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  1. Glen

    The Tokyo Games

    they are all "professionals" especially the athletes (track & field) who generally rake it in from the diamond league & European circuit and sponsorship.
  2. weirdest thing I've read in a long while. Coverdale is Whitesnake
  3. Glen

    The Tokyo Games

    ha ha,Adam Peaty did that twice too! 🤣
  4. Lebrock is about the only synthwave band I like - different league. Magic Dance has its moments and there are a handful of other songs I like across random artists.
  5. Immense. Cannot wait for this monster to drop.
  6. Glen

    The Tokyo Games

    just watched our girl win a bronze in the judo. That's what I love about the Olympics watching something completely new and getting so much out of it. Excellent to watch. really exciting, learning stuff about a new sport and a great result 👍 👏
  7. Glen

    The Tokyo Games

    no crowds is a bummer, but the quality of competition is still great as always.
  8. agreed that song is a tad weak for Eclipse
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