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  1. Never heard this band before. Clicked on Secret Drug and live the nice clean riff. For some reason reminds me of Pseudo Echo - Race type songs Chorus is a bit of a let down, but I love Kiss's Hide Your Heart so there is hope I can come to terms with it 😃 Really like Streets Of Fire. Gonna have to pick this one up.
  2. I believe they have brought their other brother in to make 4 band members. Maybe they have a bass player now lol
  3. For those who haven't seen this https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c0dmx4p4m0lo
  4. I would assume everyone who got a good photo is making coin, but there were too make photographers around for it to be unique enough to talk millions. Two best photos I saw were the one with blood and the flag in the background, and the one with the bullet flying past his head. Those would have been the two to did best I'd say. Was hard to type that without automatically calling the photo a 'shot' lol
  5. Was listening to To Be With You yesterday and for shits and giggles whacked the lyrics in and selected "hard rock" and then "reggae" Here's what it spat out. https://suno.com/song/ec4a3b9d-a2da-4dd2-820f-16c3276be5ed https://suno.com/song/c830e49e-4b89-494c-b352-11d247bd3ff9 Made me realise that at the very least this is gonna act as inspiration for bands to create alternate versions of songs that vastly deviate from what they created.
  6. Will put that to my wife. Reckon she'll come to that party 😁
  7. I mean I love that Mariah Carey song. Fav Xmas song
  8. I found it relatively easy to make up lyrics. Just got some random song in my head and then jotted down words that would have fit in to the song. Then whack the lyrics in, select the style and it spits out a song that of course sounds nothing like the one I wrote them to, but they fit really well. On the other hand, it's actually quite brilliant as making songs in the basic more. I put in "Write a song about how Monique hates sauce (... Except sweet and sour sauce) and how it annoys everyone, especially McDonald's.. Monique reads a lot of books and loves the Simpsons tv show" It gave me this https://suno.com/song/1f609fb4-d1c0-49c0-9a8f-e5960277b5b9
  9. Thanks guys Will dissect this later and make a plan 😁
  10. Haha, yeah, some typos, some auto correct. Probs should have proof read. I constantly hit 8 instead of I
  11. Some of these I have touched on in the past, but not found myself desperate to explore more. For instance 8 have hardline eclipse and also II. But that's it Same with a few others on the list, I may have an album. So I guess I really want another Tyketto where the whole catalogue is great. If any on the list fit that bill. In the past I tried out Alfo November. The one with a brick wall in it?, Lillian Axe and a Loudness. Maybe I need to try them again. I purposefully left some off, like Vibbie Vincent Invasion because of the screechy vocals. I guess I always put Mark Free in that group as well.
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