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  1. Yep, big MEH from me as well. I remember when I first heard this song. You'd sit between the speakers and hear the 'stereo effect' of the noise after the word abracadabra. Missing in this version
  2. What I was kind of getting at is that an album of songs in the vein of All Lips N Hips wouldn't go down the same way today as it did then. I have a bunch of band who I got into and ignored earlier albums, and then when I went back to those albums, some of them with songs that people froth, I haven't been able to get into the album or the songs. White Lion, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Dokken, Winger, Great White, Europe. Couldn't do any of the first albums from those bands, even though I loved albums 2 onwards. Then you have other bands I got in to late, like Harem Scarem, whose first album
  3. There is no point discussing figures with you. If you're going to hold Trump to account for the increase of unemployment that OCCURRED AFTER COVID HIT, then it is a futile discussion. I have no allegiance to either side of US politics, I care more about how what you do affects me. Arguments here are mostly controlled by which side people follow, What's I'd say, from an outsiders point of view, is that Trump was HEAVILY slammed for not doing enough to lock shit down during covid. The main commentary was that he cared too much about keeping the economy churning at the detriment of t
  4. I really don't give too much of a shit about this dumb argument, but damn, are you seriously presenting those figures for any kind of use at all? Let me edit.... When Trump took office in 2017 unemployment rate was 4.7%. covid hit and bent every country in the world over and fucked them in the asses When Trump left office in 2021 unemployment rate was 6.7% which would have been far worse if he had locked shit down more. I actually think he should have locked everything down more. This would have made unemployment far worse, but he didn't want to screw the economy that much s
  5. People want more lips and hips? Same as a song they made in 1988? Guarantee if they released and album like that now it would do nothing. This is a great release. Tumblin' Dominoes sounds like an Angels song with Doc singing.
  6. Cool. Very nice $1000 clip, shows a great idea can be better than an expensive production. I like the song. I like the tame gang vocal thing, like the bridges, like the chorus, song changes around enough, some nice melodies and hooks. Ticks all the boxes, like this band always does.
  7. Meh to this whole album and vibe. This is the kind of thing I'll play on spotify at work because it's something customers will dig and the versions are rockier than the original. Listening to it that way would be ok, but as individual songs, they're just pop/rock covers.
  8. For the record, I have never complained, nor would I. Maybe there needs to be more emphasis on introductions. Maybe opening discussions for new people on fav bands etc to make them a bit more comfortable. Can be hard to jump into a group and it often appears more cliquey than it is at the start.
  9. I've had Walk the Walk - Get Busy Livin' in my head for like the last 3 days. And not the good bits, I've got the whoooaa, whoooaa, whooooaa shit eating away at my brain
  10. I actually think this board is run pretty well. I expected a clamp down during the political stuff, but was happy it didn't happen, and it ran its natural course. I think I may be in the Mafia page on Facebook. I'm in a few, but don't really participate, the format is not conducive to a discussion like a board like this. I guess people are here for different reasons. Primarily I am here to find new music. Haven't be on as much as before, but that's because business has been really good and just haven't had the time.
  11. The problem with Stryper is they talk up the album and being heavy and "no ballads" and balls out, and this puts me off. They Stryper I don't like is the high end Michael Sweet screeching, and I like their ballads and more melodic stuff. When I eventually get to an album I'm usually pleasantly surprised and it's better than I had thought. But yeah, that first song, lol
  12. Big truck keeps on rollin' Love me some Trucker Diablo. These sound a little more mellow and refined than usual. I'm liking them a lot.
  13. I miss some of the better threads Upcoming releases Album reviews where people gave the stoopid ratings The nude girls thread etc
  14. So I'm listening to Stryper - God Damn Evil for the first time. All I heard during the first son was "Chicken in the bus" rather than Take It To The Cross. Yep, that song is ruind for me forever now. Lucky it was a pretty shit song.
  15. 100% If you could be bothered looking back at early posts on this, one question I asked was why India had been so unaffected. I've been there, and it just didn't make sense. The huge amounts of people in close living spaces, the poverty, etc Sadly they caught up and are pretty fucked right now. I deal with people in Brazil and they are also doing it pretty tough. They tell me stories about graves being dug up to make room for more people. Here in Australia, we were looking at manufacturing 50 million astrazeneca doses by the end of the year. Now we have followed suit with some o
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