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  1. Yeah, but aren't they all?
  2. KarpetRydOFunk

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    That's too bad, 'cause I recall he was a big fan of yours. ;}
  3. KarpetRydOFunk

    Ollie Wride - Overcome

    The new track's even better.
  4. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    Definitely the weakest of their four releases, but it's growing on me. Yeah, like Geoff, I'm disappointed it's only really an EP. But I'm stoked to finally see them tomorrow. Hopefully they put on a decent show.
  5. KarpetRydOFunk

    Ollie Wride - Overcome

    Yeah, I like it quite a bit.
  6. KarpetRydOFunk

    Don Vedda - Talking Body [ New Single ]

    I spent four days in San Diego this past Spring. Yeah... I could live there.
  7. KarpetRydOFunk

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    I've missed every update, every live stream, everything. One day it'll just show up at my door, and I'll be like, "Ah, cool!"
  8. KarpetRydOFunk

    Steve Perry - Traces

    Well, how could you have ever guessed the album title?
  9. KarpetRydOFunk

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Man, I've missed a lot. When was this announced?? I'm a little worried with this release, though. They've lost a few key members.
  10. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    Juno Dreams is 100% instrumental, and Duett has only two vocal tracks. So if that's not your thing, then don't bother. But those two songs by Duett are phenomenal.
  11. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    Mine, in order: The Midnight FM-84 ForĂȘt de Vin (would be number one if they had more than five songs and there was some indication they were still together) Juno Dreams Duett
  12. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    I much prefer The Midnight over LeBrock. I'd go as far as to say The Midnight are the best in this genre. Tim has the perfect sound, and Tyler's voice just takes it even further. Shaun of LeBrock only seems to have one setting: 11. He doesn't seem to be able to sing softer, bring the intensity down, and create diversity in his songs. It gets to me after a while, and I can't listen to LeBrock on repeat. Apart from all that, I recently heard The Midnight will be on tour later this year, and are playing two shows in Seattle, and one in Vancouver. I'm definitely gonna make it to one of those shows, but might even hit two. I have no idea if they're touring with someone, hopefully FM-84.
  13. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    They're doing a tour later this year. One show in Van, and two in Seattle. I might have to catch two of those.
  14. KarpetRydOFunk

    Champlin Williams Friestedt - 10 Miles

    The last album had a couple hiccups. Especially their cover of "After the Love Has Gone." But I love their sound.
  15. KarpetRydOFunk

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Oh, shit! Has it really been a month since I checked this feed? Had no idea this was out.

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