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    Stone Broken - Ain't Always Easy

    Nickelback, dat U?
  2. heavyharmonies

    Palace - Binary Music

    First listen through... it's nowhere near as bad as The Geoffadillo claims, but then again he always has someone's penis in his ears. That said, it's not as grabbing as the debut. Seems a bit disjointed stylistically as well. Depending on how it holds up on relistening, it might make honorable mention, but definitely not top 5 of 2018.
  3. heavyharmonies

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Well poop.
  4. heavyharmonies

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Damn. They veered that far off from the first album, or you didn't like that one either (meaning I'll probably love it )?
  5. heavyharmonies

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Palace State of Salazar Within Temptation
  6. heavyharmonies

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Really? I'm looking at at least 3 potential top-5 contenders coming out in the last 3 weeks of 2018. -Dan
  7. heavyharmonies

    Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia

    Coming March 8, 2019.
  8. heavyharmonies

    The Band/Artist you hate the most.

    Nirvana. The advent of downtuned guitars and "I hate my miserable life" music, aka "The Seattle Sound", whose popularity ushered in the demise of the '80s party metal we all love. To this day, if I hear a Nirvana song, I change the channel/skip the song. To be honest though, that's true of all grunge bands (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, etc.), but Nirvana is the epitome of everything wrong in music. Music so horrid and contemptible that Kurt Kaboom woke up one morning, looked at what he had inflicted upon society, and blew his brains out. *spit*
  9. heavyharmonies

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

    I'm a couple tracks into listening to this, and I'm really enjoying it. His lead vocals are very enjoyable. This is less Kansas-esque than the previous works he was involved with, but you can still hear those aspects. No video since there's nothing on Youtube that I could find, and no audio on the main site because Escape doesn't want sound samples of their releases posted, even only 1-minute tracks. Release date: November 23, 2018. Jerome Mazza is a singer / songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania. At the age of 8 he taught himself how to play the guitar and sing after being influenced by guitarist and singer Mark Farner (Grand Funk). Playing guitar and singing through his teenage years Jerome joined his first band at age 19 and toured the east coast in various rock and pop bands. He started writing songs at age 25 and was very influenced by progressive rock band Kansas. In 1990 Jerome became the vocalist for Christian metal band Angelica. To this day the album “Walking in Faith” by Angelica remains their most respected release. Moving on to 2015 Jerome recorded a solo album and then joined forces with Torben Enevoldsen for the band “Pinnacle Point”. It was at this point that Khalil from Escape Music approached Jerome when he discovered him on YouTube singing for the band “Pinnacle Point”. Khalil invited Jerome to sing duet with Steve Walsh on the song “Born In Fire” on the new Steve Walsh CD “Black Butterfly” (Nov 2017 ESM311). Jerome’s performance was so outstanding that Khalil asked him to be a guest to sing additional songs on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album. It was an easy decision for Jerome to make and the result was explosive! It became obvious that Jerome should record a new solo album and here it is in all its glory! This is a masterpiece of melodic rock featuring Jerome’s incredible vocal range. With backing from musicians that were also featured on the Steve Walsh “Black Butterfly” album, this will be one of the most talked about releases of the year! Jerome Mazza – Lead & Background vocals Tommy Denander – Guitars / Keyboards Steve Overland – Backing vocals Brian Anthony – Bass Chris Metzger – Drums / percussion Track list: 1. Neverland 4:03 2. Immortal 3:58 3. The Dark Side 3:10 4. Streets On Fire 5:03 5. The Last Goodbye 4:38 6. Undercover Love 4:08 7. Song For The People 3:37 8. Save The Best Til Last 3:38 9. Crossfire 4:12 10. Calm Before The Storm 4:00 11. Outlaw Son 3:44 12. Unfinished Business 3:19
  10. heavyharmonies

    Tremonti - A Dying Machine

    I'm gobsmacked that there's no discussion at all about this release. I liked the last one and this one is even better.
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for all the work you've been doing submitting cover art, but I do have a request. When grabbing pictures or scanning pictures, please make sure there's enough resolution to actually work with. The album covers on the site are 200x200 pixels, so anything where the actual cover is that size or bigger is great. Some of the ones that have been submitted, I can't really use since, when I crop the picture to the actual size, they end up being so small that by the time I upsample them to 200x200, the JPEG artifacting is so bad that the picture is blurry. For example, this one is fine: But this one is too small to work with: I'd like to post as high-quality pics as I can. Thanks! -Dan
  12. heavyharmonies

