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  1. Nightrain

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Good song but yeah I need more adventurous approach from them
  2. Nightrain

    Newman - Decade ll

    Excited for this ! Have been a long time Newman fan and this is a must buy !
  3. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    haven't heard Ark Storm, will give it a spin later - is it similar with his Ring of Fire project ?
  4. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Geoff, is No Sleep and Self modern rock thing ?
  5. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    I will try NFO and just checked out LeBrock and surprisingly great, love it too, too bad it's only digital and only CDR ?
  6. Nightrain

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    i think that's reasonable - judging by the re-recording of FM Indiscreet and Harem Scarem Mood Swings that I like, i have a hunch that this one is gonna turns out fine too
  7. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    For me top 5 at the moment and both still under 5 spins though : WET VEGA STATION GRAND DESIGN SHIRAZ LANE and near the top 5 are JUDAS PRIEST, ISSA, PERFECT PLAN, and PAL
  8. Nightrain

    Upcoming 2018 releases

    Clif Magness and Gioeli/Castronovo probably worth the wait
  9. Nightrain

    James Christian

    For me, it's not that bad, probably underrated I guess. Not the one that I'll play regularly though but I think some should give it a try, just don't expect too much of HoL in it
  10. Yeah no point - just for cash grabbing purpose but i don't see any cash flowing in to this album
  11. Nightrain

    Captain Black Beard - Struck By Lightning

    Hm i'll give this one a try and drop my thoughts later
  12. Nightrain

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    Hm i don't see the point of re-recording this but I might buy it anyway, their first album is my fave :D
  13. Nightrain

    VEGA - Only Human

    Overall still a pleasant album as expected My fave are 'Only Human', 'Last Man Standing', and 'All Over Now' - if I have to put the weakest point, well probably 'Go To War' but I still dig that song anyway
  14. Nightrain

    Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days

    I love this album - couple of weak songs but overall a great album !
  15. Nightrain

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I don't like vinyl to be honest, have tried it several times but my ears are for CD only haha anyway, I like this new album a lot and definitely among the top 5 this year so far
  16. Nightrain

    New STATION Release

    i kinda like the debut so I'll find time to listen to this one
  17. Nightrain

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I think it's easy to predict, as of now, this and the new Judas Priest ranked the top for me i love 'Dangerous', 'I Don't Wanna Play That Game', and 'Callling Out Your Name' so far - all in all still a consistent album as expected !! Well i'm about to dig into Issa and Stryper now
  18. Nightrain

