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  1. I actually really didn't like this disc when it was released and sold it on,was a big fan of Twitch , still am with its 80's pop/rock summery vibe...but... Many years later I decided to revisit and was well pleased that I did, really enjoy it now
  2. Yeah strange comment..maybe he's just a massive fan of Mr Gibson...for some reason or another.
  3. Sister Whiskey - Liqour & Poker Rumble Tribe - Fire , Water , Earth & Stone Transit - Dirty Pleasures Zhenx - s/t Chris Laney - Only Come Out At Night
  4. That would be a fast turn around of new material...nice.
  5. Oops , I didn't even see this ,very nice as usual as you've pointed out,was just thinking about these guys ad that the new cd should be seeing the light of day soon...hopefully
  6. Like that hope to someday hear these guys blast this out live in the Limelight
  7. Yeah they are cheating by releasing an 80's tune that was used on a 90's movie I mean this has even featured in movies from the 2000's and onwards...it even appeared in the Batman Lego Movie And I totally agree with the 90's not having so many great movie songs...they shoulda just stuck wit the 80's.
  8. Must grab a listen, the singles were pretty good but the debut was excellent.
  9. Like that,hopefully a taste of things to come,definate Dokken vibe to it and Mr McAuley is sounding very good.
  10. aww ffs!! I do like the cover art though but i'm still fingers crossed cause i'll give Robin the chance.
  11. Never heard that one before...not bad...a definite G'n'R vibe to name a few.... btw they may have wanted the Rockstar name treatment...but what about the catchy band name...imagine your 12 year old self plucking up the courage to ask your parents to buy you that one for Christmas
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