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  1. While I was still buying lots of new music (cassette tapes! lol) at the time, I was watching alot less MTv... maybe that's why I don't really remember this one And then there was this one... banned back in the day due to its "graphic imagery and mature subject matter"...
  2. Thoroughly enjoy both songs they've released so far; hopefully this is a sign of things to come in 2020!
  3. When multiple people post spreading the word about the same band....
  4. From their 2014 CD Back on Earth... Ride to Hell and several newer tracks which will hopefully feature on a new CD soon... The Endless Road Rock the Highway LOL, they like songs about roads and riding roads, and endless roads... well, you get the idea. Anyway, I dig 'em, and thought some of you fine folks may as well! http://www.girishandthechronicles.com/
  5. Started using Maxthon back in 2011 and never looked back... https://www.maxthon.com/
  6. Ahh, the mighty Leppard... definitely hard to whittle it down to 10, but here goes (in order of release): Let It Go Too Late For Love Foolin' Women Gods of War White Lightning Fractured Love Paper Sun Scar Undefeated
  7. This link was sent out via the Kix mailing list today... The Shooze, Live at 11th Frame Lounge, January 19, 1980 This rare gem features the original line up of KIX, first known as The Shooze, performing live in Pikeside, West Virginia at the 11th Frame Lounge. Thanks to Doug Palmer for this 40 year old piece of KIX history.
  8. Looking back through their posts from 2015 on their FB page it seems like they actually managed to get the CD done via Pledge Music. If they had any issues, they didn't discuss them publicly anyway.
  9. Picked up this EP recently... quite enjoyable female fronted melodic hard rock. Nice covers of Scandal's "The Warrior" and The Outfield's "Your Love". I'm surprised back when this was originally posted that no mention was made of Sean Kelly of Crash Kelly fame being on guitar and Emm Gryner, sister of Tony Gryner aka our very own Koogles, being on vocals.
  10. Dokken Van Hagar Y&T Tesla That 4th spot could change almost hourly (Stryper, Def Leppard, Great White, and Brother Firetribe were all considered) but that top 3 is concrete!
  11. 1.Baptized In Ecstasy 2. Show Me The Road 3. Human Centipede 4. One Night Ain't Enough 5. Heavy Metal Love Affair 6. The Great Escape 7. Sin City 8. Introspection 9. Enemy Inside 10. Blaze 11. Heavy Metal Love Affair (Radio Edit) 12. Everyone’s Star (Bonus Track) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ole Aleksander Wagenius - Vocals Jon Aarseth - Guitars Stian Stensrud - Bass Ronny Rocken Arntzen - Drums Magnus Johansen - Keyboards Record Label: Crime Records Release date:18.10.2019
  12. 1 Skipping Stone 2 Dollar Sign$ 3 Tides Are Changin' 4 Broken Hearts Broken Bones 5 Skipping Stone (Acoustic)
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