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  1. Great list! Personally, I also like Dance With the Dead.
  2. The other aspect that I forgot to mention is that it's not a "one size fits all" issue. How risky a vaccine is will depend on your personal medical history and current medical conditions that might complicate the decision. Depending on the side effects of the vaccine, for you the cure might be worse than the disease. It's not cut and dried.
  3. This is a NON-public poll, meaning that people cannot see your responses, because I want people to feel comfortable with answering honestly. I just want to get a feel for the community's take on some of the rancorous discussion going on. Thanks! -Dan
  4. And these sorts of tit for tats are why most forums ban all political discussion. Invariably someone (or multiple someones) gets pissed off and it bleeds into other areas/aspects of the community.
  5. Strawman argument. How about neither?
  6. This 100%. I don't trust anything that has been rushed through and bypassed/shortened normal testing/vetting protocols. Some side effects may take months or longer to manifest themselves, or may only conflict with medications or co-conditions not present in the trial sample populations. 6 months after widespread distribution I'll consider it. Then again, it may be that we don't have any choice in the matter. I can easily see under a Biden administration, as control-mongering as it will be, that being stopped in public and not having a valid "National COVID Vaccination Card" being gro
  7. I was really opposed to Cruz in 2016. He was a complete douchenozzle. However, over the last 4 years he's adopted a very different persona IMO and has shown some great leadership on certain issues. Also, one thing I never realized then, but has come to the fore since: he has a brilliant legal mind. I disagree with his hard-line pro-life stance, and I'm not aligned with him on many religious issues, but when it comes to fiscal and judicial policies, I'm a fan. I would have voted for Cruz over Trump in 2020 actually. While I hope Cruz does run in 2024, the hard-right pro-life/religious
  8. heavyharmonies


    So we can tell you to "EAT SHIT!" and you'll be like, "ok man, whatever. Bring it on!" Hang in there!
  9. heavyharmonies


    Glad you're not showing symptoms. As long as that's the case, it's better to get it over with and know you have antibodies, IMO.
  10. Well, if nothing else here, we've proven that non-Americans know about as much about the media and culture in the U.S. as Americans know about media and culture in other countries.
  11. I'll take that bet. Obama didn't have the far left loonies like Harris, AOC, Omar, and Bernie determining his cabinet and his policies. Plus, Biden won't last the term. My over-under is December 2021.
  12. Not quite as good as the first track; somewhat boring.
  13. For those who like the modern hard rock sound. Extremely well produced/mixed. I'm digging it! Not everyone's cup of tea. Wide variety of styles IMO. Out November 27 on AFM Records. https://oceanhills.band/
  14. heavyharmonies


    Easily. Many third-world (or "developing") countries either (1) don't have the infrastructure in place for reliable testing or reporting, or (2) numbers are deliberately underreported for political reasons. Does anyone REALLY believe the numbers coming out of China are accurate? They're ground zero for the virus and have the highest population on the planet, but have only 86,000 reported cases to date... riiiiiiiight.
  15. heavyharmonies


    Let's focus on the topic at hand please rather than turning this into yet another Orange Man Bad! thread. I think a certain level of increase should have been expected, as (1) we're now heading into normal flu season, and (2) the colder weather means that groups are now congregating more indoors than they were outdoors. We're seeing a surge here as well, although nothing remotely overwhelming with respect to the medical system. County population is 209,000 and we currently have 528 active cases, of which 7 are hospitalized. Cumulative deaths in the county to date: 37 (mos
  16. Wow. I'll be honest: I had no idea the label was still active. I remember picking up the Charlie and Shooting star albums when they were first released on CD.
  17. It's a bit more complicated than that, IMO. There are fundamental differences in governmental style and history (and laws!) between the U.S. and most European nations. How people react to change is in large part determined by what you've grown up with as being "normal". You could no more take the legislative agendas and models from a European country and drop them into the U.S. than you could the reverse. Neither would work. Monumental changes result in civil unrest and strife. Only gradual change has the remotest chance of being accepted, at least here. We Americans, as a general rule, d
  18. When I checked this morning, the outcome in the senate wasn't finalized yet. There's still a number of seats in play, including 2 elections in Georgia that will go to runoff elections in January. If the Dems control all 3 branches with the current influence of the extreme left, God help us... P.S. Regarding number of executive orders, Trump hasn't made substantially more than Obama did, and both pale vs. the number of EOs made by U.S. presidents at the beginning of the 20th century: https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/statistics/data/executive-orders
  19. That is a truly frightening concept.
  20. You assume too much. If the vote proves that Biden won, then so be it. The people have spoken. That's the way it works. Unlike in 2016 when Hillary supporters were marching in the streets screeching, and university campuses bringing in counselors and therapy dogs (this isn't anecdotal; it happened on the campus I work for; I still have the emails), I predict the vast majority on the right will say "all right" and roll up their sleeves and get back to work. I do have some SERIOUS concerns about a Harris/Biden administration and to what extent they will try to implement the policies of
  21. I'll leave things as they are because I say I won't remove content in Flamefest, but I agree that the "whore" comments are petty and juvenile and actually diminish one's argument. Unless the attempt was purely to troll, in which case: mission accomplished. Pelosi isn't a whore. She's a nasty, vindictive, petty, incompetent, self-serving narcissist that Trump could take lessons from. Kamala Harris isn't a whore either. She's disingenuous and a control freak that shifts her priorities and policies like the wind, while having a history of policies that bely the image of being an ally to
  22. Umm, we don't do that here. Snowflakes on either side that are too triggered by opposing viewpoints are free to not read this thread. That's the problem with the Left (in my opinion): as we've seen all across social media this year, their first response when confronted with viewpoints they disagree with is to want the opposing party banned or deplatformed. That is a very heavy-handed totalitarian approach, ironically from the party of "tolerance and kindness"... in other words, "fascism is ok when WE do it". Not here, folks.
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