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    Steve Perry - Traces

    I see a couple comments here that are kind of negative LOL. Were probably safe doing that here. But OMG dont you freaking dare even hint at something close to criticism on his Facebook page. Before the new song was even posted anywhere Perry posted this and I responded "after all these years weve been waiting and thats all your going to say". LOL And the women there almost ripped me a new one. Even sent me message's on Facebook messenger. But I should have expected nothing less from groupies. LOL I like the song, its a decent tune. But of course it doesnt have the power behind it like when he was with Journey. I'll probably end up buying it. Maybe. LOL
  2. metaltrekman

    Aldo Nova 2.0

    Ok, Im going against the grain here and saying I like it. Ive enjoyed what Ive heard from him in the past (Blood On The Bricks is a favorite). And Fantasy has always been a classic. I dont care much for the extra "sounds/noises" but Ive heard them before with a lot of other artists and still liked their songs. So for me, for now.
  3. metaltrekman

    What Song IS it?

    Coming to work tonight I was listening to Ozzy's Boneyard on SiriusXM. I heard a Fastway song, but I cant freaking remember the title. It seemed to be mostly instrumental (I could be wrong) And it sounded a lot like a Rush song. At least the music part did. Its driving me nutz trying to remember. I went to Spotify and they only have 4 Fastway CDs there and I clicked on each song for a snippet, and none of them sounded like it. Anyone have a clue?
  4. metaltrekman

    What Song IS it?

    No it wasnt either of those songs.
  5. metaltrekman

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Im Lovin it. Cant wait to hear more.
  6. metaltrekman

    RIP David Cassidy

    It was a different time. Many here are to young to remember or know David Cassidy. And many arent from the USA so they arent familiar with him either. He was a huge pop star in the 70s. And a television actor that had a huge fan following. He sold out stadiums and arenas and the women went wild for him. I was a fan of his and his "Partridge Family" back then in the 70s.( some of the best years of my life) But when I started getting into real rock I stopped listening. And even though I liked his music up thru the 80s and today, never really payed attention to it or listened to it much. It just wasnt my type any longer. But David Cassidy was a "icon" back then and a cool guy. (I always want hair like his) LOL His personal demons were his downfall, its too bad they were his ending. He will be missed by many. R.I.P. David thanks for the music & the memories.
  7. metaltrekman

    Tom Petty ...The next to go...?

    Its official now. Announced by his manager late last night. http://www.tompetty.com/news/tom-petty-1950-2017-1758086 He will be missed by many. R.I.P. Brother
  8. metaltrekman

    New STYX

    From their new CD "The Mission" Due out in June. I like it!
  9. metaltrekman

    New STYX

    Like the song and liked the video too. Timed it just right with the song.
  10. metaltrekman

    Ace Frehley

    I saw Ace open for Ted Nugent a few years back. Ive always thought he was a great guitarist. I dont know if he would make it in my top 10, but I really enjoyed watching him play live. It was a great show. Ive just always enjoyed his music.
  11. metaltrekman

    "New" Deep Purple

    Ive been a DP fan since the 70s, and have all but a couple official releases and a few others. I try to keep up with it them and Ive enjoyed all the versions of the band. I heard but wasnt totally turned onto 2013s release of "Now What". So I havent bought it yet. But now they are releasing another new CD called "Infinite" in April 2017. If this song is any indication of the rest of the CD I'll probably get it. I really like this song. Time For Bedlam:
  12. metaltrekman

    Dare - Blood From Stone

    Are any of their other Albums/CDs as rockin as this one? Or are they completely wimped out?
  13. Allan Sorensen from Royal Hunt. https://www.facebook.com/prettymaids/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf
  14. metaltrekman

    The true meaning of AOR

    THIS I agree with 100%. Being 59 I grew up listening to the music of these era's. Play what they want and loving it. The best!!
  15. metaltrekman

    New Halestorm

    I enjoyed the first one, so judging by this song Im probably going to like this one too. http://www.stereoboard.com/content/view/203568/9
  16. metaltrekman

    "NEW" Whitford-St. Holmes

    Straight from the mouth of Derek St. Holmes. For anyone that enjoyed their first CD (I did/do). Check it out. http://www.nwitimes.com/entertainment/music/guitar-slinger-will-put-region-fans-in-a-stranglehold/article_0c414fb5-69ab-58e2-9be4-86694d267ffd.html
  17. metaltrekman

    First Time EVER!

