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  1. Always loved his music. Sad news. R.I.P. Eddie :(
  2. Just got a "official" response today on their Facebook. They have Not officially broken up. Hopefully they will get together soon and let us hear something new.
  3. I always enjoyed this band, especially when Mats Leven was in the band.. I dont listen to metal much any more but was curious about the band. They havent put out a album (CD) in years and both their official website and Facebook pages havent had updates in years. Im assuming that they broke up since there is no recent info available. Anyone know for sure what happened to At Vance?
  4. This worked. So simple. I dont understand why it didnt work when I tried it before. LOL Thanks
  5. Ive been a fan of Linda's and loved her music for over 40 years. She is a true music icon, especially for women in rock. Deserving Every award and accolade she has received! Very sad to see she had to retire in 2011 because of Parkinsons. I probably wont go to the theater, but will watch it when it releases on DVD.
  6. Well I know Ive asked before (cant remember when though) And doing a search resulted in no answer. I can not remember how to add a video when Im posting. Like a music or movie video. I tried to post the url where it says "insert other media" but nothing happens. I tried just posting the url in my post and the video didnt show, just the url. Help Please. Thanks
  7. I was going to say that too. As much as I enjoyed Alita, I want Avatar II. Here is a little update. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1630029/?ref_=nv_sr_3?ref_=nv_sr_3
  8. Watched it last night and totally agree. It seemed to end to quickly. Still like it though. Im betting we wont see a sequel for a couple years, IF at all. ;)
  9. Watched Captain Marvel last weekend and really liked it. Cant wait to see Avengers Endgame. And Im hearing that the new Spiderman is the best one yet. We will see.
  10. I love Star Trek. I have been a fan since the very beginning. I loved all the series and watched all the episodes. Watched them all in re-runs for years. Have all the movies. And always look forward to a new one. But this IMO is Bullshit!! The newest series (Discovery) is exclusively shown on the pay per view CBS station. Ive totally ignored everything about it since I heard about it, because its CRAP they charge extra to watch it. The Have to know that they lost a lot of followers by doing that. And now THIS. When I first heard the buzz about Patrick Stewart bringing back Jean-Luc Picard in a NEW series I was really excited about it. And I was following the news about it whenever and wherever i found it. But now THIS!!!!!!! What a rip off!!!!!!!!!! I have Prime but it wont show on Prime in the USA & Canada. So AGAIN CBS wants me to pay extra to watch something I love. The only time I watch TV is on the weekends and then its only a few hours, and I still have problems finding things that interest me. So they are freakin crazy if they think I will pay extra money to watch a network I NEVER watch, just to watch one TV show (even though I love it) The can kiss my fuc*ing ass!!https://www.startrek.com/news/stewart-picard-amazon-prime
  11. Havent seen it but looking forward to it. Love the Beatles and this looks like a good story. https://www.yesterdaymovie.com/
  12. Venom. I thought it was dumb. More of a comedy than, anything else. ;)
  13. Love it. Now Im going to go and listen to the whole CD.
  14. Annihlation: A boring and strange SciFi. Didnt care for it. Mud w/Matthew McConaughey, good story. Really enjoyed this one.
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