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  1. How do I pay in Euros when Im in the USA? And are the DVDs made to play in the USA?
  2. Read an article the other day that said some of he checks may come out as soon as this weekend. Mine was in there yesterday. Cant touch it until the 17th though.
  3. Ive been listening to her YouTube videos and vlog for almost 2 years and enjoy her singing very much. This one is one of my favorites on the CD.
  4. I watched it last night too. I thought it was pretty good. It ended like I thought it would. Surprised it didnt happen sooner in the movie. They were made for each other. LOL
  5. LOL ok Im going to admit right here and now that I enjoy Romantic Comedies. I Love a movie that makes you feel good. Along with the Action, SciFi, Westerns, Animated, Mystery, Historical, War, Biographical and others I have always enjoyed a good RomCom. I watched one tonight and it even had a little Fantasy to it. It is called "The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things". I really enjoyed it. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11080108/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  6. I LOVE it!! Obvious political statement. And I LOVE it!! The song Rawks! A cant wait to hear more. And reading the comments on YouTube, Im Not the only one thats happy about this one.
  7. Wonder Woman 1984 Really disappointed in this one. Nowhere as good as the first one. I wont watch it again.
  8. Merry Christmas Guys & Gal. Hope its a good day for all of you.
  9. Ive loved Miller and his band for over a year. they play some awesome Tributes.!!
  10. I have too many favorites to post a video for each. The Rockford Files Magnum P.I. L.A. Law Hillstreet Blues S.W.A.T. Friends The Sopranos The Andy Griffith Show M.A.S.H. Mission Impossible Cheers Hawaii Five - O Bonanza The Partridge Family The Odd Couple Just to name a few.
  11. I have too many favorites to list, but if you have Pandora you can see or listen to my Christmas Playlist there. So far I have 142 songs. I'll be adding more next week. Let me know if the link does/doesnt work. https://pandora.app.link/VU0s6RYTtcb
  12. Not too many here talk about Blues music or older classic rock so his name may not be familiar. West was known mostly for his Guitar work. Ive been a fan and listener to the music of Leslie West (Mountain) since the late 70s. Although Mountain wasnt around very long really West had a good solo career. I really enjoyed his Blues music. Because of his weight he did have many medical problems including Diabetes which caused him to lose part of one of his legs. R.I.P. Leslie. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/leslie-west-dead-1106777/
  13. I love talking politics. I have for years. I have no problem with people voicing their opinions, and hell no they dont have to agree with me. BUT, if your the type of person that has to call people names, dont believe others can have different opinions and troll just to start shit then just keep walking. If your not mature enough to have a normal conversation about anything without causing problems why would I and anyone else want to even talk to you? Over the years Ive met plenty like that, I ignore them and dont even answer because I know they are only looking for a fight. People like that d
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