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  1. I actually enjoy this album. It's just too different to have ever had a chance. One of the few comparable bands I have found would be Insania (on Retrospect Records).
  2. I completely forgot about this. I'm guessing those demos still haven't been released. That album is still in my top ten.
  3. I'm not sure why I was excited by the possibility of a new album. I didn't even like Want Some. The best songs on that album would have been filler on another bands CD. I think the band had potential. It's looking like they will never reach it.
  4. I got the cassette in the clearance bin of a FYE of all places around 2004. I think it was only $1. I loved it so much I even bought a Dirty Blonde shirt. The girl working there likely had no idea why I was so excited about an old cassette. I will likely buy this at some point in the future.
  5. Not a big Trek fan. I heard Discovery was a trash show. I've caught a bit here and there when my roommates were watching it. The show certainly didn't seem that great. I probably wouldn't watch it if it was free.
  6. I'm thinking Retrospect's stock is starting to get low. Most of my last order was refunded. I have one more order to make.
  7. As much as I like Demon Doll I must express disappointment with XX Badboy. Two tracks were inexplicably cut from the release. Those tracks were really good too. That's the reason I haven't bought it yet. Please don't do that to other CDs.
  8. I just ordered a couple CDs from Demon Doll today.
  9. For The Wounded Heart I finally got around to buying the re-mastered Fear Not s/t. I stumbled onto the fact they had recently released a new EP. So I bought that too. I certainly didn't expect to see a new Fear Not CD. I don't think anybody did. Listening to it now. So far it's pretty... bleh. Should have known that was a bad sign when they brought in a new vocalist who, "helps take this new EP to a whole new level with his metal vocal styling."
  10. I'm honestly not too surprised to hear this. I will say that it is still disheartening. I still buy tons of music. Probably more than I want to at times. Because if you don't get it now it won't be there tomorrow. That's what happened with a local record store. The rent went up and the record store no longer found it profitable to stay open. My collection is well over 400 CDs now. I likely have over 100 that I still need to listen to. That's how fast I've collected them. I still buy a lot of Demon Doll releases and have gotten more into Perris in recent times. I still buy from Retrospect on occasion. Maybe I should have bought more. It's rough. I buy what I can, but I can't single handedly support all music/labels that are out there. The market definitely has fallen out. I would like to get the majority of the Retrospect releases. Maybe we can work something out. To do so would cost me a small fortune. Well over $1,000 it seems.
  11. A collection of clips from the Tulsa thrash band KlockWorq. They have a good album called Wrenches. Hopefully one day it will be re-released on CD.
  12. JLPRocks made a copy of this CD for me a long time ago. He said it would never be re-released on CD. So I kept it close. As soon as I heard it had been re-released I ordered it.
  13. I live near Portland. This place is getting crazy SJW bad. Luckily it's not quite as bad in the burbs.
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