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  1. I see that they're releasing a couple of Britny Fox on 10th September..pity that Bite Down Hard isn't one would love their treatment on that one,also a couple of Loverboy discs on that release schedule.
  2. Yeah,been a long time,we took my youngest to see Space Jam A New Legacy 2 weeks ago on a wee mini break away and it was the first time i'd been in a cinema since December '19 when watching The Rise Of Skywalker. So a little bit of normality slowly creeping back,we still operate at 1/3 capacity and when you book seats those around you 3 to each side automatically lock to allow distancing.
  3. Went to the cinema today and watched The Suicide Squad,really enjoyed it and for me ,better than the first which I enjoyed,Stallone is excellent as the Shark King...numbnumb Tonight we got Jungle Cruise from Disney+ for us all to watch,saved a fortune by doing that instead of individual tickets at the flicks and my boys can now watch it when they want(handy over summer),really good,enjoyed it a lot,a sort of cross between Indiana Jones & Pirates Of The Caribbean.
  4. Jeez...3 albums in as many years! not that I'm complaining
  5. Shocked...such sad news.. R.I.P Dusty Tres Hombres blast tonight
  6. Spektra - Overload Cruzh - Tropical Thunder Blood Red Saints - Undisputed
  7. My last purchase of the day to arrive, well pleased with this, everything they've released i've been a fan of...pretty solid band, and this is no exception...nice big beat to everything...but after my first couple of listens production seems muddled...more listens needed though to give tunes a better listen
  8. Another I received today,it is actually better than id expected if that makes sense? Playing it through as a cd makes the songs sound more gelled and makes it run along smoother than I thought it would given my opinion on the already released tracks..still wish they'd have gone for a grittier singer though...woulda made this sound better for me.
  9. Received this today,its an absolute cracker,for me not a bad tune on it for my ears..it has JSS all over it..could be almost a release of his..the sound , the vocals, the music all has his stamp and the band sounds great...love it.
  10. Yes, I know what you mean,we will notice the difference but future generations perhaps won't,and lets face it they ain't getting any younger but their bands will always remain somewhat relevant if the band remain touring/recording etc without the original members Although I seen Thin Lizzy about 30 years ago with only Eric Bell as an original member and they were shit...only able to play from the first couple of albums that he played on...half the crowd walked out after requesting he play certain songs and kept getting told no,that was sad because I seen em Feb '82 in Belfast as a kid with Sweet Savage in support and it was brilliant
  11. Got this today from the band, sounds really good, not amazing but really enjoyable, I do think though that I prefer the vocals from Open Wide though. Favourite tunes so far are "You Think You've Got It" ,"Big City Lights" ,"Addicted" & "Edge Of Surrender" and there a few ballads like "Why Can't You Feel My Love" & "Lay Down Your Arms" just an enjoyable disc for my tastes.
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