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  1. He's actually the reason I listen to the band. His vocal style is the only thing that sets them apart from every other Melodic Hard Rock band out there.
  2. I get the feeling Frontiers wants too much control.
  3. It's also the name of my friend, who also plays guitar, but is nowhere near as good.
  4. Yeah, when she enters the elevator at the end is the start of "When the Heartache is Gone."
  5. It's so sad how hit and miss this dude has become. I didn't realise he had another new tune back in October. Just saw it on the Spotifies. It's pretty bad.
  6. So appropriate. We've been discussing ballads all week, and this def doesn't follow the typical formula.
  7. I completely disagree. I found this solo much more interesting than the rest, in the simple fact I actually noticed it. The ferocity matched the intensity of the lyrics. It just made sense.
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