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  1. This album is a corker if you're a fan of vintage Judas Priest.
  2. In case there's anyone who missed getting the original version when it was still in print, or just a crazy completist like me... without much fanfare, Threshold has reissued Surface to Stage as a 2-disc expanded edition. Like other limited fan editions, this appears to only be available from the band directly, not through any retailers. It now includes my alltime favorite Threshold track "The Ravages of Time", which along with 2 others, had been omitted on the original release due to space constraints. http://www.thresh.net/2021/07/31/surface-to-stage-expanded-edition/ On 3 September 2021, Threshold will release an expanded double CD edition of their live album Surface To Stage featuring remixed and remastered audio, three additional tracks and an extended 12-page booklet with new liner notes and photos. Recorded in Switzerland during the band’s 2004 Subsurface tour, the original release featured a cut down version of the concert to fit onto a single CD with the songs ‘Freaks’, ‘The Ravages of Time’ and ‘Fragmentation’ left out. Surface To Stage – Expanded Edition now features all 13 tracks in their original running order as performed on the night. “It’s been a real pleasure revisiting this concert and restoring the audio to its full potential”, said guitarist Karl Groom who was responsible for remixing and remastering the album at Thin Ice Studios. “It was an amazing tour and I have great memories of it”. Track Listing: CD1: Mission Profile, Ground Control, Freaks, Into the Light, Echoes of Life, Long Way Home, Opium. CD2: The Art of Reason, Pressure, The Ravages of Time, Light and Space, Flags and Footprints, Fragmentation.
  3. Disagree. The whole premiere thing is Youtube's new promotions method they're pushing and if you want your channel to be tops in their algorithm you have to utilize it. Don't blame the band. I've seen more and more musical acts releasing new videos this way over the last year.
  4. JFC, this is looking to be an absolutely stuperb album. I absolutely cannot wait!
  5. Thanks for the heads-up. Give it a try now. I still need to redo the markup on BM so that it's more responsive, but the weird overlap should be gone. -Dan
  6. heavyharmonies


    He's just taking a page from the Left here in the U.S., since it seems to work so well: anyone protesting on behalf of rights/liberties/freedoms is by definition a neo-nazi/racist/extremist (all the while completely ignoring the actual extremism/violence perpetrated the year prior in the name of "justice"). We're living in a clown world.
  7. heavyharmonies


    What are referred to as "freedoms" down under, are what many of us in the U.S. consider "rights"... which is one of the major reasons this entire situation rankles many people. It's often framed by contrarians as "you are so selfish that you won't give up some minor privileges for the benefit of society"... uh hunh... as we see in Australia (and in certain cities/states in the U.S.), once certain entities have taken those rights, they are VERY reluctant to ever give them back. Some feel that the best course of action is to not give them up in the first place. Government loooooves control, despite the lip service it may give to the contrary; at it's core "the government" regardless of the form, doesn't want individuals to have rights... they're harder to control/subjugate.
  8. That currency option was a misconfiguration on my part. It shouldn't have been there. I now have a balance in Australian dollars that I have no clue what to do with. Thank you for the donation! -Dan
  9. Honestly, a year ago I would have thought that we would have put COVID well behind us by now... but sadly not much has changed in the world. Here in the U.S. we exchanged Asshole-in-Chief for Dementia-in-Chief, and it's pretty much the same sort of corrupt slugs running things. Basically life plods on as usual. Musically, the last year has been excellent, so at least that's one saving grace. Time once again for me to nag and beg everyone to chip in to cover Heavy Harmonies' expenses. Costs for the site run about $195 a month, about the same as last several years. Unlike the cost of consumer goods, which have gone insane, electronic services have remained fairly stable. So when I say "costs", what do I mean? It's the out-of-pocket expenses to keep Heavy Harmonies running: server lease, bandwidth, hosting support, and the subscription for this forum software. The 2020 drive did quite well, given what was going on in the world, reaching 85% of goal of covering the annual costs. Let's see if we can meet, or better yet, beat that goal! The donation drive will run through Halloween, October 31. Anyone who makes a single donation of $20 or more and has a board username will be added to the group "2021 Donors". This gets you the following benefits: A nice shiny icon in your profile showing that you are an HH Donor for 2021: An increase in the size of your PM storage from 200 to 500 messages Exempt from the search flood control (normally if you try and do a search more than every 20 seconds, you get an annoying little "please wait" message) The ability to start threads in the sale forum. No time limit on editing your own posts! This will especially be useful for those with trade/sale lists as you'll be able to edit them rather than posting revised versions. A warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are helping support Heavy Harmonies! If you donate $50 during the drive, either as a single donation or across multiple donations, you will be added to the group "2021 Gold Donors". This gets you the following in addition to the above: A bigger, shiny badge: All your posts will be highlighted, because if you show this much dedication to HH, what you have to say is obviously more more important! (just kidding, but your posts will be accentuated). In your donation, please put your board username in the notes section! Otherwise I have no way to tie your donation to your membership here on the board. If you are currently in the 2020 donor groups but don't wish to donate this year (or can't), at the end of the donation drive, your group membership will revert to the regular non-donator membership group. Membership in the 2021 Donors group will last until the end of next year's donation drive, at which point you can donate again to remain in the Donors group with the same benefits, or revert back to your current member group. PayPal donation buttons are found at the top of all the pages on the main site and here on the forum on the right side at the top, or if you'd prefer to send a money order, check, or cash (not recommended, but I know some people prefer to do so), you can make payable to Dan Harding and send to: Heavy Harmonies P.O. Box 17158 Urbana, IL 61803 USA If you can't give $20, give $10... if you can't give $10, give $5... it's just once a year. (And if you happen to be fortunate enough to be earning 6 figures or more per year, please feel free to give gobs of cash! I'm not opposed to having a sugar daddy or seven ) As always, your support is greatly appreciated! -Dan
  10. Sounds like he quoted Priority Mail. Even 1st Class for a 10 ounce package will be over US$20 and that's the cheapest method and isn't insurable (unless you use a third-party insurance company). International shipping costs are insane.
  11. I was impressed at how the Eagles game turned out... or maybe the Falcons are just that shitty? 2018 7th-round draft pick Aussie rugby player Jordan Mailata got a $64M contract extension yesterday and celebrated today by just absolutely destroying Atlanta safety Richie Grant. At 6 feet, 8 inches, 350 pounds, Mailata's a monster. No YT video, but you can see the video down on the page: https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/eagles-jordan-mailata-block-of-the-season-video-falcons-safety-01ffdsvtjr12 I remember when he was drafted and most people said at best he'd end up being a practice squad player; no way he would ever become a starter in the NFL. Looks like this "project" player has worked out after all.
  12. heavyharmonies


