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  1. That wouldn't be very hard. It's been a very poor year for our genres.
  2. I love both of those. These guys are flawless!
  3. Thank you much my friend!! I'm getting ready to ask again!!
  4. I agree with you both. Very hard to listen to and it's just not very good. No song even approaching 8/10 except maybe Tell Me Why, and even that's a stretch.
  5. Some new entries: Blond -N- Dirty from Pennsylvania:
  6. Info from Scott Waters: It's not old recordings that are just pressed to vinyl. These are all new recordings by the current line-up of the band. It's a new record of songs that were written back in the 80's and never properly recorded till now.
  7. Would anyone have changed their vote to the new album?
  8. Agreed. Also agree that with each release, they seem to take a slight step back. Still solid stuff but a little samey.
  9. Enuff Z'nuff for instance. I thought I liked these guys. But when I listen to them now, I'm not nearly getting the enjoyment I did back then.
  10. Just a few bands really. Most of the stuff I loved then is still killer now.
  11. Today's playlist: Jackyl "Relentless" Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime" HammerFall "Legacy Of Kings" Accept "Blood Of The Nations" Keel "Keel"
  12. It's weird because when I listen to some of those 80's bands that I thought were great back then, I listen now and wonder why I thought they were so great. LOL Anybody else experience this?
  13. I listened to these today: Savatage "Hall Of The Mountain King" Monster "Through The Eyes Of The World" Loudness "Thunder In The East" Spread Eagle "S/T" Babylon A.D. "S/T" New American Shame "S/T"
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