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  1. This is actually pretty dang good. Hopefully a full album is in the works.
  2. Not gunna lie, that was better than I was expecting.
  3. As a minor, you should not post your picture in random places IMO, this forum included. If you want to put it on Facebook or Instagram, that's certainly your right, assuming your parents approve. There are some insane people out there, so I wouldn't.
  4. We' re all still here... some of us more sane than others.
  5. P.S. A couple of people donated earlier in the year, which is why the goal is already at 8%, and I'll add those people to the appropriate donor groups.
  6. Welp... the world has at least somewhat stabilized, so hopefully this is a better time for the annual donation drive than March would have been. I realize that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, so I fully understand if people won't be able to contribute. Time once again for me to beg and plead for everyone to chip in to cover Heavy Harmonies' expenses. Costs for the site run about $191 a month, about the same as last year. So when I say "costs", what do I mean? It's the out-of-pocket expenses to keep Heavy Harmonies running: server lease, bandwidth, hosting support,
  7. Quickly becoming one of my favorite metal bands. New album out last month on Napalm Records.
  8. Can you clear your browser cache, cookies for the forum, and see if you still get it? Also, what were you doing on the board at the time you got the message? Thanks.
  9. All's well that ends well. Still not thrilled with that theme though.
  10. What operating system and browser/app are you using and what does the error say specifically?
  11. It doesn't matter how many "peaceful" protests there are; that doesn't excuse the violent ones. What we've seen for the last 2 months stopped being about racism a LONG time ago. It is now violence and anarchy for its own sake. The video footage of these terrorists accosting and assaulting innocent members of the public shows them for the criminals they are. It's not ALL protests, but the majority in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and Rochester are just sheer rampant violence... and it's not for anyone's "cause." They want to tear the entire system down. The irony is that many of the bus
  12. Nah, just trying to find a viable dark theme that doesn't cost an arm and a leg that doesn't have the text visibility issues that broke in the recent board upgrade.
  13. Taking Dawn meets Disturbed? Kinda? The overall sound is very familiar but I like the execution and the video concept is cool as well.
  14. I've pretty much tuned out of sports completely since the quarantine began, and this makes it so much easier. I'll come back and see if the pandering and virtue signaling to support terrorist groups is over in 2021.
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