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  1. KarpetRydOFunk

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    Yeah, I didn't even think to check similarities with the last album. I was skimming through the first three. Plus, there's no way "Love is a Funny Feeling" is a worse version of anything from Starlight. That was easily their weakest album. Ghost Ward sounds fresh while maintaining the Electric Boys vibe, and the production is much better.
  2. KarpetRydOFunk


    Judas Priest are playing my town in June, and Uriah Heep are supporting. Are they still worth seeing?
  3. KarpetRydOFunk

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    I think it's well known that I'm the biggest Electric Boys fan on this site, but I'm struggling to think of what song of theirs it sounds like.
  4. KarpetRydOFunk

    Frontiers 2019

    Only four really excite me. But those four!
  5. KarpetRydOFunk

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    Holy shit! I was gonna say "Love is a Funny Feeling" is my favourite track on the album, and might even be my favourite song of the year. It's just so undeniably Funky.
  6. KarpetRydOFunk

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    Which song do you consider crappy?
  7. KarpetRydOFunk

    H.E.A.T - Greatest H.E.A.T's

    Apart from "Beg Beg Beg," we all know "Tonight" is H.e.a.t's greatest song. So it's baffling as to why it's not on this compilation.
  8. KarpetRydOFunk

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    He rated it fairly well, so they must have drastically changed it up this time.
  9. KarpetRydOFunk


    So cool. I doubt I'll ever get the chance.
  10. KarpetRydOFunk

    Don Vedda - Talking Body [ New Single ]

    I think he got out last year.
  11. Yeah, but aren't they all?
  12. KarpetRydOFunk

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    That's too bad, 'cause I recall he was a big fan of yours. ;}
  13. KarpetRydOFunk

    Ollie Wride - Overcome

    The new track's even better.
  14. KarpetRydOFunk

    The Midnight

    Definitely the weakest of their four releases, but it's growing on me. Yeah, like Geoff, I'm disappointed it's only really an EP. But I'm stoked to finally see them tomorrow. Hopefully they put on a decent show.

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