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  1. CureTheSane

    Outloud - VHS: Virtual Hero Society

    Well, I've listened for probably my 3rd or 4th time and have to say I'm disappointed in this. Really tame/poppy/watered down/samey compared to previous releases. Let's GEt Serious was about as AOR as I get, and this one just slipped over that line. I'll likely find a few songs that stick out enough to want to add to their best of, but to get there I feel like I have to listen to this a few more times. Shouldn't be that way. Maybe I should shelve it for a half a year or so and come back to it.
  2. CureTheSane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    For some reason lately I've found myself not being a fan of most of the songs that just about everyone else loves. eg: Roxanne - Super Bad I think this was the first single? It is my 10th favourite song off the album. It's growing a bit I guess...
  3. CureTheSane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Easy to decide for me, I just look at what made my best of folder.... The War Is Over Paper Tiger Roar A Life To Die For Tangled Up No Way Without You Progenitors Always Have, Always Will Rose Of Jericho Heartmath City Build The Love Riptide All Bets Are Off Undefeated Tomorrow Never Comes 6 songs to nine. Even if I'd grade some of the CDG songs individually higher if I had to rate the songs by how much I like them, Tunguska would still pip it at the post. In the end they're both great albums.
  4. CureTheSane

    Killer intros

    Nah, that trip to Mars turned out to be a dream. Seemed so real at the time. I recall thinking "how come I haven't seen more 3 titted women before... That should have given it all away, but I guess I just went with it...
  5. CureTheSane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Not very often I get an album where there is only one or two songs that aren't awesome. Last one I recall was Hot Action Cop ST, when every song except #2 was killer On Roxanne, from the 11 songs, I'm not a big fan of Thin Blue Line, and Super Bad I didn't like much for a while, but it's growing now. Every other song is killer. Only reason Shiraz Lane will beat them to $1 is that even though there are 3 songs out of the 11 I wouldn't put on a best of, the re are a couple of real stand out songs, the ones you only come across every once in a while.
  6. CureTheSane

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Shiraz Lane and Roxanne will likely be my top 2 this year. Clear standouts Haven't heard the new Saliva yet, but it's supposed to be one of their best. New Electric Boys looks like it may be next year at this rate. Also I saw there is a new Dangerous Toys on the way. I dare say I'll be in the distinct minority hoping for more Pissed and r*tist type stuff, but if all of Jason's recent stuff is anything to go by it will lean heavily towards AC/DC, and therefore they'll be trying to hit the early stuff sound.
  7. CureTheSane

    Killer intros

    Brings me memories of that time I rode my bike down an LAZ aqueduct with some random kid. Hold on, not sure that memory is 100% spot on
  8. CureTheSane

    Junkyard Drive - Sin & Tonic

    I never heard Sin & Tonic, but Black Coffee, released recently is pretty damn good on first listen. Reminds me of Slash style music but a bit lighter with more melody.
  9. CureTheSane

    Main Site Vs Forum

    Hardly a community here. Most of the time it seems like a bunch of people trying to one-up others and prove how knowledgeable they are. Usually when I log on I want to say something to see if there is an echo...
  10. CureTheSane

    Roxanne - Radio Silence

    Nice cover of Corabi's Man In The Moon Nothing too mind blowing, but will likely be the first time many people hear the song. Someone To Kill reminds me a lot of a song from Swing Of Death Other songs have an Electric Boys feel, and sometimes a Beatles vibe. Loving the diversity of the sound of the songs. This album has potential to be in my top couple of the year.
  11. CureTheSane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Roxanne - Radio Silence First listen thumbs up
  12. CureTheSane

    Dallas - deal with AOR Blvd Records

    Yeah imma waiting for Spotify as well
  13. CureTheSane

    Midnite City 2

    Heard this a few times now, and so far the music is good, but nothing really jumping out at me. Not slightly better and slightly worse songs to create some variety and a listening experience....
  14. CureTheSane

    CoreLeoni - The Greatest Hits, Part 1

    Can't help but think that the singer would made a great Freddie Mercury if he shaved the beard and left the moustache....
  15. CureTheSane

    Treat - Tunguska

    9 songs off this album made my best of compilation. This song wasn't one of them. I find it pretty boring.
  16. CureTheSane

    Alien - Imagine (John Lennon cover)

    Here's the song I mentioned earlier in case others haven't heard it.
  17. CureTheSane

    Alien - Imagine (John Lennon cover)

    Now that's how you do a cover. Bonfire should take a lesson. This is a nice version of a great song. When you attempt a song like this, you really can't improve on it, so it has to be done as an interpretation. Singer is sounding a bit like Michael Bolton lol
  18. CureTheSane

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Ironically a cloak and dagger game may have been set in place to stir up some controversy and mystique like WASP or KISS. Those days are gone. Nobody really gives a shit if it stands for Hearts Eternal Adventurous Treasure. It's more fun making fun of the name now
  19. CureTheSane

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    I forgot about this. Last album was such a let down, I lose a lot of interest. I'll likely pick it up in a couple of years and wonder why I never bothered with it before...
  20. CureTheSane

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Well, aside from it all being lame with the cloak and dagger stuff, imma gonna embrace it and make some assumptions... Heathens Entrapping All Types Hell Embraces All Tits
  21. CureTheSane

    Bonfire - Legends

    You nailed how I feel about covers. That said, I hope others out there enjoy this release. Don't expect everyone to see covers the same way I do (and possibly you do as well)
  22. CureTheSane

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Your response was funnier than mine would have been. Let me rephrase... The band seems kinda lame if the are going to play games like this.
  23. CureTheSane

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    Really? Instantly diminished how I feel about the band if they are going to play little schoolyard games like that...
  24. CureTheSane

    Midnite City 2

    Just like to take a second to appreciate the quality of the ass on the cover of this album. Instantly puts me in the right place to listen to the music.
  25. CureTheSane

    Bonfire - Legends

    TBH, Bonfire are generally hit and miss with me anyway. Doesn't matter which version. Not a band I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for a new release from. But at times i really like their stuff, which is why this is a bit of a disappointment in that they are covers. But then I am kind of specific with my covers. Was just going through The Treatment and the only cover I kept off Running With The Dogs was No Matter What, others were boring. For me, you either improve on the original - that usually means updating a much older song with a cleaner and heavier sound. eg: Radar Love Or you change the original to a different version, while still respecting the original. eg: Walk This Way These Bonfire ones for me are the worst kind of covers, they are basically just re-recordings

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