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  1. One to look out for,although the "Soul Salvation" disc didn't do much for me if i'm honest...maybe I should revisit,always loved the debut though.
  2. Alfonzetti - Here Comes The Night (after Machine I gave this a wide birth...so glad I chose to take a chance after all this time) Gathering Of Kings - Discovery (finally arrived from the band)
  3. was never able to get their debut...at a reasonable price
  4. Good idea to make this a thread,,,if it does move mine over Vega Midnite City Defiants Wig Wam Cats In Space Liked the Dynazty,Bloody Heels & Brother Firetribe debuts quite a lot also & that Marcello/Vestry is a stormer but as the highlander once said "There Can Be Only...errrmm 5"
  5. I am... Only joking,I cant speak for anyone else but its not something that grabs my attention,will give it a listen when its released but cant really see much from it if im honest.
  6. Sounds really good,love it when something like this sneaks up on you...no release date yet? just 2020.
  7. Not grabbing me like their other stuff but grabbing me none the less...cause I just really like these guys
  8. always held a Tora Tora vibe also for me....thinks its the vocals
  9. me too almost a cd's worth as I type...8 already
  10. Brilliant,this album is gonna be soooo good...when it finally arrives
  11. Jagged Edge - Fuel To Your Soul ...which led to Red White & Blues - Shine
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