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  1. This was in my head today and I was trying to remember who sung it. Kept on coming back to Roxus, but I knew it wasn't them. When I realised itw as Outloud I listened to their stuff againa nd realised how much the singer sounds like Juno at times...
  2. Hard for Pearcy to cover a song, because his voice is very distinct. it's ok, but nothing worth listening to a second time. What's the point if the clip has no tits in it, part of the charm of the song...
  3. It is basically an arthouse film. Not what I expected with Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek
  4. Nice. What's with the Dave Navarro hairstyle?
  5. Not for the first time, Mike has a new song for the Eurovision Song Contest... Internationally recognised solo artist and songwriter MIKE TRAMP presents his brand new single “Everything Is Alright” – an honest number written directly from the heart – and is pleased to announce that returning home from his own Odyssey he will take part in the competition to find the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Having won the Danish Song contest in 1978 with Mabel and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest later that same year Mike will return just over four decades later
  6. Many here won't be into this, but stick it out to the chorus... From Loudwire....| Pop Evil issued a pair of songs earlier this year in advance of the pandemic and it appears as though things are back on track for a new album release. In fact, the band has just issued the pulsing new single "Breathe Again" in advance of their upcoming sixth album, Versatile. Heavy, distortion-fused guitars give this Pop Evil song some extra bite, while singer Leigh Kakaty's uplifting vocal powers the chorus. And while following on the heels of the early 2020 releases "Work" and "Let the Chaos
  7. I've never heard this dude before, but liked the samples so gave it a go. Killer album. Most of the tracks are keepers. Defs a Bon Jovi vibe (except better than BJ these days) I'll have to check out earlier stuff...
  8. I admit to only knowing the Chicago and Mr Mister songs here. This is the perfect reason why many covers suck. These may as well be the bands rerecording as close to the originals so they can use them and get the royalties. The guy is amazing at sounding line the originals, incredible. But why not just play the originals. IO guess these newer versions would be cleaner and better produced etc, but meh.
  9. One of my earlier memories as well. Recall hearing it at my grandparents house and being taken with it. This version does little for me, but I like that they actually made it theirs.
  10. CureTheSane


    HMS Glen And it sailed for the Isles Of Music, never to be seen in these treacherous waters again...
  11. I get this sometimes, When a band releases an album, and it's new and exciting and I miss it and then go back after hearing new albums by the band. Never been able to get into debut albums by White Lion, LA Guns, and a bunch of other bands. Sometimes people post band here who I've never heard of and it's just 80's stuff, nothing too stand-outy, but if I'd heard it when released, maybe I'd have frothed it in that time...
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