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  1. Creatures Of The Night is one of the worst Kiss albums.
  2. CureTheSane


    Yeah, that's pretty harsh, but kind of funny. Sad thing is that those who broke all kinds of rules and brought copvid into my state from other states were not penalised at all because they cooperated with contact tracers etc. And some of these knowingly travelled with covid. But still, those two dudes got to see their team win the flag. Imagine if they'd lost, that would have really sucked lol
  3. CureTheSane


    Well, the world is supposedly overpopulated
  4. Biden getting a fair bit of press over here. Lots of clips making him look somewhat senile at times. Hard to argue most of the time. I've said before, the thing I miss most about Trump was the entertainment. Biden is doing his best to perform I guess lol
  5. Haven't heard yet. Hopefully the hersh words will lower my expectations enough to like it more than everyone else....
  6. Been watching The Boys, which has been fun. Saw 3 Days To Kill? Kevin Costner. More a daytime TV movie.
  7. CureTheSane


    I saw that clip a couple of days ago. Well worth the watch. Compelling and pretty definitive. Trump himself says it wasn't intentionally leaked from the Wuhan lab in his opinion. In the clip they state that bars can't even be carried by bats.
  8. CureTheSane


    Your opinion is just that. I also have one. I guess I'd fall somewhere between you and Glen, but it is somewhat swayed by STILL being in full lockdown and STILL under curfew. But, I'd be looking at the whole thing a bit more pragmatically as far as the severity of covid goes. Easy to say it's the worst plague ever and easy to say it's a flu. There are stats for everything. But think about this. Every single country pretty much treated it the same way. Individual assessments all came to the same conclusion. So who is right? Darkstone, or every government in the world? That said (and in hindsight) things could have been a lot differently. Unlike Glen, my vaccinations took over an hour each, both with appointments. Lots of other bullshit ways of working through it. Hopefully next pandemic will be easier 😀
  9. CureTheSane


    The hint was in the title of the thread....
  10. Well, federal govt, as well as states of NSW, SA and Tasmania are all liberal (conservative) Victoria, ACT, Queensland, WA and NT are all Labor (left)
  11. I've always considered power ballads to kind of be like 'anthem ballads'
  12. Federal govt is trying to have the whole country open up and live with covid WA are saying "fuck that, we're going to act as if we are a separate country"
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