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  1. This is probably the album of the year for me so far. Really ressly digging it. Possibly the most 80's vibing album I've heard in a long time, but mordern enough not to sound like it was made in the 80's
  2. CureTheSane


    Update to the above post. Today the government announced some MASSIVE (sarcasm) changes to our lockdown. Our 5km radius has been extended to 25km!!! But still, what is the fucking point of that? Can't do anything. We still cannot vsit anyone, family, friends, etc Still no retail open, excet essential services, food etc. Oh, as from tomorrow hairdresses also allowed open,and mobile dog groomers. we are allowed to play golf, swim, and a couple of otehr sports ander heavy restrictions. So the longest and harshest lockdown in teh world continues, and I'll let you be the judge
  3. So I was surfing Youtube and someVan Halen covers come up with Michael Anthony and a couple of others joining John 5. So I'd heard of him before, but never had any reason to check him out I guess. But as a guitarist he was pretty incredible, so I searched up some of his songs and they were all instrumental. Cana nyone fill me in on what I should check out? Does he have music with lyrics?
  4. 5FDP always have great clips. They is a good song, there are betteron the album for me.
  5. That possibly would not have changed my expectations. Views from Everest are stunning...
  6. I mean if you read my past comments you'll see that I repeatedly say that my opinion is not worth much because I am not from the US. I don't come in here with strong political opinions, I more just ask questions and point out my perception of things as an outsider. Why do I care anyway? What happens in the US affects many other countries, particularly allies of the US, which Australia is. I give a shit of the US delcares a war, becaue that means we also go to war. I care about various movements that happen, because then they happen here. i also care what happens with the US econom
  7. Never heard of this band, and I have to say I am abit disappointed, I expected some amazing shot of Mt Everest from some unique position, or maybe froma town that can see it now because covid has reduced polution
  8. I mean this song is far more suited to a female voice, range wise. Shows just how amazing Matijevic's voice was back in the day. She does a good job, but the charm is that a male can get there.
  9. Kind of had the feeling that he wasn't too good. Dave had made some comments recently which kind of indicated that. Sad. I always thought he got a lot of recognition, but it alwayskind of fell short of just how innovative and good he was. Many musicians are propelled on to a pedastool way higher than they were entitlesd to after they die. i wonder if Eddie will now be elevated to an extra (deserving) level. I guess the Sammy vs Dave debate is kind of over now, seems a bit petty all of a sudden.
  10. Firstly, I didn't see the original comment, but it appears to have been taken well out of context, and that would be why it was deleted by Twitter. I guess that doesn't make it right for Twitter to leave up all the anti Trump stuff, but the that's what people are frothing right now, the free-frenzy of criticising Trump at every opportunity. Secondly, Sky News are the most pro-Trump news organisation. The best coverage of US politics is Planet America. They present a fair and even take on everything that has happened. Slam Trump when he lies, acts like a fool, or deceives, but g
  11. Nothing wrong with liking something that is being slammed. if you like it you like it. I haven't been bothered with this, but did listen to The Circle a while ago and really dug it. Not sure if that is an album that everyone hates as well. I've found it hard to really get into anything since a few songs of Bounce and Have A Nice Day.
  12. Regarding international relations, I'd say 2 things. 1. sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward. Is it better to face some short term pain for a better relationship that is far more in the US interest in the long term? Australia has followed suit to some degree. We have tarrifs on beef exports etc because we called out China on hiding covid. I deal directly with China, and if we lose our free trade agreement with them, instantly everything I import attracts an additional 5% in duties, but sometimes the national interest is more important. 2. If anyone else had broker
  13. Not sure where you're coming from. Not sure how you are interpreting my comments. Read back through them, I'm neither pro Trump or Biden. I'm just commenting as I see things. The lack of passion in my comments brings them so far removed from 'shouting'. I never ask anyone to agree with what I am saying, and I am always happy to change my mind. mine is just an outsiders opinion based on the news I receive. People in America may discount it completely, and are fully entitles to. In the end, it's not really any of my business...
  14. Not a huge fan f Sunflower Dead, but this is probably their best song by a long way.
  15. I mean I have to say, those 'terrible' things that Trump has done to the US, are pretty much all debatable. I understand partisan people out there will revel in them, but some aren't even worth mentioning. It's a pretty big tick for Trump if that's the worst that can be brought up to make a case that he is doing bad to the USA. Actually surprising that tehre wasn't more to put forward.
  16. All this tax talk. If it's legal, people will take advantage. Don't like it, fight to have the laws changed so that it can't happen. It's really a non-issue. Agree Trump will likely survive with the best care in the world, however, given his age, weight and heart, there is a chance that if he gets a bad case of it, nothing will save him.
  17. I no longer think Trump will win the election. Chances are he won't be alive for it.
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