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  1. Well, basically that is what I mean. I still like it. Stone Cold is probably my favorite on the album and These Days is very good. The ballads are my 3 least favorite songs.
  2. Agree, although you said more polite! I was going to say a lot of people are creaming their pants over this! "Album of the year"?? It is "good" at best. I enjoy some songs on it that will make my Melodic Playlist for sure, but that is about it for me.
  3. As soon as someone gets the bonus track "Ain't No Fun", if they would like to share it?
  4. Exactly the same situation for me also. Don't Look Down, If You Had A Heart are great Rockers and Desperate Heart is a great Ballad.
  5. You can ask anyone who knows me how big a fan I am of my music, BUT I just don't have the money to buy multiple versions or even the just the Japan version of a cd, especially for ONE additional song.
  6. I knew I read it somewhere!! MTV hit = Must hear for Ain't No Fun!! I really hate this shit man!
  7. You have it/heard it?! SHARE?
  8. Cool, thanks. That is what I thought I read somewhere. I hate this whole "bonus" from other Country shit.
  9. Anyone know the bonus track?
  10. I find Vega very one dimensional, every albums sounds like the last. Not saying that is a bad thing because I like consistency in my favorite bands but Vega is just "ok" to me. To each their own!
  11. W.E.T. Crazy Lixx Eclipse are my top 3 favs from the last decade or so
  12. The 3 top bands that don't "grab" me are Vega Work Of Art Degreed.
  13. My favorite also. Same reason, my favorite style!
  14. Visual Lies & Master Of Disguise are 2 fantastic albums. Side not, my wife is a distant relative of the actual LB!
  15. I like Hear, but not even close to the debut for me.
  16. "Midnight Rain" could be a new Defiants song!
  17. Both of those are top 10 Y&T songs for me.
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