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  1. seems ok but I have to click everything twice to open. Might just be my phone tho ??
  2. no first single was due 20.02. Have to say I just listened to that 3 times straight. Great sing a along anthem. I love it.
  3. 10 songs like that will do just fine.
  4. Vega, Crazy Lixx, HEAT, Degreed (this year will hit 5 winners ), ditto for Eclipse...no 5 this year will no doubt be great (I don't include their first 2 as they certainly hate them and they are never being recognised, played live or 're recorded) But I agree every band from yesteryear has at one stinker in their history (although I can listen to Hope & VOR they are definitely weaker)
  5. I have BTBAR on an AOR treasures album. MP3 only. But it is v good quality. Brilliant chorus - one their best. I think White Widdow covered it as well on their Crossfire album (obviously not as good)
  6. Born to be a Rebel should also definitely be in there. I completely forgot that - easy top 10 song for me
  7. there is actually no chorus in this song. so throwaway imo
  8. I think it's just true what Geoff said. Probably the top 50 HS songs are all 9+ out of 10 & any could interchange with each other on any given day.
  9. I love the song but found the diction difficult in the main verse. hence why I rated other songs on the album better. but don't get me wrong that album.is amazing in most part
  10. Harem Scarem top songs. This is so hard....I could only get it down to 25. no order (that would be impossible) All over again Hard to Love Distant memory With a little love Slowly slipping away how long saviours never cry stranger than love sentimental Blvd weight of the world killing me outside your window waited lucky ones lies bite the bullet stardust tomorrow maybe gone lost die off hard whatever I want staying away out of love one of the wounded
  11. I've never actually rated any journey albums. I just went on which I would grab first to listen Frontiers is definitely an album of 2 halves. imo the first 6 tracks are virtually flawless. I think it is widely accepted that they should have ditched Frontiers and Back Talk and included Ask The Lonely and only the young. With those swaps it would be no 2 on my list
  12. yeah I thought 5150 looked low. That has some of my fav VH songs
  13. no he's right. I like 4 songs, the rest is just meh imo
  14. love the tune, hope it doesn't sound so distorted on disc
  15. Very average song and Coverdales voice is absolutely shot now
  16. agree with Up from the Ashes...that would be my fav Dokken too. so good. Your Journey list is pretty predictable (I totally get 70s Journey not being your bag) but Trial by Fire over Frontiers is a wowser moment for me. Trial by Fire is so bland imo but Frontiers is amazing and whilst there are a couple of fillers on side 2 there are at least 5 absolute killers imho of course.
  17. off the top my head here are some of mine, in no order WET - Watch the fire, Burn, Don't want to play Creye - Never Too Late Don Vedda - I don't mind, Invisible, He'll of a night Groundbreaker - 18 til I die, Over my shoulder, First time Lebrock - Please Don't Cry, juice Midnite City - Tonight You're all I need Treat - Build the love, Always have Vega - Mess you made, worth dying for, last man standing, all over now Ted Poley- I know a liar, find another man NFO - Turn to Miami, paralysed, speedwagon, can't be that bad, winged & serpentine Perry - no Erasin Striker - heart of lies Underworld - Temple Tremonti - the first the last, throw them to the Lions, take you with me
  18. ok I'll do Journey - 1. Escape 2. Infinity 3. Evolution 4. Frontiers 5. Departure 6. Raised on Radio 7. Revelation 8. Arrival 9. Eclipse 10. Trial by Fire 11. Next 12. Look into the Future 13. s/t 14. Generations The first 6 are all classics and you can add Captured and Live in Houston...2 of the best live albums ever imo. Revelation is a surprisingly great album. Trial by Fire is pretty boring imo and despite Perry sounding great the album is pretty bland. Eclipse a lot hated but I think it's got some really cool tracks. A bit more experimental and Schon rocks throughout Early Journey does little for me...some great playing on those albums for sure but really not my thing if I'm honest.
  19. Glen


    in the verse this song reminds me of Boys of Summer by Don Henley
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