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  1. Yup. Not my thing. They changed their sound.
  2. Titans following a similar path to the Super Bowl like the 2000 Ravens. Tannehill is Trent Dilfer. Henry is Jamal Lewis. KC 41, Ten 17 SF 24, GB 17
  3. I bought that Goo Goo Dolls CD not even knowing back then who they were. Just thought there were quite a few memorable choruses on that one. Tracks 2, 3, 4 ,and 5 are all good.
  4. Are there any groups out there with a lengthy discography but only 1 truly great album? A few for me: Goo Goo Dolls "Hold Me Up" (never a big fan of this band but I really love this disc!) Dragonforce "Maximum Overload" (songs are just so memorable!) Black Crowes "Shake Your Moneymaker" Dynazty "Sultans Of Sin"
  5. It was a joke. My sick sense of humor.
  6. I once had a creepy dream where I was in the middle of some self gratification when all of the sudden, all of my dead relatives were in the room saying "what the hell are you doing??".
  7. I like these guys but the singer is still the weakest link IMO.
  8. I once had terrifying dream that someone dressed in a Dollar Suit chased me around my house with a knife trying to kill me. Woke up soaked in sweat.
  9. The last one with Russell was terrible too. And Jack Russell's GW release was dreadful. Great White has been pretty much dead since "Back To The Rhythm".
  10. Did you check out the Prakesh track? He probably was the best singer.
  11. Last Kiss Goodnight Releases Debut Album Immortal As Single Continues To Make Waves At Radio – EXCLUSIVE First Look at The New Video for LOVE SEPARATION Here on IndiePulse! On the heels of a successful radio campaign that includes nabbing the #1 and #5 Spin Gainer positions on the Foundations Chart and Billboard/BDS Rock Indicator Chart, Last Kiss Goodnight has released their much-anticipated debut album Immortal. The alt rock band’s breakthrough single “Love Separation” debuted among the top five on the Most Added Billboard Mainstream Indicator Chart and nabbed the coveted #1 spot on the Most Added Foundations Chart Week their first week at radio and continue to resonate with fans and industry professionals alike. To celebrate the success of “Love Separation,” Last Kiss Goodnight is also releasing an innovative, animated video directed by Francisco Enciso. Francisco, What was the inspiration behind the video? I saw the lips on the cover art of the band’s record and ‘bam’ that’s it! That’s who is going through the heartache. So, the Video for LOVE SEPARATION is a tragic Love Story Tale ? A leaf is going through the anger, sadness, and heartache of a breakup with his girlfriend Lear. What do you hope fans take away from the video? That they enjoy the video as much as the song! I really love the song. One of the band’s earliest supporters is 94.3 FM The Shark’s Assistant Program Director Orlando, who described the single as “the perfect introduction to the next wave of rock heroes,” support for the new album has been swift. “Last Kiss Goodnight wears their influences on their sleeve with bravado and sheer nerve while crafting songs that seem accessible for any generation of rock music fan,” Orlando said. According to LKG Lead Singer Ray Patricks, developing the signature LKG sound was a delicate balance between taking cues from iconic grunge and rock bands, such as The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, The Smashing Pumpkins and more, and shaping these with their own experiences. “When writing Immortal, we tried to stay as true to ourselves while still paying homage to the music that we all grew up with and were heavily influenced by,” Stroud said. “Very much like ‘Love Separation,’ listeners can expect to hear traces of grunge, alt and hard rock with undeniable hooks and unforgettable choruses throughout the album.” Last Kiss Goodnight’s mature tone and confident songwriting comes from its members’ more than two decades of experience on the Mid-Atlantic scene. Hailing from such esteemed bands as Agents of the Sun, Live Alien Broadcast, and The Mayan Factor, the Maryland-based quintet agrees that their debut effort is “the embodiment of [their] individual journeys and musical experiences from the past combined with a collective consciousness that is solely reflective of the band’s unparalleled passion and creativity.” “Last Kiss Goodnight is a much more sophisticated representation of us individually and together,” said Robert Lasky, drummer for LKG. “It took us all being in several past projects in order to finally fall into a group that we each feel very confident about”. Working with long-time friend and co-producer/engineer Frank Marchand of Waterford Digital Studios, in addition to mastering engineer Alan Douches of West West Side Music, the band’s inaugural effort features 12 songs that they wrote and produced themselves. Last Kiss Goodnight will hosting an album release party at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD (1700 N. Charles St.) on Saturday, November 9th. Tickets are available at https://event.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSale.do?performance_id=4034487&method=restoreToken
  12. https://indiepulsemusic.com/2019/10/15/last-kiss-goodnight-album-video-launch/
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