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  1. I've explained why America is better under Biden and the response is for me to watch a Youtube video. I say Fuck that ! Jobs being created,unemployment down,stock market up,etc.... I don't need any douchebag youtubers to explain anything to me.I can look at the facts myself !
  2. I was hoping for a lot of people congratulating me and instead things took a turn !
  3. Oh ! Sweet Nuthin'-Velvet Underground
  4. That pic is of Lou Reed.Maybe you've heard of him.Here's one of his songs
  5. Newsmax just got on their knees and apologized to Dominion. I don't know what the settlement was but remember the immortal words of Frank Zappa- " There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over "
  6. I guess now that I need 2 Warnings to get ahead of you !
  7. Had something to do with Dominion Voting Systems !!!
  8. David Byrne-Uh-Oh Godsmack-S/T Green Day-American Idiot Halestorm-S/T Jefferson Airplane-The Worst of Jefferson Airplane Led Zeppelin-Boxed Set 2 Lynyrd Skynyrd-Gimme Back My Bullets Now 23-Compilation Ted Nugent-Live at Hammersmith '79 Alan Parsons Project-I Robot Rage Against The Machine-Evil Empire Rainbow-Rising Sublime-Robbin' The Hood TNA-Branded
  9. You can't hold me back !!!
  10. Titans made the right pick with a DB
  11. My next goal is 3333
  12. Woman In Chains-Tears For Fears
  13. nyoilers


    Your gain is my loss ! How am I ever going to catch you in posts now ??
  14. My 2,222 post on this site ! I decided that it was worthy of its own thread !
  15. I don't know what synthwave is but this would be my choice
  16. Yes it is a pretty good song !
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