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  1. Take A Ride is better than the whole EP in my opinion.
  2. Terry, the band is in the studio right now with 5 more new songs coming soon. Main site: https://www.highvolmusic.com/thrill-ride-sign-with-highvolmusic/?fbclid=IwAR0NrxXimTFWHlhpb5YvpQzeXgMkVyVp1imw8_1ETJ4KFxjmWUPbEXd5a_o
  3. Dan can you edit this topic title and replace New Jersey with Maryland? and remove the bad link to another Thrill ride? Thank you
  4. Killer band. Killer new album. Top 10 instantly for 2020
  5. Metallica's "Stone Cold Crazy" too. But not really their biggest hit.
  6. @martinsane What do you think of these guys?
  7. I agree with you Terry that it kinda has a classic Poison vibe. And why would I want to post crummy bands? I at least give everything a shot no matter what. I thought 80's hard rock fans would like this and Thrill Ride but no replies at all on Thrill Ride and Cure and you on this band. It's kinda sad. People actually choose NFO over this?? Pffft
  8. As you see above, I already said that!
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