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  1. Mate, I really wouldn't bother. I know we like different stuff, but take everyone's word for it - it's shit. The debut is pretty nice and I was in contact with the guys at the time too, and they were really nice fellas - keen to get word out and I'm bummed they haven't had a more fruitful decade. I hope this new song (which is better than anything they've recorded so far) gets them some good recognition. Real nice.
  2. That's kind of how it ends up for me, but I must admit there were a few moments on this one where I thought it might contend for album of the year honours, seriously. 'No way out' is easily one of the best songs of the year and when it hit my ears as the second song of this album I just thought I was in heaven. Overall, though, the album hovers around the solid - good and sometimes very good range... but only gets exceptional one more time with this song; 'Sound of the city' (as above) is a killer closer too. A hell of a lot of potential
  3. Couple of songs (not necessarily off great albums) I'm really loving this year; This EP deserves a thread as it's pure HH material, but I'm lazy so I'll post it here for now and good luck to anyone who bothers and notices. It's a choice EP; Not my absolute favourite (thought it's pretty close) but the catchiest thing of the year, surely;
  4. Great stuff. Just trying to check them out. Have they only released these two singles? Can't see any album info?
  5. Their album from this year, 'Envy,' is very nice; Tracklist: 1. Say You Ever 2. Bubbles 3. Misery 4. Joke's On Us 5. Forgiveness Is An Art 6. Puzzle Pieces 7. Maeve 8. Carousel 9. The Way Down 10. Throwing Knives 11. Counterfeit 12. Baggage Claim And this song is exceptional;
  6. Wow, cool vocalist for this project. Could be a nice fit.
  7. Not bad. Worth further investigation, I think.
  8. I actually agree with you. I don't know why someone would do it and as Cody says, it highlights far bigger issues, but I'm also almost positive she wasn't a 13 year old girl. Brainwashed as all heck, but I never believed the 13 year old girl thing.
  9. First song I thought of. One of the weakest songs, imo, in the entire early discography.
  10. Wow, I didn't know that was going on. Very sad. Rest in peace, and thanks for a mass of awesome tunes.
  11. Predictably average output... Again. There's some decent musical sections in some of the songs but for the most part it's just more poor song writing and drivel lyrics. Caring about the songs he wrote suited Voss much better. Incredible talent not utilised for so many years now.
  12. Sad news. Made some good tunes in his years and may he rest in peace.
  13. What is this paradise you speak of? Surely any commentary to get these dead shits to shut the fuck up should be encouraged.
  14. Nice. These guys will have a special place in my heart always, being the last live band I ever saw before the world folded into itself. Cool new tune, very Reckless Love. Dig it a lot.
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