    Best of 2017

    My personal rank of 2017 CRAZY LIXX Ruff Justice Hard Rock Frontiers Records 91.9% WILDNESS s/t Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 91.7% ECLIPSE Monumentum Hard Rock Frontiers Records 90.2% MIDNITE CITY s/t Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 90.2% HAREM SCAREM United Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 89.5% RAINTIMES s/t Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 89.3% LIONVILLE A World of Fools AOR Frontiers Records 89.2% TOKYO MOTOR FIST s/t Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 87.2% REVOLUTION SAINTS Light In The Dark Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 87.0% ONE DESIRE s/t Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 86.7% KEE OF HEARTS Kee of Hearts Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 85.9% CODE RED Incendiary AOR AOR Heaven 85.6% BROTHER FIRETRIBE Sunbound [JAP] Melodic Rock Spinefarm 85.3% CONFESS Haunters [JAP] Sleaze / Hard Rock SG Records 85.2% PRETTY BOY FLOYD Public Enemies [JAP] Sleaze / Hard Rock Frontiers Records 84.7% ROMEO RIOT Sing It Loud! Melodic Rock Kivel Records 84.6% NEWMAN Aerial AOR AOR Heaven 84.2% KRYPTONITE s/t Hard Rock Frontiers Records 83.6% ART NATION Liberation Melodic Rock Sony Music 83.5% HOUSTON III AOR Livewire 83.3% STAN BUSH Change The World AOR L.A. Records 82.2% SATIN It's About Time Melodic Rock Verum Music 81.8% VAIN Rolling With The Punches Sleaze / Hard Rock indie 81.8% JIM JIDHED Push On Through AOR AOR Heaven 81.6% HELL IN THE CLUB See You on The Dark Side Sleaze / Hard Rock Frontiers Records 81.5% THRESHOLD Legend of The Shires Prog Metal Nuclear Blast 81.5% SWEET MARY JANE Winter In Paradise Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 81.4% SCHERER / BATTEN BattleZone AOR Melodic Rock Records 81.2% DANTE FOX Six String Revolver AOR AOR Heaven 81.1% ARTI TISI New York City Melodic Rock Melodic Rock Records 80.9% BOULEVARD IV Luminescence AOR Melodic Rock Records 80.8% PLACE VENDOME Close To The Sun Heavy Metal Frontiers Records 80.7% H.E.A.T Into The Great Unknown Hard Rock earMUSIC 80.5% BABYLON A.D Revelation Highway Hard Rock Frontiers Records 80.3% DEGREED s/t Modern Melodic Rock Sony Music 80.1% BLACKFIELD V Pop / Prog Rock Kscope 79.9% 7TH HEAVEN Luminous Melodic / Pop Rock NTD Records 79.9% ARTI TISI Back Again Melodic Rock Melodic Rock Records 79.8% ALL 41 The World's Best Hope AOR Frontiers Records 79.7% LIONHEART Second Nature AOR AOR Heaven 79.7% NIGHT RANGER Don't Let Up Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 79.6% ARTI TISI The Reeperbahn Melodic Rock Melodic Rock Records 79.5% AGE OF REFLECTION In The Heat of The Night AOR AOR Heaven 78.9% TONY MILLS Streets of Chance AOR Battlegod 78.7% STREAMLINE s/t Hard Rock Digital Release 78.3% PRIDE OF LIONS Fearless AOR Frontiers Records 78.3% DEBBIE RAY Slave To The System Sleaze / Hard Rock Metalapolis Records 78.3% MIKE + THE MECHANICS Let Me Fly Pop Rock BMG 78.2% ACCEPT The Rise of Chaos Heavy Metal Nuclear Blast 78.1% SIN CRUZ Enter The Unknown Sleaze / Hard Rock indie 78.0% BONFIRE Byte The Bullet Hard Rock UDR Music 77.9% PHANTOM 5 Play To Win Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 77.8% DARK ELEMENT, THE s/t Symphonic / Heavy Metal Frontiers Records 77.8% HOUSE OF LORDS Saint of The Lost Souls Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 77.7% STEVEN WILSON To The Bone Crossover Prog Caroline International 77.5% LOVE N' REVENGE Karma Melodic Rock Kivel Records 77.2% NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, THE Amber Galactic Classic Rock Nuclear Blast 77.2% JOHN MAYER The Search For Everything Pop / Blues / Country Capitol 77.2% NIGHTS, THE s/t Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 76.8% DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT, THE Volume One Melodic Rock indie 76.5% UNRULY CHILD Can't Go Home AOR Frontiers Records 76.3% DIANA KRALL Turn Up The Quiet Jazz Verve Records 76.0% VIANA s/t Melodic Rock Street Symphonies 76.0% ROBIN BECK Love is Coming Melodic / Pop Rock Frontiers Records 75.9% BAI BANG Rock of Life Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 75.3% SANTA CRUZ Bad Blood Rising Sleaze / Modern Rock M-Theory Audio 75.0% RIAN Out of The Darkness Melodic Rock Melodic Rock Records 74.7% KREATOR Gods of Violence Thrash Metal Nuclear Blast 74.3% CATS IN SPACE Scarecrow Classic Rock Harmony Factory 74.1% L.A. GUNS The Missing Peace Sleaze / Hard Rock Frontiers Records 74.1% VICE Veni Vidi Vici Hard Rock Pride & Joy Music 73.6% MARTINA EDOFF We Will Align Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 73.1% DA VINCI Ambition Rocks Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 72.8% JEFF SCOTT SOTO Retribution Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 