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  1. Serious question @nyoilers, what did you think of Frequency Unknown and the trilogy of Operation:Mindcrime releases?
  2. Still $9.99 on the Retrospect site: Product-Ziggurat-Melodic Scandal-The Complete Ziggurat (retrospectrecords.com) (See Larger Image) Melodic Scandal -The Complete Ziggurat Ziggurat Price: $9.99 USD Availability:In Stock Format: CD Pieces of Set: 1
  3. Crazy for a re-issue. https://www.amazon.com/Melodic-Scandal-Complete-Ziggurat-ZIGGURAT/dp/B002IY3MMY
  4. You just might be the dumbest idiot this board has ever seen. Wow
  5. He might even slurp your nads if you do.... just for Geoff Tate.
  6. And 99% of the text BANNED WEBSITE uses is stolen from somebody else on the web, thus "various sources".
  7. Banned site! LOL I'm surprised BANNED WEBSITE didn't get censored by Dano. Usually if you type that is says "banned site".
  8. That is the only reason. They had a few decent songs over the years. Not really a fan though.
  9. I found it pretty boring. I will say Geoff sounds a bit better these days.
  10. THE OFFSPRING – Let the Bad Times Roll (2021) April 12, 2021 from various sopurces: Working with mega producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi) THE OFFSPRING are back next week with their new album ”Let The Bad Times Roll”: twelve tracks that are drenched with shades of their previous offerings, while delivering a vibrant modern sound that’s seen the title track ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ elevated to high rotation on rock radio with its commercial polish, while keeping the attitude of the band intact. With ”Let The Bad Times Rol
  11. I'd rather you go to the "I Love Geoff Tate" forum and post all you want there.
  12. I love the music. The vocals....... not so much. I agree musically it sounds like FarCry but a drastic change in vocal style. Maybe it will grow on me.
  13. Never even knew this existed until today. Vinyl only release limited to 500 copies. Band was still in Canada at this time before moving to the US. Anyone ever heard this? April 12, 2021 Now very rare, this was a limited 500 copies – vinyl only – press via Precision Records. This was the time when the band rocked in their native Canada before moving to USA. Musically, they were much more raw, with a glam punky sleazy sound which was instantly adored by headbangers for their adrenaline charged, wasted tunes like “Nuclear Attack”, “I Do What I Wa
  14. I think nyoilers is in love with the Vest. Why don't you ask Geoff on a date? Nobody else on this forum gives two shits about Tatertot...... except for his #1 fan. Did we really need another thread on this just so you can gush on how hard you are for him? Ridiculous!
  15. The Orioles fucking suck!!!! Can't hit worth a fuck. Can't pitch worth a fuck. Can't run bases properly. Pisspoor manager. Since 1997, 3 winning seasons and going on 20th losing season. Worst owner is professional sports history.
  16. You two should get a room together and play with each others bats and balls.
  17. I'm not a huge Robert Mason fan. I think that's what's holding me back from enjoying this. He's just so samey in every band. No diversity in his delivery.
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