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  1. If I buy a Lynch Mob CD I think I will go with the original.
  2. I've noticed the same thing. Which is starting to worry me. We were working on something together and he kind of fell of the face of the earth.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/covert-racism-and-white-privilege-are-perpetuated-in-grocery-stores-and-restaurants-every-day/ar-BB156cgS?ocid=spartanntp The kind of idiocy we have to deal with in the US.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8378969/Two-people-killed-unrest-Chicago-number-people-killed-protests-reaches-eleven.html The "peaceful protests" have led to more deaths.
  5. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2019/04/13/activists-black-cops-shooting-of-white-woman-treated-differently/ This, coincidentally enough, also happened in Minnesota.
  6. I had the idea (and I posted it here) that Steel Panther should do a Christian album. I'm sure that would be really good.
  7. Crashdiet- Chemical would definitely be a contender for being in my Top 10. That is a fantastic song.
  8. Would that be the worst thing in the world if I did?
  9. Is that a thing in all women? They all have headaches all the time?
  10. 10 years on. Seems like a good time to bring this topic back. I can't seem to come up with 10 songs at the moment. These 5 would definitely be in my top 10. Slaughter- Up All Night Harlots Webb- Forever Cruella D'ville- Room Without A View Holy Soldier- See No Evil Holy Soldier- The Pain Inside Of Me
  11. If everything Benny is saying is true that is definitely disheartening. A proper release of those songs would be nice.
  12. Jacob M.


    Considering how much the NFL is sucking these days there needs to be an alternative. Not sure if this is the answer.
  13. If I were to update my list there would be very little change. Definitely solid. My tastes have not changed a lot in that time. If we were to go back to maybe 2010 my list would have been a lot different. I'm sure Baton Rouge- Shake Your Soul and Britny Fox- Boys In Heat would have been on there. Go back to 2005 and Hericane Alice- Tear The House Down might have been on there . You listen to more music and your perspective changes. As of this moment I would switch out Ratt for Harlots Webb- Wild Times. I absolutely love that album. Perfect party rock with a killer vocalist. Every song is 10/10 except Dream About Me which is a tad cringey. I give that track a 5/10. I think I get where they were going with the song. Possibly something similar to Britny Fox. It just doesn't hit. I rock my Harlots Webb shirt when I can. Will be wearing it later tonight when I go out.
  14. I know I'm in the clear minority here. I, Napoleon is in my Top 10 releases ever. Absolutely fantastic album. Lost Boys is an underappreciated release. I wish I still had it. Definitely worth having in my collection.
  15. https://girdermusic.com/collections/black-friday-deals/products/terry-bradshaw-here-in-my-heart-vinyl Terry Bradshaw has a record? Is it in your collection?
  16. Does this label still plan to release more albums? Looks like they stopped after the first four.
  17. This band was from Portland, Oregon. I talk to Brian Harrison on occasion through Facebook. He's a cool dude who is still involved with the local music scene.
  18. I just made the connection. That is the same guy that Pete Fry was in Rockarma with. I'm sure Pete has thoughts. Which we will likely never hear.
  19. Holy shit! That's actually pretty good.
  20. https://nypost.com/2019/10/28/julia-rose-lauren-summer-banned-indefinitely-after-flashing-gerrit-cole-at-world-series/ I'm rooting for more of this.
  21. If you want to dig really deep. Look into the band L.O.U.D. Maybe one day their music will be re-released.
  22. I actually enjoy this album. It's just too different to have ever had a chance. One of the few comparable bands I have found would be Insania (on Retrospect Records).
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