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  1. Bought the Pink Lady LeBrock and the Zombie girl tees also recently,as well as the tee from Raider(Tokyo ep) Cats In Space(Atlantis/there be pirates) and Catalano(Nightfighter) all look very nice indeed...except zombie girl who hasnt arrived yet
  2. Really good picks so far...for me I love this track... And... from such a fun listen cd... But then again I love We Are Gods from that Heat II,which doesnt get much love..
  3. At The Movies - The Soundtrack Of Your Life vol.1 At 1980 - A Thousand Lives (arrived today on cd) Tony Mitchell - Church Of A Restless Soul (direct from the man himself...signed)
  4. Got mine today,said in my email that i'd receive something special with it...yeah...a sticker
  5. Yeah like that,its just a nice listen indeed
  6. Yeah definite step up,brilliant album...def top ten for me.
  7. Thankyou for the heads up Doggy just ordered it and a t-shirt...pity its a cardboard sleeve though...would've prefered jewel case like the last release but beggars canny be choosers,just glad to get it on disc.
  8. Devilfire - Black Soul Vendetta (signed)
  9. ok,so 3rd singer in 3 releases,strange but if it is as good as previous i'll be happy.
  10. cd arrived today with the band t-shirt,well pleased,sounds great...and now I look great too...for a change.
  11. Raider - Tokyo E.P (plus Say Sayonara Girl t-shirt )
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