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  1. songs ok, not massive on the vocals
  2. I'd agree with Hardline others imo Jimmy Barnes - Freight Train Heart Darkness - Permission to Land Edguy - Rocketride MSG - s/t and you could almost say AC/DC - Back in Black (Half of Highway to Hell is perfection but the other half is weak so overall it's not a great release) Saxon - Wheels of Steel. (most other Saxon albums I only like a song or 2)
  3. the fact that people are putting livewire and wild side as their top 2 speaks volumes really. 2 very average tracks imo. prob 7.5 at best. Smoke the sky is ok but I thought you hated songs like that....with a non existent chorus. Great verse and then just chants the song title twice. Doesn't do it for me.
  4. very average band imo. Perhaps one of the most overrated ever Just looking at Geoffs list I know that I rated Dr Feel good at 8.75 and kick start at 8.5 so I'm thinking there might not be one song over a 9 from me (the 5 above it are all worse imo). Also I agree that Don't Go Away is arguably as good as both so that plus Girls Girls Girls would be my top 4. on that basis I can't really be bothered to rate them like DL or BJ
  5. nice. but the video?? Naked in a hotel room but a severe lack on scantily clad women just not good enough
  6. I know it sounds better but I cannot think of anything more annoying that going back to vinyl. I am 95% digital or streaming now. I buy about 5 cds a year.
  7. I think this is the official video. In any case the song just needs to be heard again as it's a top 10 ballad of all time for me and is utter perfection
  8. I saw Saraya live. Yep she was just as awesome in the flesh
  9. Glen


    quick update on gigs. seeing Lebrock in 10 days - immensely excited Also NFO / One Desire in March HEAT / Vega in May should be great shows
  10. I think u just need to accept that Coverdale has always done this and always will
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