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  1. Pray tell, where did you hear this?
  2. We all know how I feel about the Mk I H.e.a.t. If they can recapture that sound, and keep a high quality production, I'll be ecstatic. Until I hear it, however, I'll remain cautiously optimistic.
  3. I was like you once. Then suddenly it all clicked.
  4. I always appreciate another Vega album I can avoid.
  5. Interesting. I thought Us was better than Get Out. And, yeah, Blackkklansman was pretty good. Not entirely accurate, but well done. Quite funny in parts, up until the last ten or so minutes when I was nearly in tears. I didn't expect that ending, though I suppose I should have from Spike Lee.
  6. Fuck that. I don't support Christians simply for being Christian. A lot of them do and say stoopid shit, that doesn't actually line up with the book they claim to read. Like the way Michael behaves online. I'll still laugh at it though, 'cause I find the irony funny.
  7. I was never a big fan of Stryper, so I figured I wouldn't like his solo stuff either.
  8. I guess at this point in the conversation I should admit to have never listening to it.
  9. Where did that comparison come from?? But, yes.
  10. I was at The Midnight show, last night. Fooking amazing! They are quite good live, and the crowd was fully engaged. I've honestly never seen such a good crowd before. Everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs to every song--which I think is more a testament to Tyler's skill as a songwriter--and dancing all night long. The energy in the room was something like a frenzied mosh pit at a Metal show... but this is Synthwave. It was unreal. Get out and see them if they're coming to your town.
  11. Truu. I also watched the first two after the third came out to refresh my memory. Chapter Two wasn't quite as good as I thought--at release I considered it better than the first--but I also decided I liked Parabellum most. At the end of the day, none of them suck, and we're left with three of the greatest action flicks of this century. Hopefully Chapter Four delivers.
  12. Really? I liked this the best. The action was just so much more intense.
  13. Yeah, most of the world calls them beanies. But, then, most of the world is fucked.
  14. Ok, Stan. You keep that up, and I might be interested again. Anyone else giggle a little at the guitar solo, though?
  15. Hmm... I think I like it better than "Hollywood in Headlights."
  16. I kinda wish it was about toothpaste. I need more motivation to brush my teeth in the morning.
  17. His song "Fuck You" was about his previous label that was never happy with any of his songs, and kept making him change 'em. So he left the label. That's why it took so long for him to finally release his album. Has he signed on with another label that is also making him change his style? I mean, he explicitly told Glen his next song would rock, and, well... this certainly doesn't.
  18. Don't know why we're still surprised when celebrities act like assholes. I like his music, and I find his childish behaviour hilarious. Even if it's embarrassing to read.
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