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  1. Free Guy (2021) I think how you rate this depends on your knowledge of video games. If you're a gamer, you're gonna love this. There are so many Easter eggs. Everything goings ons in the background is always something you'll find happening in a game. And it's hilarious. They nailed the world building. Apart from that, yes, it's a pretty standard, predictable, easy-going film. Nothing bad about it. Nothing great about it. But for the nerds, it will hit home. And hit home hard!
  2. Wow. Obviously, they did not part ways on good terms. What the fuck were these "protocols"?
  3. If Chris DeGarmo was considering a reunion, that would have been big. Geoff Tate, as much as I don't like the way his voice has aged, was undeniably part of the magic that once was Queensryche. If these fuckos could actually bury the hatchet, I would be hopeful for some new material. Unfortunately, Scott Rockenfield has decided the best place to bury said hatchet is in the backs of his bandmates. He's one of my all-time favourite drummers, but man is he ever a real fucktard. It's clear everyone needs to either stop doing drugs, or start taking their drugs again. Fuckin' hell!
  4. Super sexy cover from the super sexy Le Flex. I'm guessing there's another "Songs I Wish I'd Written" on the way.
  5. The entire Purge series is enjoyable. Even the Amazon Prime show.
  6. It's not even like he was running wild. He was just calmly walking forward. Haha.
  7. Hahahaha. Oh, man! You love to see it! Falling videos never get old. ;}
  8. Yup! An album full of bangers. Single after single after single. I think only Michael Jackson had more singles on one album.
  9. KarpetRydOFunk


    What? Who would ever flame or troll? Surely not any of us.
  10. Dammit John! He must be dealing with some stuff.
  11. You think that will ever happen? Been trying to tell nerds in the gamer community to do the same thing for years. Speak with your wallets. When a game developer or publisher is being a dick, don't buy their games. I haven't noticed any change in a decade.
  12. How can anyone prove your taste in humour wrong? If you don't find female comedians funny that doesn't mean they aren't funny. It just means their jokes don't land with you.
  13. Well, same-sex marriage was legal in Canada ten years before most of America started legalising it. So you're not wrong. ;}
  14. Are you asking for our advice for your next wedding cake? ;}
  15. Please no ADV! Please no ADV! Please no ADV!
  16. I've never met anyone who says "aboot." I think that might be a Midwest thing. The Dakotas, Minnesota, and Manitoba. The characters in Fargo (the film) all speak like folks think Canadians speak. I don't know where that stereotype came from, and why it stuck. Actually, the only people I've ever heard say "aboot" are Americans making fun of Canadians. And the Irish use "eh" a lot, too.
  17. Binged the second season of Ted Lasso on Friday night. Eight or so hours straight. I bloody love that show. If you've never seen it, give it a try. It's on Apple TV, though.
  18. I don't recall being impressed with Vandenberg's albums, but the addition of Mats Leven is a guaranteed listen from me.
  19. Trudeau has been the most corrupt Prime Minister we've ever had. And it's all well-documented. I was seriously astonished that we voted him in. Again.
  20. Wasn't there only one recent release? And it was credited as a John Elefante solo album in North America.
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