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  1. Actually.... All kinds of people did a version of this one evidently...
  2. An alternate version of Ramsey Lewis - Love Will Find a Way ? Lyrics: Are you feeling down and lonely? Feeling like you can't go on? Just remember love will find a way Tell me, are you going through changes Time seems like it's passing by Just believe that love will find a way I see the tears you cry I see the pain that's in your eyes So many times you were so lonely And no one seemed to care But if your hopes for your tomorrows Are drowning in your sorrows Know your heart will show you the way Are you trying to find a beginning Something just to hold on to? Always know that love will find a way, yeah Is it hard this life you're living? Does the world seem so unkind? Don't you worry, love will find a way Some say we've lost our way Some say the world has gone astray If you know where you are going There is nothing you can't do 'Cause problems will come And they will leave you The world will try to deceive you But the truth will always be in your soul Some say we've lost our way Some say the world has gone astray But if you know where you are going There's nothing you can't do 'Cause problems will come And they will leave you The world will try to deceive you But the truth will always be in your soul Do you want some joy in your time? Are you trying to find some peace of mind? All you need to know is love will find a way Do you want some joy in your time? Are you trying to find some peace of mind? All you need to know is love will find a way Do you want some joy in your time? Are you trying to find some peace of mind? All you need to know is love will find a way Do you want some joy in your time? Are you trying to find some peace of mind? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, it was written by Lionel Richie:
  3. Loving these lists! My Def Leppard rankings... 1. Hysteria (Honestly, you could flip flop 1 & 2 depending upon the day of the week; love em both!) 2. Pyromania 3. High N' Dry 4. Adrenalize 5. X 6. Euphoria 7. Retroactive 8. Slang 9. On Through The Night Def Leppard 10. Sparkle Lounge 11. Def Leppard 12. Yeah ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Crue rankings... 1. Dr. Feelgood 2, Shout At The Devil 3. MC94 4. Girls Girls Girls 5. Saints Of Los Angeles 6. Too Fast For Love 7. New Tattoo 8. Theater Of Pain 9. Generation Swine
  4. My ranking of Lynch Mob albums would be virtually identical except put The Brotherhood between Revolution and Smoke & Mirrors. My favorite Lynch Mob song? The Secret
  5. When the soul is repressed, it rebels...

  6. Hmm, safe to say you're a bigger fan of the Roth era then... Van Halen are my second favorite band, so I'll throw out just my album rankings... 1. 5150 2. 1984 3. OU812 4. Van Halen I 5. FUCK 6. Fair Warning 7. Van Halen II 8. Balance 9. A Different Kind of Truth 10. Women & Children First 11. Diver Down 12. Van Halen III 5150, 1984, and OU812 were a HUGE part of the soundtrack of my youth!
  7. Hey man, it's all Dokken, so it's cool. I totally understand why some people prefer the slightly lighter, more "pop metal" sound of UFTA and ULAK over the others... both are GREAT albums as well. Other than Shadowlife and Don's second solo effort, Solitary, I look at all the Dokken releases pretty favorably.
  8. Okay, who's your favorite band of all time? Got it? Now rank their albums (you can include anything from their discography you like such as live albums and compilations... it's your favorite band and your list(s)! ) Then, what are your favorite songs by them? I'll start it off... My favorite band of all time is... Dokken Studio Albums: 1. Back For the Attack (my favorite album of all time ) 2. Tooth & Nail (A damn close second!) 3. Erase the Slate 4. Under Lock and Key 5. Dysfunctional 6. Lightning Strikes Again 7. Up From the Ashes (Don may have gone solo, but what a band; I still consider it a Dokken album) 8. Hell to Pay 9. Long Way Home 10. Broken Bones 11. Breaking the Chains (The debut is all the way down at #11, and it's a damn solid effort!) 12. Shadowlife 13. Solitary Live Albums: 1. One Live Night (Love the atmosphere on this one) 2. Beast From the East (Classic!) 3. Live From the Sun 4. Return to The East Live 2016 5. From Conception: Live 1981 6. Japan Live 95 Songs: Haunted (Two of their most underrated songs are my faves!) Lesser Of Two Evils Kiss of Death Tooth & Nail Heaven Sent It's Not Love Burning Like a Flame Into the Fire Night by Night Prisoner Maddest Hatter Too High Too Fly Only Heaven Knows (Japanese bonus track from Long Way Home; f'n excellent!) Paris is Burning Mirror Mirror The Hunter Just Got Lucky In My Dreams Sleepless Night Cry of the Gypsy Erase The Slate Sunless Days Alone Again Walk Away Lost Behind a Wall Standing in the Shadows When Heaven Comes Down Empire Shadows Of Life Breaking the Chains Little Girl Sunset Superstar Voice Of The Soul Escape Dream Warriors Bullets To Spare Back for the Attack (Found on the Japanese "The Best of Dokken" release) Point Of No Return Turn On the Action Stop Fighting Love Don't Bring Me Down Standing On The Outside Prozac Nation Unchain the Night So Many Tears Haunted Lullabye Don't Close Your Eyes Almost Over Slippin' Away In Your Honor Broken Bones It's Another Day Don't Lie to Me The Maze Heart To Stone Give Me A Reason Nothing Left To Say Mr. Scary Stay Crazy Mary Goes Round Better Off Before For the Last Time Blind Live to Rock (Rock to Live) Crash 'N Burn Will the Sun Rise One Thousand Miles Away Living a Lie Change The World You One Let It Be True Victim of the Crime Tonight Heart Full of Soul I Feel Here I Stand Disease Judgment Day How I Miss Your Smile Care For You Goodbye My Friend I've Found *I don't by any means think their songs not listed above suck, these are just the ones that I immediately think of when scanning through their discography and looking at each release. :-) Feel free to comment on others lists, and post your faves too; I love seeing other people's favorite bands and how they look at said band's discography and songs!
