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  1. yep that was a really good album but truth be told I would have preferred it as a full Degreed album - didn't really suit Ted's vocals for me
  2. or we have 10 great tracks for you with no filler
  3. me too re Defiants. Streets ahead. The first 4 tracks on this are good but after that it's a pretty solid but unspectacular affair
  4. Glen


    UK have just made it compulsory to wear a mask while shopping. About 2 months too late imo.
  5. Glen


    I was only reacting to the statement 'I'd rather have the virus and the economy recover' be careful what you wish is all. over and out. see ya
  6. Glen


    aliens do not exist. Side effects from COVID do. just clearing that up
  7. Glen


    jeez I didn't realise this was a legal board. let's just leave it as you don't want this disease. you all know what I was saying. I was referring to full stats regarding on going health issues. Which have not been fully documented but will in the fullness of time. You can't just hide behind the everyone is recovering stance so there's nought to worry about. 'the truth' was the wrong phrasing.
  8. Glen


    dead planet is spot on. no conspiracy theory.....this is happening right now all across the world. And in the US for sure. im referring to the unknown factor right now. We refer to millions have recovered but they haven't. there will be lasting issues for a huge amount of these people and overtime this will all come out as the full effects are realised. obviously some have only minor symptoms or no symptoms and they will be ok. but labelling everyone as 'recovered' is just wrong. If you've been on a ventilator you're gonna have on going issues of some degree - varying of course - some minor, but enough to remind you had the Damn thing. some a lot worse.
  9. Glen


    never wish you catch this disease it's evil. even if you recovery you are left with permanent respiratory issues or even worse. kidney probs, diabetes.....the truth will come out in a few years. and the economic issues are trumps fault too. sorry. he's done bugger all to support businesses , employees or the self employed. In UK we had the furlough scheme where the government stepped in to pay 80% of wages so many weren't laid off. and a separate scheme to support the self employed. this virus is now running rampant across the US with no way of controlling it. If the UK had any sense we would ban US travel completely but they won't. Crazy times
  10. Glen


    blinded by truth
  11. Glen


    I don't think he does care. all he really cares about is getting re-elected. he just wants markets open, schools open , retail open - that's his bottom line. The continuing spread of the virus is defended by claiming it's enhanced testing which is basically rubbish. I hope for all your sakes that the death rate doesn't spike again. But it's up isn't it. let's just hope it doesn't get worse.
  12. Glen


    this ^^^^ Also the small fact that it's not safe to reopen to ALL pupils. In fact it's nigh on impossible. but trump doesn't care about people's safety or the spread of this virus.
  13. Glen


    err paying their teachers for a start. or should all teachers be laid off? You realise that there have already been huge cuts to education spending in the US. Not that I care, it's not my country. schools need more funding to reopen safely not cuts. God know what my kids school has had to spend to reopen safely - the changes made are pretty drastic and must have cost a fortune and STILL they cannot open to all kids.
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