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  1. 6 sellers on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/5579445?ev=rb It seems to be the very first pressing in limited quantities, probably some promo stuff. The 1997 version's cat# is 003A while the 1998 version is 003B. I don't know the story behind this one.
  2. New song 'Breathe In, Breathe Out'.
  3. Great CD with 3 different covers. The US version (Rockhard Music Media, 1997): The US version (Rockhard Music Media, 1998) & Japan version (Bareknuckle, 1998): The European version (MTM Music, 1998):
  4. New album out February 19th. Press release: Angeline is a Swedish melodic rock band formed back in 1987. After years of playing various scenes around Sweden, Norway and Italy the band went on a hiatus. In 2010 the band made a pleasant return to the scene, releasing the extremely well received comeback album “Confessions”. The band also performed at the Rock Weekend Festival in 2010 sharing stage with bands like Deep Purple, Twisted Sisters and Kamelot among others. 2011 saw the released of follow up album “Disconnected” and in January 2013 the 4 track E.P “Life” which was g
  5. New album 'Phase2' out April 9th through Frontiers.
  6. New album 'Relentless' out April 9th through Frontiers.
  7. Debut album out March 26th through AOR Heaven. Tracks: 01. It’s a Matter Of Survival 02. Summertime 03. Call On Me 04. I Lost You 05. Out Of Control 06. Stranger In The Night 07. Take Me As I Am 08. On My Own Again 09. Shooting Star 10. Gotta Get Close To You 11. Before It All Falls Down 12. We Can Run Away
  8. New album out March 26th through AOR Heaven. Previous albums are: 'Only One Life' (2013) and 'The World Outside' (2016). Tracks: 01. Breathe In/Breathe Out 02. Ashes To Ashes 03. Crazy Over You 04. Touch Me (With Your Eyes) 05. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind 06. Surrender 07. Some Heart 08. Superhero 09. Half Of Me 10. No Bridge Too Far 11. Game, Changer 12. Valentine’s Day
  9. First video for 'Into The Unknown' feat. Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast).
  10. New album 'Fire In The Sky' out in April. Previous releases are 'Unbreakable' (2012) and 'Borderline' (2013). From Escape/facebook: Well we can’t contain our excitement any longer..... We are pleased to announce to you all that our band ESCAPE have received an offer to sign to a Record Label for our forthcoming album 'Fire In The Sky' which we have of course accepted. We are now part of the 'AOR Heaven' family, which as the name suggests, is a perfect fit for our music. 'Fire In The Sky' will consist of 11 tracks and will be set for release across Europe and the UK in Apr
  11. Under Fire - Under Fire (2CD Expanded Edition) Warp Drive - Gimme Gimme
  12. From Escape Music: Escape Music pleased to announce the release date for RADAR - Lost In The Atlantic. The CD will be limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include a post card hand signed by the band! First time On CD!!! Radar was formed in 1981 when David West, Rod Jordan & Gary Stevenson met at the ABC Music Store in Surrey England, where David & Gary were working as guitar & keyboard demonstrators. They set up an 8 track-recording studio ‘Secret Studios’ in West London where they composed their first recordings. In 1983 Radar was sig
  13. No. Because we all know the outcome, no discussion needed. In this case, a landslide victory for Trump. And you know it
  14. Yep. The same singer: Jarno 'Jape' Perätalo.
  15. INXS were great with Michael. Great band when he was around.
  16. I don't know what happened with Mark but Gun are underrated. Great band.
  17. Cody, did you know they changed their name to 'To/Die/For' back in 1999? They released 7 albums spanning the years 1999-2015. www.discogs.com/artist/239041-ToDieFor
  18. Pretty much agree on everything said so far. Often when a new group comes along somewhere down the line people usually think the first or/and second releases are the best. Winger is the exception, the third one destroys the previous efforts. I'm not saying the previous are bad but 'Pull' is a class of its own. It hasn't been topped since and it would take something special to throw 'Pull' from the top spot.
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