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  1. Agreed. Some of it is okay but certainly not the greatest thing ever. I think the LaTorre QR is better than this.
  2. Serious question @nyoilers, what did you think of Frequency Unknown and the trilogy of Operation:Mindcrime releases?
  3. Still $9.99 on the Retrospect site: Product-Ziggurat-Melodic Scandal-The Complete Ziggurat (retrospectrecords.com) (See Larger Image) Melodic Scandal -The Complete Ziggurat Ziggurat Price: $9.99 USD Availability:In Stock Format: CD Pieces of Set: 1
  4. Crazy for a re-issue. https://www.amazon.com/Melodic-Scandal-Complete-Ziggurat-ZIGGURAT/dp/B002IY3MMY
  5. You just might be the dumbest idiot this board has ever seen. Wow
  6. He might even slurp your nads if you do.... just for Geoff Tate.
  7. Sounds like a completely different band.
  8. And 99% of the text BANNED WEBSITE uses is stolen from somebody else on the web, thus "various sources".
  9. Banned site! LOL I'm surprised BANNED WEBSITE didn't get censored by Dano. Usually if you type that is says "banned site".
  10. That is the only reason. They had a few decent songs over the years. Not really a fan though.
  11. I found it pretty boring. I will say Geoff sounds a bit better these days.
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