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  1. Is it a picture disc? It looks like a The Midnight album cover on the LP.
  2. Hope they're able to craft some catchier tunes this time. That said, I should prolly revisit their first album to see if it's grown on me.
  3. Doctor Sleep (2019) The sequel to The Shining that nobody asked for. But I quite enjoyed it. It's nothing like it's predecessor, and I think that's what hurt it's success. I wouldn't classify this as a horror film at all. But it's still very interesting, and proves Stephen King's imagination is very much active now as it ever was.
  4. I can't even remember what was released this year or last year outside of a month ago, so I'd have to actually sit down and compile a list. And I just can't be bothered. ;}
  5. That's the problem with Bride: they changed their sound too fuckin' often. I'd like one album, hate the next, find the next decent, and then the next would have more weird tracks.
  6. That album cover looks hella Stoner Rock. But if there are Cats in Space vibes, I'll check it out.
  7. Just giving this a quick listen while I was in the kitchen. It sounded pretty good, but I was kinda focused on making lunch. I'll have to give it one good sping with my undivided attention.
  8. Gonna have to agree with Gleonard. It's not quite living up to the hype for me. But I'm also thinking I might have had the wrong impression for this band. In any case, it is good, and I feel it will only grow. I'm just happy we can add another new, young band to the list of ones to keep an eye out for.
  9. I dunno. When it's good, it's good. Hardline's Double Eclipse ends with a ballad. An instrumental before that. And another ballad two tracks before the instrumental. And I can't imagine it ever being any different. It's perfect.
  10. Yeah, but most of the album is forgettable. But I also bought it thinking the album cover was stoopid... until I opened it up! ;}
  11. Hmm... The album shows up, but only the singles are playable. I guess I'll wait a bit longer.
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