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  1. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    back to the music
  2. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    I'll give you one example. Tax cuts. Everyone loves tax cuts right?? and according to Trump every American got a tax cut in 2017.....but here are the facts - According to estimates from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, while most Americans will benefit at least somewhat, the top fifth of earners get 70 percent of the bill’s benefits, and the top 1 percent get 34 percent. The new tax treatment for “pass-through” entities — companies organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or S corporations — will mean an estimated $17 billion in tax savings for millionaires in 2018 Sorry that's just wrong. And this will add over $1 trillion to national debt. Tax cuts for people expire in 2025/6 while corporation is permanent. Hello austerity measures. Trust me that ain't fun as the UK has found out for the last few years after Labour almost bankrupted our country.
  3. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    by intelligent he means looking into things beyond the basic stats and lies which are generally used to gloss / cover up what resides beneath And yes Nordic Union will receive no more spins from me. Besides being one paced and generally dull the songs aren't helped by Atkins straining throughout.
  4. Glen

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    just heard another snippet and it sounds identical again. I'll give this a go for sure but this dudes songs all sound the same. it's a bit weird
  5. Glen

    Treat - Tunguska

    no killers? you lot are mad. At least half the album is killer
  6. Glen

    Gathering Of Kings

    I just want the 2 or 3 Strid tracks
  7. Glen

    Within Temptation - The Reckoning

    does nought for me
  8. Glen

    Gathering Of Kings

    the songs are getting progressively worse imo. Don't like that at all. They should have just got Strid to sing all the songs
  9. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    also pulling out of Paris agreement is grossly negligent imo and those tax cuts are gonna hurt the US in the long run....driving up debt will only lead to austerity measures in years to come. Trump won't mind tho cos he's saving millions as a result of his tax cuts lol.
  10. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    it's not booming in the rest of the world....mainly affected by his ludicrous trade war.
  11. Glen

    Treat - Tunguska

  12. Glen

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    wow. I'll leave that comment there. in terms of this album - it's a boring one paced generic album. Martennson needs to regather himself for the Eclipse album next year and produce something truly exciting
  13. Glen

    Breaking music news

    guaranteed top 10 albums.
  14. Glen

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    yeah bit too close to POL. hoping for some variety
  15. Glen

    Breaking music news

    that could be good or shit lol. Past Rouge stuff ain't great. if it ends up like Discipline I'll be excited.

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