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  1. Well I've never even been to Europe, so there's that...
  2. Not that I'm a fan of Yngwie's indulgent noodling where every song and album sound identical, but I figured I'd least check it out... Uhhh.... can anyone else confirm that the production quality on this album is complete garbage? I figured I'd check it out on Spotify and it sounds like complete ass. Recorded in a broken down garage on an 80s cassette deck...
  3. My expectations were pretty low on this, but it's surprisingly better than expected. Lead vocalist is a bit off timbre-wise, but the gang vocals on choruses are well done and the production is pretty solid. I wish there were more new tracks as opposed to most of it being old material.
  4. Ehh? I'm not seeing the complete album on Spotify, only a few singles. Is the distribution different by country?
  5. That wasn't official. That was just my impression based on countries and individuals not participating, and athletes testing positive for COVID and thus unable to participate.
  6. Big pile of MEH. With Japan forbidding spectators in in the stands at any events and 1/3 of the world not attending, who cares.
  7. That appears to have replaced the ranks, which now only show as hover actions. They also appear to be wrong. Oy. Sometimes I hate "progress".
  8. Just a heads-up that I received a security warning that allowing people to login by username rather than email address was a potential security hole, so I've disabled that option. You'll have to login using your email address moving forward. If you encounter any problems let me know (and if you can't login here, contact me through the main site, email link is in the page footer). Thanks, -Dan
  9. Wish I knew what you were on about...
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