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  1. Glen


    lol. In Jan we had nearly 2000 people a day dying. Now we have around 100 a day dying (mostly unvaccinated people), with 50,000 cases a day. but yeah that vax doesn't do shit
  2. Glen


    mate people vaxxed in the UK are generally not dying . Fact..Most people getting ill, hospitalised and dying are unvaxxed. see my post above. Flu jabs are tweaked every year to deal with new strains, COVID will be exactly the same.
  3. it's a f prop gun on a film set. What the hell are you on about. What happens when an English actor gets handed a gun on a film set?? They sure as hell aren't going to do the checks you mentioned cos they wouldn't have seen , let alone handled a gun ever in their life in all probability.
  4. if I can fix my PayPal I will of course donate. Bloody thing is locked out
  5. lol, you've kinda put me off now 🤣
  6. Glen


    that sounds stupid crazy. I think, but I might wrong, that's its just healthcare in the UK.
  7. I must admit that I didn't have this album down as a grower. firmly believed in the run up it would be a blow me away amazing release. But a grower it is. Loving perfect 10 now and also big shout out to We are Not OK. That chorus is ace.
  8. Glen


    except I guess for the poor bastards over 70 who are pretty much fucked when their vaccine wanes. I mean we know their mortality rate was 8-15%. Right? Stats done lie. We also know that at its peak COVID was killing as many people in the UK as every other death cause combined. Stats don't lie. So my take on this is booster shots will around for quite some time. Probably every year, so we better get used to it. Not sure what they are doing in other countries but in uk, the winter booster is only for over 50.
  9. I just use Spotify and drag and drop my fav albums into a 2021 playlist.
  10. So you disagree with his stance on guns, that therefore makes it right to make fun of someone dying. Wow, you are are really special sometimes, you know that. Reading things like this just makes me even more glad that I live in a society where there are no guns, and no one even thinks about guns. Or thinks they need a gun. Full stop. ever. in the 52 years I've been alive. Never, once. Maybe you'd like that yeah? Or maybe not lol. keep hugging your guns close. After all. they are essential to every day life. I mean we live in cowering fear in the UK cos we haven't got a gun hidden away somewhere. So f ridiculous. But it's engrained in your society now, so there's no way back. So sad.
  11. how the hell has that got anything to do with this?? One is some nob out hunting, this is a tragic accident on a film set with prop guns. And what has politics got anything to do with people making fun of someone's death. .. shakes head ...
  12. every time I hear Stone Cold Eyes I think Hokd Back The Night by Giant
  13. See this thread plumbing new depths after a tragic accident on a film set. Shame on you all. 😕
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