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  1. Yep, need a few more listens to the EP though.
  2. Van Hagar is my preferred VH. Over here, we really didn't get too much of the earlier stuff. Jump put them on the map, unless you were harcore 'metal' back then. I mean when 1984 came out I was 14 or 15, so I was just moving to hard rock, getting into Kiss and Maiden etc. I mean I Was Made For lovin' You pretty much put Kiss on the map in Australia, and then Shandi solidified them. So VH never toured Australia with Sammy or Dave. Sammy toured solo, and VH toured with Dave in 2013, but we never got to see the real Dave show. In the end, I'm not a huge fan of pre 1982 stuff. There
  3. You guys would then be the loud minority, given how well the song did. Or maybe Diamond Dave fans Yeah, I'm always up for a Sammy vs Dave argument...
  4. So a band named after a WASP song, releasing songs with the same titles as Twisted Sister, Def Leppard and Saigon Kick Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Shoot Em Down is nice.
  5. CureTheSane


    D-Day for us here. Today we hear what we will be allowed to do as the virus new cases have been in the 20's every day for the last week or so. I'm predicting compusory face masks still No change to the 5km radius Mabe a few more business types will be allowed to open Curfew will be lifted (as it was illegal in the first place) although I actually agree with the curfew - where the fuck are we gonna go anyway? 5km limited travel radius, shopping centres and pubs closed and not allowe to visit anyone lol
  6. Gave the EP/Album a listen. Recall the first half being pretty average, and the second half being better, will listen a couple ore times.
  7. Boring covers. Add nothing to the original, don't update it, or do a new take on it
  8. Reminds me of a cross between Enuff Z Nuff and 80's soundtrack pop. Not for me.
  9. I was watching as it happened. Amazing, come from behind. Still don't know how we got there, I still get nervous watching replays. I was at the 2005 GF and it was amazing. Glad we lost on the weekend. Last two rounds we lost to two top 4 teams by narrow margins, with quite a few injuries. Our best forward (Franklin) , our best backman )Rampe), our best ruckman(Naismith), and our best mid-forward (Heeney) among others. The loss on the weekend means we finished 3rd bottom instead of 5th bottom, which is great when draft season comes along. We will get the 4th best player in
  10. Never heard this band before, but the last time a band took this long for a new album, was Roxanne, and that album is amazing, so I'm gonna give this a go in case it is also awesome.
  11. CureTheSane


    So here's a question. We have been in pretty much full lockdown for nearly 2 months. 5km travel limit from home, curfew, and many other restrictions. What this has done has turned our second skike on its head and we are back down to double digits per day (21 cases today) I always thought that having to go through this over winter was a positive. I know viruses are spead more quciky in colder months, but in the end, people don't really want to go out to bars etc as much. The result has been that the overall death rate hasn't changed much, because due to social distancinge tc, the f
  12. I din't know this band, but I like this. Bit of a Bai Bang/Electrik vibe to it.
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