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  1. I'd be the same as yourself with Maiden , after Somewhere In Time I picked up No Prayer For The Dying because they were actually coming to play Belfast for the first time in years on that tour...last one I bought was Fear Of The Dark and havent really gave them the time of day since, so as for change of sound I have no form of reference.
  2. Alicate - Heaven Tonight Mad Margritt - Best Of 1999-2021 Michael Monroe - Not Fakin' It (Lemon Remaster) Axe - Five (Bobby Barth)
  3. Nice...but unless the price crashes I'm a no go
  4. And more recently Crazy Lixx had a go.
  5. Pink Cream '69 - Talk To The Moon Loudness - Crazy Nights Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Firehouse - Rock On The Radio
  6. Wife loves that track...as do I...whats not to like
  7. Big budget video lol...not a bad wee track...they are hit and miss with me...albums are usually a mixed bag..but I have em all so i'll be picking up this one too...the completist in me
  8. Not bad, at least they're staying with the classic type sound...and not that Blitzkrieg rubbish.
  9. Picked this up and must say I'm glad that I did , its a very nice album , prefer the more Melodic Rock stuff but some of the AOR material is quite good too, so all in all another of my nice surprises this week.
  10. Have the originals, like most of here but also the Japan Remasters and 6 cd boxset Decade Of Dio , which are all remastered, much n all as the bonus material is great I don't think it's for me, but nice.
  11. Yeah hate is such a strong word...there are some acts that I strongly dislike...but each to their own taste wise...so long as they don't try to tell me what o like/listen to.
  12. Nice , sounds well , hopefully this one's a keeper.
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