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  1. I had a ten album playlist from 2020 running last weekend and this album was included. I'll admit that I haven't played this much but each song that come up really stood out. very strong release for 2020
  2. I found 2 or 3 decent tunes - those with normalish lyrics. The rest was a huge cheesefest
  3. solid stuff. not mind blowing but I like their sound.
  4. yeah that production sounds awful.
  5. this is one of the best written pieces I've seen
  6. he should be denouncing the cigarettes. that's the reason he's dead
  7. Dreams is the best intro. killer.
  8. songs seem to be getting worse to me. that one is OK but was hoping for better.
  9. as for the DLR era.....most of the songs are utter garbage but I like a few on 1984. I know it's overplayed but Jump is easily the best DLR song imo
  10. any of the 3 big songs off 5150
  11. I guessed a while back he was ill. he was a terrible chain smoker and this takes it toll I guess. Sad to lose such an icon so young.
  12. I liked Destination....but I don't like this
  13. Just waiting for his usual line in about 3 days when he makes the fastest recovery from COVID in history "I now understand the virus better than anyone"
  14. Really disgraceful behaviour. 1. he's not got COVID....Just one big political stunt 2. if he has got it why the hell is he out of hospital being in contact with people. & as for the video he posted on Twitter....ye gods.
  15. the Raid 1 & 2 are basically the best action fight scenes. The whole films are one long fight lol
  16. pretty much it. see he's already fever free. it will be the fastest ever recovery from COVID at this rate #neverhadit
  17. can I just say that the first singer was terrible live so ANY new singer is better. in terms of song, really liked the first tune, really do not like the 2nd
  18. overall the EP sounds like every other Magic Dance song. all merges into one v non memorable experience
  19. don't even think Trump has COVID. Just a political stunt - he'll be back on screens soon playing down the virus
  20. he'll prob be better for my pension tho which is all I really care about
  21. sorry are you talking about Biden or Trump??
  22. is Huff on the whole album?
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