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  1. He’s always been one of my favorite singers even though KISS is huge just totally overlooked as one of the best vocals out there and very unique no mistaking his voice.
  2. Has anyone seen the videos on YouTube...I’ve always been a fan of Motown, he does a really good job with it his voice still sounds really good.
  3. He is kind of a goof ball a bit young to be reviewing some of the old 80s bands.
  4. Thanks for the advise Dan, I'm hoping I can sell most of them here at least I know they will go to a good home and be well taken care of. I've purchased a lot of them from peeps here maybe they can get them back. Not sure how many of the old timers are still around I don't post much anymore.
  5. Well it looks like the deal fell through and I'm going to have to sell them the hard way 1 by 1. The CD list is in the CD collection forum, I will post the prices in the proper forum when I make the $20 donation Dan is requiring (WHY YOU!!!!!!). I hate to see them go but it's time. Almost all of them are on original labels. You can have the whole shootin' match for $14,000, that's roughly $12 a CD that's half of what I paid for the entire thing. YOU MUST HAVE THE MONEY AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE I'M NOT HOLDING. The more expensive CD's I will include shipping depending on where you live,
  6. Well guys I haven't heard from my potential buyer in quite some time I may be posting this after all. Thanks Bob
  7. This is a great disc very hard to find the real thing.
  8. When we had a huge house back in Nebraska I had one of these the lawn was like a carpet, expensive water bill. Some have a rain gauge on them so they don't go off when it's raining.
  9. Ha, here's a video of my favorite stationary troubadour (yeah, I'm also an avid Marshall collector). Yeah there are some kick ass players on YouTube. There is a Russia guy on there can't remember his name he plays a Charvel as well along with an Engl Powerball. Check out a guy named Jay Parmer he's all about the Lynch licks.
  10. RIP he was the best in Weird Science.
  11. Yeah to tell you the truth I only really listen to a handful every weekend when I'm drinking in my man cave shooting pool. Chris Irvine China Sky Witness Aldo Nova - Twitch Autograph After that it's a crap shoot of what I'm in the mood to listen too. I've pretty much got everything I was wanting everything else just sounds the same with slight differences. Who knows the buyer may offer some of these up to you guys which I have purchased tons of CD's on this board you might get a chance to get it back. Besides it's really fun playing the guitar for real, so many differen
  12. Thanks for your kind words, unfortunately it was time to let it go.
  13. Thanks for everyone's interest, but one anonymous member of this board purchased the whole shootin' match.
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