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  1. Yeah "Proof Through The Night" is excellent also
  2. It is... definately worth picking up
  3. Picked this one up also,have liked quite a bit of these guys material,not fond of the revolving door aspect of them,each album is different because of it,wonder if they'll ever settle on a lineup...I mean Doug doesnt exactly hang around long with any project does he Still im really enjoying this probably my fav by them after Revolucion.
  4. Have a few,love the track Relapse Of Reason but not overly keen on the full releases in general but prefer the CITA material to that theye recorded as Guild Of Ages...might have a revisit.
  5. Same as me,it just didnt do it for me...have tried,even as recent as last week indeed,just still not one for me sadly.
  6. Blue MTM cover for me too...Great disc, from the opening track "You Don't Amaze Me Anymore" it sets the standard for the rest of the disc,so many good tracks as stated with no skips needed,fav tracks being the aforementioned "You Don't Amaze Me Anymore" , "Supernatural Lover" & "Love Is Dangerous". The disc that followed was quite good also,albeit a tad heavier "Activator" only disappointment was only 5 tracks on it,i'd read years that David Victor had another cd in the works...did anythng ever come from that?
  7. The Dead Daisies - Holy Ground Def Leppard - Collection volume two
  8. lettard


    Take care Alpha hope you recover soon man.
  9. Yeah great band,don't know what happened,saw them several times live up to and including supporting Def Leppard on the Adrenalize tour in Belfast when Mark fell on his arse after introducing Steal Your Fire and lay on his hole to sing the entire song and when I say sing he basically laughed through the first part as the band played on first three albums are brilliant...best for me being Gallus with the aforementioned Steal Your Fire along with Welcome To The Real World & Higher Ground being fav tracks but together with Swagger for me both great albums,Taking On The World was ok but not o
  10. Loving this but is it me or does it sound a little low soundwise? Have to turn this one up a few extra volume turns(no bad thing) as opposed to the other new Frontiers releases or most newer released discs for that matter.
  11. Probably my fav track on the disc thus far.
  12. Never mind...found it...forgot it came out today...very good btw
  13. Sorry what? where did ye hear the new single?
  14. Fantastic album,as you say not a bad song on this classic...heavy yet melodic...just a perfect mix. Remember when this came out people(Kerrang etc) were saying that Winger were trying to be Metallica after the whole Beavis & Butthead thing...never really got that...they just made a great cd with great songs imho and it still sounds as good today as it did upon release. Remember picking this up at my local music shop that never had Rock or Metal cds...didnt even know it had been released at the time,a brilliant suprise...took it home...loved it...and have done ever since still g
  15. W.E.T - Retransmission Wig Wam - Never Say Die Creye - II Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy(Rock Candy remaster)
  16. Great track and a belter opener for the disc give this new cd a quick run through today and its sounding very good indeed...classy stuff
  17. Mine arrived today,love it, a real return to the form of old,a few spins through it but the guitar work is definately in the heavier direction with tracks like Dirty Little Secret on this one for me,so many goodies but i'm really liking Hypnotized most atm...a really nice suprise from these guys...Wig Wam are back
  18. Yeah like that more than the first track...looking forward to this one.
  19. Snap Very good after the first run through(all of em) but the Wig Wam is my fav at the minute.
  20. Love & War is one of my favourite albums ever , such a great disc with so many great songs , my favourite by Lillian Axe for sure ,like the 3 others from their first 4 but after Psycho I lost interest...still have Fields Of Yesterday but the change afterwards in style didnt appeal to me nor the change of singer...but Love & War is a classic...picked it up on cassette just after release for about £7 for the same reason as some...the cover...which I also have the tshirt for
  21. John Diva And The Rockets Of Love - American Amadeus Scorpions - Savage Amusement (2018 remaster)
  22. So Ron Nevison and not Chris Laney on production? not sure what to make of that...we'll see btw anyone heard that song Twilght that they mention?
  23. Second album on the way in Spring 2021 Mädhouse announce new members and to release sophomore album 'Shemale Kung Fu' in spring 2021 - Sleaze Roxx
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