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  1. Great stuff Stefan,both songs rock but "Lost And Lonely" just grabs you imo.
  2. Amazing pick up mate for a $1 and how is the sound quality?
  3. So I decided to watch this. Fairly fun and silly movie. Song during the credits was nice though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM4HIfRFq90 Skull Fist are great metal fun crackin' tunes
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Ian hope you are doing well and keep punchin' mate
  5. Alice In Chains-Black Gives Way To Blue $3 brand new
  6. Happy Birthday mate have a great one
  7. King's X-Goldilox Off the top of my head at the moment is such a beautiful haunting song that pulls at my heart strings and takes me away and those lyrics are so emotional.
  8. Nation-Without Remorse really enjoying this have been spinning it a bit and picked up for a $1 at a op shop.
  9. That is a total cluster fuck WTF?
  10. Bret Michaels -"Rock My World" glad i only paided $1 at Vinnies what a mess imo
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