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    Reece - Resilient Heart

    It's crap! I keep holding out hope that Reece will release something worthwhile. But he doesn't. It's the same drivel he's been releasing for years (minus Tango Down). Pretty much everything he's sang on has been "meh".
  2. AlphaMale

    Starbreaker - Dysphoria

    Sounds pretty exciting!
  3. Shake the Faith info: Tracklist Shake The Faith 1 Let Her Go 2 Paisley Girl 3 Roses Are Red 4 Mr. Psycho 5 Sally's Ballad 6 All Night Shakey Jane demos 7 What Does It Mean 8 Moonpie 9 Story Of My Life 10 My Philosophy 11 Dear Dad 12 Shot To Hell Band was from Baltimore, Maryland. First set of demos Tracks 1-6 (1990) was this lineup: Andy Hogg: Lead Vocals Todd Stevens: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals Jon Weed: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Currie Powers: Drums and Backing Vocals Shake The Faith booted Andy Hogg and changed their name to Shakey Jane. Tracks 7-12 (1991-1992) are Shakey Jane and this lineup: Clayton Dutton: Lead Vocals Todd Stevens: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals Dave Peers: Guitars and Backing Vocals Jon Weed: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Currie Powers: Drums and Backing Vocals
  4. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Obviously..... since you think "Creeps" is killer.
  5. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Hahaha.... killer song according to @Glen
  6. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Great minds think alike cousin! What's your opinion on "Creeps"?
  7. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Haha. My least favorite. Predictable and just plain boring.
  8. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Okay. I must give a re-review of this since I've been playing it quite a bit. The thing about this release, the second half of the album is much better than the first IMO. I like the opener "Progenitors". Solid tune with a memorable chorus. It's the next 4 or 5 tracks that are good but nothing amazing. Not filler but definitely not killer. Once we get to the single "Build The Love" and the subsequent tracks "Man Overboard" and "Riptide", the rest are more in line with what I want to hear from Treat. My scores: Progenitors 7.75/10 Always Have, Always Will 7.5/10 Best Of Enemies 7.25/10 Rose Of Jericho 7/10 Heartmath City 7.5/10 Creeps 6.75/10 Build The Love 7.75/10 Man Overboard 8/10 Riptide 8/10 Tomorrow Never Comes 7.75/10 All Bets Are Off 7/10 Undefeated 7.75/10 75%
  9. from internet sources: KICKIN VALENTINA - Imaginary Creatures [Japan Edition] (2017) We have been closely following on this blog the evolution of KICKIN VALENTINA, the current American answer to all the '80s sleaze hard rock coming from Scandinavia. Today August 11, the guys from Atlanta, GA, are releasing their new CD titled "Imaginary Creatures". After the first spin one thing is for sure; they have matured as musicians, and they rock harder than ever. If you're new to them, Kickin Valentina fuses together elements of rock’n’roll, hair metal, melodic rock and sleazy hard rock. However, in "Imaginary Creatures" the four-piece smell more like gasoline than hairspray, a bunch of songs that packs a 'Mike Tyson in his prime' punch. From the moment they pop the clutch in the lead up to the first track “Eyes” to the final note of the title track, the band takes you on a high-speed adventure of down n' dirty hard rock (but really melodic) that you won’t want to end. The songwriting is superb throughout the album with lyrics you cannot help but sing along with as you listen. In songs like “Turns Me On”, “Street”, “Heartbreak” and “Imaginary Creatures”, your body just wants to dance to the beat. Others, such as “Eyes” and “Devil’s Hand”, feature scorching guitar solos from guitarist Heber Papillon. Drummer Jimmy Berdine expertly keeps things chugging along at a steady pace. As I would expect from a bluesy, sleazy rock type band, the bass from Chris Taylor is exceptionally well done and very prominent in the mix. In fact, it really helps hold together the other instruments. Let’s take a brief moment here to appreciate the vocals of Joe Edwards. His rough, husky voice sets the tone for the band, evoking the appropriate emotion for each tune. No more apparent is this than in the semi-power ballad “Crazy”, an ode to that part of us that is just a little bit out of control and reckless. Kickin Valentina does a cover of Elvis‘ “Burning Love”, an ok version but I felt was unnecessary. They can write their own darn good songs. "Imaginary Creatures" would have turned platinum thirty years ago. You can hear many of Kickin Valentina influences here from Guns N' Roses, Junkyard, LA Guns to Motley Crue and beyond, and everything in between. However, while Kickin Valentina‘s sound is reminiscent of the glory days of '80s US Glam Metal / Hard Rock, the have a distinctive touch with their own raw edge. I strongly recommend you purchase "Imaginary Creatures" so that you can put a little more hard rock in your life. There is no doubt in my mind that this album is one of the best sleazy hard rock releases of 2017. 01. Eyes 02. Turns Me On 03. Devils Hand 04. Eat And Run 05. Crazy 06. Street 07. Roll Ya One 08. Heartbreak 09. Burning Love [feat. Chris Green] 10. Imaginary Creatures Joe Edwards – vocals Heber Pampillon – guitar Chris Taylor – bass Jimmy Berdine – drums Chris Green (Tyketto, Rubicon Cross) – guest guitar on 9 BUY IT ! www.pcimusic.jp/catalog/wtn/1708/02.html .
  10. AlphaMale