    Dire Peril - The Extraterrestrial Compendium

  13. I'm enjoying the heck out of this.. kind of a mix between Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. Very polished. Out on Divebomb Records November 19. American sci-fi power metal duo DIRE PERIL featuring Jason Ashcraft (Helion Prime) and vocalist John Yelland (Judicator) announce they will be unleashing their new album "The Extraterrestrial Compendium" on November 9th, 2018 via Divebomb Records. The debut full length follows DIRE PERIL's three previous EP releases "Astronomical Minds" (2013), "Queen of The Galaxy" (2014) and "Through Time and Space" (2015). Inspired by all manners of science fiction, "The Extraterrestrial Compendium" bases each one of its 12 songs on classic sci-fi movies including Predator, Total Recall, Starship Troopers, and E.T. and features guest performances by Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers) reprising her role as Barbarella for a re-recorded version of "Queen of the Galaxy" and the mighty Arjen Anthony Luccassen (Ayreon, Star One, The Gentle Storm), who lends his voice and guitar skills to album-closer "Journey Beyond the Stars". "The album takes you on a journey all based on different sci-fi films. From fast aggressive right hand attacks (in style of Iced Earth) to softer acoustic passages." says Ashcraft. The band's first single "Heart of The Furyan" is a track based on the "The Chronicles of Riddick" series, but more importantly the third installment "Riddick" where the duo demonstrate a very strong gallop riff during the verse, a slow acoustic middle section and big chorus. Track Listing: 1. Yautja (Hunter Culture) 2. Planet Preservation 3. Enemy Mine 4. The Visitor 5. Total Recall 6. Queen of the Galaxy* 7. Roughnecks 8. Blood in the Ice 9. Heart of the Furyan 10. Altair IV: The Forbidden Planet 11. Always Right Here 12. Journey Beyond the Stars** *Features Brittney Slayes **Features Arjen Anthony Lucassen Album Band Line Up: Jason Ashcraft (Guitar, bass) John Yelland (Vocals) Featuring Brittney Slayes as guest vocalist on Queen of the Galaxy Featuring Arjen Anthony Lucassen as a guest Live Band Line Up: Jason Ashcraft (Rhythm Guitars) John Yelland (Vocals) Chelsea McMasters (Bass) Steven Soderberg (Lead Guitars) Tom Tierney (Drums) For more info: http://direperil.com https://www.facebook.com/direperil
  14. heavyharmonies

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Yep. It's a monster of a song.
  15. heavyharmonies

    Dire Peril - The Extraterrestrial Compendium

    Not a single comment about this album? Dang. Fuck.
  16. heavyharmonies

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    With 1 month left to go in 2018, I've been refining my ratings and getting through some unrated material. While I think there are a lot of very good albums this year, I don't know that the overall top end is as high as some recent years. No head-and-shoulders "debatable best of the last decade" quality material. So... good year, not fantastic year.
  17. heavyharmonies

    White Widdow - Victory

    Great music, shitty production/sound quality. Too bad.
  18. heavyharmonies

    Buckcherry - Head like a hole

    Nine Inch Nope
  19. heavyharmonies

    Last In Line - II

    How can you have "Last in Line - II"? Wouldn't it have to be "Second to Last in Line"?
  20. heavyharmonies

    Ten - Illuminati

    This one won't be. Maybe it's the album, maybe it's the new year and my preferences have shifted, but this one bores me to tears.
  21. heavyharmonies

    Within Temptation - The Reckoning

    And so it begins...
  22. heavyharmonies

    Gathering Of Kings

    Band soon to be renamed "Burial of Kings".
  23. heavyharmonies

    Within Temptation - The Reckoning

    Next single.
  24. heavyharmonies

    StoneLake - Thunder And Rain

    I'm surprised there's no discussion about this release. Very listenable.
  25. heavyharmonies

    Care Of Night - Love Equals War

    Well, if you don't like long songs, this album ain't for you. Love Equals War 6:13 Your Perfection 5:03 She Leads You On 4:56 All I Got 5:42 Hit 4:14 Ivory Tower 4:50 Cold As My Heart 5:49 Please Don't Leave 5:10 We Will Find a Way 5:02 At Last 6:13

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