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  1. Jacob M.

    KlockWorq - It's About Time...

    A collection of clips from the Tulsa thrash band KlockWorq. They have a good album called Wrenches. Hopefully one day it will be re-released on CD.
  2. Jacob M.

    Play Rough - S/T (2018)

    JLPRocks made a copy of this CD for me a long time ago. He said it would never be re-released on CD. So I kept it close. As soon as I heard it had been re-released I ordered it.
  3. I don't even know what to say. Who are those bands? Where did they come from? Does the label go after the most obscure of obscure? I don't recognize any of the bands on their label.
  4. Jacob M.

    Doxy- Freakshow

    I can't find the exact release date on this one. I believe it came out around September of last year. Surprisingly I haven't seen anyone mention it on here. If you are interested you can contact Doxy. I got a CD and shirt. They even sent it to me in Oregon. It's a solid album. Well worth a look. It's also available for streaming.
  5. Thought of a couple more. Cruella D'ville- Room Without A View Harlots Webb- Forever
  6. Jacob M.

    Crystal Pistol - S/T (2005)

    I remember this being a big thing at that time. I pointed to this band as an example of sleaze being back. They kind of faded away though disproving my point. Never managed to get the CD. I think I tried though. Also it seems like there was a band in the 80's with the same name. When they got signed to Retrospect or whatever it was they changed their name to Crystal Project to avoid confusion.
  7. Jacob M.

    Sleazy RoXxX - Topless Suicide

    I don't know man. What if they recruited Andy Timmons? Then they could compete with Steel Panther? I actually liked the last Sleazy Roxxx cd. It wasn't half bad. Better than the Let's Roll track anyway.
  8. Jacob M.

    Strike Twice

    I love the Sleaze songs on this release. Absolutely killer. The rest of it was lacking.
  9. Jacob M.

    Music related comedy and satire

    The New Guy had random appearances from a lot of musicians.
  10. Jacob M.

    Quiet Riot - Road Rage

    I really don't get the disrespect for Sean Nichols (aka Sheldon Tarsha) the guy is an incredible vocalist. Quiet Riot screwed him over.
  11. Jacob M.

    Sin Cruz - Enter the Unknown

    De La Cruz as well. Santa Cruz is a city in California. So it kind of works as a name.
  12. Jacob M.

    Sin Cruz - Enter the Unknown

    Weren't there a couple other bands recently with Cruz in their name?
  13. Jacob M.

    Youth in Revolt

    They lost me at the screamo vocals. That is an immediate deal breaker for me.
  14. Jacob M.

    Quiet Riot - Road Rage

    I saw Sheldon Tarsha when he was the vocalist for Icon (which strangely enough they didn't mention in the above audio). The guy is phenomenal. No way American Idol dude can be better.

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