  9. Okay, this is not my normal listening fare... it's the opening theme from the outstanding 2015 Swedish drama series "100 Code" starring Michael Nyqvist & Dominic Monaghan. It has wormed its way into my brain! I HIGHLY reccomend checking out the show if you enjoy dark, demented ,crime dramas...
  10. Love this one from their debut "Everybody Wants" ...
  11. Vixen - The Best of Vixen: Full Throttle to be followed by The Struts - Everybody Wants
  12. 16 New entries at HH: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/newcds.cgi and 11 at BM: https://brutalmetal.com/cgi-bin/newcds.cgi
  13. You can now check out 30 second samples of all tracks here : https://www.duanemorano.com/ Also, even though the project is closed due to Pledge Music's financial woes, there are still 4 full tracks (After the Love, Sincerely Yours, Cookie Jar, & Why) available for listening at: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/duane-morano-incognito I ordered my copy from his website a few minutes ago; sounds damn good to these ears!
  14. John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band - Tough All Over
  15. I don't think there's ever been any question as to Jamie's involvement writing the song. As I said, the Scream recorded their version many moons ago; even IF Jamie was the SOLE song writer (which the credits on BOTH The Scream and Roxanne CDs say otherwise) that doesn't change the fact that the Scream recorded and released it orignally. They did not cover anything, they did what is known as the original version. Roxanne released their version, a cover of The Scream, last year.
  16. I guess I’m the odd man out on this one then, as I actually find myself enjoying it quite a bit. Temp was in the upper 70s here yesterday and I was driving around with the windows down and Papa Roach blasting! 😎 I was VERY disappointed with their previous effort, Crooked Teeth, so maybe I was expecting Very little from this one? Anyway, I quite like the title track, Renegade Music, and particularly Promises. 🤷‍♂️
  17. A long time ago, two guys named Dave started something, but didn't get to finish it. Dave Alvin and Dave Barckow had both been playing together in a band called White Trash, but that project disbanded and the two Dave's wanted to keep jamming, so they started a new project. Unfortunately drugs, madness and the good life derailed this project and the tapes went into storage where they sat gathering dust. Now, almost 25 years later that project is finally here. BONE MONKEY features Dave Alvin (White Trash) on guitars and vocals, Dave Barckow (White Trash) on drums with new members Marc Pincus (Trails to Town) on guitar and Rich Guerzon (Tequilla, Dog Society) on bass. https://www.bonemonkey.net/
  18. The alternative-rock quartet Papa Roach announces their highly-anticipated 10th studio album, Who Do You Trust? out on January 18, 2019 through Eleven Seven Music available HERE and on vinyl. The album is now available for pre-order with three instant track downloads “Who Do You Trust?” “Renegade Music” and the newest track release, “Not The Only One.” The 12-track anthemic album Who Do You Trust? features heavy rhythmic guitars and catchy hooks on “Who Do You Trust?” and “Renegade Music” and melodic tunes on “Not The Only One” with emotionally-charged lyrics throughout the album. The 10th studio album is produced by Nick “RAS” Furlong and Colin Cunningham. The track “Top Of The World” is produced by Jason Evigan. “Our goal for our 10th album was to push ourselves even further into genres that inspire us most. We have reached the place where we always wanted to be, creating new and exciting music.” – Bassist Tobin Esperance “Papa Roach’s new album showcases the band’s eclectic tastes, while maintaining their true identity as a now legendary act. The themes on this album is to take risk. When you’re tired of ‘fitting in’, the band stands out. “Not The Only One” is one song that stands out as a new wave anthem in the pool of Active Rock.” -Producer, RAS on the album, Who Do You Trust? The track “Not The Only One” follows last month’s release of the band’s two latest singles, “Renegade Music” and “Who Do You Trust?” both critically and fan acclaimed. Additionally, the official music video for the single, Who Do You Trust? has already surpassed 2 million views. Papa Roach will celebrate the release of Who Do You Trust? with very special SOLD OUT shows in their home state of California, dubbed the Goin’ Back To Cali Tour, starting with a sold out release day show on January 18 in Sacramento at The Ace of Spades near their hometown, Vacaville. The tour will conclude with three sold out Los Angeles dates from January 22-24 at The Roxy. Additionally, the band will join Shinedown and Asking Alexandria on the ATTENTION! ATTENTION! U.S. Tour starting on February 20 in Estero, Florida at the Hertz Arena. For tickets and more information, visit www.paparoach.com. Track Listing: 1. The Ending 2. Renegade Music 3. Not The Only One 4. Who Do You Trust? 5. Elevate 6. Come Around 7. Feel Like Home 8. Problems 9. Top Of The World 10. I Suffer Well 11. Maniac 12. Better Than Life Papa Roach have been one of the top leaders in alternative rock for nearly 20 years and continue to impact that space with their upcoming 10th studio album, Who Do You Trust? The two-time GRAMMY nominated band have sold over 20 million records worldwide, have gained over 2 billion in streaming to date and charted with 17 Top 5 hit singles on Billboard to date!
  19. What a great version of Duran Duran's "Come Undone"; simply excellent in my opinion!
  20. Mudvayne - Playlist: The Very Best of Mudvayne Dozed off on the couch earlier and needed to get woke up; this is doing it! Next up is Adrenaline Mob - Omerta
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