    I-LAND - "i-Land" (2018)

    from internet sources: Formed in 2013, i-LAND hails from Canary Islands, Spain, so you easily can get where their name come from. The four-piece are presenting their debut album, the self-titled "i-Land", a delicious collection of songs inspired by the golden melodic hard rock era. With interesting lyrics in English, a polished / detailed production sound and really good musicianship, one thing is clear since the first bits of "i-Land": these guys love American Melodic Hard Rock circa 1989-1991. The melodic and catchy riff from opener “Just an Illusion” instantly bring to my mind Mr. Big second and third albums, an impression heavily accented by Fasur Rodriguez phrasing and vocal color reminiscent of Eric Martin. Love the lyrics too, about a young rock band aiming for recognition. Is it second cut "Angel" an outtake from an Eric Martin solo album? Not at all, but this sweet midtempo melodic rocker sounds like that. However, i-Land, as band, isn't a mere copy of Mr. Big, because they add their own spin to the melodies. Great guitar work here as well. “Believe in You” brings acoustics to the fore for a lovely melodious tune, followed by the proper power ballad on the album, “Memories of Love”, perhaps the more '80s track from the bunch, and one of the best. Back to melodic hard, the bass pumping “Muppet Show” delivers strong guitar riffs and social criticism in the lyrics, then “The First” is another favorite of mine with its AORish feel which brings to my mind Jim Peterik songwriting style. “Will I Remember” delivers more of that timeless, acoustic rock foundation recalling early '90s Extreme and Mr. Big type of songs, very well arranged and crafted. i-Land is wonderful surprise from Spain, a band that sounds and feel more American than the Americans. Their debut "i-Land" is all about late '80s / early '90s Melodic Hard Rock from that part of the globe, plenty of melody and served with a pristine production. "i-Land" leaves me hungry for more, let's hope they stay together and make a second effort soon. Very well done guys. Highly Recommended Tracklist: 01 - Just an Illusion 02 - Angel 03 - Believe in You 04 - Memories of Love 05 - Muppet Show 06 - The First 07 - Will I Remember Fasur Rodriguez - vocals Leo Zanello - guitar Juanka Trujillo - bass Emilio Diena - drums BUY IT ! store.cdbaby.com/cd/iland3
  11. AlphaMale

    I-LAND - "i-Land" (2018)

    I really like this song. Need to track this down.
  12. AlphaMale

    Care Of Night - Love Equals War

    Releases tomorrow? Can't wait!
  13. Queensrÿche have announced the release of The Verdict on March 1, 2019, via Century Media Records. "I'm extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish on this record. The relentless dedication and hard work of everyone involved has been very rewarding," singer Todd La Torre said in a statement. "I am excited and looking forward to it no longer just belonging to us, but belonging to the world. We hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!" Added guitarist Michael "Whip" Wilton, "The Verdict is the most metal and the most progressive record we have made in a long time. I couldn't possibly be more excited for everyone to hear this." The Verdict was produced, mixed, and mastered by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Iced Earth, Hatebreed) at Uberbeatz in Lynwood, WA, Planet-Z in Wilbraham, MA and Watershed Studio in Seattle, WA. A Pledge pre-order campaign is currently running here. Additionally, Queensryche will be heading out on a spring 2019 tour in support of The Verdict. Support will come from Fates Warning, with the Cringe joining both bands on select dates. For more information, as well as purchasing tickets, go to QueensrycheOfficial.com. first single from the new Queensryche disc "The Verdict" called "Man The Machine":
  14. AlphaMale

    Treat - Tunguska

    Agreed. It's by far the weakest of the last 3. None of it is bad per se, but there isn't any killers on it.
  15. AlphaMale

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    In terms of the album, it all sounds good and all...... but it's just so kind of predictable in it's delivery. It's almost as if they forget to have different paced songs. I think it's a solid 75%. But no Top 10 for me.
  16. AlphaMale

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Like him or not, stock market/economy is booming, unemployment at lowest in decades, black unemployment lowest ever, strengthened the military, yes, he's an asshat, but you can't deny the good things he has done.
  17. AlphaMale

    Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries

    Cool track. I dig both.
  18. AlphaMale

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    100% accurate. I might not like some of the shit Trump says, but he is definitely 100 times the President Obama was.
  19. AlphaMale

    Gotthard - Defrosted 2

    I like that.
  20. AlphaMale

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Great news!! Shake the Faith (the Baltimore version) has been snapped up by the label Heaven And Hell Records and will be releasing their demo on CD with the Shakey Jane demos as a bonus!!
  21. Digging through some of my local ROX magazines from 1990-1995. ROX was a free monthly local music paper that included the surrounding DC, PA, and VA areas. Anybody (besides LVKix) heard of any of these killer bands from back in the day?? More to come if you guys like this stuff!
  22. AlphaMale

    Rock City Angels Young Man's Blues

    Was not a fan of that disc.

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