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  1. First song was average, next 3 were great
  2. Well for once I'm 100% with Geoff I came accross this band on a Facebook thread from a friend who is a Mike Tramp die hard. So based on that I gave a listen to two songs on YouTube - Down By The River and Thirsty. Both fucking killer songs and this is a band that is righht up my alley. So far remind me a little of The Poor and also I hear a little Bruce Springsteen blended in. Imma get all their stuff and really enjoy listening to this. Haven't been this excited about a new band (for me) for a long time. As Geoff said, there is a bit of ACDC in there, but ACDC don't generally have many hooks or melodies, which is why I'm NARF of them, these guys do
  3. Yeah, I do that every year, thanks Always pick up a few new bands.
  4. OK, so I listened to Wigelius (weird name) and I don't think I can do the vocals. All I could hear was 'Kyle Troy' from the movie Ford Fairlane The Arion one was goon on the first listen
  5. Wow, thanks everyone. Most of these came through after I left but I'll be sure to hit some up.
  6. Just returned from overseas so had time for a bunch of movies Stuber - pretty funny, easy to watch, really enjoyed it. Mystify Michael Hutchence - this was really good. A documentary, it goes deeper into the issues he had that ultimately caused his suicide. Apparently the other band members were unaware of what really happened until they saw this. Yesterday - OK, happy to watch this. Fairly fun, but pretty much as you'd seen in the previews Richard Says Goodbye - Johnny Depp film, was ok, the dialogue was a little too much like the Gilmour Girls for me. Toy Story 4 - Pretty average. Probably more enjoyable when I watched with my younger kids Men In Black International - meh, pretty boring. Was tired and kept on falling asleep. Didn't make it through it. Spiderman Far From Home - pretty average, but I guess the Marvel movies have poretty high expectations these days. Nothing I hadn't seen before Midsommar - pretty boring and predicatble. Poor clone of Wicker Man.
  7. I never met her, but they way they made fun of anyone dying what just disgusting. michael can be a dick, and deserves most of the stuff that comes his way, but it was way too far and really the lowest for of critic. Doubt he ever saw it, but it spoke volumes about the people who made the show.
  8. I do need to try and get into some more local stuff. I started listening to it via the Hard Rock Show but then they ripped into Michael Sweet, which is generally cool, but they jaked and belittled his wife dying of cancer which was pretty fucked so I haven't seen anything they do since. Airbourne are defs not for me though.
  9. Anything in the same vein of any of the bands I listed. I'm sure there is a heap of great stuff that I'm missing out on.
  10. Nitrate - I have one of their albums which I haven;t got to yet. Keep on thinking they are Nitro lol White widdow - tried but can't do them. Creye - listened to a few tracks on youtube but they are too synthy for me Midnite city - love 'em
  11. Never heard of them, but I tend to like much of the same stuff you doi so they will be top of my list.
  12. Just wait for an international act and Silverback Touring will add at least 3 local bands to the bill. Which means the act you paid to see has a much shorter set list. Happened with pop Evil as well as Corabi. I actually called them out on this on Facebook and they just deleted my post which was pretty lame.
  13. Also, I forgot to say 'please' in the title thread, that was a bit rude...
  14. Pretty much up to date on these... Crazy Lixx The Defiants Dynazty Eclipse First Signal Harem Scarem H.E.A.T. Kissin' Dynamite The Night Flight Orchestra One Desire Treat W.E.T. But these I will look into, thanks... Art Nation Brother Firetribe Care of Night Find Me State of Salazar
  15. As i just posted in another thread, I'm off to China in a few days. Going solo, so I spend my days without much conversation as where I go there isn't much English spoken. So I can go for hours at a time with earphones in (not something I get to do very often at home) So I'm after some new albums to try out. Lately I've been listening a lot to Shiraz Lane, Cats In Space, Gun, Roxanne, so any music like them would be great, but also any other hard rock with hooks and melodies would be good. Doesn't have to be that recent
  16. I can see how that might happen for a band like this. Happens to me every now and then, but after a few songs it all gets better. Kind of happened today with Jellyfish and Gynger Lynn Particularly Gynger Lynn, at the time it was amazing, but it's pretty unique type of sound. The closest they come to are Electrik as far as that sound goes for me. But I slotted back into the 'vibe' soon enough.
  17. Nope, I am taken back to when I used to listen to the music. A perfect example is Danger Danger I frothed them, still love listening to all their stuff, but newer Paul and Ted bands kind of sound very D2ish, and even though I should like them more, I struggle. But I feel that of they were released back in the day, I would have worn them out and they would be entrenched in my head like the rest of the stuff.
  18. Friday night I have Hardcore Superstar and Buckcherry Missed both bands last time they each toured as I was overseas both times, so this time I get to see them both Ironically, I fly to China Saturday morning, picked a nice little gap between this show and my wedding anniversary
  19. Are You Ready To Rock, followed by Monumentum
  20. add that one to my list as well.
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