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  1. Still one of the coolest songs in recent years-
  2. My favourite synthwave song is probably still this (though the list of potentials is endless)- Quite frankly, if that's not your thing then I can only assume you enjoy the company of men when it comes to lovemaking. Not that's there's anything wrong with that. Totally into it. But not because of my love for this song. In spite of it, in fact.
  3. Interesting interview. I enjoyed that. Would also love to hear a new album, for sure. I'd also have low expectations, but they're an unknown entity. Who knows, maybe they could buck the trend of old returning bands after decades of hiatus.
  4. Not picking up what you're putting down at all. This and stuff like it (such as LeBrock) is much better melodic rock than most melodic rock in recent years-
  5. Different artist or not I still think the songs are atrocious. Glad she still has a fan out there, though.
  6. Very poor album with his vocals harder to listen to than ever. 'Two Hearts On The Run' is the only song I thought was kind of okay. The rest is a pass for me.
  7. Good, super consistent album. These guys remind me a lot of The Radio Sun. Not identical in style or anything, but they have a formula and stick to it throughout the album without really belting out a clear cut album highlight, but also not producing anything poor either. Solid.
  8. Nice album that frequently threatens to be a bit more than solid, but rarely cracks "keeper" territory. 'All I Need' is my pick of the bunch, but it's an adequate album overall.
  9. Not a bad little tape, this one. Still hasn't completely turned around my opinion on these guys, but there are some glimmers of brilliance on this one. 'Good And The Bad' is melodic / commercial gold and I wish it wasn't a one-off on the album... because it really works. Would love to hear them do an album like this all the way through. 'Pieces 0f Your Love' is a really cool hard rocker too, with some really cool musicianship throughout, and 'Nightmare games' just makes the grade too. The rest has a cool vibe, and I like the slightly heavier feel over the debut, but not a lot of the other songs do too much for me, sadly.
  10. Man it makes me sad to see once-great artists do this to themselves. Surely she's not recording this thinking wow, this is top stuff. Because it isn't. It's pure garbage and a(nother) blemish on a great career. Awful.
  11. Not sure I've ever heard anything from these guys before, but got a bit of this one in my ears. A lot of stuff I'm just really not into at all, but three really good tunes amongst the rubble. 'Easily,' 'Paralyzed' and 'Open arms' are three good slabs of melodic rock... on an album that is not strictly a melodic rock album.
  12. This is atrocious. Yes, sound quality is really poor but the decision to handle vocals himself is as bad a choice as his production choices have been in releasing this. Fancy releasing something this poor after such a career...
  13. Good gear. I did enjoy that 'Down for the count' - not sure if I've heard any of them.
  14. Yeah, hate when they keep calling it Victory when it's got nothing to do with Victory at all anymore. Their discography was one of the strongest there was before they started adding crap like this to it.
  15. Geoff


    I don't understand this at all. What are the numbers below? The 01/02 to 01/09. What are they? And aren't there meant to be 50,000 cases a day in the UK, or was that just more hysteria fuel? Every single day that passes gives me less and less hope for this and I just look at statements like this as pure nonsense. It's kind of like saying that if everyone stopped shooting each other no one would die from gunshot wounds anymore. As someone generally very opposed to everything about suicide, I actually "get it" in 2020/2021. I understand people looking at what is happening and seeing absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel. I know that's dark, but definitely how I feel. I'm not doing anything silly as that's not how I roll, but I legitimately see nothing to look forward to at the moment and don't see how that changes unless the mindset of the human race changes, which it will not. Everyone pinned their hopes on the vaccine being the only way out of this, and it clearly never will be, so what next? Man, you should have heard what they copped in the media today. Government must have quietly loved it, giving them a reason to keep us locked down for at least another two months, we're hearing, and then however many they add onto that. Now they can deflect the blame towards the protestors as to why this state is such a fucking mess. lol, jeez you must do some hard drugs, my good man.
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