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  1. Do you have it set so no duplicates can be added--can that be set?--because it's gonna be difficult to keep track of what's already in the playlist.
  2. @Thomas/Coastline is this single gonna be on the Spotifies soon?
  3. Yeah, "Road to Ruin" is a close second. Or third. I dunno, I might put "My Kinda Woman" ahead. Anyway, all better than the singles.
  4. Sorry to play the "too young to know" card, but I wasn't even born when most of this music was on the airwaves, so I rarely know which were the singles. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but these are the songs that come to mind: Babylon AD - Bad Blood Extreme - Am I Ever Gonna Change Harem Scarem - Stranger than Love Mr. Big - Alive and Kickin' Queensryche - Neue Regel Steelheart - Sheila And I'm sure I'll think of more.
  5. Just wondering why you choose a couple songs from an album, and not all the good songs from an album. Also, I see you picking one album from a band that falls in that timeframe, and not all the albums. How comprehensive do you want this playlist? Anyway, I see you have nothing from Transit, so you should add some from them. I know their albums are on the Spotifies. Also, I wasn't aware the Brunette demos were on there, so that's good to know.
  6. Where have you been? There are already a couple threads dedicated to him.
  7. I think you'll find this is the best Voice of Reason.
  8. Well, I think we're likening to the same tune, 'cause I like it.
  9. But this is the "Song of the Day" thread. Also, which album?
  10. The last three have all been great, but the colour scheme is very reminiscent of a similar trend in the Battlefield video game box art.
  11. That's been the general consensus for the last few years.
  12. Three years later, and I'm finally listening to these. Haha. Definitely got lost in the shuffle. His voice is a bit grating at times, but, dammit, he was a great songwriter. Even his 90's Alternative sounding stuff was good. And my favourite is the 60's influenced "Mother Naked." So funny.
  13. All things I've been witness to here in Canada, so it's not an issue specific to America.
  14. Well, the video explains more than the article. The parts the author quoted were examples of privilege in general, and not specifically White Privilege.
  15. Hope this helps define it.
  16. The dude has some amazing photos. I was fortunate enough to win one on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Still haven't framed it, though.
  17. Ain't that the fucking truth! Why is everyone's default reaction to get mad? I'm always very skeptical about all information I receive. I'm open to accepting some "conspiracy theories" as truth. But I also have a lot of PoC friends/family, and I see how they're directly affected by racism. So I naturally lean to their side.
  18. I'm always open to hearing the "other side." But I want facts, and not just conjecture and hypotheticals. So I appreciate that video.
  19. I'll have to watch it, again, 'cause I never recalled there being a theme song. Heh.
  20. I'm tryna think of good movie theme songs from the 90's. And I'm drawing a blank.
  21. Who are you agreeing with? None of us said that. Ha.
  22. Freewheelin' is the heaviest album. It's closer to Stoner Rock than Funk Metal. I love it.
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