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  1. heavyharmonies


    P.S. The advice recommendations and classifications may have changed dramatically in the wake of the new variants and boosters. Originally-held opinions re: having already had COVID may be completely different now.
  2. heavyharmonies


    That seems odd. If you've been told (by medical authorities) that you don't need to be vaccinated because you've already had COVID-19, then with respect to restrictions/requirements you should be classified as vaccinated. I recall early on that someone who had already contracted COVID was considered equivalent to vaccinated, but that was only for a finite window, e.g., for N days after having the disease; it wasn't a permanent classification... but that may have changed. Because yeah, if they're telling you not to get the vaccintation, but you have to act as if unvaccinated, that's a complete bullshit of a no-mans-land to be stuck in.
  3. heavyharmonies


    Ehh? Nobody ever said that getting vaccinated prevents you from getting the disease. It doesn't make you immune. It lowers your chances of contracting it and passing it on, and more importantly greatly lowers the effect of COVID-19 *IF* you get it. Just like a flu shot doesn't prevent you from getting the flu. Cumulatively across the population, the fewer non-active hosts the virus has a chance to spread to, the lesser the chance it continues on. While it may not die out entirely, having a fully immunized population means that any flare-ups will be much smaller in size and severity.
  4. Yes, I'm just a bit behind posting samples. I took early retirement from my day job 3 weeks ago and am struggling to get some projects organized (including a long overdue de-hoarding of my house from 25+ years of accumulated sh*t). I'll try to get to them this week.
  5. I don't like to beat people over the head about it any longer than I have to. Once ould argue that 6 weeks is even too long to have that banner on the main site and post nags, etc. Also, the longer it stays up, the less impact it has (IMO). What I might do as a middle road is take stuff off the main site as planned on Oct. 31, but leave the donation widget with the goal progress indicater up and running here on the board. I would look into PayPal subscriptions (so that people could sign up for small regular payments which could be easier for them to handle), but the problem with that is that PayPal then takes 30 cents + 3.8% for EVERY single monthly payment, not just once... even more on payments coming from outside the U.S. So for example, on a $20 one-time donation coming from outside the U.S., PayPal takes $1.37 off the top (7%). On a 12-month subscription for that same $20 total, PayPal would take $4.44 (22%). I'm approximating; it may actually be a higher cut depending on the funding source. It's just not worth it for small dollar amounts, and would be a PITA to track and reconcile.
  6. I'll allow it. Seriously though, it's all good, whenever works for you, I appreciate the support. -Dan
  7. Just out of curiosity, what are you finding "weak" about the vocals, cuz I'm not hearing it...
  8. 1 week left until the end of the drive. Hopefully Halloween will bring out some treats for HH. Stuck at 55% of goal, which is down considerably from 2020 donations. I guess the current hyperinflation and economic uncertainty currently going on is having an effect on people's ability to spend. At any rate, my continued thanks to those who have supported HH, and if you haven't donated, well.... to quote It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: "you get a rock." (and you don't get TO rock!) -Dan
  9. Yeah, I'm going to have to side with DP on this one. As much of an egotistical douchenozzle Baldwin is, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Unintentionally/accidentally injuring, let alone killing someone, has got to be your worst nightmare. I can't imagine what it would be like to realize that you just killed someone.
  10. One song that hasn't really been mentioned that I really dig is "Perfect Ten". It perfectly captures the tone of the era. I remember being a college kid in the mid-late 1980s and Demi Moore was everyone's heartthrob.
  11. Maybe it's different in the UK, but the Nestor album is not available on Spotify here, only the singles that were released.
  12. Band logo screams thrash or death metal... not so much.
  13. If Trump was a "weak leader" then Biden is flat out catatonic in comparison... oh wait... he actually is.
  14. 2 weeks left to go! First, thanks to everyone who has donated to support the site so far. With 2 weeks left, the drive has raised 51% of the goal, so 6 months of site expenses are covered for the year. I'd like to see if we can nudge that a bit higher. I don't expect it to come as close to goal as in some previous years, but hope springs eternal. If you use the site regularly and find it and/or this community useful or enjoyable and you haven't yet donated, please consider chipping in $10 or $20 for the year. If you can't afford that, then $5. Every little bit helps! Thanks again! -Dan
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