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  1. seasons change is also v good
  2. going to play today at some point. expecting a cheesefest but in a good way
  3. I've never seen that before on Spotify - says full album available soon. it's not clear if they've held in back or there's been an error uploading it
  4. oh yeah. how weird!! my disc is due to arrive Tues I think so will probably wait til then.
  5. mmm have to pass on these guys. synthwave elements but far too modern for me
  6. tbh nothing in this thread will come close to Lebrock - I've been through everything looking for another band which has that same level of intensity / guitar content. Doesn't exist. I do love the Platforms album from 2020 though
  7. mmm, I can't find a song called "keep undermining democracy"
  8. no I will have 4. goodbye.
  9. all non vaccine takers should be herded to the arctic to live together.
  10. herd immunity is currently working wonders in the US. 2000 dying a day and on the increase
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