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  1. Scott Rockenfield launched a new Queensryche site. Does this mean he's back? Or is he starting something new? There's not much there, at the moment, but you can enter your email to keep notified. https://www.queensryche2021.com/
  2. You must spend a lot on music then. Haha. Part of the reason I stopped shooting was the cost.
  3. Didn't think it was full auto either, but still hilarious. I've been in these situations before.
  4. That was kinda my reaction, too. Though I don't think an album of "All Lips n' Hips" would do nothing. I just don't think they could ever write songs like that again. This album is a grower for me. Great musicianship all round.
  5. I've not listened to it, but the first single was decent.
  6. I don't know how they're able to continuously pump out quality tunes.
  7. Had ol' Jezzer not mentioned this in the "Best of 2021 so far" thread, I could have missed out on possibly the best album of the year. If I wasn't already sitting down when I heard this I would have been knocked off my feet! Pretty much perfection. A nice sneaky Airplay cover let's you know that they know what's up. I'll likely be spinning this until I'm sick of it. But I doubt I'll ever be sick of it.
  8. Ronnie Atkins for sure! Arion made a real nice return to form! Timecop1983 WOLFCLUB
  9. Hoo, boy! I need to add this to tomorrow's playlist.
  10. Wow. It appears there is already a lot I have missed. Which is actually exciting.
  11. Shh. Quiet. The adults are talking.
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