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  1. The intro is a bit like Michael Bolton's - Can't Turn It Off.
  2. Very modern Country sounding with a melrock touch. Girl looks like a Swedish milf so she makes me a bit aroused.
  3. This will go down well with the Swedish Christmas cheese.
  4. This is something Thomas McFapperson would really like. Going to inform him about it.
  5. Mr. Cheese was good with Blackjack too, especially on the the "Worlds Apart" album. Very nice FM Radio Rock.
  6. Maja Salvador. She still makes me aroused.
  7. I used to fish a lot in the 80's, using wobblers. Then guitar playing and fapping became the main interests.
  8. Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation UFO - Strangers In The Night Rainbow - Down To Earth MSG - Assault Attack Survivor - Caught In The Game
  9. He has a very cool surname. I'm thinking of changing the boring and common Hansson for the more unusual McFapperson.
  10. He was in a Europe cover band but I've never heard of any recordings of original material prior to Perfect Plan.
  11. Good band name but wobbler, isn't that when you're fishing?
  12. My melodic ol' ears are jizzing in classic AOR stereo. Survivor liked to write about premature ejaculation it seems, "I Can't Hold Back", "When Seconds Count" etc.
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