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  1. Damn... Was he ill or was this unexpected?
  2. I've had a chance to listen through several times now, and while not as immediate as the debut, it's a very good album. While they've always had a bit of a H.E.A.T./Eclipse vibe to them, it seems like they're now trying to infuse Dare into the mix, and while it makes for some great instrumentals and atmosphere in places, it also creates the biggest problem for the album: some of the songs get downright fatiguing in their length: Shadowman - 6:33 After You're Gone - 5:25 Down and Dirty - 4:33 Godsent Extasy - 4:00 Through the Fire - 6:49 Heroes - 4:20 Rio - 4:39 Battlefield of Love - 5:48 Killer Queen - 4:20 Only When I Breathe - 5:16 That's 5 out of 10 songs with lengths over 5 minutes and not a single song under 4 minutes. More isn't always better. There were a few times I found myself thinking "Yeah this sounds wonderful but can we please get on to the next song?"
  3. Digging it! I always love me some John Elefante. This has more of a traditional Westcoast AOR instrumental foundation than what I've heard him sing against, so this will be interesting.
  4. I am seriously digging this album. Out June 19 on Metalopolis Records. JESSICA WOLFF is a very busy young Finnish artist. Not only is she committed to music, she is also acting, practicing Kung-Fu and doing stunt work. Not to mention, behind the actions of this adrenaline junkie, you'll find a warm-hearted girl with striking personality. This is also reflected in her music with everything from catchy melodies to thought-provoking lyrics. Three years have passed since her last album “GROUNDED”. During this time, she did an European tour with TREAT, her own headlining tour, which ended with a performance at the HEAT Festival 2018, songwriting and recording the new album “PARA DICE”. During this time Jessica and her musicians, the Wolffpack, have grown more together as a team. This is also shown by the fact that her band participated in the new album more than ever before. Produced by Jonas Olsson “PARA DICE” is still a JESSICA WOLFF album but sounds much more the way they sound live on stage. Harder, more direct - straight in your face. The album title “PARA DICE” refers to going against the stream and daring to take risks in life, if you want to achieve your goals. This is exactly the motto of life of this outstanding artist! Jessica Wolff – vocals Ari Manninen – guitar Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar Taneli Tulkki – bass Jarno Vanhanen – drums 01. Ella’s Song 02. Perfect Kind Of Wrong 03. All The Right Things 04. The Sunny Side Of The Bay 05. Kill Switch 06. Fight Forever 07. Superhero 08. Demons 09. Take Me Away 10. Strangers
  5. heavyharmonies


    I disagree that testing entire populations every week is in any way a solution. All that does is divert needed resources (both financial and human) from more essential functions. Sure, it may make an individual person feel better, but it doesn't actually solve anything. Also, there aren't enough test kits for such a program, no matter how manufacturing is ramped up. We don't test the entire population for the flu every week, despite 5-figure deaths annually. Yes, I know the mortality rate is higher for COVID-19, but not so much that it justifies testing across the board when it isn't warranted. Also, what about those who don't WANT to be tested, whether it be for religious purposes, ideological purposes, or just because they don't want to? You can't force/mandate testing, at least not in this country, without huge sweeping legislative changes, which would be fought at multiple levels. No, testing the entire population repeatedly, is just a waste of resources in order to make a small subsection of the population feel better. Better those resources be diverted to research and implementation of coronavirus treatments, and more importantly all of the medical procedures that have fallen by the wayside during the shutdown.
  6. heavyharmonies


    Also there is inconsistency in the categorization of people who are included in the mortality rate. Depending on local policy, if someone dies and it is determined that they were or had ever been found to have coronavirus, they are included in the death total even if the immediate cause of death had nothing to do with coronavirus. In other words, if I test positive for coronavirus and then 2 weeks from now get run over by a car, my death could be included in the COVID-19 death total. There already is prognostication that the long-term deaths due to suicide, illnesses not being treated, etc. because of the coronavirus shutdowns could be higher than the death toll from the disease itself. People not getting surgeries, cancer treatments, diagnoses, etc. because the healthcare system is focused solely on one disease. It literally could be a case of the cure being worse than the disease, let alone all the businesses shutting down, people losing jobs, homes, etc. because of the economic impact. What the disease doesn't destroy, the aftermath very well might.
  7. heavyharmonies


