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  1. lettard

    The Treatment - Power Crazy

    Guy sounds pretty good on the vocals and the tunes are decent,will keep an eye on this
  2. lettard

    Worst discs of 2018

    Yeah i'd agree with that
  3. lettard

    Worst discs of 2018

    Yeah that Rox Diamond sucked major ass Kenny Leckremo & Heartwind-Higher and Higher...awful discs
  4. lettard

    Tesla - Shock

    Yeah Freedom Slaves and the cracking Song & Emotion,great cd btw I love Def Leppard,have always been my favourite band but I also love Tesla,2 different bands that I would like it to remain different,friends yes but different styles that suit who they are as bands.
  5. lettard

    Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia

    That sounds great to me,as mentioned im a NFO fan and this is cut from similar cloth,looking forward to the march release
  6. lettard

    Tesla - Shock

    Love me some Tesla,first couple of discs are brilliant,this isn't,but it isn't bad either..it has its moments and how it fits into the feel of a full album will determine how it sits with me in the end,can for defs(no pun intended) hear the Phil Collen influences and touches in it though.
  7. Sounding really good,nice good fun party rock
  8. lettard

    Wildness - s/t

    Theyre really milking this release if still releasing songs over a year later from it,wonder are they covering for time while writing/recording a new disc?
  9. lettard

    Tora Tora - Bastards Of Beale

    Agreed,I still like the new stuff and think i'll enjoy the cd but the energy of the older tracks you've mentioned isn't there that's for sure,this new song is good but I was waiting as with the previous song for it to explode into life,it just doesn't though but enjoyable all the same for me.
  10. lettard

    Last In Line - II

    Sounds quite different to what they've offered previously,I like it...and is it just me or do the vocals sound like Kip Winger?
  11. lettard

    Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: EYES - "Eyes"

    Great album,oh it takes me back,got it on import cassette from ST records in England(as mentioned pre-internet days) where I imported all my early stuff from after seeing an ad in Kerrang and its remained a fav ever since.
  12. lettard

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Better than the 1st tune but still not grabbing me completely...yet
  13. lettard

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Just ordered ,eventually decided to take a chance... Wild America- Gasoline
  14. lettard

    The End: machine - s/t

    Like how even as a mid tempo tune Pilson still wants to give it Big licks as always

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