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  1. Thats the cd,the vinyl is ltd ed pink or black but the ltd edition pink is sold out on their site already.
  2. Cover Art... and its already available for preorder from the band... https://danreednetwork.tmstor.es/?fbclid=IwAR3i1QylAODTSHvJUg8tQCeZUyEYZ2myE3-9EtDETI_tO4L2D-G-mjkaHr0
  3. Got this today,its not bad but wouldn't say its set my world alight..thought i'd been duped because the first track sounded like The Police or something...but after that the tracks are pretty similar to C.i.S just not in the same ballpark for me anyway.
  4. 2022 it is then but new album
  5. Osukaru - Starbound Hagan/Bang Bang -s/t (The "Lost U.S Jewels" Vol.11) Vamp - Telephone Love Affair Harlot - Positively Downtown Six Silver Suns - As Archons Fall
  6. Yeah it does go expensive...slighty cheaper here... Attraction - Get Up 'n' Shake (CD, US, 1999) For Sale | Discogs Attraction Get Up N Shake Vinyl Records and CDs For Sale | MusicStack
  7. I have "Hands Of Faith" its not too bad...didnt know about this second disc...reminds me of Little Caesar a bit
  8. Not a bad disc with a few stand out moments,picked this up from Kivel at the time,but you're right about this being released when this type of music was not in fashion ...except for people like us...love the title track though.
  9. Overhyped but it will still make my top 10...not sure where though...couple more quality release to come and several quality releases so far this year...but it will make it
  10. Yeah have to say that after what I though was excellent debut this was really disappointing...sold it on years ago as it was forgettable at best, but the debut that is another kettle of fish...I still listen to that quite a bit.
  11. Loved both of their albums,I was never a led zep fan but this hit the right vein for me...still listen to these quite regular,the debut is in car cd player for the last week or so as I type and picked up the SPV remasters a while ago...sound excellent
  12. Yeah I have this on preorder from the band and it hasn't arrived yet..hopefully this week,took a chance because the first album didnt exactly pull up trees for me...but the released material thus far prompted me to get it...sounds as you say fun thus far though
  13. I Know exactly how you feel,I keep an eye out at the start of the year for a while then lose track of what has been released when it was released and whether or not I actually heard or liked it...i'll get round to it in December
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