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  1. Everyone liked that album. Apart from him, apparently.
  2. Thanks, mate! I actually meant the Legend series, which it appears he never completed.
  3. Saviour Machine has Bandcamp page? I'll have to check that out right away. Did he ever complete the Revelation series?
  4. Nobody on here likes them anymore. My brother just got it, so I'll have to steal it from him. The samples sounded pretty good.
  5. I'm interested to know what he's listened to in the last few weeks. Which ones he liked.
  6. Oh, because The Magnificent are an amazing group? I gotcha!
  7. Dunno about a Zeppelin one ever being made, as no one within Led Zeppelin seems interested in discussing Led Zeppelin.
  8. Yeah, need to get Dennis Ward back on this.
  9. If you haven't already, look into ReVertigo. It's essentially current Treat with Mats Leven on vocals... again.
  10. How many of those actually sound like Treat, though?
  11. I've not listened to any of these, yet, but I have high hopes for this. Condition Hüman was an immense album, so I'll be sad if this doesn't live up to it.
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