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  1. Reminds me of Hall & Oates in a way,very enjoyable.
  2. That's what youtube's for or you'll get the info you need from the main HH site.
  3. I quite like it,but it sounds very very little like the Santa Cruz that we have grown to know...and I totally agree about where Geoff is comin from on Archie...from the strains of Scream For Adrenaline to this stuff is a big difference,but I really like this disc and it could well end up in my top 10 also but then again looking on whats been released this year thus far that wouldn't be hard.
  4. I recommend you check out the others listed if you can
  5. Def Leppard Tesla Hurricane Sleeze Beez Bonfire Treat Giant Icon Dokken Sweet F.A Bonham Lillian Axe Motley Crue Impossible for me to name just 5 so these are just a few that come to mind...there are many many many more as Commandant Lassard would say
  6. Another great album and had that real melodic feel to it that just suited Jimi's style,something he hasn't done on any of his other projects...probably my second fav of his involvement cds...with Are You Ready To Rock in at third
  7. Received this in the post today...and for me it was a disappointment upon hearing it. Purchased based on the first track released and that I like the two Seven cds,with the debut being top of the class,but this is has a few country type songs which don't sit with me at all...if I'd have heard this disc before I bought it I very much doubt ..or in fact I can definitely say I wouldn't,really disappointed in it.
  8. I would agree with that,it was a classy album,full of great tunes
  9. Totally agree,very good stuff,one to watch out for.
  10. Mine still hasn't arrived,almost a week after release suffice to say a dispute with Amazon is happening.
  11. This is nice news,glad to see they got signed to Frontiers and will release another disc..I quite enjoyed their debut
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