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  1. I really enjoy this band, but I have no idea who anyone is in this band. in fact that goes for amny bands these days. Maybe it's just not having the times to look it up, or maybe I just don't care that much any more lol
  2. Each to their own, but for me this has been a pretty great year. Looking back at what I've managed to get through, I was very happy with all of the following... Cats In Space Haren Scarem Collateral Gotthard Hell In The Club Five Finger Death Punch Butch Walker Confess Steel City Bonfire Revolution Saints DeVicious Captain Black Beard Maryann Cotton Dynazty Black Stone Cherry Vega Tokyo Motor Fist Arctic Rain Bonfire SteelCity HEAT
  3. So I listened to this and it's pretty bland on teh first listen. Only real stand out was the last song, because it's a slow ballad and suits the bland vibe. Hopefully will get better with more listens...
  4. I hate threads like this. My expectations for this are so high they will certainly drop when I hear it. Then afetr more listens it will surge I;m sure, but there is no way it can come close to what i am expecting lol
  5. Normally I don't bother with reissues/remasters, but if they have changed it up, I'll give it a go. Love the album, but trixter have always been a bit bubblegum/poppy. Would be interesting to hear this with a real hard edge.
  6. I like it. I like Collateral. Wish the song had some huge gang vocals for the chorus, as it's all pretty much the same temps/vibe, but still a good song.
  7. Has anyone touched on Collingwood's awesome trade period yet? lol :)
  8. Meh. may as well fight against enforcement of seat belts, or not being allowed to carry guns. Sometimes people have to be ordered to do what is known to be safe to protect themselves and others. Not looking for a debate into guns or the effectiveness /consequences of vaccines. Simply, IMO, there is a vast greater good for accepting them compared to the rare complications. covid vaccine is the same, tried and tested, safe, and I'm happy if people are obligated to get it to go about their normal lives.
  9. Live is just a live album. Xmas was good, but not great, the main song is good and will be played soon. There is some challenging stuff on Narnia for some Tragic Alter Ego Thunder In The Night One Small Step Destination Unknown Of all the songs She Talks Too MUch took me the longest to get into. Unicorn is an instant killer Not sure of the inspiration behind Silver And Gold but I always think of Kiss when I hear it Hologram Man is also a cool song lyrically.
  10. Scarecrow is their weakest for me, with only 8 keepers Daytrip To Narnia is also amazing, pretty sure EVERY song on that was a keeperf or me, very rare feat.
  11. I have confidence that tests will be thorough enough. I'd take it happily. As someone said, some vaccines will be better for some, and otehr vacines for other people. can't force people to take it, can't even force people to be tested. But if you wanna travel, you'll need to prove you've had it. Wanna use daycare, or send your kids to school? same thing Etc You're liely gonna have to get it regardless. Those who decide to wait until enough have been vaccinated to pretty much eliminate covid will only suffer in other ways....
  12. Yeah, obviously some cover up colour, not dye, but something brushed in that 'washed' out lol Remember when he was mayor of NY and hailed as a saviour, turning around crime, or something like that. Seems to have fallen far...
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