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  1. That's why I miss out on posting on a lot of new album release threads and am always Johnny come lately. Because I wait until it's had 6 - 10 spins so I really get a good feel for it. Based on this, sometimes after a first listen I KNOW I will never like the song. But this it pretty rare. usually I can oust a couple after a few listens for specific reasons, then I let the rest drum into my brain. Rare that a lot of time goes by and I have a change of heart, but it does happen. I didn't like God Of Thunder for like 20 years, and eventually I got it lol Same with Drive by The Cars. Hated it. Was all over radio until we couldn't bare it. Then years went by and I heard it again and I could appreciate it. I remember a guy on the old Metal Edge forums ( a long time ago) - rucknut. He reckoned that he could instantly assess any song on one listen I I felt sorry for him as I think that is total crap and he missed out on a lot of music. He was very proud of his music collection and ability to listen to pretty much every song written though.
  2. Nah if there are only 2 or 3 songs I don't care for it's a fucking great album for me. Dr. Feelgood has a couple of tracks I don't like. Hysteria has a couple as well. Appetite For Desrtuction has some very average songs for me, but also some killer tracks sometimes the amazing albums end up having tracks that might be the best songs on a lesser album but amongst the great songs they seem shitter. On the other hand, I was listiening to First Signal the other day. I picked it because every song of the 2010? album made my best of folder. All the songs are good, but only a couple of killer tracks, so overally a great album but only great, as even though every song is good and enjoyable to listen to, nothing that really wants me to make the devil sign and jump to my feet.
  3. Still a stupid concept to me. Just stick with shit, ok, good, great, excellent an d on RARE occasions, perfect How anyone can say, "oh, this one is a 9.75 and the next track is a 9.8" is just weird Sometimes people like to be so specialist and expert in these things. I don't profess to be, I simply like what I like. I get an album, then I listen to it, cut out the shit and save the good songs. A good album for me has at least 50% tracks I like enough not to throw to the curb. But then I'm just as happy to find 3 killer tracks only off a 12 track album and save them, disgarding the 9. All about saving the music I like and want to hear again without wasting my time on shittier songs.
  4. So for what it's worth, here's my take on HEAT after 5 listens. I'll likely end up with 6 songs off the album. As I originally posted upon my first listen, it's the second half of the disc that does it for me. I've been ripping on it a bit, which has been a bit unfair, it probably should be interpreted more as me ripping on the love fest for this one. It's a good album, but (for me) nothing like the porno mag replacement that it is for everyone else. I rate withan A B C D E F system, where D isa song that isn't total shit, C is OK, B is good/great and A is an excellent song. all these 90.256987564% ratings I still find pretty weird. Rock Your Body – boring, repeated chorus with a bland monotone. Bridge is ok, but can’t make the song work for me. (D) Dangerous Ground – “dangerous, dangerous ground” This was the best they could do? This may grow on me. I kinda hope it doesn’t, kind of like I was hoping Hide Your Heart lyrics wouldn’t, but they did. For now, a (C+) Come Clean – This is a good song. I know it will continue to be a grower for me, hooks, tempo changes, melodies – ticks all my boxes. (A) Victory – Again, the chorus “Vic tor ry!!!” The rest of the song is good, hopefully I can get past the boring chorus Imma go with a (B) We Are Gods – AGAIN the chorus “WE…….. ARE….. GODS…..” I mean it’s an ok, song. Kind of is the Gene Simmons song on the album in that it has that thumping backbeat and it a little different to the rest of the vibe. (C) Adrenaline – Can I get past the word “drenaline”? as in “my adrenaline, drenaline” if that isn’t bad enough, there is a lot of other repeating in this song. Weak. Good music can be undone with poor lyrics, and this is yet another example on this album (D+) One By One – This is an ok song, one of the ones I’d be trying to decide if it’s a keeper or not. Nothing too special or new here, but a good rocker. I’ll probably keep it (B) Nothing To Say – I like a ballad, and this is no exception (A) Heaven Must Have Won An Angel – corny song title, smacks of weird Scandanavian band not realising that this was pretty bad 30 years ago, not it’s just cringe. Not sold on this song. I like the drop back to the drums and bass, build up, then it gets to what I’ve heard many times before which is a bit of a let down. I think it will grow more on me, so (B) Under The Gun – This one has a bit of balls and it’s almost like it’s the first song they took a risk on and just went with it rather than allowing it to be rounded and produced. (A) Rise – Probably the best song on the album (A)
  5. Shit, whatever you do, don't watch the end of Men In Black. Sounds like it will cause you a meltdown...
  6. and the nebula came from? Infinity isn't an explanation. It is just a diversion from a starting point. That we can't comprehend how everything in the universe was once compacted to a singularity, is kind of redundant as the real question should be where did that sigularity come from. So in the context of this discussion (religeon vs Science) neither side wins, nor can win in the forseeable future as neither argument can be proven or disproven. Peronslly I really don't gibe too much of a shit why and how we got here. Fact is we are here - make the most of it - listen to as much cool music that you can, and don't waste too much time on HEAT when you have Collateral sitting waiting to be played. I'm very lucky, I have a great life, and am free to enjoy it as much as possible. If there ever is a difinitive explanation as to how we got here, the likelihood is that it would be so complex that only a few would understand it, the rest of us would have to accept it. Much like how TV get's from the sports ground to your lounge room tv in an instant through the air. anyone here researched taht and understand it? I haven't, nor do I feel overly compelled to...
