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  1. my playlist was a bit bigger than I thought - was 16 albums HEAT* Harem Brother Firetribe* One Desire TMF Vega Arctic Rain Platforms* Rev Saints NFO* Captain BB Sons of Apollo Khymera Lionville* Catalano Passion All good albums, top 5 are starred
  2. yeah sound bites sound pretty good must admit the 2nd single was pretty weak
  3. 3 good songs so far
  4. I had a ten album playlist from 2020 running last weekend and this album was included. I'll admit that I haven't played this much but each song that come up really stood out. very strong release for 2020
  5. I found 2 or 3 decent tunes - those with normalish lyrics. The rest was a huge cheesefest
  6. solid stuff. not mind blowing but I like their sound.
  7. yeah that production sounds awful.
  8. this is one of the best written pieces I've seen
  9. he should be denouncing the cigarettes. that's the reason he's dead
  10. Dreams is the best intro. killer.
  11. songs seem to be getting worse to me. that one is OK but was hoping for better.
  12. as for the DLR era.....most of the songs are utter garbage but I like a few on 1984. I know it's overplayed but Jump is easily the best DLR song imo
  13. any of the 3 big songs off 5150
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