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  1. What's the story there? I recall a couple videos between the two "new" albums that portrayed them all as good buddies.
  2. Ok, so they did shoot a video for "Breakdown." I fucking love this song!!
  3. There is still some good in the midst of it all.
  4. I would say the top three, though, are The Midnight, Timecop1983, and FM-84. If ForĂȘt de Vin were still a thing, they'd likely be my favourite. They wrote a Christmas song, which is actually amazing, and is their best song, unfortunately. Unfortunate because I can only bring myself to listen to it around Christmas.
  5. Yeah, it's literally called Mumble Rap.
  6. Probably not. I never get any of the recommended vaccines. Ever. If it's free, I'll wait to see the side effects that develope over the months.
  7. @Mr.AOR the boys officially released their latest EP a few days ago. We've heard most of these songs, but the new ones are good. "Breakdown" is phenomenal! The Westcoast fans here should appreciate it; looking at you @Jez @Glen
  8. I still listen to Last of Us regularly. I lost all interest with the new singer.
  9. Has anyone here ever seen these guys live? If that video is anything to judge them by, they look like they'd be frighteningly boring. They're so good at what they do, but they look so unhappy about it.
  10. Good speech. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/O8CMWZw ;}
  11. I remember being underwhelmed by the singles. Must have been JSS.
  12. Bud, you need to be sat somewhere else. Why are we still giving a fuck about this? The All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is on. I'd much rather watch that.
  13. Is every member of Toto gonna release a solo album next year? It's looking like a series.
  14. I know we always say this about the year ahead, and then we're always disappointed, but 2021 is looking good.
  15. I've got "Under Control" on my Spotifies liked playlist, but that's all I've heard from him. Guess I should check it out.
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