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Merry Christmas!


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Happy birth of Jesus day!

Won't be long before we are celebrating the next birthday of Jesus at Easter.



All about the kids for me. Rare times these days when my whole family is around for a meal together, with all the kids working etc.

Will be a great day. May not even drink...

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Joyeux Noël!


Stuck in Northern Ontario with no power at the in-laws and none expected until Boxing Day. At least it's not freezing cold.

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May not even drink...




Hope you all had, are having or will have a good one. Merry Christmas, nudists!



Kinda still recovering from the 8th annual 12 pubs of Christmas last weekend :)

Didn't end up drinking.

Was only my dad, my wife and our 6 kids.

Spent time after lunch assembling bikes...

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Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday greetings!

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Enjoyed a good Holiday fap yesterday.

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Happy Birthday Jesus. :D I hope everyone had a good Christmas. The past few years weve tried to avoid making it so commercial and about gifts. I prefer it more. Just being with family. We dont all get together but maybe twice a year IF were lucky. We are having our big Christmas dinner this afternoon. It has been a happy holiday. :D

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