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  1. CureTheSane


    Yeah, but as mentioned by many of us Australians here, we are fairly likely to bend over and submit. We are far too complacent and accepting of what we are instructed to do. The other side are the people in the US, who (IMO) are far too "my rights" "my freedoms" etc etc and are at times just obstinate to accept the greater good. Would love to be somewhere in between, where we were able to do what is required, after insisting our leaders qualify their requirements, and demonstrate the reasons why. It wasn't that long ago that you needed a little booklet when traveling to show that you had yellow fever, malaria, etc vaccinations at customs when you arrive in a country. This was phased out when the numbers of people travelling vastly increased.
  2. CureTheSane


    Yep, a lot of women out there crying, and a lot of guys declaring that they are never getting a jab
  3. Saw Pig, with Nic Cage. Was ok, watchable I guess. Wouldn't see it again. Also saw Jolt which was about some chick who jolted herself with a zap of electricity to control her anger, and her journey in pursuit of bad guys. Could have been so much better, One of those movies that didn't know if it was action, or comedy, and didn't work as both.
  4. CureTheSane


    I'll also say, re masks on kids. If they can carry and transmit covid, then no issues with masks, of with parents deciding to immunise them. I made sure my kids had their shots growing up, they had no choice. I decided what was right for them as a parent. Also, you're gonna need boosters for the vaccine you've already had, and then others to combat other variant, of which there will be many. One thing I'd be worried about if I was unvaccinated is a fucking really deadly strain that comes about and existing vaccinated people have some resistance to it, but unvaccinated in big trouble, Kinda like this delta strain, which is twice as easily transmitted. What happens when we get a 'gamma' strain that is twice again transmissible and has a strike rate of 10 or 20%?
  5. CureTheSane


    France and Italy have both introduced a green pass and some other pass for people who have been vaccinated. it allows them to do much more, mass gatherings, restaurants, etc and instantly the vaccine rate jumped, increasing between 15 and 200% depending on which part of Italy you're in. Travel will remain a big one, and Broadway venues have apparently announced "no vaccine, no entry, no exceptions" These things are just the start. Eventually people who never wanted a vaccine will just be complaining that they were forced to get one.
  6. CureTheSane


    Cannot deny or confirm...
  7. Yeah, but the rating system here is pretty screwed up. In fact I haven't seen it used for a while. But a 70% is a pretty average/crappy album 80% is average/good 90 - 96% is really good 96 - 100% is great to perfect. That's my take on it. If I was to rate using this system, mine would come in at 20% pretty shit, with only a few songs worth hearing and no keepers 40% poor, lucky to get 1 or 2 keepers 50% average, 3 keepers 60% ok, 4 keepers and some other ok songs that you might not skip if playing the full album 70% good 5 or 6 keepers 80% great album, 7 keepers 90% 8 or more keepers, couple of fillers, but that's ok, there are usually a couple 100% impossible, even the albums where every song is a keeper has songs that could be better. Some songs might just scrape in, etc Like some of my fav albums... Dr Feelgood 90%. Even though it has 3 songs I am not a huge fan of, sticky sweet, slice of your pie, rattlesnake shake, the other songs are really really good and llift it up. 5150 would be 90% Inside is pretty crappy, leaving only 8 songs, probably 6 of those are killer Hot Action Cop. 90% I kept them all, except Goin' Down on It Dangerous Toys Pissed 90% Pain train and strange are average, the rest is killer Bad City 95% these are all keepers, and amazing songs, this would get a 95%, because there is always room for some to be a little better, some have no room for improvement Pretty much my next favorite 50 or so albums would be 80 - 90% and it's downhill from there for the others
  8. CureTheSane


    I already do. Handy for headbutting people in the ass when they piss me off
  9. CureTheSane


    So, unsurprisingly, 50K new cases per day isn't enough for this to really make the news here. I mean we are getting stuff on Fiji rates because of the smaller population, but unless the US is hitting the highs of the past, it's not shocking enough So are these50K all unvaccinated? Are they breaking down the percentages and comparing those rates to hospitalisation etc? I always assumed that the US would be like "hey, you want the jab, get it, otherwise it's your funeral bro" and dropped all masks and restrictions.
  10. CureTheSane


    I wish I had been, I could have used that as an excuse
  11. CureTheSane


    Um, yeah, 100% I misread you. So you have my apologies, I completely misread what you were saying... Here's how I read it.... Thanks guys. I was expecting a tirade of abuse. (and that's what I got) I wasn't interested in arguing the point with anyone, on this or any other subject for that matter. I've always thought of this site as a sanctuary where we can express ourselves without copping too much shit. (and clearly it isn't) No one is going to change any one else's opinion on anything. The important thing is to accept other's opinions without ridicule. (so leave me alone and don't bitch on me) Thanks again guys. Class acts. (thought tis was sarcastic)
  12. CureTheSane


    Man, I've re-read my comment, and I'd like to apologize. The way I ripped into you was uncalled for. The abuse, the sarcasm, the foul language. All uncalled for and it leads me to ask RUOK? Seriously, none of the comments you quoted were abusive towards you, nor did the heap any shit on you. Not sure if you're just having a bad day or need to do a Glen and take some time off these posts that are seeming to get to you...
  13. CureTheSane


    Here is a graph showing cases vs deaths in the UK I know some will say it isn't real, and I am not about to qualify it, but I will take it on face value as I've seen it around a bit. If this doesn't show the importance of being vaccinated, than not much will. Right now the cases are on a fair incline, but look at the red line representing deaths - staying low, because those getting covid are getting a mild case if at all because they've had the jab...
  14. CureTheSane


    Will be interested to see if this stance changes, not because of a job requirement, but because of a necessity as everything is back open and those unvaccinated are the ones who are being hit.
  15. Saw The Wrong Missy again over the weekend. One of my favorite movies. Also saw Gunpowder Milkshake. A cross between Sin City and Kill Bill. A fun movie that was entertaining throughout.
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