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  1. Let's go TAMPA BAY!!!!!!!!!
  2. AlphaMale


    Or create a backup page!
  3. AlphaMale


    I just got put in Facebook jail again. Speaking about the gun violence in Baltimore City, I said "you're a bitch if you live in the hood and you aren't packing heat". 7 day vacation! Facebook needs to be eliminated. I miss MySpace.
  4. Did you celebrate with a G-off tongue bath?
  5. Especially when released just a few years later.
  6. Really good album! I've spun this a lot in a few days.
  7. AlphaMale


    You are seriously one of the most misinformed dumbasses I have ever come across. The whole country was shut down. Of course once the restrictions were lifted, more jobs would be available. None were "created". These are all jobs lost to the pandemic and just getting them back. The Trump administration had the lowest unemployment in 50 years and the lowest black unemployment ever. What has Biden done in 40 years for black folks?
  8. Who remembers what cassette this came out of??
  9. AlphaMale


    Reminds me of your posts..... a lot of posts that say very little.
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