  7. Don't recall calling you a lazy prick.... Putting words in my mouth doesn't really make much sense on a message board where you can scroll up. You wrote a 150 page book or read a 150 page book? I'm not going to get into an argument regarding the creation of everything. I happily accept that there is no definitive answer. I was merely pointing out that you clamied that you had a more viable alternative and then came up with nothing. Nothing wrong with saying you don't know and be happy with that. Also nothing wrong with agreeing with widely accepted science as the most plausible alternative if you wish. Carzy that this discussion has come about via a discussion about religion, and one sugbet is open for discussion, education, expanding knowledge and debate. The other subject is redundant as a plausible alternative and only serves as a way to help with emotional shortcomings (IMO)
  8. I don't expect anyone to agree. As I said in the HEAT thread if I really start to dig it I'll happily come back and eat my words. Not trying to convince anyone of anything, just different strokes.
  9. Meant to say "hope others AREN'T blindsided..."
  10. Weakest resonse I expected as your explanation to how we got here. Look in to some science. Start with black holes, of dark matter. Look at an overview of them, and if you read the right stuff you'll get a vague uneducated explanation of them (like I did) they kind of make some sort of sense. Then if you can be bothered look at the big bang theory and see if it starts to make some sort of sense. It's not a bunch of blokes around a file coming up with this stuff, and the BBT is widely accepted for some good reasons. Go back 200 years and tell someone that you know picture will travel from a camera device to a box in your lounge room and they would laugh at you. Look at how brainwaves work. Surely you agree that there are nerve cells that transport information, but can you explaing it? probably not (I can't) but that doesn't make it any less plausible. I mean, if you have a reason why the BBT is rubbish, other than your lack of understanding of it, then maybe your opinion would hold some merit.
  11. Probably true, which in turn encourages illegal downloading. Interesting that the whole music industry screwed themselves by sooking rather than being proactive when Napster started. now they still haven't learnt and perpetuate the problem. In years to come it won't be such an issue as spotify etc have an endless library of songs and already its pretty cheap. I mean if I campare my family plan (AUD $3ea per month) to what I used to spend on physical CD's, it's no comparison. Also, I'm kind of over having to have the physical thing in my hand these days. Probably time to sell off my CD collection (for whatever it's worth these days)
  12. I stopped thinking about any of this type of thing years ago. Basically when I got to the point where any type of religion was equated to the Egyptians worhipping the Sun as their god. Ironic that they chose a science to worship. Any talk of religion now falls into the 'cult' side of things for me, and their weird religious view are kind of just get lumped into the silly airy fairyland area for me.
  13. Just did a Google and came up with This album will feature re-recordings of songs from the past. More details about this will be revealed later. Not sure how this song was rerecorded, sounds exactly the same as the original to me.
  14. Well it may sound like it's more of the same becase it is. Originally released on The Rock 'N' Roll Circuz in 2009. Don't know much about this new album. Maybe it is a compilation or remasters or whatever. The Road is a great song though.
  15. I love Cats in Space, but screw reissues. Happy to downlod any new songs.
  16. Yep, but apparently they are buying. I'm guessing they capacity for their concerts is less these days with all the 50 year old fat women who idolised 80's Jon
  17. I dunno.... Everyone is creaming themselves over this, and I don't really get it. After more listens, if I'm wrong, I'll come back here and sdmit it hapily, but for now I'm underwhelmed.
  18. That Limitless is OK. Can't help but feel if there were some gang vocals doing the second "Limitless" in the chorus, rather than Jon doing the fake echoy effect by repeating the song, it would be better. Whole song coule be a lot better if it had different production and edge, but I guess with Bon Jovi, you get Bon Jovi. they're still around, so some people out there are appreciating what they are doing.
  19. Listening to this now and it shits all over HEAT for me. Hope others are blindsided by the HEAT release and miss out on this. Much more catchy and hooky and much less samey than HEAT
  20. I didn't listen to any samples purposefully. Just heard the album in full and my response was a really big whopping M.E.H. I found it boring and bland. Nothing fresh and certgainly didn't pick up on any harder edge to previouse releases. Right now lostning to Collateral and much more impressed. Much. Maybe HEAT will improve with more listens, but I'd be surprised if I get more than 4 or 5 keepers even if I can turn it around. Better songs seemed to be in the second half on first listen, with my only stand out RIse.
  21. *** waiting for Glen's description of all creation that makes more sense than the big bang ***
  22. I like this one. Particularly "to the dreams that have shatterd, colliding with fate, and to the good we discarded whike searching for great" and "we're so suck on the missing, we're missing the rest" It's cool to hear some poinant music, rather than the usual tits and ass sometimes (no that there's anything wrong with the T&A)
  23. So I had a 7 hour drive today so I put on my Kiss mix. First thing that really stood out was the drumming in She. It's better than I thought Peter could do. Does anyone know if he actually drummed in it. If he did, then good on him, he's a better drummer than I thought. Next was Let Me Know. I know this was one of their early songs, way before the album, but listening to it up pretty loud, it was clearly different to the rest of the songs from that album. Much more backtardy. I assume they whacked on an already recorded versionon the album? Relaised that the end of Forever is kind of a heartbeat, not sure why I never saw that before. Anyone have the proper track list for The Elder before the record company changed the order around and mucked up the story? Weird that even then they had such little say in something like this. Doubt that shit would fly if they put together another album now. Listening to Hard Times, Ace is pretty rough. I know he was going for a street vibe in the vocals, but they are also fairly out there. There is one pary in the first verse when his voice it blended with itself and layered to stay in tume. The line at the smae spot next time hasn't had this alteration, so he must have done better. Unmasked really is a killer album. Would love to hear a rework of manyof these songs with a heavier vibe, kinda like I Was Made For Loving You on Alive III
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