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  1. Yeah I contacted Michael and he said that unfortunately the label decides the price and they are based in the US ,said it will come to Amazon UK but after the preorder...if only i'd known that earlier
  2. Album "Fuse" out now to preorder,its released 18th June https://lebrock.bandcamp.com/album/fuse says you can pay what you want for the first week...I didnt get that option...its a bit steep at almost £11 for the disc and £9 for delivery even when they and I are in the UK Still it's preordered
  3. Another band from my neck of the woods,love em and its great to see em release another quality album,wish them all of the best,Brilliant album
  4. Got this the other day along with the new Seventh Crystal ,whilst the jurys still out on Seventh Crystal( i'm just not feeling it atm) but this Robin McAuley disc is excellent thus far, really really enjoyng it
  5. Yeah like that also,and it'll sound well in the concept of an album
  6. Brilliant,just such a feel good group...love it
  7. Quite good...and the drummers wearing a Ghostbusters tee...be nice to hear do that...I know its not the 90's but neither are more than half of these 90's tracks they,ve released nice solo btw
  8. Yeah sounds decent,not fantastic but decent indeed.
  9. From a cracking album...wish they would do another
  10. Don't mind that at all,not mind blowing but good old schoolish
  11. Interesting...I take it the band pic is from that 91-93 era?
  12. Farcry - Balance Escape - Fire In The Sky Roxville - Fallen From Grace Seventh Crystal - Delirium Robin McAuley - Standing On The Edge Fighter V - Fighter Silent Rage - Don't Touch Me There (Rock Candy) Silent Rage - Shattered Hearts (Rock Candy) Thunderhead - Behind The Eight Ball Dirty Honey - s/t
  13. Love this also..its just something different..for a different mood
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