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  1. Geoff


    Way late to the party, but sounds pretty shit, Cody. Good luck with it, cob. How's the rest of your family going... the ones who had it too? Everyone doing okay-ish?
  2. Awesome, thanks. I'll check this out.
  3. Yeah, that new song is not very good at all. Where are the Dawn of the Demos tunes from, Russ? The second one is absolute shit, but 'The devil dared me to' is kind of okay.
  4. Jeez, what a piece in that second clip. The music's okay. Pretty familiar sounding style of modern rock, but sounds pretty decent.
  5. Looking forward to this and hoping for a killer disc. Haven't been blown away by the last couple but I know they till have it in them.
  6. Absolutely no science to this at all and it is completely impossible to only name 10, but a quick scan and what came to my mind first (today). I have no doubt at all that this would be different tomorrow. In no order; Magic Trick - The Night Game Running In the Night - FM-84 Never Stop - FM-84 Haunting Me - Magic Dance Porcelain - Cauterize Making Sounds - Monty Are I Forever Young - Tyketto Goin' Goin' Gone - Danger Danger Keeper - Yellowcard Still - Steelhouse Lane
  7. Yeah, you are right. It is no different than recent weak years. I just hate how people see upcoming releases and say what a great year it'll be and then without exception it never lives up to it and then I guess in that sense it's another disappointment. But yeah, it's an underwhelming year, which is par for the course. I remember looking at my top 10 a few weeks ago and whilst I can admit they're nice albums, I was surprised at how uninspiring the list was.
  8. I haven't opened this thread for months, just assuming JSS would release a predictable but cool solo album. I heard the album today and when I opened this I expected a very different thread. I was wondering to myself if the punchline is scheduled for page 3? Or is this thread a piss-take and the honest thread is elsewhere on the forum? There's an elephant in the room and it hasn't been addressed, so I guess it's up to me. This album is absolute shit. Had to be said. I was amazed from the moment it started. The production is not really "bad," but it's by far the worst produced JSS album I
  9. Geoff


    Awesome. 'Hours' is divine.
  10. Confession time - I can't for the life of me remember the debut. I have to seek it out and listen to it again...
  11. Yeah, everyone I know listened to either just pop, or it was all that grunge stuff and/or those punk bands that were equally huge in the day - Lagwagon, Millencollen, Frenzal Rhomb, Pennywise etc. And amazingly, all that shit I find every bit as dreadful as grunge. But that's what all my brothers and friends and peers listened to back in the day. Again, I thank both for being so horrendous so I was able to sniff out the good shit.
  12. Jeez mate, so how do your BLM discussions go? You couldn't have a more PC/left view on that if you tried... you can't possibly tell me your wife disagrees with you on that? Mate, I don't care about your views on Trump. I just go off what I see here as that's all I can do. I hate calling things "left" and "right" - it's actually always really irritated me. But if you consider your views lean towards the right, I think left and right might be different things in Australia and the UK. Anyway, heard a quick grab from this Biden guy on the news tonight. Wow, I pity you 'Mericans amongst
  13. I guess just as a snapshot from this site... And truly not having a go at Glen. Despite us disagreeing on absolutely everything on the planet outside of a few musical things, I like the kid. We just have very different views of the world. But back to my snapshot; For many of Glen's points (and Glen is clearly as "left" as they come) he has a link to a website or some statement by someone or some rubbish that someone has said, which apparently confirms his POV as fact. I readily admit what I say is just an opinion, but it is something I've come up with myself after hearing all sides
  14. Just putting a really quick thing out there. Firstly, I don't know why non-Americans are even posting in this thread, but oh well, it is what it is. But whilst on a subject above, a quick observation I've noticed in recent years; For me the "left" appear to be those who find fact in mainstream media and then repeat this alleged fact as fact and believe that anyone who disagrees is a moron. And for me, the "right" is people who think for themselves. That's not meant to be harsh or evil, and I'm not saying one side is "correct" or "wrong." It's just how I see it, and obviously y
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