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  1. This IMO is quite tasty. Album out on Pride & Joy Music on Dec. 6. SIGN X have emerged from the Hamburg/Germany based cult band Châlice, which has released 7 CDs since the early 90’s and played various shows with rock gods like Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Saga, Doro, Tesla, Magnum, Steve Lukather and many more. Since the band, singer Gino Naschke and keyboard player Axel Hoffmann have decided to go separate ways, the remaining team is heading for the future under a new flag. With Michel Jotzer on the keyboards and the exceptional singer Sebastian Zierof, who is well known as "Udo" in the successful musical "Hinterm Horizont", not only the Châlice songs are played with fresh blood. After getting some attention with the first EP at the beginning of 2018 (first place in the Classic Rock Charts at Amazon), the first own songs were created. Together with mix & master legend Andy Horn (The Red Room Studios), the songs have now been produced, arranged and finally recorded and mastered on an international level. Line-up: Sebastian Zierof (Leadvox, A-Guitar); Oliver Scheer (Guitar); Steve Lagleder (Bass, Backvox); Michael Mehl (Drums, Backvox); Michel Jotzer (Keys, A-Guitar, Backvox) https://www.facebook.com/SignXGermany/
  2. Not earth-shattering as far as innovation, but the album is very solid musically. A good listen.
  3. It's... Eclipse. I'm not minding this, probably liking it a bit more than the last album. Still very samey and a H.E.A.T. wannabe clone. But there are worse things to want to strive for. It's a down year at the top end of the spectrum IMO, so this rises a bit higher for me than it would in other years.
  4. Here's a good summary: https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/website-builders/best/free/
  5. Or here's an idea, go over to the main site and look at our Top 5 lists from the last 20 years. Seriously, at least over the last 5 years, I've posted Youtube links of sample songs from each of the top 5 albums from Mike, Pete, Jez, Terry, and myself. Here's the 2018 list to get you started: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/2018best.cgi
  6. I'm surprised that there's so little discussion about this one. Frankly, it's better than I expected.
  7. I believe you are going to be in the minority here with respect to your opinion about Queen. Their musicianship and material is beyond classic. Top of the heap. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion, but I wouldn't expect a whole lot of consensus. -Dan
  8. Yowza, from Shiraz Lane to Cats in Space covers a WIDE gamut of styles. Well-received more well-known bands form the last several years: Art Nation Brother Firetribe Care of Night Crazy Lixx The Defiants Dynazty Eclipse Find Me First Signal Harem Scarem H.E.A.T. Kissin' Dynamite The Night Flight Orchestra One Desire State of Salazar Treat W.E.T. If you have any interest in metal, Sabaton, Blind Guardian, and Iron Savior are can't miss IMO. Primal Fear is good as well. Amaranthe, Dragonforce, and Avantasia can be fun listens as well. Ghost for something a little off the beaten path. If you start getting into one-offs or indpendent/self-released material, especially going back in time, the list is endless.
  9. Yep. Two very different eras of the band IMO, the earlier material with Greg X. Volz on vocals, and the later John Schlitt material. My favorite albums as complete albums are the Elefante Brothers produced releases, Beyond Belief and Unseen Power. The earlier material has some great individual songs such as Grave Robber and The Colouring Song.
  10. Can anyone else who has received the official promo download of this album please PM me as to whether or not they are seeing the same symptoms. Word from the label is that they are not seeing (hearing) the same thing at their end. The image shown above is of track 1 straight from my download; no conversion or adjustments. Thanks, -Dan
  11. I agree. I mean, what were they thinking with that banjo solo in "Stay"... and the bagpipes were completely out of place in "Fallin' for You". I get that they want to be creative and "edgy" but the incessant rap drops were just a bit too much. What's that?... oh... yeah, apparently I'm not listening to the same album everyone else is either. Seriously though, about the last word I would use to describe this album is "patchy". Far from it. P.S. How did Geoff's penis get stuck in your ears... Aussie meet-up?
  12. Musically it's not bad, but Holy FUCK is this thing brickwalled! I nearly ripped off my headphones off when it started playing, it was so much louder than the other albums I was listening to. Also, the treble has that distorted sizzle. YUCK!
  13. List the ones you think shouldn't be here, and Mike or I will take a look. Regarding DVD/Blu-Ray releases, this is a tough one, as there are a lot of live performances now that are released as one or more of the following: 1. CD + DVD in one package 2. CD + Blu-Ray in one package 3. Separate CD and Blu-Ray releases of the same performance(s). For example, Fair Warning - Two Nights to Remember that came out earlier this year is available as a 2-DVD package, a 2-Blu-Ray package, and a 4-CD package. I think that if it is released on CD as part of any of these packages, it's worth including on the site. -Dan
  14. Ummm... no. They've become NSYNC in their later years?
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