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  1. lettard

    Ocean Drive 65 - I'll Never Wait

    greed,very much in the vein(not as good as) Wild Rose and last years Odyssey Desperado,very safe but why oh why make a lyric video when the lyricas are so silly? Is it just to emphasise it?
  2. lettard

    Breaking music news

    Excellent,almost a DD get together then
  3. lettard

    Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

    pretty darn good a really nice listen
  4. lettard

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Not really doin it for me,loved the debut and I think it was because it was so different for Toby to sound like he did on that,this is more like the Pride Of Lions type thing that Im not much of a fan of either...still room for hope maybe the other tracks are more my thing...don't hold out much hope of that though
  5. lettard

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    According to Amazon its produced by Daniel Flores this time around so Im expecting it to be a bit more AORish than the previous..the description on Amazon reads: "This time Toby hooked up with another super talented Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Murder of My Sweet, Mind's Eye, Find Me) and the result is that another marriage made in the AOR stratosphere was celebrated! Consequently Daniel started to collect and work on a bunch of amazing songs which have been sung with ability and passion by Toby. "Reckoning" shows once again the unbelievable vocal talent from Toby Hitchcock whose abilities keep getting better and better. There is no reason to miss this record, which promises to be easily one of the top Melodic Rock albums of the year ! FOR FANS OF: Survivor, Journey, Foreigner, Pride of Lions "
  6. lettard

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Happy days...at last,loved his debut Mercurys Down
  7. lettard

    Devil's Hand (Slamer/Freeman) - s/t

    the weakest of the 3 thus far for me but still ok and I look forward to the album as its as near a new Steelhouse Lane cd as we're likely to get
  8. lettard

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    Agreed,that's just what I was thinking
  9. lettard

    Burning Rain - Face The Music

    Will look forward to this one,always a good listen for me.
  10. lettard

    Wild America - Gasoline

    Not bad,will keep an eye out but it aint grabbing me enough atm.
  11. lettard

    Nordic Union - Second Coming

    Great track like that a lot,slightly poetic for me in a way cause it coulda just been written about my life...
  12. lettard

    Ted Poley - Modern Art

    I have it preordered on Amazon Uk so it must have a European release,the date Amazon gave me is 9th Nov
  13. lettard

    King Of Company - Queen Of Hearts

    I see that they have replaced their singer...again...2 albums 3 singers so far...seems to be a common thing recently (see Creye thread ) … must be something in the water...or you could go the way of Inglorious and replace everyone but the singer lol...ok I know they kept the drummer in that case.

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