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  1. Drive is a top 10 ballad of all time for me. Utter perfection. Think you mean Rocknut? Mmm if I said anymore it would be by PM
  2. wes and keef are pretty much only on FB. I keep telling Wes to post on HH but he always says he doesn't have time even though he responds to nearly every post on the FB group I like the mafia group but find the discussion very frustrating - it's very immediate and move on - you never get the weeks of discussion you get on here on a subject or album.
  3. it's not a perfect science and I certainly wouldn't bother doing it all the time but for example I had to do this to rank 1989 or else the top 20 would have been a tie. I also did it to rank the HEAT albums as they are all very close....to me anyway. for the last few years I've decided my tops album purely on what I've played the most. but I would never discard songs - making playlists is a mistake in my opinion. Sometimes the tracks I dislike at first end up being ones I like the best. And the 'instant' tracks wear thin after a while. I know full well that someone is going to reply to this saying I know what I like and that never changes ever , but for me it does . For example I could have dumped Rock Your Body as it's everything I hate on first listen but hell this song is catchy and grows on me more and more and there are some little HEAT nuances I hear now which I love in that track
  4. if you give each track a score out of 10 and divide by the number of tracks you generally get a decimal point. It's not a difficult concept
  5. I wonder how Harem Scarem feel reading that comment? Not very subtle.
  6. love it. 2 listens and it's already one of my fav tracks this year
  7. the nebula was created from the supernova. And in any case I agree who gives a shit. that was my point about 4 pages ago. Stop thinking about religion and science and just live your life. one final interesting point though. Infinity isn't an explanation no, but what is infinity? To me travelling at 300k kilometres a second for 15,000 million years might as well be infinity. Now I'm off to listen to the excellent new One Desire single again
  8. I didn't say you called me one....but assumed that I was one. read lol. definitely read. my original point was that I could make anything up and it would make as much sense. BBT : once upon a time there was nothing. All of a sudden a singularity popped out of nowhere and in one second heated up to billions of degrees centigrade for no reason whatsoever and expanded at a faster rate than the laws of physics my theory that I just invented : our observable universe is a mere small nebula in a vast cosmos which is infinite. A gigantic super massive star in that cosmos reached the end of its fusion lifespan and created a supernova which is what we now see spreading outwards which is more believable ?
  9. Heaven plods along goes nowhere does nothing. Quite bland to me. Adrenaline is easily the mightiest hook on the whole album. permanently stuck in my head. The intro and verses are great too.
  10. my favourites are We Are Gods and Adrenaline.....followed closely by the 4 singles. Then the rest which would rank in the region 7.5 to 8.5
  11. why do assume that I'm a lazy prick that doesn't research anything. I've literally just finished a 150 page book on the universe - I love the subject. Ok, you explain to me where the singularity came from? Nothing? did it just pop into existence? cos that s what the theory suggests - it pretty much dismisses any concept of a multi verse. Also how come the universe conveniently expanded at a greater rate than light which the laws of physics says is impossible? as an object approaches the speed of light it's mass becomes infinite and so does the energy required to move it.....so I call bullshit that BBT calls on this to justify it's existence. The simple fact is people don't know and they should just accept that the beginning of the universe or what came before is an unknown.
  12. so you believe that from a pin prick of nothing there was an almighty explosion which created enough matter to create a universe which is billions of light years across and contains 100 billion galaxies. nice. good for you. How about a massive 'we don't know' rather than this bollocks. as for faith....believe what u want. Just don't hold your breath when you pop off. now getting back to reality I have a life to get on with. laters
  13. yep I agree. 'return to form' is more accurately described as return to Tearing Down The Walls sound which in itself was a step down overall from Address the Nation.......and Freedom Rock.
  14. they are definitely NOT meaning that they the band are gods. if that's what is causing you trouble??
  15. PS. have you actually read the lyrics? It's a very anti God / Christian message. ie that there is no God and humans rule the universe.
  16. I do hate this 'return to form' phrase. personally I loved the last album and many tunes on that are better than some here.
  17. except Eye of the Storm of course which is stunningly brilliant. also Redefined is a fine ballad of sorts
  18. I'm surprised by the We Are Gods comment. Everyone I know who loves HEAT thinks it's monstrous. Yeah it's pretentious but it's also F Epic. that chorus & solo. Only HEAT could pull that off I do agree tho that the ballads on Eriks watch have been kinda weak. On the first 2 albums they were better imo
  19. rejected by Eclipse lol. What after some of the average stuff they released on the last album I'll take Victory over Viva La Victoria any day
  20. haha. 2 mighty albums coming up! NFO & HS.
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