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  1. The main site is still a bit wonky when pulling it up on my cellphone. Instead of the 2 columns for each letter it's now one loooooooooong column of artists that does show where the column separation should be about halfway down, so if I'm scrolling to find an artist it's taking a while to get through everything.
  2. That Rumchata is pretty darn tasty. Great for shots. Only bad thing is I could probably drink the entire bottle in a sitting
  3. Weird as I too was just a wondering where this has made it too. Guess I should have kept it. Looks like HSF had is last...
  4. Soooo...We were discussing this cd and the journey it has made yesterday on Facebook. The big question is WHERE IS IT NOW??
  5. This comment right here has really got me interested. I always shudder when bands say "it'll sound like our old stuff with a modernized sound" or something similar to that. Davis is flat out saying they are trying to make an album that sounds like the music we know and love, and I hope they are successful.
  6. He apparently made like the Mexican Magician and said "Uno...Dos...", and then disappeared without a "Tres".
  7. Awesome! I've been looking for an original to cover up the reissue pic, I don't care for the new pic at all
  8. Michael Schenker Group - MSG (1981) Michael Schenker Group - Built To Destroy (remaster) Sammy Hagar - Standing Hampton Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II Deep Purple - Now What?! The Babys - I'll Have Some Of That! Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
  9. KIX - Rock Your Face Off Platinum Blonde - Alien Shores Alice Cooper - The Eyes Of Alice Cooper 38 Special - Live At Sturgis
  10. Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell Helloween - Chameleon Axxis - The Big Thrill Armored Saint - March Of The Saint Bombay Black - Walk Of Shame (autographed) Queen - Flash Gordon Metal Church - The Dark Angel - Live Without A Net Saxon - Killing Ground ZZ Top - Eliminator ZZ Top - Afterburner ZZ Top - Recycler ZZ Top - Antenna
  11. My latest finds... Saraya - Saraya Queen - News Of The World Queen - Innuendo Queen - Jazz Queen - Queen Queen - The Works Queen - Hot Space Queen - The Game Thin Lizzy - Thunder And Lightning Thin Lizzy - Black Rose White Wizzard - High Speed GTO George Lynch - The Lost Anthology Telsa - Simplicity Tesla - Forever More Thunder - Their Finest Hour (Best Of) Raging Slab - The Dealer Social Distortion - Social Distortion Leonard Cohen - Death Of A Ladies' Man Pretty Maids - Jump The Gun Journey - Raised On Radio The Call - Let The Day Begin April Wine - Electric Jewels
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