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  1. Just added this one over on the main site; I liked what I heard in the videos on his site... Nice list of guest vocalists and guitarists too! https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=9344&CDName=Rise&Letter=A https://www.roncoolen.rocks/ Ron Coolen Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards Keith St. John vocals Goran Edman vocals Sam Walters vocals Chris Clancy vocals George Lynch guitar Thorsten Koehne guitar Steve Lamb guitar Christopher Amott guitar Stephan Forte guitar Joey Concepcion guitar Johannes Persson guitar Daniel Verberk guita
  2. 5. Unleash the Archers - Abyss 4. Palace - Rock And Roll Radio 3. Kansas - The Absence Of Presence 2. DeVicious - Phase Three 1. Dynazty - The Dark Delight
  3. This has been discussed on the Melodic Mafia Facebook page, and it appears to be legit, so I thought I'd let everyone here know that sometime later this year, NEH Records will be closing up shop, as owner, Michael McPherson plans to retire. There will be no new releases carried going forwards, and there has been a "rarities" section added to the site where he is listing older, now out of print releases, with most being sealed. Discs released in the last few years have seen pretty dramatic price decreases as well. I absolutely HATE to hear this, as NEH Records has been my Go To site for ma
  4. 5:08 EST the tear gas has come out 👍
  5. Capitol building being evacuated for the first time since 9/11. How embarrassing for our country. Just sad. Tear gas em, hit em with water cannons, hell, bring out the tasers and rubber bullets like we’ve seen at other “protests” over the past year.
  6. My copy arrived yesterday, and I was quite impressed on the first spin! 🤘
  7. Hope everyone has a rokken Christmas!
  8. 01 – The Winner 02 – Damned to Love 03 – Grow up Younger 04 – Kill Me 05 – Moving Slow Down 06 – Sweet Vengeance 07 – Don’t Give It Up 08 – Susanne 09 – When Love Arrives 10 – Emotion Seeker Guillermo Munoz: Vocals Guillermo Capilla: Guitar, Backing Vocals Javier Hidalgo: Keyboards, Backing Vocals Gonzalo Villanueva: Drums Marcos Jimenez: Bass, Backing Vocals https://www.facebook.com/Fahrenheithardrock/
  9. This has become one of my favorites over the last few years; I prefer this version to the Lovemongers/Heart version:
  10. I wasn’t allowed to say anything until today, but it's now okay for me to share that I have volunteered for the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. The vaccine is the one that has been developed in Russia. It is in 6 different stages and I received my first dose this morning at 06:20 am, and I wanted to let you all know that it is safe and I’m ok, with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι я чувю себя немного стрно и я думю, что вытл осные уши. чувству себя немго страо. Komrade.
  11. I thought the same thing; waaaaay too “busy”. Could’ve been superb if they’d kept it just Tears For Fears and Crue.
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