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  1. Yeah have my record player but have sold all the vinyl years ago except the singles,and looking in the attic found that I still have Warpdrive - Gimme Gimme & Vicious Rumours - Digital Dictator,but I won't be starting to buy vinyl again.
  2. Awww right thanks,I never even noticed that,but its arse about face then...a bit like Pulp Fiction
  3. Good stuff,have this on preorder,should be here next week Is that the same model from "When The Heartache Is Gone"? is there a story here or something?
  4. Yeah should be another great release.
  5. Another long One... Homebound Train I'll Be There For You Stick To Your Guns Let It Rock You Give Love A Bad Name Livin' On A Prayer Wanted Dead Or Alive Raise Your Hands Without Love Never Say Goodbye My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms Its My Life This Ain't A Love Song Always Keep The Faith In These Arms Bed Of Roses In And Out Of Love Tokyo Road Runaway Hardest Part Is The Night If I Was Your Mother I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Dry County Something For The Pain Something To Believe In Say It Isn't So
  6. Sad news Indeed,incredible drummer RIP Neil
  7. Yeah...and they do them so well...lighters in the air oh wait we aint allowed to do that anymore...phones then(not the same)
  8. Great news, The Grand Design was brilliant.
  9. Yeah preordered this,like a bit of Grand Design,soundbytes sound good.
  10. I always looked at it like it was lava or somesuch
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