    Uhh.... whut? All that tells you is whether you currently have coronavirus or had it at some point in the recent past (there's a window for accurate testing). What about next week? The week after? Are you suggesting that everyone be tested every week? That would be an incredible waste of time, money, and available tests, specially for countries with large populations. No. Unless you have symptoms, are in a high risk category, or live with someone high risk and have a substantive reason to believe you have been exposed, there is no reason for everyone to be tested. That's just panic talking.
  8. Bite thy tongue, infidel! Persecute the heretic! Seriously though, the various lead vocalist eras of Threshold are decidedly different IMO, with the Mac era being by far the best. The choruses are stuperb. As a starting point, I would recommend the albums Hypothetical (2001), then Subsurface (2004). The former is my favorite album of all they've released. See the vids I posted earlier in the thread about 3 years ago.
  9. heavyharmonies


    Each system has its upsides and downsides depending on the scenario in play and what the demands are upon each system. In times of urgent need (war, pandemic, natural disaster) there's an advantage to centralized absolute control and "one size fits all". The rest of the time, the opposite can be true. Focus on triage and urgent care is different from focus on innovation and research. Typically people in countries with socialized healthcare wait longer and don't receive the same level of specialized care, but in a pinch they're able to coordinate and move quicker since they're used to authoritarian control. There's less questioning or pushback. We're now seeing one side of the spectrum under the microscope. The question is whether changing the system to accommodate the exception justifies sacrificing the quality of the norm. I can't answer that. I just know that they will be shrieking regardless of the choice.
  10. heavyharmonies


    Everyone has their own personal reasons for voting for (or against) certain candidates. You have to vote your conscience and/or what you feel is in your or your family's best interests, or barring that, the country's best interests. What one person decides may not fit the priorities of someone else, and that's perfectly fine. Leading up to the 2016 election, in my opinion, there was a fundamental shift in how the 2 parties and their supporters treat the opposing faction, especially (in my opinion) from the Left. With Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment and similar comments, it shifted the criticism from: "You are suppoorting a bad candidate!" to: "You are a bad person for supporting this candidate!" The difference may seem subtle, but it is monumental in tone and implication. This is what brought about all of the statements like "If you support Trump, you are a racist!" or a sexist, or a homophobe, or [insert pejorative here]. It's projecting the faults and flaws of the candidate onto the people that voted for that candidate, something we had not seen before nearly to the extent we have since. I actually had someone in my workplace tell me that I was a sexist for voting Republican. This mindset is so fundamentally flawed and wrong that I rebel against it with every fibre of my being. I loathe identity politics. It is abhorrent. Anyway, at the end of the day, your vote is your choice, and no one should be castigated for their voting decision.
  11. heavyharmonies


    Bingo bango bongo! This is very much it. My vote in 2016 was not for Trump as much as it was ant-Dem, anti-leftist, anti-establishment, and anti-mainstream media. It was very much a "hold your nose and vote" situation at the time, but his being in office has really brought to light the overarching hypocrisy of the media. Trump is not the champion I would ever choose, *but* given the opposition, they leave me no choice but to support him. I am so tired of the progressive left ultra-woke -ist sector of society lecturing me incessantly on how horrible a human being not only Trump is, but by extension I must be if I support anything he does at any time. Also, if you are male, straight, and white, you are by default an evil nazi and should feel guilty for drawing breath. Mainstream media in January: Trump is a racist for halting travel to/from China. Mainstream media in April: Trump is a failure because he didn't stop travel to/from China soon enough. Dafuq? Do you idiots even see what you're saying/writing/tweeting compared to what you said in January/February?? If Trump is pissing them off, then he's doing something right... and that's good enough for me.
  12. heavyharmonies


    No, you got it right. The screechers have been parsing every word and sentence to the nth degree, imputing literal directive/mandate where none was intended. Like the morons who misinterpreted his statements about hydroxychloroquine and went out and bought FISH TANK CLEANER and drank it. And then the leftist media establishment tried to blame Trump for their death/illness when no sane person would have ever interpreted his statements that way. Whatever. We're far too deep in this for anyone's opinions to be changed, mine included. Those who defend him will defend him, and those who want to blame him for all the universe's ills, including global warming and genital warts will continue to do so.
  13. heavyharmonies


    We'll just have to agree to disagree, which is fine.
  14. heavyharmonies


    The problem is that Biden is senile. He's sundowning... badly. Seriously, watch his interviews and press conferences. There's nobody there. So who is going to be pulling his strings if he takes office? Mark my words: whomever he chooses as VP would be president within 1 year if he were to win election. Also, he's been pandering increasingly to the far left, including the "open the borders and give all our benefits to illegal immigrants" crowd. No.
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