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  1. I really don't have bad dreams.Guess I'm kinda lucky but sometimes I do dream about people that have died.And when I wake up and then realize that those people(person) is dead it makes me a little sad.
  2. Let's go with the dogs this week Titans Pack
  3. Looks like KC.Down 24-0 and then score 41 straight points !
  4. 49er's TITAN UP ! KC GB
  5. Buffalo Tennessee New Orleans Philadelphia
  6. Happy New Year to you ! Usually I spend the 1st watching college football and taking down Christmas decorations
  7. I must've missed this thread 10 years ago......wait,I don't think I was a member here 10 years ago !
  8. Black Sabbath-The Dio Years Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie-S/T Living In Oblivion-Vol.3 Lionel Richie-The Definitive Collection The Roots of Rock-Soft Rock Styx-Cornerstone Neil Young-Greatest Hits Frank Zappa-Over-nite Sensation
  9. Scott Stapp-The Space Between The Shadows
  10. Christmas is the best holiday there is ! But I do hate winter with a passion !!
  11. nyoilers

    Taylor Swift

    I didn't think that women could come to blows !
  12. nyoilers

    Taylor Swift

    I didn't think that women could come to blows !
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