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  1. I know I cant be the only one here that hates what they are doing to comic books, TV and movies. FU*K this "Woke" B.S.!! These people care nothing about History or what America is meant to be. With all the crazy shit they are making happen, Its insane. I dont even want to imagine what America will be like in 50 years IF they stay in control.
  2. And that is how it will always be. These people and I will say NOT all of Islam is like they are. But the ones we have been fighting since or before the crusades and who have fought each other longer will Never stop. NEVER!! We have all heard it, the objective of these people Is world domination. And as long as one of them remains they want to enslave or kill all others. The Only way to stop it is total eradication. And that will never happen. The world will not allow Genocide. So I would say never get involved in any war again and build an America that will withstand Any type of attack. But LOL that wont work either, too much hate in the world and too many like the business of war.
  3. Ive always been a fan. Of Bell Bottoms And The Bee Gees.
  4. I have a lot of subscriptions to videos/vlogs and all on YouTube. Whenever I subscribe I Always click on the bell to get All email notifications of every new video that is posted from all my favorites. Thats stopped. I dont even remember the last time I got notified of Any video from Any of my subscriptions. And I followed instructions Ive found online. Nothing works. Does anyone else subscribe to YouTube Videos? Are you getting email notifications everytime a new one is posted? Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem?
  5. Guess Im the only one (so far)..I Love it!! How many years has it been since they put out a new CD? TOO many!! I hope they get it out this year!!
  6. Nice, Ive always like Franks guitar slinging. Love him in Tesla. Is that his Dad on drums in the video? LOL
  7. Every time Ive heard Halestorm it was heavier than this. Both these women have amazing vocals, This is just an awesome song.
  8. I love Toto, but I think this is Just as good as their version. I Love Arnel's singing. I really wish he would put out a solo CD!!
  9. Never been much of a Steve Miller fan except for maybe some of his bluesy stuff. I like this version MUCH better!! Wish that either Arnel would put out a solo CD OR Journey would get a band together & record again.
  10. I Love that these guys (and gal) Are rockin out to all these great songs. This one has always been a favorite.
  11. How do I pay in Euros when Im in the USA? And are the DVDs made to play in the USA?
  12. Read an article the other day that said some of he checks may come out as soon as this weekend. Mine was in there yesterday. Cant touch it until the 17th though.
  13. Ive been listening to her YouTube videos and vlog for almost 2 years and enjoy her singing very much. This one is one of my favorites on the CD.
  14. I watched it last night too. I thought it was pretty good. It ended like I thought it would. Surprised it didnt happen sooner in the movie. They were made for each other. LOL
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