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  1. nyoilers


    Maybe buy cousin Leykis a house and he might be motivated to arrange something
  2. Born In The USA-Bruce Springsteen
  3. Call of The Wild-Peter Frampton
  4. I gave this band many chances but except for a few releases ,all pre 2010, they just don't impress me. I'm starting to weed their stuff out of my collection
  5. Trump was a weak leader. China played him for the fool that he is,which they've done for many,many years
  6. She's On It-Beastie Boys
  7. nyoilers

    NFL 21

    I'm in a PPR league and had the 9th pick and was able to get him.
  8. nyoilers

    NFL 21

    Great win for the Titans last night !
  9. The Beatles-With The Beatles Breaking Benjamin-Shallow Bay Best Of Chvrches-The Bones of What You Believe Leonard Cohen-Recent Songs -I'm Your Man Dream Theater-When Dream and Day Unite Kansas-Freaks of Nature Lynch Mob-Smoke This Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Hard Promises Pink Floyd-Echoes Best Of Lionel Richie-The Definitive Collection Todd Rundgren-initiation Robin Trower-Essential Shania Twain-Greatest Hits Yes-Symphonic Music of Yes
  10. Dream Into Action-Howard Jones
  11. nyoilers

    Baseball 2021

    Bosox vs. Houston LA Dodgers vs. Atlanta
  12. Has anyone seen this show on AXS TV ? Some pretty good stories and memorabilia .
  13. Up the Creek-Cheap Trick
  14. Scream Dream-Ted Nugent
  15. His voice has been shot for quite some time
  16. nyoilers


    Agree. My posts are always thought worthy. It's quality not quantity !
  17. Feel Your Love Tonight-Van Halen
  18. In The Heat of The Night-Pat Benatar
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