72.8% FERRYMEN, THE s/t Power / Heavy Metal Frontiers Records 72.6% JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE He Saw It Comin' Hard Rock Frontiers Records 72.6% ADRENALINE RUSH Soul Survivor Hard Rock Frontiers Records 72.6% RADIO SUN, THE Unstoppable Melodic Rock Pride & Joy Music 72.5% JIMI ANDERSON GROUP Longtime Comin' Melodic Rock Pride & Joy Music 72.3% JULIAN ANGEL The Death of Cool Sleaze / Hard Rock Platinum Blonde Records 72.3% KAIPA Children of The Sounds Prog Rock Inside Out 72.2% BLACK DIAMOND Once Upon A Time Hard Rock AOR Heaven 71.9% SWEET & LYNCH Unified Hard Rock Frontiers Records 71.7% NEW ROSES, THE One More For The Road Hard Rock Napalm Records 71.6% GOTTHARD Silver [+2] Hard Rock G Records 71.3% SHADOWMAN Secrets and Lies Melodic Rock Escape 70.7% MARK SLAUGHTER Halfway There Hard Rock EMP 70.6% VESCERA Beyond The Light Heavy Metal Pure Steel Records 70.5% OSUKARU The Labyrinth Melodic Rock City of Lights Records 70.2% RADIATION ROMEOS s/t Hard Rock Frontiers Records 69.8% INGLORIOUS Inglorious II Hard Rock Frontiers Records 69.8% STEEL PANTHER Lower The Bar Sleaze / Hard Rock Open E Records 69.7% WARRANT Louder, Harder, Faster Hard Rock Frontiers Records 69.5% MR. RUBIK Wasted Paradise Westcoast AOR indie 69.5% BIG BIG TRAIN Grimsbound Crossover Prog English Electric Recordings 69.5% WOLFPAKK Wolves Reign Heavy Metal AFM Records 69.4% JONO Life Crossover Prog Frontiers Records 69.3% MR. BIG Defying Gravity Hard Rock Frontiers Records 69.1% BLACK STAR RIDERS Heavy Fire Hard Rock Nuclear Blast 68.9% ROCKETT LOVE Grab The Rocket Hard Rock AOR Heaven 68.6% MORITZ About Time Too AOR indie 68.5% DIRTY WHITE BOYZ Down and Dirty Hard Rock Escape 68.2% SNAKECHARMER Second Skin Hard Rock Frontiers Records 68.1% MURDER OF MY SWEET, THE Echoes of The Aftermath Symphonic Metal Frontiers Records 67.9% GREAT WHITE Full Circle Blues / Hard Rock Frontiers Records 67.6% STEVE HACKETT The Night Siren Eclectic Prog Inside Out 67.3% LONELY ROBOT The Big Dream Crossover Prog Inside Out 66.8% ALICE COOPER Paranormal Classic Rock earMUSIC 66.2% AUTOGRAPH Get Off Your Ass! Hard Rock EMP 66.2% THUNDER Rip It Up Hard Rock earMUSIC 66.1% EUROPE Walk The Earth Hard Rock Hell & Back 65.8% BURN Ice Age Hard Rock Melodic Rock Records 65.8% STEPHEN PEARCY Smash Hard Rock Frontiers Records 65.7% ELECTRIC MOON Stardust Rituals Psychedelic / Prog Rock Sulatron Records 65.7% VON HERTZEN BROTHERS War Is Over Crossover Prog Music Theories Recordings 65.6% ROADCASE ROYALE First Things First Rock Loud & Proud Records 65.3% DEREK DAVIS Revolutionary Soul R&B / Soul / Rock indie 65.0% ICED EARTH Incorruptible Power Metal Century Media 64.9% ROBERT PLANT Carry Fire Folk Nonesuch 63.6% NICKELBACK Feed The Machine Modern Hard Rock BMG 63.4% EISLEY / GOLDY Blood, Guts, & Games Hard Rock Frontiers Records 63.2% RIVERDOGS California Blues / Hard Rock Frontiers Records 62.4% WALK ON FIRE Mind Over Matter AOR Escape 62.3% TEN Gothica Symphonic / Melodic Rock Frontiers Records 62.0% QUIET RIOT Road Rage Hard Rock Frontiers Records 61.7% NU DEJA-VU The Beast Inside Your Souls Indo Metal indie 61.5% STYX The Mission Classic Rock Universal 61.0% OBSESSED, THE Sacred Stoner Rock Relapse Records 60.5% JANET GARDNER s/t Hard Rock Pavement Entertainment 59.8% RAW SILK The Borders of Light AOR Fame of Poets Records 59.2% ANATHEMA The Optimist Alt / Prog Rock Kscope 58.4% DEEP PURPLE Infinite Classic Rock earMUSIC 56.9% ROGER WATERS Is This The Life We Really Want ? Art Rock Columbia 55.3% SEA The Grip of Time Classic / Hard Rock Mighty Music 54.4% LYNCH MOB The Brotherhood Hard Rock Rat Pak Records 54.1%
  19. Hi Dan - sorry for being far too late, haven't been able to visit lately but I'll find time. Meanwhile, just sent the yearly donation and can't wait to see the new banner on the left side cheers
  20. Nightrain

    FM - Indiscreet 30

    The new re-recording is awesome, still listen to this one plenty and Jap release is a must !
  21. I disagree, thought it's kinda formulaic but great stuffs nevertheless. Recommended !
  22. Nightrain

    Revolution Saints - 2017

    The ballad is amazing and this new album probably gonna be really good
  23. Nightrain

    Hell In The Club - See You On The Dark Side

    Somehow I like this one slightly than the previous album, but the second album is still their strongest to date
  24. Nightrain

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    heard this thing first time yesterday and even though still like it, is it safe to say that this is the worst release so far ?
  25. Nightrain

    Top Ten of 2017 (at the moment)

    anybody can update their latest top 20 so far, been very busy in the last few weeks

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