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  1. Is a riot without looting a riot? Not much to contribute here. Not my country and presumptuous to think I really get what is going on. But what is happening is doesn't look good. Not sure what the end goal is here, I believe the policeman has been arrested. perhaps a chance that iso-fever has taken hold a bit.
  2. I think it's a good song to cover. Easy just to update and rock up a bit. But I'd go further and change the tempo a little, with a significant heavy drum as the stand out sound, a constant flowing picking guitar throughout and some vocal harmonies on the chorus. Maybe gang type vocals.
  3. No reason given yet. I read an article from our Channel 7 today and they had no idea. As well as his actual achievements, they replaced Bruce with him as being in Kiss. Whoever wrote that was pretty half arsed.
  4. Weird comment for me. This album is closer to their early 'sing along' stuff than the last few albums.
  5. OK, so I played lots of otehr music on the drive up. But the next day I gave this a listen again, And I got what you were saying for sure. Although for me the synth was not syrupy and fit the music well, it was poppier and more AOR than I'd normally go for. I didn't hate it, but wondered where my previous comment came from. Until I got to track 9 I think, and that was great, Hate Gotham City, perfect average ending to a CD song. Also I liked the first song. Anyway, then I listened a couple more times on teh way home. I came home by myself so could listen loud and really get a feel. And I could see where my original comments can]me from. I really dug it. Will listen a couple of more times before I break it down, but I still say it's a great album. The new Papa Roach is pretty great. First few songs won't be for many here. Not really my thing either but I like track 2 even though the first few (and a couple later) are a bit grungy or screamoy or whatever) DeViscious was alos really good, really enjoyed that, surprised it didn't get more love here. Dirty Honey EP was also really good. Very Electric Boys fell to it.
  6. I gave this a listen yesterday after a fair break. Love it, still don't know why it wasn't loved here. one of their best IMO
  7. I mean my tastes fall fairly well with the 80's scene like most people here. Kiss, TS, Maiden, Motley, Poison, Warrant, etc etc From there to now, obviously everything is different. I have been influenced a bit by this site and the music thrown out. I am more AOR than I was. I just added 5 newish albums that I haven't heard much for my trip tomorrow. Captain Blackbeard, Dirty Honey, Fate's last one, DiViscious and Papa Roach are the albums I'll be checking out more. But if you were going to recomment music to me right now I guess looking at what I just put on my Spotify as my current staples. Bad City, Cats In Space, Gun, Shiraz Lane and The New Roses So anything like them I will be into. Somebody said NFO is a lot like Cats In Space which is why I will have a look someday. Carzy Lixx, and Crashdiet, I kinda knew I had to get to them, but found out about them late so was already behind. I did 2 Crazy Lixx albums, and now amd going through the Crashdiet. All about finding time I guess.
  8. Haha, Geoff. I guess you like what you like. Syrupy poppy synth is what I find hard to take. I don't break apart music and limit myself to expectations or differences with new singers. I tend to listen to anything and if I like it I do. I guess sometimes your mood can influence that> I like Yanni, Sarah Brightman, ABBA, Old Dominion, The Elder, Van Hagar I don't like much speed/death/etc metal, Judas Priest, 80's pop sounding current 'rock' bands, Carneival Of Souls, DLR VH I have a 7 hour drive tomorrow, so I'll give this a coul[ple of more listens and see if I lean more towards you or Glen. If I was in a tired/easily please/less critical mood when I first heard it, and don't think as much now, I'm happy to correct myself.
  9. Don't like the original much. This version is heaps..... worse.
  10. lol, everyone here is litterally judging the book by its cover
  11. Some people don't rate this, but I do as one of Stryper's best. More anthem than most rock anthems.
  12. So I listened to so NFO samples. Not sure I've tried them before. Possibly did and thought they weren't for me. Very synthy, but not syrupy synthy. I'll give them a go and see, Likely I'll weed out a few good songs.
  13. I did the same a while backa nd from memory much of his stuff was on the thrashy metal side. So there may only be a limited amount that I'd be interested in. Just need someone to point it out for me
  14. I'd buy a release of all these covers. Actually I wouldn't because Spotify, but if I was still buying music I would
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