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  1. Love it. Hoping very much an album is to follow.
  2. lol. That's wretched. Very offensive too, as I identify as gender neutral.
  3. Geoff


    No mate, there has been fear and panic all through this thread. I don't really care about the vaccine thing myself, to be honest. I only wish it had been a choice, to take it or not. Not even saying I wouldn't have got one eventually (and not saying I would have). I don't know, and don't care enough about the subject to dwell on it. The fact is, most of us have it now in Australia and the place is still completely fucked. The vaccines haven't fixed anything. We keep getting promised things are going to change, but it keeps getting harder to believe. But this is the complete opposite to what I was just saying to you. I haven't ignored the stats. I've seen the 98% survival rate before vaccines, and the something stupid like 99.7% survival rate post vaccines. So who's ignoring what? They don't look like numbers worthy of shutting down and destroying a whole country to me. Like I keep saying, it's like we're seeing the same stats but you're reading them backwards and I'm reading them as they actually are. Everything about it is impossible to understand. Australia isn't the UK. Australians aren't British. What happens in the UK, or any other country in the world, doesn't just automatically happen in Australia, proportionate to other populations around the world. How is that difficult to understand? Just consider this little fact alone for one moment- Australia is about 32 times bigger than United Kingdom. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, making Australia 3,078% larger than United Kingdom. I have never once said we'd be immune to the disease, or anything along those lines. You have completely missed my point (and glossed over Dan's point above) from the very start. For the sake of the argument, I have no idea in the world how many people would have died in Australia if we'd never locked down and left everything open. Do I think 30,000 people would have died? Honestly, fuck no. Do I think 50,000 would have died - no. Do I know, or do you know or will we ever know? Of course the fuck not. So it's just stupid to speculate. But I never said anything about just staying completely open through the whole thing. There was a time at the start of this where the whole world locked down while we figured it out. No, I didn't like it, but it happened and you could kind of understand parts of it to a degree while we figured it out. What I have never, ever once supported is locking down areas that have never had a single covid case, locking thousands of Australian citizens out of our country (and they still are to this date), or out of their homes in their home states (as thousands still are today). I haven't supported a million things that have happened since day one, particularly around children, schools and sport etc. I could go on for hours, but I never once said everything should have just been open all the time. I even said before I could understand targeted lockdowns at times, but have always vehemently opposed locking down entire states for the sake of a handful of cases in known areas. All I've said from the start is that the response has been ridiculously and grossly disproportionate. But you never want to hear that. You just want to belt out the 6pm news viewpoint lockdown everywhere and everything and #getvaccinated. Just really one dimensional views, and I never look at anything one dimensionally. And the ones that have lost mothers, fathers and grandparents in this period saw them for the last time about two years ago. I can't even imagine losing someone to covid or much more likely, one of the other million ways people die, and being told by your government that you're not allowed to see your parent for the last time before they pass. If you had the choice, would you take that risk of catching covid to see a loved one for the last time before they passed? I sure as fuck would. And I would expect to be allowed that choice too. I'm going to say it again because it has to be said. But firstly, 138,000 people have died in the UK with covid. So millions of kids is a bit of creative license, no? I get where you're going, but it seems a bit of a stretch to me. But anyway, yes, covid deaths could have been avoided with more lockdowns. And you know it's coming, so say it with me. Car accidents could be avoided with lockdowns too. So could skin cancer. Take all the steps I said last night and you'll take a massive chunk out of heart disease deaths. Locking people inside their homes all the time would undoubtedly prevent a whole array of deaths. A lot of deaths are preventable if you take extreme measures. But this is all getting off track again and this is where we get derailed. You wanted your government to be more like ours but by your own admission you are happily living the covid free life and partying like it's 2019 today. You wouldn't be doing that if you got your wish and had our government. Our government is doing what it's doing and you have a nation living in misery, being compared to North Korea and China. I think anyone who loses anyone to any method of death will dwell on what could have been forever. I refuse to accept that this is an outcome of covid deaths and covid deaths alone. Anyway mate, for what it's worth I do know you mean well. We obviously don't agree on the whole thing and it's frustrating for all involved, but yes, we can all hope lockdowns are a thing of the past. Sadly, in Australia, there's still a hell of a long way to go before life after lockdown looks even remotely appealing. For what it's worth, NSW is "no longer in lockdown." Except I can't see my parents up the coast, in this state. And I still can't speak to someone with clear words without my Freedom Mask wrapped around my face. Kids are finally going back to school over the next few weeks, just in time for term four to end. And I think most of them have to wear masks too. Sports planning to come back soon, but every single thing "coming back" has conditions attached to it as if no one is vaccinated and as if it's March 2020. Idiots are celebrating "freedoms" that have no association whatsoever with the word Freedom, yet this is the country we've become. Anyway, I do hope things change and one day we can look back on this as one big unforgivable mess that people are held accountable for, but who knows? I, do not.
  4. Geoff


    Too hard to get through to you, scholar. Just too painful. But on an interesting note, you're even more doom-laden than our trusty prime minister of panic, who estimated he's only saved 30,000 lives. You think we'd be at 50,000 fatalities. Let's just round it up to 80,000, ay? Only the most unrealistic and drastic statistic will do when it comes to all things covid. Australia is the least desired country on earth to be in at the moment, but we saved 80,000 lives so it's all okay. Everything is just fine. I've never trivialised the stupid thing, just tried to balance your completely disproportionate fear and panic with reason. You talk like this virus kills the amount of people that survive it, and I look at the actual numbers for what they are. Your tunnel vision for the virus has stripped you of all sense of perspective and I just try to remind you there's a lot more to the world than just covid-19. But there's no point. As long as you pour every single resource into this single thing, absolutely nothing at all else matters. I mean, who gives a fuck about kids, ay? Not going to go through everything I've gone through page after page in this thread, but fuck absolutely everything (but covid). Do nothing, fear everything. Destroy everything in the name of covid. Everything's just fine.
  5. Geoff


