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  1. lettard

    Grand Design - Viva La Paradise

    Yeah a few good tracks on this one,just not as good as their previous output from the last few years,not big on the new song,its ok...but I can see why its included on the special mission version of the disc.
  2. lettard

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Ted Poley - Modern Art (finally arrived) Palace - Binary Music Devils Hand - s/t Preordered: Cats In Space - Daytrip To Narnia(direct from the band)
  3. lettard

    Frontiers 2019

    Some good releases to look forward to(I hope) at least 7 of interest from that list to me. When I say 7 only Whitesnake,Eclipse & The Defiants are pretty much nailed on for me. But I look forward to LA Guns,Burning Rain,Last In Line & Tora Tora,Hardline would've got me a few years back,not now...
  4. lettard

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Just another to the growing list of 2019 releases,looking like another fine year for music coming up
  5. lettard

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Is the new First Signal being release in 2018?
  6. lettard

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Got Ted Poley/Degreed Modern Art this morning,sounding really good,may crash my top 10 as may Creye... Palace,Devils Hand,Magic Dance won't...and I really don't think that there are any further releases I have planned to purchase this calender year,so Im gonna listen to only 2018 releases the rest of the year and sort my chart out
  7. lettard

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    Put back from Amazon until 7th Dec...got mine this morning,sounds very good indeed,I like the mix of Teds Voice with as mentioned less heavy but still melodic Degreed,this could well crash my top 10,repeated listens will decide,gonna spin nothing but 2018 release between now and Jan 1st to give everything a chance again
  8. lettard

    Palace - Binary Music

    Thank Christmas im not the only one
  9. lettard

    Palace - Binary Music

    Didn't mind it,even with all the 80's style pop involved,maybe a guilty pleasure,granted their are some terrible tunes on it though
  10. lettard

    Magic Dance - New Eyes

    Yeah sorry to say but this is a pretty one dimensional cd
  11. lettard

    Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia

    Yeah preordering this also,quality operators
  12. lettard

    Tora Tora - Bastards Of Beale

    Not bad,like others from back in the day I think we'll all agree they wont ever match their past,but for what its worth this should sound great cranked up loud through the stereo
  13. lettard

    Morano - Incognito

    So now its being released by Andrew over at MelodicRock Records...
  14. lettard

    West Bound - Volume 1

    This sounds pretty good,one to keep an eye out for
  15. lettard


    Agreed,very much doubt they'll ever come here... Took my wife and sons to see Def Leppard on their Hysteria & more tour last night in Belfast...brilliant show,support from the fantastic Cheap Trick was a big plus point also both bands played a top show.
  16. lettard

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

    Yeah agree with that,bought this last week,the guy has a great voice and a stellar backing band
  17. lettard

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son
  18. lettard

    Dan Reed Network - Origins

    Yeah 4 are old tracks re-recorded (Ritual,Forgot To Make Here Mine,Let It Go & Rainbow Child) 4 from 8 which why I haven't purchased it,doesnt matter how good the re-recordings are,the originals were excellent so I just don't understand why not just release a 4 track e.p?
  19. lettard

    Morano - Incognito

    Yeah sounded good to me too,didnt like the track Manhattan though.
  20. lettard

    Last In Line - II

    Liked the debut will give this a go
  21. lettard

    Ocean Drive 65 - I'll Never Wait

    greed,very much in the vein(not as good as) Wild Rose and last years Odyssey Desperado,very safe but why oh why make a lyric video when the lyricas are so silly? Is it just to emphasise it?
  22. lettard

    Breaking music news

    Excellent,almost a DD get together then
  23. lettard

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

    pretty darn good a really nice listen
  24. lettard

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Not really doin it for me,loved the debut and I think it was because it was so different for Toby to sound like he did on that,this is more like the Pride Of Lions type thing that Im not much of a fan of either...still room for hope maybe the other tracks are more my thing...don't hold out much hope of that though

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