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  1. you won't be able to go anywhere or do anything if you do that. Vaccine passports for proof of entry or travel will be coming soon. its inevitable.
  2. Arsenal in there is a joke imo. They have been poor for most of the season.
  3. had a real good listen now. The first 5 are all a bit weak imo. The second half is much better but not sure this is gonna have the replay factor I initially thought. There are at least 4 great songs though
  4. Sounds superb. wasn't expecting that style at all.
  5. Great song. hope they get the album out this year
  6. I loved their single last year. I hope the whole album is like that
  7. in fact last post was 18 hrs ago
  8. if Biden really wanted to piss Trump off he should just issue an executive order that no one over the age of 75 can run for re election
  9. ^^^^ this the debut is a million times better than the last one imo
  10. I thought that was terrible. pass
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