    Sorry, I forgot again that it's still March 2020. Apologies, I can be a real dunce sometimes. I promise that, like you, I will continue to allow covid fear to rule my life. Thanks for setting me straight.
  6. Geoff


    I wonder what they'll do to the person that does inevitably bring covid to their state? Will he or she be imprisoned and each time a covid related case and or death happens in WA they will have another few years added to their sentence? Is that how it works now?
  7. Geoff


    Holy fuck, I hadn't heard this one yet. That's next level. Someone nuke this fucking country and let the next settlers start from scratch. That is beyond my comprehension even in light of how fucked up this country has become.
  8. Geoff


    You're so single minded you can't even see how single minded you are. Cardiovascular diseases claim 17.9 lives per year. So while 5 million people have died with (again, let's stress not from) covid, somewhere around 32 million people have died from Cardiovascular diseases in the same time. Why do you keep ignoring stuff like this? Those 32 millions people and their stories still don't matter to you? Covid deaths are still the only ones that matter? By your way of thinking, everything that has happened worldwide and in Australia is completely justified, in order to prevent 5 million global deaths in two years. So tell me, for something that kills over 30 million people per year, why isn't every individual's blood pressure, cholesterol and weight monitored by our government? Why do we not have to check in on an app to ensure we have done the correct amount of exercise per week, and kept to a strict diet? Why are cigarettes and alcohol not illegal? Of course it is not lost on me that we're dealing with a contagious virus (which most the planet is now vaccinated against) vs something non-contagious, but all I've heard through this pandemic is that it's all about saving lives. So restricting, monitoring and policing our every move to save 5 million lives is okay, but the same is not okay to save over 30 million lives?
  9. Wow, sad to hear about the passing. Would be really interested to hear the songs if they ever see the light of day. I never actually heard the 'My Own Machine' album but should probably try and find a way to do so. All the songs I can find on youtube sound nice.
  10. Geoff


    I don't want to do this dance again, but if anyone is looking at Australia now with envy I 1. pity them, and 2. highly doubt they actually exist. People wouldn't die from skin cancer if you made it against the law to go outside again. People wouldn't die in car accidents if you banned the use of all cars. Stripping away people's last ounces of freedom will prevent whatever you solely want to focus on if that's your intention. But at what cost? This covid tunnel vision is stressfully unsettling to witness. People in Australia used to know we lived in the best country on the planet. No word of a lie, I would believe that the vast majority of us truly and honestly believed this was the truth. I can't speak for every one of those people, but people here now hate what this country has become. I'm one of them. I now hear Australia compared to North Korea and China in terms of how we're governed. You're very much like our politicians here. The country has crumbled around us, but hey, at least we have less covid deaths than the rest of the world. None of the other tens of thousands of things that it takes to run a country matter, because we were the most panic stricken, fear-driven and disproportionate country on earth and saved everyone from covid death. Yay for us! Get some cameras on the streets of Victoria and capture the hoards of smiling faces. This entire pandemic has been lived in fear of the worst case scenario, because of what happened in other places on earth. But Australia isn't other places on earth. None of these doomsday scenarios have ever looked even on the verge of happening here, yet we've cowered our way through the entire thing and become a global spectacle, but not in a positive light.
  11. Geoff


    Yeah, the very valid point is made in the video that it's unlikely it was intentionally released because China have suffered as well as the rest of the world. After the video I found it much more likely that it was accidentally released, but I doubt we'll ever know for sure. Hmmm, that's not the best route to travel. A bit like assuming the best selling pop album of the year is the best music that was released in said year. I know it was only one prolific country, and I believe there were another couple, but Sweden didn't march to the beat of the world's drum. And I don't believe that looking at death rates amidst the pandemic is an even remotely worthwhile way to assess which strategy will work best in the long run. That may now be known for another ten years, to be fair. And just remember it's not just Darkstone who thinks the whole thing blew completely out of proportion.
  12. I don't know if I'm just making things up in my heard, but The Broken View have a new single called 'On the mend' that is about to drop on 15th of October and then I am sure I saw that this was the last single they were going to release before their debut album is released. 100% sure I saw that, just not sure where, lol. Anyway, something to be genuinely excited about. If they pick up where the EP left off this should be a shoe-in for album of the year for me. Of course I just jinxed it now.
  13. Geoff


    I don't really get mixed up in stuff like this, but thought this was quite a good presentation- I'm no conspiracy theorist and certainly have no persuasion either way to say where it may or may not have come from, but I'd have a hard time watching the above and not coming to that conclusion. Like I said, genuinely thought it was recognised by all by now. For anyone who wants to watch it but doesn't want to invest an hour of their time in it, I watch all my youtube at x2 speed and it doesn't hinder my enjoyment of it one bit... just means I watch twice as much in the same time.
  14. Geoff


    Doesn't the whole world know now it came from the lab? Intentional or not. I'm surprised there's still any alternate belief? Surely not, still?
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