Art of Illusion. I love Lars...such a talent Not heard Wig Wam but wasn't keen on the style of the 2 singles
  3. same tunes for me. I had it around 85% and that's where it will stick I think. v good album (except babylon....but it might grow)
  4. pretty good but not in the same league as WET or Creye imo
  5. agree with this Really good album. vastly different to WET so difficult to compare. 2 great albums though
  6. Aug is a possibility but yeah May looks doubtful
  7. sorry you dislike them, but these are my guilty pleasures after all.... not yours I like several songs on both but to me Rain on Me and Midnight Sky are 2 of the most perfectly constructed pop songs I've heard in a long time. I would also add Dua Lipa as well - I like virtually every one of her songs
  8. I think the debut is their weakest album añd Invincible is their weakest lead track, albeit v good. Walk away & Watch the Fire are better tho imo. However just to clarify I would rate all 3 albums at least 85-90% super consistent band. I also love the 2 singles so far - they would both rank in the top 20-30 songs I heard in 2020. in fact this has me interested now and I haven't properly rated an album for ages so I might later and see how it pans out. debut will prob come out on top now lol. I think they all will be close
  9. the original by Puddle of Mudd is a classic. Unfortunately as much as I like Don his vocals aren't gritty enough for this song imo
  10. never said it was garbage, it wasn't in my top 5. BUT imo it's not great enough to be no 1 in 2020. just my opinion tis àll (it would prob just scrape a top 20)
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