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  1. +1 they used to mean something...e.g being an unrealeased track that never made the album...now these acoustic versions are not much to write home about
  2. Yeah,looks like the new songs will fit right in with the fans
  3. Cats In Space -Daytrip To Narnia West Bound - Volume 1 Find Me - Angels In Blue Blood Red Saints - Pulse Pump - Against Everyone's Advice Rain Or Shine - The Darkest Part Of Me
  4. Have to agree also,dont mind the new stuff but that energetic spark just isn't there.
  5. This looks good,hopefully not as cheap looking as the Def Leppard film they made for VH1 years ago,which I enjoyed but it could've been so much better,just like Leppard the Crue have so much history both bad & good to make a great movie from,will defs check it out come March
  6. Wasn't a huge fan of the debut...granted I probably never gave it much of a chance,will have to revisit because this new release is excellent,such a more heavy well produced direction,seem to be taking a great influence from the Scandi bands doing the rounds and its working,a definite Degreed sound to most of this,well impressed.
  7. Mine arrived today brilliant,really enjoying it...repeated listens already and more lined up.
  8. Looks like a man bun...which begs the question...why?
  9. Sounding great,this could well be my chart topper album for 2019 but so much competition still to be unleashed this year...but a great track as usual from these guys.
  10. I'll take a wee go at Crue also 01.Dr.Feelgood 02.Girls,Girls,Girls 03.Threatre Of Pain 04.Shout At The Devil 05.Saints Of Los Angeles 06.Too Fast For Love 07.Motley Crue 08.New Tattoo 09.Generation Swine
  11. Thanx,I thought it was my connection also
  12. Two great releases from these guys,think I like the debut slightly more with its Foreigner tones but both great discs as are Ouseys Heartland first two...for me anyway
  13. Def Leppard for me,I know they haven't been a force release wise for quite a while but when they were in my early/late teens they just grabbed hold of me and took their place as my favourite band. 01.Hysteria 02.Pyromania 03.High 'n Dry 04.Adrenalize 05.RetroActive 06.On Through The Night 07.Def Leppard 08.Slang 09.Euphroia 10.X (funnily enough) 11.Songs From The Sparkle Lounge 12.Yeah
  14. Great stuff,waiting patiently for this to drop & just got tickets to see em in Dublin in june
  15. Happy days,looking forward to this,ruff justice was my number 1 from 2017
  16. Used to have a newsagent near me that stocked both Metal Edge & Hit Parader,not every month but most,these where my eyes and ears for all these bands from the states that I hadn't yet heard,the hard part was then being able to get ahold of the cassette that I wanted...nigh on impossible from where I lived pre-internet until I found the mighty S.T Records in Dudley around 1985ish in an Ad from Kerrang(when it was a good mag) and the rest is history as they say...34 years later still listening to these same bands along with the newer stuff Think I still have some stuff somewhere magazine wise from the time that I can put a couple of clippings up
  17. The new Whitesnake cd titled Flesh & Blood is due to be released on 10th May 2019 and the first single dropped today... Fresh off celebrating their 40th anniversary, rock legends Whitesnake return with their latest studio album, “Flesh & Blood”. This album follows the 2011 critically acclaimed studio album “Forevermore” and 2015’s “The Purple Album”, a reimagining of Deep Purple classics from Whitesnake mastermind’s David Coverdale’s time in that band. The 13 original, visceral tracks on “Flesh & Blood”, the band’s 13th studio album, are, luckily for you dear reader, “all killer, no filler”, as the saying goes. But would you expect anything less from the ’Snakes? David Coverdale, the mastermind behind Whitesnake & co-composer of 'Shut Up & Kiss Me' with guitarist Reb Beach, commenting on the forthcoming release said "that after the intense darkness of our last video BURN If anything, it’s ‘light’ snake, you know? We’ve got some really dark energy going on in the world right now, so we’re gonna write & record a fun, knees up, song about falling in love with a fabulous babe. You’re over-talking, over-compensating & she just looks at you, takes the reins & says, 'Shut Up and Kiss Me!' and that’s it!! My video director and creative partner Tyler Bourns and I discussed a great storyline for the video, which involves a surprise guest: my fabulous old white Jaguar. We ended up cleaning and detailing it, as it has been in storage since I moved to Lake Tahoe, then we dusted off my old turquoise silk jacket from the original ‘Here I Go Again’ video and I was thinking, "man, this is going to be fun!" It’s a respectful acknowledgment and positive nod to the past, just fun stuff.” Joining Coverdale on Flesh & Blood is the powerhouse band comprised of Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitar, Michael Devin on bass, Tommy Aldridge on drums, and Michele Luppi on keyboards. The current incarnation of the band carries on the long and unwavering tradition of main man David Coverdale being surrounded by cream of the crop players who go all in to bring fans the best hard rock humanly possible. 40+ years into their existence, the ‘Snakes fangs have only grown sharper and are ready to inject fans with more of that rock ‘n roll venom they crave. Tracklist 1. Good To See You Again 2. Gonna Be Alright 3. Shut Up & Kiss Me 4. Hey You (You Make Me Rock) 5. Always & Forever 6. When I Think Of You (Color Me Blue) 7. Trouble Is Your Middle Name 8. Flesh & Blood 9. Well I Never 10. Heart Of Stone 11. Get Up 12. After All 13. Sands Of Time Like this a lot, it has that old Whitesnake swagger about it.will look forward to this one.
  18. Yeah good band,different for me,a guilty pleasure if you will
  19. Yeah,it would be nice,this was in my top 10 of 2017,great album
  20. I quite like these guys,will give this a try
  21. L.A Cobra - Shotgun Slinger Million $ Reload - A Sinners Saint Norway - Arrival Strangeways - Native Sons Damn Yankees - Don't Tread
  22. They've just released the two E.Ps as remastered over at their bandcamp page.
  23. Thanx for the heads up Delbert,I've just ordered
  24. Don't mind it,thought the worst when reading the comments but its not as bad as I'd imagined,hopefully the next will be better but I aint holding out much hope I'm afraid.
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