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  1. Here's the "foot fetish" version of "Bitch on the Run"
  2. I know her blues based rock isn't going to appeal to everyone here, but Gawdd@mn I love this song! She is a total badass! Right now... right now I'm feeling it! Another fave
  3. You can listen to their unreleased 1992 album "All the Fools in Town...Are on Our Side" at https://soundcloud.com/sweetaddiction-gb/sets/all-the-fools-in-town-are-on-1
  4. They do a damn fine version of the Firehouse hit; of course, with former Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson in the band now, I guess they ought to!
  5. No full length album as far as I can tell, just several singles/CD singles.
  6. Video quality isn't the greatest, but you get the idea what these not very well known UK rockers were all about....
  7. Had no idea there was a video for this song!
  8. Info taken from Sleaze Roxx at: https://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/sven-gali-3/ Unfortunately, this is much more akin to Inwire than their excellent debut. https://www.svengali.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/svengalicanada/ 01. Kill The Lies 02. You Won’t Break Me 03. Now 04. Hurt Dave Wanless – vocals Andy Frank – guitar Shawn Minden – bass Sean Williamson – guitar Dan Fila – drums
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