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  1. Geoff

    OK I get it now

    Just read Metal T's post which also suggests this. But as seen by many replies on this very forum, and multiplied by the world outside, no one wants to see that side of the discussion.
  2. Geoff

    OK I get it now

    Thank christ for this slab of sensible common sense. Very rarely do you see that second number. If understand correctly the ratio is very similar in the US too. But of course you won't hear about that.
  3. Nah, like I said before I don't care enough about US politics to have a strong opinion on him. I do think the world is severely overpopulated and places like these are a good place to start addressing that.
  4. Lol. You're a wild, wild man.
  5. Geoff

    OK I get it now

    Of course not. But I also think black people have killed white people before. And they've killed Asians and Indians etc. A lot of fucked up shit happens but you don't riot about it, do you? But it's no point trying to be sensible in a world where anything and everything blows out of proportion. Fucking idiots are in complete control of the place.
  6. Yep, I agree. Use real bullets and clean the fucking thing up. Wipe all the fuckers out. And yes, I mean all of them - black and white and everything in between. I feel like that has to be mentioned specifically in this climate.
  7. Geoff

    OK I get it now

    Just a couple of comments; I'd make a guess that more or less, the same percentage of each race of different people in the world are racist. Which means that yes, I am saying there are probably, by percentage, just as many racist black people as there are racist white people. But in any of these races, it is not the majority and not even close to it. What this shows more evidently, than ever, is that there is an overwhelming amount of truly, truly dumb cunts and there's no cap on where they will pop up. Because they're everywhere. I feel sorry for the "normal" American in all this. The guy at home with his family, or going to work. Or, in these times, staying home from work until it returns. Who the fuck are all these fucking idiots? It is a terrible look for an allegedly civilised society. But! Obviously not to the extent of things in the US, make no mistake of it. I have heard of fucking moron protesters here in Australia and Europe etc. protesting the same thing. As I said, there is no limit as to where a dumb cunt will pop up. They're everywhere. The cop who committed the crime has been charged, and I understand even the three other guys have now. Yet the country still looks like it does - mind blowing.
  8. Yeah, read up on it afterwards. Scary as shit. Can't believe I hadn't heard that. It seemed that he was going okay and I hope dearly that continues. Another good cover too. Nice.
  9. What a cool song to cover. Love that one. What are y'all talking about? Did he test positive to Covid-19?
  10. I agree with most of what's been said here. Not as keen on the production as a lot of you guys - a notch down from the debut, imo. Not in love with the sound and would have liked it a bit meatier. The debut was definitely ballsier. But aside from 'Through the fire' and that last ballad, all the songs are either good to great. The length of the songs bothers me quite a bit and almost rendered a few of the tunes as non-keepers because of how they dragged on. But I'll aim to get past it. Favourite songs are 'Godsent Exstasy,' which I feel was their grandest attempt at one of the mega hooks that featured a few times on the debut. 'Rio' and 'Heroes' are next best. But I think as a general comment, the thing that's missing most for me (aside from 'Godsent Exstacy') is them really going for the stupid, massive hooks. For me, there's at least 5 songs from the debut that are comfortably better than the best song on here ('Hurt,' 'Love Injection,' 'Turn back time,' 'Whenever I'm dreaming' and 'This is where the heartache begins'). But it's good. As Glen said with HS, this band even at their not-best is a hell of a lot better than most bands.
  11. I don't know what my ears did to deserve such a treat but they enjoyed it. As did I.
  12. Riffage. I was totally on board but the chorus is shit. Rest is pretty cool, though.
  13. Holy shit that sounds so weak. What a pissy sound. Pretty okay song but I'd pass due to the audio horrors.
  14. Geoff

    the return

    Good in a sense they're releasing a new song. Shit that it's only a single.
  15. Songs keep popping up in my 2020 play list. It's nice. Solid. Not one of their absolute best.
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