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  1. CureTheSane

    Bonfire - Legends

    I will likely enjoy that cover of Africa more if it's mixed in with other covers with the same general sound. Maybe
  2. CureTheSane

    Cover songs

    Much prefer that to the other cover of this song. Very nicely produced.
  3. CureTheSane

    Alien - Imagine (John Lennon cover)

    Will be interesting to hear. Didn't they cover The Air That I Breathe years ago? That was a great cover.
  4. CureTheSane

    White Widdow - Victory

    Song is ok, but not really my thing. Tried really hard to like this band in the past but could never get there.
  5. CureTheSane

    Reece - Resilient Heart

    ... and they wonder why people download. Hard to argue that you should have to buy an album twice...
  6. CureTheSane

    Gotthard - Defrosted 2

    Warrant live sounded like Jani pretty well, but the new music was its own. And I'm ok with that. To a degree, bringing in a clone and trying to replicate what had worked in the past is doomed to fail. Not saying that Gotthard did that, Steve's voice was probably less unique than Jani's
  7. CureTheSane

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    Been listening to Wrapped Around My Middle Finger a bit recently. Surprisingly good disc.
  8. CureTheSane

    Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy

    yeah that last one is the pick of all posted songs
  9. CureTheSane

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Slash - Living The Dream
  10. CureTheSane

    Gotthard - Defrosted 2

    Cool. All you can do is listen with an open mind. With Gotthard, when Steve died, the music was never going to be as it was. To a degree they became a new band, like Warrant did with new singers, and I try to assess the material without comparing.
  11. CureTheSane

    Saliva - 10 Lives

    New album 19th October Saw they have a limited release with a different album cover for some reason. This info is from Blabbermouth.... Long-running rockers SALIVA will release their tenth studio record, titled "10 Lives", on October 19 via Megaforce Records. The disc was produced by frontman Bobby Amaru and Steve Perreira in Jacksonville, Florida and is a labor of love that took nearly a year to make. Featuring SALIVA's trademark, no-holds-barred sound, "10 Lives" is described in a press release as "quite possibly the band's most energetic, catchy offering yet." The effort contains "14 single-worthy anthems comprised of earworm hooks, shredding solos and razor-sharp production." The band says: "This is the tenth record for us — we call it '10 Lives'. The title represents where we are at in the band's career. We feel stronger than ever... '10 Lives' is about never giving up and grinding daily. We love making new records for the fans who continue to support the band through it all. This will not be the last!" "10 Lives" track listing: 01. Domination 02. Only The Strong Survive 03. Some Shit About Love 04. Close to the Ledge 05. One More Night 06. Helpless 07. Epidemic 08. Gone Away 09. The Warning 10. The Snake 11. Make You Famous 12. Pissed 13. When I'm Gone 14. Some Thing About Love Formed in 1996, SALIVA broke out into the mainstream in 2001 when the band's angsty hard rock pummeling helped earn a double-platinum certification for its sophomore album, "Every Six Seconds". The band followed with seven more heavy-hitting albums released between 2002 and 2016 and a greatest-hits collection in 2010. SALIVA is currently on tour in the U.S. Tags: saliva
  12. CureTheSane

    Reece - Resilient Heart

    wrong thread

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