    Im admitting I have Never EVER listened to a Rihanna song or watched a video. I had no interest. I dont listen to rap or hip hop, never have NEVER will! But because I have been a Star Trek fan All my life I watched this video. I listened to this video. And, I love it! LOL The song is beautiful. And the video is cool. It reminds me of the first time I heard a Adele song/video it was for the James Bond movie. Ive enjoyed a few of her songs since. Does anyone here listen to Rihanna? Are her songs very often like this? Very mesmerizing and soothing.
  18. metaltrekman

    RIP Jimmie Van Zant

    Sad news for for Southern Rock fans. I didnt even know he was sick until a couple of months ago. Another Van Zant gone. Ive always enjoyed Jimmy's music. R.I.P. Brother.
  19. metaltrekman

    Rick Springfield - Rocket Science

    Thats what I was thinking. I remember the 70s and 80s Springfield being more "Rock" oriented. It was a different audience listening then. Rick still rocks. And he does have some songs that are great "rock" songs. But like a lot of bands/artists that have lasted for so long, their music seems to change some with the era's. Like I said I think he still rocks, but has a easier listening sound. And like Andrew said Pop/Rock. I think Radio friendly can be used. Except sadly, you will never hear "New" Springfield (or other artist from the 70s/80s) music on stations today. But I am enjoying Ricks new one too.
  20. metaltrekman

    Trans Siberian Orchestra does DIO

    If your a fan of both TSO & DIO you will probably like this. I watched it a couple of times and really enjoy it. Beside being so freakin hot, she has a helluva voice. She does have a YouTube channel too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-nMXBQgK82btzO_srhpFZw
  21. metaltrekman

    Doogie White

    Ive been a Deep Purple fan since I started listening to Rock N Roll (and Im Old) LOL Then came Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Whitesnake all kind of in the same sounding family. To me this is a real classic rock sound. Dont get me wrong I love Zeppelin, Kiss, Aerosmith, the Nuge and all the rest too. I think this is what Demons Eye reminds me of. Since they are (were) a Purple tribute band its understandable. I have their first CD and really like it and I will probably get this one too, eventually. A lot of people dont like cover or tribute bands/music. I always have. For me Ive always felt its done out of respect for the music and musicians. I have a lot of cover/tribute music. And when you can get someone who also loves and respects it all the same way when performing it, it makes it even all the more better. Doogie White is one of those guys. And I love his music. So Demons Eye is a no brainer for me. Listen to the music watch the whole video if your a Classic Rock fan and you get to hear a lot of what is on the new CD.
  22. metaltrekman

    Oh My!

    Ive loved her music from the first time I heard it years ago. She has sung & played with Many awesome musicians & bands. She can sing a beautiful ballad or Rock Out like she was born to it. I love Grace Potter.
  23. metaltrekman

    Electric Light Orchestra

    Ive been a ELO (Jeff Lynne) fan for over 40 years. Ive always had some of their music around to play. I saw them in the mid 70s when a Pre-Perry Journey opened for them. The players have come and gone and around 86 the pretty much broke up. Later a ELO II was formed (not) with Jeff Lynne. Ive never heard any of their music. (am I really missing anything)? And then about 2001 Jeff released "Zoom" doing a couple TV show concerts releasing a DVD of it. But no tour. Lots of re-issues, collections and "best of's" released in the mean while. But now there is this. "Known as one of the most iconic forces in music history, Jeff Lynne’s ELO is set to deliver a new album which will be the first new ELO music in 15 years. Entitled Alone In The Universe, the album is set for global release November 13th on Columbia Records." Check out the track "When I Was A Boy" http://bravewords.com/news/jeff-lynnes-elo-alone-in-the-universe-album-details-revealed-when-i-was-a-boy-track-streaming
  24. metaltrekman

    Electric Light Orchestra

    I Love them, but it doesnt matter to me. I was searching for the original and just saw that the "II" version was here and not the original and wondered why. They are pretty much the same arent they?
  25. metaltrekman

    Electric Light Orchestra

    Searching for their earlier music I see only ELO II but not the original with Jeff Lynne. Over sight or on purpose?

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