    Don't fool yourself. It's constititional if the current administration says it is (true of any administration not just Biden) ... until someone has standing to sue and the suit makes its way through the court system, which could take months if not years.
  13. heavyharmonies


    Additionally, as confirmed by Biden's mouthpiece Psaki, federal workers are required to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, but detained illegals at the border are allowed to refuse the vaccintation. Nice. I would also argue that if a vaccine is mandated to be employed in this country, then it should also be required in order to receive Welfare benefits. Why hasn't that been mandated?
  14. heavyharmonies


    Yeah... I've been fully vaccinated for over 5 months so I have no personal dog in this fight, but it's a bit disconcerting how we went from "we encourage everyone to get vaccinated" to "get vaccinated or lose your job". Per Biden's speech there will be no testing option for federal workers or people working for companies that are subcontractors working for the government. You get poked or get fired. Also the way "the vaccinated" seem to talk about those not vaccinated in mainstream circles is eerily reminiscent of the very anti-minority racism and other -isms that a large group of people go stalking through life protesting against. But somehow it's ok when "those people" are those who are afraid to get the vaccination, don't trust the vaccination, or simply don't want it. The irony is that while the mainstream media tries to spin it as a Left-Right thing when it comes to being vaccinated, a very large percentage of the unvaccinated in this country live in Blue states, members of the African American community. Many members of minority groups don't trust the government and rightfully so (Tuskegee Experiment anyone?). Creating second-class citizens is apparently ok when the government wants to do it. Coming next: Arm bands and internment camps for the nonvaccinated. Time to dust off a copy of Mein Kampf for a re-read.
  15. Retrowave... it's the bandwagon everyone's jumping onto... not that I'm complaining, mind you.
  16. Meh? Seriously??? That's one of the best fucking pure ballads in the last 5+ years if not longer. That guitar work was pure ear candy; perfect for the song. And their vocals blended wonderfully. I must have been listening to something different from what some of the others here were listening to... egads.
  17. Just got promo copy on this last week. The album is being released on Golden Robot Records on Sep. 24. The company doing promo for it is the same group that does AFM and Massacre Records, so it should get decent exposure. One listen through and it's not bad stuff; the heavier side of melodic.
  18. Bizarre... twisted... but at the same time very cool.
  19. heavyharmonies


    It happened everywhere. Companies that made profits during the pandemic got government money that went straight to shareholders and executives. Also people who didn't actually need the assistance (heck, one could argue that I fall into that category since I continued to work from home). Normally these types of mercenary corporate behaviors would make my blood boil, but these were not exactly ideal circumstances. Governments rushed programs into existence as a quick fix; there wasn't time to fully think through the terms, conditions, and mechanics of these programs. Government bureaucracies are incompetent and inefficient under the best of circumstances; the urgency just made it worse. Here in the U.S., there was an income level phaseout range for individuals over which the government asssistance reduced and ultimately disappeared. I'm not sure whether other countries had similar constraints in place. I also don't know the full requirements of the PPP loans available to business here in the U.S. I know that in order to NOT have to repay the money, a certain percentage of those proceeds had to be used for employee wages within a certain date range, but it gets complicated and I'm sure there are ways to game the system. I will say that going after pensioners to repay overpayment while ignoring business entities who received same is fucking evil. But that's the governemnt for ya.
  20. I'm not talking about the 2020 election specifically. I'm referring to any attempts to enact voter ID laws. Those efforts are always portrayed as racist by the Left.
  21. The production/mix on this album is freaking awesome.
  22. Here in the U.S. it isn't... actually, most "common sense" issues/arguments aren't common here at all. Every attempt to get voter ID laws passed down here is immediately portrayed by the Left as racist. It's in the Left's best interests to allow voting by illegal immigrants, so they use the racist angle to shut down any discussion/debate. The irony is that the implicit assumption that people of color cannot obtain or afford photo IDs is inherently racist.
  23. But wequiwing photo ID ith waythitht!!!! FFS.
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