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  1. Yeah, Spotify is OK. There is a lot from our genre that Spotify doesn't have, though.
  2. Harem Scarem are at the top of my list, too. An 80's band from the 90's. Hence why I made my initial comment.
  3. The dude's only 56. Give him a break.
  4. It's not been getting the greatest reviews. How does it compare to Chapter 1?
  5. I thought you were a fan of The Sound of Madness and Amaryllis albums? Who am I thinking of?
  6. You're not wrong. Asking Alexandria were good, and Papa Roach brought some good energy, but I don't give a shit about their music. But after them, Shinedown felt so anticlimactic. Plus the dude's voice wasn't quite there. It was the end of their tour, so perhaps his voice was just tired, but when he's the star of the band--the guitarist isn't phenomenal, the drummer doesn't do anything I can't do, and the backing vocals were lacking--it's real disappointing when he's not hitting the notes.
  7. I think most of us browse this site using the "Unread Content" button, and we don't always see what sub-forum each thread is posted in. So it never hurts to clarify. Also, a lot of these guys are pretty dumb, and they need all the help they can get. ;}
  8. As long as Frontiers had no hand in the production of the album, I think we're OK.
  9. Whoops. I missed the release day. But I've got it queued up and ready to go today. Gonna be a good day, I think.
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