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  1. Very surprised to see you posting this, Russ. Is there something other than the fact Bob Rock produced this that I don't know about? Wouldn't think you'd have any time at all for a band like this? I normally would have no interest whatsoever in this, but I am kind of intrigued to hear what it sounds like with Bob Rock on board.
  2. Horrid. Hope he keeps on the path he's going and can make some kind of complete recovery.
  3. Wow, wish I was enthused about it as the person who wrote that spiel. Everything about this is good... except the songs. Great musicianship and really good production job (after the song with the heavy guest vocalist I thought it might be a modern band doing an 80's metal piss-take), but the songs are so average. I found this bit in the spiel most ridiculous of all - "Poison bubblegum catchy choruses." Don't hear that even a little bit. It's okay... just needs a hook or two for the next one.
  4. Agreed. The non vocal stuff is great, but never gets more than a single listen from me. Must get this one in my ears now.
  5. Mate, there's no point getting me started because I could go on for days about this. What I can say is that every female I know and any female I have any respect for whatsoever, is entirely capable of living the life they live without needing to be treated like an invalid, lesser human being than anyone else. But it's 2021 and every single thing has to be an issue. If a female is treated poorly somewhere, every man on earth is a cunt and every female has been treated poorly by everyone since time began. It's the obvious conclusion, is it not? Anyway, if you want to get into it it's
  6. My 2021 playlist seems to be something like 50% female fronted bands at the minute. Not intentional and I kind of hate it in light of the current world climate (nothing at all against actual females - I have a daughter, wife and mum etc. Just hate fucking morons being fucking morons... but that's another story for another day). But anyway, this, Issa, Rivals, Wolfclub and Icon For Hire, for instance, are occupying a massive part of the year's playlist so far. All class albums.
  7. Lol, cringey video (the glances at the camera didn't need to happen), but great voice.
  8. In 2021, yes. I think 'Crossfire' is a better album than this, though both are fantastic.
  9. Awesome release and I loved that when I was listening to it I didn't think this sounds exactly like this one single band. As kind of hinted above, I heard an element of every single female fronted band I loved from back in the day in this release. There's just bits of all of them, and I love that about it. As for someone saying she can't sing, is that just the token thing for some people to say about female vocalists? What rubbish. Just like with all the Issa moaning, her voice is fine.
  10. Loving this channel and thanks for the heads up. I even enjoy it for bands I don't particularly like or listen too. Just watched a Danzig doco today, lol. Dude definitely has a way with words and I get a good laugh out of it. Really cool stuff.
  11. Yeah, such a random song title, but I agree it's superb.
  12. Yep, basically agree with every thing you say here. Except maybe I'm a bit fonder of the album. I think it's really quite a good album. I don't mind the heavier kind of feel to it, as that's where she came from with her debut. If anything, I think this is probably her most guitar orientated album, with some pretty cool guitar work on here. There's not actually a song I dislike on this, to be honest. Admittedly it's nothing ground breaking, but it's good. I was also thinking how much 'Crossfire' stands out in her discography, though, and that ironically it's probably her "softest" album.
  13. Looks like the only one so far, but so surprised with this lukewarm reception. I think the album is fantastic - so far so that if it's not the best album of the year I'm going to be real impressed with the best album of the year. 'Subjugated' and 'Before the Rise of an Empire' don't quite hit the mark for me, but the rest is splendid. Stuff like 'Frequency of love,' 'I prophesize,' 'When dreams are not enough' and 'Real' are up there with some of the best of PM. 'Scorpio,' 'One shot,' 'Miles away' and 'Picture yourself' also well above par. I was more or less in heaven listening to
  14. Still not heard this album. I'm all for people liking different tunes and to each their own but my take on 'Magic Trick' vs 'One Phone call' is this- Both fantastic songs and not much between them at all. What puts 'Magic Trick' across the line for me is the fact that 'One phone call' sounded immediately familiar when I heard it. I can't think of a song it directly rips off or anything, but it's a familiar song... and I absolutely love it. Alternatively, I can't think of a song anything like 'Magic Trick' and that's why it excites me so much. It's an amazing tune and not just a slight va
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