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  1. Evil Rick

    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    Lol thanks ??
  2. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    I've been spinning both this and Enough Rope in equal rotations and I prefer Rolling with the Punches hands down over Enough Rope. And this is easily my second favorite to No Respect. Now if they would just get the actual cd shipped...
  3. Evil Rick

    Cornerstone - Reflections

    I heard Last Night on Spotify and was thinking it was an 80's band similar to Toronto, great sound
  4. Evil Rick

    FarCry release new single "I'll Find A Way"

    Yes indeed they are! I believe it should be out this year
  5. Evil Rick

    Junkyard High Water

    I just bought the regular version for half the price. $20 wasn't worth the "bonus" stuff
  6. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    Not all new songs. There are two older ones I think.I wasn't aware of that. Which 2 songs?
  7. Evil Rick

    Vain - Rolling with the Punches 2016

    Yes i too received the digital download and have played this album completely through at least seven times now and i love the entire thing! Classic sounding Vain and just solid catchy songs. And i believe these are all new songs, i think it was the last album Enough Rope that had some old demos that were re-recorded
  8. Evil Rick

    Sainted Sinners - s/t

    I remember the thread: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=34409&hl=rpg But not sure if they released a disc or not. The project is on hiatus so Reece can focus on the Sainted Sinners project.
  9. Evil Rick

    RHINO BUCKET - The Last Real Rock N Roll (2017)

    Finally got to see these guys live for the first time last summer. Looking forward to the new release
  10. Evil Rick

    Sainted Sinners - s/t

    Not a lot of love for Reece here, eh? Oh well, to each his own. I've got this on pre-order. Love old Deep Purple and early Whitesnake so I know I will enjoy this. Plus David has a fantastic voice and this style of music perfectly fits the way he sings now.
  11. Evil Rick

    Babylon A.D. new studio disc coming Sept. 2017

    This comment right here has really got me interested. I always shudder when bands say "it'll sound like our old stuff with a modernized sound" or something similar to that. Davis is flat out saying they are trying to make an album that sounds like the music we know and love, and I hope they are successful.
  12. Evil Rick

    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    He apparently made like the Mexican Magician and said "Uno...Dos...", and then disappeared without a "Tres".
  13. Pretty decent documentary on the band. I agree with whats already been said about Leste. Pretty cool to see some of the footage later in the movie was from Dakota Rock Fest which a few of us from HH attended
  14. Evil Rick

    Recent Retrospect/Sam/Jared bruhaha

    LOL Huh? You replied to Sam a couple times in that thread if I'm not mistaken

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