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  1. I think Motley lost a lot towards the end of their career. S/T with Corabi lost a lot of fans, simply because Vince wasn't there. Generation Swine was a little too different when it was released, and lost a lot more fans. Everything after than was pretty average. SOLA was good, but the best song for me, the title track, couldn't squeeze into my top 25. Then you hace Vince trying to sing. Nikki ceasing every oppotunity for publicity over stupid shit. Now the reunuion fiasco. In a lot of ways they killed their legacy for a lot of people. For me they generally evolved really well up to Dr Feelgood which was their peak. I love the Corabi album, and included it, but it's fairly removed from the rest of the material the band did. Hearing John talk about his exit was pretty disappointing. All this talk these bands have of being a 'gang' and 'brothers' etc is mostly a pile of crap. it was all business and arranged via mangers and lawyers. He wasn't all that pissed about it, I think he knew it was coming, as he said, he'd heard rumors etc
  2. Just managed to giuve Nitrates first album a fair go. Agree somewhat with the comments on the vocals - they were ok. Just listened to the samples earlier in this thread, and I don't hear what everyone else does. I thought the songs were average and somewhat boring. New singer doesn't do it for me, very generic. May put this one on the backburner for a few years and maybe when I listen again I'll be more interested.
  3. So I've been making new compilations, but for the top 25 songs of my favorite bands only. So when I play in my car etc, it starts at 25 and counts down and gradually gets better the longer it goes. Bit of fun in some rare down time. Ao anyway, here's what I came up with for Motley. Decided to post this one mainly to read the horrified comments of a lack of representation from the first 2 albums 1. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 2. Poison Apples 3. Home Sweet Home 4. Kickstart My Heart 5. Same ‘Ol Situation 6. Girls, Girls, Girls 7. Driftaway 8. Without You 9. Misunderstood 10. On With The Show 11. Time For Change 12. Looks That Kill 13. Wild Side 14. Afraid 15. She Goes Down 16. Enslaved 17. Red Hot 18. Bitter Pill 19. Angela 20. All In The Name Of… 21. Live Wire 22. Shout At The Devil 23. You’re All I Need 24. Loveshine 25. Find Myself
  4. So I like Taylor Hawkins music. Obviously heavioly drum based, and not really traditional hard rock. Eclectic mix of The Sweet, Queen, The Beatles, with a tinge of Foo Fighters thrown in at times. Lots of random stuff in the songs - claps, thumb clicks, some reggae in the songs Get The Money, even some shoobeedoowah. You're either goona open your mind and go with it, or hear it ones, call it experimental shit and never listen again. Hole In My Shoe was the song from Red Light Fever turned me on to him, which is a killer song. Don't Have To Speak and I Don't Think I Trust You Anymore are also great tracks. This new album, Take The Money, is a new giant step forward. Pretty much the epitome of needing multiple listens to get into the music, after 3 or 4 it all starts to come together. This is a kinda cool clip with Dave and Taylor swapping Foo Fighter roles. Another instance of Dave Grohl being one of the coolest dudes on the planet
  5. I've seen this topic in my feed a bit and wasn't that interested, but then I started thinking about it in more depth and here's what I came up with. I don't really have a fav guitarist. I like guitarists that are wither innovative or unique. Vito BRatta comes to mind as an example. The 'tap' playing, was new. Not sure if Eddie invented it, but he got a lot of credit for it. But overall my favorite guitarists would be the ones who write the great music, or the riffs that make the songs great. Was never really into the technical stuff. Satriani, Dream Theatre, amazing speed in thrash metal etc.
  6. Yep, this and also the hooks and melodies. His voice is perfectly suited to the music.
  7. Chrome for me. I use multiple devices so if I'm logged into my google account all passwords, links, favorites etc are carried between devices.
  8. Was listening to this today and it hit me what a great guitar solo it is, blending into the song for an extended time. Any others out that that stand out as being overlooked?
  9. I know right. I'm hoping that if I dump the CD for a month or so and then pick it up again I'll have forgotten about this and won't notice.
  10. I was only mucking around. I couldn't (seriously) care at all about what you like and don't. But it's fun to disagree in an easy going way.
  11. This is an actual photo of David Coverdale when he was recording this song.... Seriously, WTF is up with all the breathing iun this album? Weird.
  12. Yeah, Bad Medicine is catchy as hell and a great song. It's a fun song which has verses no worse than much of the rest of 80's rock. Hater!
  13. Here are the 2 that I mentioned (that aren't on this album)
  14. They released an EP called 4 Shots! Midnight Queen was on it Worth picking up for a couple of other songs Angels Crying Just Waiting For You
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