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  1. would be pretty hard to top my top 5....all of which are excellent. Quality pretty much drops off a cliff after that
  2. I won't be listening to it. haven't really taken to any of tracks so far which is a shame as I do think the debut was very good.
  3. excellent. love it. Cruising to album of the year I reckon.
  4. nor do I but that album is v good.
  5. the Jimi Jamison album was fantastic and something a bit different from Erik.
  6. I hate Christian albums in general but by far the best one I can think of is : Skillet - Comatose
  7. only because most stuff this year has been weak as shit
  8. there are guitars in it tho lol so he didn't lie.
  9. how exactly do you not hear the same riffs? Listen to Delirious and then listen to the last album. I'm fairly sure within 1 min of the first song you'll be hearing something very similar
  10. the 2 which stuck out were Delirious and Mary Leigh but my god they are pushing fans patience now. Delirious is good but only because they have re hashed every idea they've already had into yet another clone. First Eclipse album I won't buy.
  11. welcome. you are the exact opposite of my 12 yr old daughter lol. she likes rap and modern popular.
  12. All eclipse songs sound like they could be the same song lol.
  13. every song has that jingly jangly Nordic sound to it which really puts me off
  14. what happened to this once great band?? just re-checked the last album and songs like Jaded, No Way Back, Born to Lead etc absolutely destroy this new stuff. disappointing imo
  15. Erik probably realised the first 4 Eclipse singles were all shite so thought he'd get this out there.....
  16. AND it sounds like they are marching into war.....for the 20th time.
  17. yeah unfortunately in this case the melody is boring and rehashed from the last 4 albums AND the lyrics are shite.
  18. it's a great EP and would be in my top 10 of 2019 if it was a full album.....easily.
  19. interesting thread and I thought I'd reflect on which albums have stood the test of time over the last 15 years or so.....for me personally. 2018 - NFO, Don Vedda 2017 - one desire, NFO, boulevard 2016 - Defiants 2015 - cats in space 2014 - Vega- stereo messiah, Seven 7 2013 - degreed - we don't belong 2012 - HEAT address the nation 2011 - work of art - in progress 2010 - crazy lixx - new religion 2009 - D2 Revolve 2008 - work of art, Marcello vestry, Hinder 2007 - Loverboy, threshold 2006 - brother firetribe - false metal 2005 - Crashdiet- RiS 2004 - Threshold - Subsurface 2003 - HS - Higher 2002 - HS - weight
  20. sad news. I'm guessing he's a smoker but it still sucks. He's pretty young too....50?? 51.
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