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  1. This album artwork is INFINITELY better than what was originally posted. I loved old Axe as well as the re-recordings, so I'm really looking forward to this.
  2. I'm listening to the album now... musically I really like it, but... and this is no reflection on the band but rather Frontiers: it sounds like ass. I kept thinking the sound quality was shit, and then I A-B'ed the tracks against the Youtube videos posted here, and mother fucker, it's like night and day... they compressed the FUCK out of the press kit mp3s. Hey record labels: you don't need to bit-starve mp3s for space or download speed any more. This isn't 1996! FFS. Unless they deliberately don't want "quality" versions of the mp3s floating around out there... but that doesn't even make any sense now that Frontiers no longer makes digital download versions available before release day any more. By the time they make the press mp3s available, there are better quality versions out there among the torrents, if people really want them. No, I think it's more likely half-assedmanship. Not sure how people can make qualitative assessments using bit-starved digital files. If I were basing my Best of 2019 awards on shite like this, there's no way the album would come anywhere near the top 5, no matter how good the songs and musicianship are; the SQ kills it. /rant.
  3. Just getting around to listening to this album in its entirety, and IMO this is better and more approachable than most previous efforts. Yes, the songs can get a wee bit lengthy, but The Raven Child, even at 11:14 in lengthy, is a superb piece.
  4. Sheeit, that's nothing. Here you go:
  5. It's that time of the year again. Time for me to beg like an annoying spouse (or ex-spouse) and get ya to pry open those wallets to chip in to cover Heavy Harmonies' expenses. Costs for the site run about $190 a month, up a little bit from last year. So when I say "costs", what do I mean? It's the out-of-pocket expenses to keep Heavy Harmonies running: server lease, bandwidth, hosting support, and the subscription for this forum software. Last year, the drive came up just shy of covering the annual costs, at 88%, on the heels of hitting 100% in 2017 for the first time ever. The donation drive will run through April 30. Anyone who makes a single donation of $20 or more and has a board username will be added to the group "2019 Donors". This gets you the following benefits: A nice shiny icon in your profile showing that you are an HH Donor for 2019: An increase in the size of your PM storage from 200 to 500 messages Exempt from the search flood control (normally if you try and do a search more than every 20 seconds, you get an annoying little "please wait" message) The ability to start threads in the sale forum. No time limit on editing your own posts! This will especially be useful for those with trade/sale lists as you'll be able to edit them rather than posting revised versions. A warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are helping support Heavy Harmonies! If you donate $50 during the drive, either as a single donation or across multiple donations, you will be added to the group "2019 Gold Donors". This gets you the following in addition to the above: A bigger, fully animated shiny badge: All your posts will be highlighted, because if you show this much dedication to HH, what you have to say is obviously more more important! (just kidding, but your posts will be accentuated). In your donation, please put your board username in the notes section! Otherwise I have no way to tie your donation to your membership here on the board. If you are currently in the 2018 donor groups but don't wish to donate this year (or can't), at the end of the donation drive, your group membership will revert to the regular non-donator membership group. Membership in the 2019 Donors group will last until the end of next year's donation drive, at which point you can donate again to remain in the Donors group with the same benefits, or revert back to your current member group. PayPal donation buttons are found at the top of all the pages on the main site and here on the forum on the right side at the top, or if you'd prefer to send a money order, check, or cash (not recommended, but I know some people prefer to do so), you can make payable to Dan Harding and send to: Heavy Harmonies P.O. Box 17158 Urbana, IL 61803 USA If you can't give $20, give $10... if you can't give $10, give $5... it's just once a year. (And if you happen to be fortunate enough to be earning 6 figures or more per year, please feel free to give gobs of cash! I'm not opposed to having a sugar daddy or seven ) As always, your support is greatly appreciated! -Dan
  6. Gah! You're right. I was thinking of Barren Cross. That's the Maiden clone. Can you tell it's been a while since I listened to Christian Rock/Metal?
  7. Darkstone, My guess is you're looking for the "less preachy" CCM out there... which can be tough given its very nature. I second The Brave recommendation; pretty much anything with John Elefante in the production chair, and that includes the several Petra albums he produced (actually, pretty much anything on John & Dino Elefante's Pakaderm Records). Musically, Ken Tamplin's discography is top notch. I like quite a bit of White Heart's material, especially Highlands. The above are very polished melodic/hard rock. If you're looking for something a bit more raw or traditional hard rock, Bloodgood is solid, as is Holy Soldier and Whitecross. If you like Def Leppard, Nouveaux is recommended. If you like Iron Maiden, check out Sacred Warrior.
  8. I filed a support ticket early this morning... I'll go kick them.
  9. This album is fantabulous... just sayin'...
  10. I think it might be the pitch/timbre of his voice. You read similar comments about Tony Harnell and Rob Moratti. Personally I like all 3, but I know that for some people the vocal characteristics are like nails on a chalkboard.
  11. Samples of all tracks over on the main site: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=8653&CDName=The Darkest Part Of Me Excellent stuff!
  12. The new board software has some bugs in it with respect to user tracking. It's considering bots/spiders/etc. to be "users". They're aware of the issue... especially after I raised holy hell with them the day before yesterday, when the number of current "users" skyrocketed to almost 200, bumping me into a subscription tier that would have quadrupled the monthly forum costs. Not cool.
  13. Appears to be running fine now. I had to submit another support ticket for them to re-apply the fix that they had done before I upgraded... sheesh.
  14. I just upgraded the board to a new version. Let me know if anything isn't working properly or looking correct. Thanks, -Dan P.S. One new addition... see the GIF button in the editor.
  15. Board is in crappola mode. Everything takes forever to load. I have a support ticket into the provider... -Dan
  16. In 1988 Lypswitch moved from Orlando, FL. to Hollywood, CA. to follow the Rock ’n Roll Dream. In three years the band played over 100 shows and was almost signed. After 30 years the band has regrouped and has finally released this CD. Lypswitch is:Danny Whaley VocalsMick O'Brien GuitarsDavid Love BassK.A. Drums Featuring 14 Songs, including 3 new Lypswitch Songs: World of Sin American Song Somewhere Someplace (Featuring Joe Leste of Bang Tango) Rock N Roll ain't Pretty Watch Me Live Domination (New) Thirst (New) Carry Me Away (New) Rattlesnake Skin Sexx on the Sun Razorblade Slide Kiss in the Dark Psychedelic Dave's Song Already their upbeat, wild rock sound has spread through the airwaves of Southern California via KNAC 105.5, which has been playing Lypswitch's demo tune "Rattlesnake Skin". Wait any longer and you’ll need binoculars to see them from your Coliseum luxury box. - LA Weekly March 1990 With such killer songs as "Rattlesnake Skin", and "Kiss in the Dark" these prophets of what they call "Underground Punk Funk Street Rock" are headed to the top. - BAM Magazine August 10, 1990 They have just enough sex and looks to play the strip, just enough grit, reality, and black leather to play the darker scene. - Concrete Jungle - 1989 The band has the material, image and looks... - Rock City News 1989 Hard-driving riffs and an anthemic chorus reminiscent of bands such as GNR and Poison. - BraveWords - Canada - April 2015 Featured on the Hollywood Rocks and Rock 'n Roll Rebels Box Sets http://lypswitch.com/
  17. The acapella vocal group Pentatonix has been one of my guilty pleasures for several years now. Their covers and medleys are epic. Superfruit is a side project of two of the members of Pentatonix, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi. They trend more to pop/dance music, but this new song might appeal to some here, as IMO it is vintage '80s melodic pop, and the visual styles are on point, especially Mitch's mullet and wardrobe.
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