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  1. heavyharmonies


    Here's one: https://nypost.com/2021/02/24/bidens-kids-in-cages-prove-his-hypocrisy-on-immigration/ So the "kids in cages" facilities were opened under Obama, the media falsely blamed them on Trump, and now Biden is going back to them. Also, the left/media roundly criticized Trump for his use of executive orders and "ruling by fiat", yet here is Biden having performed the most executive orders in his first month since President Roosevelt in 1933... more than DOUBLE the number that Trump used. But hey, it's all good to "erase the Trump Presidency" bypassing Congress in the pr
  2. heavyharmonies


    The mental 180s and gymnastics that are occurring on all fronts now that it's Biden and not Trump at the helm are astounding. Fucking hypocrites. P.S. The new White House press secretary is an utter twatwaffle... hold the waffle. She can't hold a candle to Kayleigh McEnany. P.P.S. Harris is an even bigger c*nt. P.P.P.S. Where did they dig up this Simone Harris ignorant bint? Good lord.
  3. I've got a Skip Away sitting on a shelf. Piece of garbage. Absolutely nothing like the Eco Pro 2.
  4. It should. How scratched up is the disc? As long as the data layer isn't mucked up (the top of the disc), it should clean up. If you want to send me the disc, I'll give it a shot. No charge (although covering return shipping would be appreciated). That goes for any other regulars here who want to see what this machine can do. Send up to 5 discs to: Heavy Harmonies PO Box 17158 Urbana, IL 61803 U.S. folks only, as the international shipping costs are just stupid. Please include a slip of paper with a clear return address. If you like the results and want to work out
  5. I found thus far that most discs need only one 30-second cycle. Badly scratched discs could use up several though. Not to be pedantic about maths, but at 30 seconds per, the 800 minutes would clean 1600 discs.
  6. Umm... no, but if anyone wants to send me some scratched up CDs, I'm happy to see what the machine can do and ship them back. PM me if interested.
  7. Listening to this album now. Am I only one that finds the lead vocals annoying AF? They're like a quarter pitch flat across the board and I wince constantly. Musically it's not terrible, but I cannot get past the vocals. Yikes.
  8. Yep. Since the Biden administration entered office, that's the new way.
  9. My last exposure to supposed disc repair/cleaning machines was years ago with the "Skip Doctor"... And then later the Venmill Skip Away... The problem with both is that they grinded down the disc and left tell-tale circular abrasion marks. Sure, they made nonfunctional discs playable, but you could always tell when a disc had been run through one of these machines. A few weeks ago I was out Blu-Ray hunting and visited several stores of the midwest "Disc Replay" chain (think Gamestop but no PC games, just used consoles, console games, Blu-Rays, and DVDs). When I
  10. They've definitely taken a lighter, more melodic turn since their earlier material. This album isn't nearly as heavy as what I was expecting. Not a bad thing, just different...
  11. To this day I think the acapella lead-in to I'll Be Waiting is one of the best intros ever. My first exposure to JSS' vocals was the excellent Eyes S/T album.
  12. People WANT warning points? #2021crazy Maybe I should make forum warning points an incentive during the donation drive... I'll make literally TENS of dollars!
  13. Kids! Don't make me pull over... if I have to pull over and separate you two, we're going straight home!
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