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  1. Lancia is a great CD. I met Paul at Rocklahoma. Seemed like a nice guy. Later I had a run in with the guitarist on FB. The dude was pretty crazy with his politics.
  2. I thought Firehouse was from North Carolina. I've never heard of For Love Not Lisa. I would probably go with Erotic Suicide for Oklahoma. You should add Dirty Rhythm to Oregon.
  3. I have mixed feelings on the idea of bonus tracks. I agree that B-Sides are the priority. Demos can be good. Live tracks can also be nice. Sometimes artists tack on bonus tracks that really add nothing to the release. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is Vinnie Vincent Invasion- All Systems go. Why even throw those last two tracks on there? Sometimes demos can be better than some of the songs that ended up on the actual album. And sometimes the live tracks are songs that were never properly recorded. As long as the quality is okay I am happy to listen. I'm not a huge fan of Cats N Boots. If I were to choose a version I would get the Bad Reputation version for the bonus tracks. That applies to most releases. I recently acquired the original release of Mr. Big so getting the remaster is not a priority at all. It really is confusing. Too often re-releases aren't just that. Improved sound should be the #1 thing. If they can't do that then leave alone if it was good to begin with. There are remixes of albums that aren't properly labeled. You see the complaints in customer reviews. There are albums that have been completely re-recorded. I believe that sometimes people aren't aware they are buying that. Sometimes they take out parts of a song. Apparently Vinnie Vincent Invasion- All Systems Go took out parts of Love Kills and Breakout. Or take out entire songs like XX Badboy- Fire In The Hole on Demon Doll Records. Has there been a remaster of Slave To The Grind? I did a search and couldn't find anything. I did find that the first Skid Row release had been remastered and the band was not happy about it.
  4. MQA-CD is a relatively new format that uses some type of compression technology. You need a special piece of hardware that can uncompress the data in order to get the better sound. Otherwise it sounds like a regular CD. Much like HDCD that proceeded all of this. You needed hardware with a special chip to read the files properly. I don't know the specifics of SACD. I think it's a higher capacity disc. It competed with DVD Audio to be the successor to CDs. Neither format really took off. SH-MCD appears to be the same file as a regular CD. The quality of the materials in the disc is supposed to be better. Theoretically giving you better sound. There's also something called Blu-Spec and XRCD. There might even be others that I am missing. How all of this compares to each other I have no idea. It's a confusing mess.
  5. I have been thinking about this general idea for a while. As someone who collects music I want the best version of the album available. Sometimes figuring that out can be a challenge. There are so many variables that can effect this. As a personal preference I would prefer to have a disc based release. The basic CD seems to be the format of choice for most releases. There have been other/better formats since the CD, but nothing has ever really taken off. So the default is CD, especially for the more niche releases a community like this might be after. The Mr. Big- Lean Into It 30 year anniversary announcement has left me a bit puzzled. They are releasing it on MQA-CD and SACD. MQA-CD, while an interesting idea, seems like an answer to a question nobody asked. Why are they releasing on SACD? Isn't that format dead and hasn't it been dead for a while? No Blu-ray Audio release? It's beginning to look like that format is dead. Quite the sad end as well since it could have been the "definitive" format. Even just this release I can't figure out which version to get. Which version of the CD will have better sound? Will I even be able to see the benefit of this better sound unless I have special equipment? Which version will have more extras? One of the more confusing releases I have stumbled onto is Cats In Boots- Kicked & Klawed. There are 3 separate re-releases that I know of. Demon Doll, Rock Candy, and Bad Reputation. The Demon Doll release has a bonus track, but has it been remastered? Rock Candy has been re-mastered, but no bonus tracks, unless you get the Japanese version. Bad Reputation has many bonus tracks, but has it been remastered? Trying to figure it out makes my head hurt. Thankfully I still have the original. I will just stick with that. Then there is the issue of a band like Shark Island. I bought the latest release right after it came out. Was it even a year later the band released a "better" version of the album. I still find myself really irritated by that. Bad remasters is a whole other thing. Looking at you Megadeth. Dave Mustaine nearly ruined Countdown To Extinction. I need to get the original release and avoid other Megadeth remasters.
  6. I enjoy watching Rick Beato on occasion. He is able to show how broken the music industry is with his personal stories. A really good story teller if I have ever seen one.
  7. I remember getting that CD for only a dollar or two. Even then I felt ripped off. Absolutely awful.
  8. I had to really think about it. The vocalist reminds me of Strike Twice.
  9. Somehow I missed this update. Happy to hear that Retrospect is coming back to life.
  10. You have to remember that if it makes Democrats look bad it's automatically false. If it makes Republicans look bad it's automatically true. That's how things works now.
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMUTYCPLvH4/ This video explains it pretty well.
  12. You should look into Hannah Gadsby. She's so unfunny that it's funny.
  13. This is probably the last compilation I'll mention. Street Heroes 1992 on Wolfe Records. 1. Crash'n Hollywood- Network 2. Can't Stop- D.V.S. 3. Mechanikill- Machine 4. I Want to Tell Her- Hipshot 5. Back to Me- Faces In The Crowd 6. Run for Shelter- Witchunt 7. Dreams- Amsterdam 8. Easy Come Easy Go- Midnight Hero 9. Wings on the Prayer- Bittersweet 10. Set Me Free- Steel Justice 11. Howard Stern Song- Jim Adimaro 12. Never Be Lonely- Jim Adimaro 13. You'll Come Running- Jim Adimaro More artists I can't really find much information on. The only band I can confirm has a release is Network. They are definitely AOR. There is a D.V.S. on this site, but no way to confirm if it's the same band. Can't Stop is a really good track. Machine is in the realm of thrash. Hipshot has a familiar sound. I can't place it though. Solid hard rock. Faces In The Crowd has a female vocalist. It's hard to describe the sound. Maybe Cyndi Lauper? Witchunt has a sleazier sound and then it drifts into thrashier territory. Amsterdam has an AOR sound? Is this the same band as the Amsterdam with Ronnie Borchert? Midnight Hero has a sleazy sound. The same band that's on Retrospect Records? Safe to say this isn't the same BitterSweet as on Retrospect Records. This band has a female vocalist. Steel Justice also has a familiar sound that I can't place. Jim Adimaro is an oddity. With that name I didn't not expect a female vocalist. Not a bad collection of songs.
  14. Speaking of Rick Springfield. YouTube played this as a commercial recently. A sequel I'm not sure we need.
  15. https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=236&CDName=Hollywood+Hairspray,+Vol.+5 This is another compilation I think deserves a closer look. The track Hold On to Your Dreams Tonight appears to only be on this compilation. From the band Gun Shy. It appears to be the same band that released After Dark. Such a monster track. In my opinion it is way better than anything on After Dark. Yet it remains largely forgotten. More people need to hear this track.
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