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  1. Little Angels - Young Gods +5 (Bad Reputation Remaster)
  2. I don't have any music on my phone but Animal by Def Leppard is my ringtone
  3. I don't mind these guys but I know what you mean with the vocals this project is his baby so don't think there would be much chance of him handing over vocal duties to anyone else though.
  4. Hard to beat Stereo Messiah or What The Hell for me...but this is sounding excellent,another great addition to their releases.
  5. I really like it myself,just a nice listen...with a great feelgood vibe.
  6. Newman - Into The Monsters Playground Seven Ravens - Barely Hanging On
  7. Managed to get this from Cargo Records UK for a modest £12.99...being released here 15th October 2021.
  8. 2nd single "Letting Go" out now... The full length album of the same name is released on 12th November on Battlegod Productions... https://lifeofahero.co.uk/
  9. Yeah that Extreme More Than Words or indeed Hole Hearted are awful.
  10. Forgot to add that I like this also
  11. Yeah i'd have to go through em,i'm sure there are plenty of them good,that Ted Poley you mentioned is indeed excellent..apart from for me said duet probably have to go right back to before he became more and more involved to find stuff.
  12. Yeah and he wrote all of the songs!! I'll still hopefully like it.
  13. Britny Fox - s/t (Rock Candy Remaster) Britny Fox - Boys In Heat (Rock Candy Remaster) Metallica - The Black Album(Remastered 3cd)
  14. Think they just wanted Damien to put his spin on things with the re-recordings,this is a very good comp...but then again they could've released this as a double disc because they have so much quality stuff to make a best of from without re-recording.
  15. Really like that...roll on Oct 22nd for the album not long now
  16. Only the first two? Spirit is very good also
  17. I always pre-order from the same shop online and they send them out as soon as they get them...sometimes late sometimes early...this time they were early but Escape had them for sale on ebay since last week.
  18. Got this today and its excellent...so upbeat...sounds really summery...some cracking tunes...will get more spins over weekend but Don't Leave Me (with a broken heart) just kicks it all off so well
  19. Arrived today and sounding really good more listens over the weekend
  20. We have quite a few of them also
  21. Vega - Anarchy And Unity Robin Red - s/t Smash Into Pieces - A New Horizon
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