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  1. The dumb name almost caused me to completely ignore this. If I hadn't seen John Elefante's involvement, I surely would have.
  2. So cool to see Ronnie still at it. Has there been any update on how he's doing?
  3. But what we're all dying to know is... how does it compare to H.e.a.t? ;}
  4. It was ok. Surely Michael can hit some higher notes than that. And did Oz botch the solo, or is it just a poor recording?
  5. Yup. Crashdiët is just a little too inconsistent.
  6. I don't think Lee's surname is spelled with three L's, though.
  7. You couldn't tell from the band logo itself?
  8. Took them years to assemble. Are we to expect an album a year, now?
  9. If anyone gets it, let us know how it is. The cover is atrocious. And while I'm aware of the old adage, I can't help but worry the quality of the cover might be representative of the quality of the book itself.
  10. KarpetRydOFunk


    Yeah, I think this might be the most interesting aspect of the pandemic. Like @Dead Planet said, every country is throwing around stoopid amounts of money. How can every country be indebted to each other?
  11. KarpetRydOFunk


    No, WHO said Covid-19 is 10 times more deadly than the swine flu, which they said claimed 18,500 lives. So the normal influenza was still more deadly than that virus.
  12. KarpetRydOFunk


    The CDC has estimated there have been 62,000 dead from influenza this year, already, too. Should we be panicked about that?
  13. KarpetRydOFunk


    That pretty much sums up this entire "pandemic." Common sense and rationale have been set to the wayside while fear and hysteria are dictating how we live our lives.
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