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  1. Anyone else getting their face slapped around by this one? In the past they've been pretty standard metalcore type stuff with all screams and not much else. This album, however, has some really cool and catchy metal tunes on it. Here's a few of my faves;
  2. The last few comments are basically where it's at. It's really not a bad album. I like 'Idiots,' 'In the maze,' 'We are the legion,' 'Parasite' and 'Waiting for your love.' And none of the rest is terrible... though not great. I guess stuff like this is probably the future for the band. Just one of the crowd, rather than the genre leaders they were with the debut and 'Generation Wild.' Nice solid album, but they're not the band they used to be.
  3. Wow, you're certainly one of the younger members here. I think Karpetface turned 9 this year, but after him, you're the next youngest! Welcome aboard and yes, pretty impressive to see someone so young into this type of music. Do your parents listen to this style of music? Interested in how you got into it in the first place.
  4. Geoff


    They released a new album called 'Love Letter Kill Shot' a couple of months ago. Gotta give it to them, they're consistent. If you like what they do, you'll like plenty about the new album. No bad songs and a whole lot of solid-ness. 1 . Cuff the Criminal 2 . Reanimate 3 . Wake Up 4 . Panic Room (feat. Andrew Schwab) 5 . Play to Win 6 . Fire Away 7 . Misery 8 . Chemical Wisdom 9 . Never Too Late 10 . Touch of Pain 11 . Walk With Me 12 . Best Thing Ever My favourite tune is;
  5. I was just thinking back to a comment I made in April when I first heard a sample from the album. As per above, I was under the impression that the other three guys maintained the band name and that they had a new vocalist. Stefan quickly pointed out it was the other way around and that Archie was the only remaining member. But funny how I didn't recognise him at first listen, and after a few spins of the full album, I still struggle to believe how it's the same guy. I know it is, but man, what a change.
  6. Yeah, that's what I assumed reading the article, and was thus surprised by the kind of "positive" outlook. Anyway, no doubting it's shit news and all the best to him for what's ahead.
  7. Harem Scarem Blue Tears Kane Roberts Treat Bonfire Masquerade Fate Vain Danger Danger Roxus Bangalore Choir White Sister Aviator - Many were one-album wonders, but some of my faves.
  8. I actually think the songs are very good. Song-wise, given a few months, it could even rank as my favourite, or near my favourite Santa Cruz album. For me there are only two issues with it, but sadly they're pretty significant issues; 1. The production - it's not actually bad, but it's a bit patchy and a big step back from their previous work. Just not as polished and it comes across a bit mixed throughout the album. Hopefully it won't detract too much, but it's not a great production job. 2. Archie - what the fuck happened to him?? I've never heard such a quick transformation in my life of someone who sounds like he's just lost all his self-confidence. I'm not saying he was a world-class vocalist, but he was awesome for this band. A big, loud, cocky and aggressive voice. Not great attributes for a best friend, but he was a good front-man. Sadly, everything that made him great is gone on this album. He sounds meek, tentative, unsure, uninterested and like I say... like someone who's been completely stripped of all self-confidence. I can't remember the story on the break-up of this band, but I assume there's a story in there that really took a toll on this fella. People always went on about his swearing and stuff, but I even miss that. I didn't mind that cockiness. Now he sounds like he'd be too scared to swear on the CD. Sure, there's a couple of obscenities, but there's no passion in it. No aggression. It's a really sad thing to hear, especially for a young vocalist. I really hope this is just a once-off and the kid gets his self-confidence back for the next record. Like I say, I actually quite like the songs and the album. I expect it to be a top 10 finisher, seriously, but I was really taken aback by the vocal performance on the album.
  9. Sounds very nice. The band name sounds so familiar, but apparently I've not heard this? I will asap.
  10. Yeah, 'Sound of madness' is pretty decent. Not sure about 'Amaryllis' though. I don't think I thought too much of that. I forget. Overall, though, pretty poor discography.
  11. Awesome band - killer new tune. I will also very much look forward to this.
  12. Holy shit, really? We're more or less the same age.
  13. lol. That's a rough opinion of the board. I can't find a moment to lick my balls, let alone sit a watch an hour and 16min concert... even if I'd like to see it. It sounds cool, but sadly I don't have the time to view at the moment.
  14. I like this album quite a bit... but if I remember right off the top of my head it's not all in English is it?
  15. And you forgot to mention that all their songs are shit.
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