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  1. I really don't have bad dreams.Guess I'm kinda lucky but sometimes I do dream about people that have died.And when I wake up and then realize that those people(person) is dead it makes me a little sad.
  2. Let's go with the dogs this week Titans Pack
  3. Looks like KC.Down 24-0 and then score 41 straight points !
  4. 49er's TITAN UP ! KC GB
  5. Buffalo Tennessee New Orleans Philadelphia
  6. Happy New Year to you ! Usually I spend the 1st watching college football and taking down Christmas decorations
  7. I must've missed this thread 10 years ago......wait,I don't think I was a member here 10 years ago !
  8. Black Sabbath-The Dio Years Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie-S/T Living In Oblivion-Vol.3 Lionel Richie-The Definitive Collection The Roots of Rock-Soft Rock Styx-Cornerstone Neil Young-Greatest Hits Frank Zappa-Over-nite Sensation
  9. Scott Stapp-The Space Between The Shadows
  10. Christmas is the best holiday there is ! But I do hate winter with a passion !!
  11. nyoilers

    Taylor Swift

    I didn't think that women could come to blows !
  12. nyoilers

    Taylor Swift

    I didn't think that women could come to blows !
  13. It's Only Rock n Roll-Rolling Stones
  14. Hope you had a great birthday !
  15. Sounds of Silence-Simon and Garfunkel
  16. A Different Kind of Truth-Van Halen
  17. I never really got into Slayer.
  18. Close My Eyes Forever by Lita and Ozzy.I really like the song but I'm not certain what it means...or if it means anything.
  19. Device-S/T Sully Erna-Hometown Life Led Zeppelin-On The Whispering Wind REO Speedwagon-Building The Bridge Starship-No Protection Soil-Redefine Rod Stewart-Gasoline Alley Josh Todd-You Made Me
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