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  1. Ahh yess! These guys can do no wrong IMO. I know a lot of folks here don't care for Euro-power metal, but Sabaton's military-themed albums are epically wonderful. They actually study the military history for their lyrical content as well, so it's not just off the cuff B.S.
  2. Ehh? Pineda is still in Journey isn't he? The split was amongst the old-timers I thought.
  3. Interesting... but I'm not sold. I'll reserve judgment.
  4. A bit primitive for my (current) tastes, but pleasant. I'm not as much into some of the classic material as I once was. I find myself gravitating more to modern retrowave/synthwave that has many of those musical characteristics but with current production /mix quality.
  5. I was onboard until the vocalist opened his mouth...
  6. That's not bad... but the rest of the album... uhh.... nope. Not for me.
  7. Listening through this right now. Quite good! Very polished.
  8. My point was as we are dealing with diminishing participation over time, do we want to unnecessarily or unintentionally discourage newbies/casuals from participating? It has nothing to do with criticism or foundation of opinion, but coming off has harsh, crude, or vulgar *CAN* have a negative effect, especially on those without a firm footing in the community. I'm just asking for some self-awareness and consideration of perception, that's all.
  9. Umm... I don't have the power to "bring back" anyone. People will come back or participate if they want to, and will stay away or lurk if they want to, for a myriad of reasons... ... which leads me to my next subject: *sigh* The last thing I ever want to do is be perceived as clamping down on anyone's ability to participate in discussion here, and all viewpoints and perspectives are considered equally, but dude... sometimes a little self-awareness and self-restraint could go a long way. I loathe political correctness more than most, but some of your posts make me cringe wi
  10. Facebook groups does appear to be where all the activity is... I just hate Facebook.
  11. Wow... well that's not good. So what is annoying people, the off-topic commentary? Politics? Lower volume of discussion traffic? Your press release updates and announcements are invaluable IMO. If people think things need to be refocused, please speak up. If you don't wish to do so publicly, please PM me. Thanks, -Dan
  12. Why, I resemble that remark!!!
  13. Aww... that's a shame... a real shame. Try again.
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