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  1. I did listen to the new CD.Good but not great.
  2. nyoilers


    Once people look at the facts instead of the BS the truth sets them free ! Stock market up,over 2 million jobs created in a little over 5 months, unemployment rate down,etc... Why believe what the pillow guy says ????
  3. Prophet Has Arise-Sinead O'Connor
  4. nyoilers


    Blaming the media is an easy cop-out for these politicians who make a lot of money but accomplish very little.
  5. The point I don't like is that they mentioned the injury when they were down 3 games to 2.Didn't hear a thing when they were up 2 games to 1
  6. We're the only 2 adults on this site .
  7. Tuukka ain't got it no more
  8. Isles beat Bruins 4 games to 2. Now on to playing the Lightning !
  9. I'm still buying CD's ,anywhere from 7 -15 new releases and many used releases. Sadly the days of going to stores and looking at CD's is over so most new purchases are from Amazon. I must have somewhere between 100-200 CD's that I haven't listened to yet.But I'll get to them eventually !! I just need more damn time !
  10. Great Poll (s). For Southern rock in the 80's it's gotta be 38 Special
  11. Abba-Gold Alice In Chains-Greatest Hits David Bowie-The Buddha of Suburbia Chevelle-Wonder What;s Next Hevidence-Nobody's Fault Colin Hay-Are You Looking At Me ? Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Y'All John Mellencamp-Plain Spoken The Pretty Reckless-Going To Hell Roxette-Favorites From Crash!Boom!Bang! Smithereens-Especially For You The Tubes-Best of 1981-1987 Wednesday 13-Blood Work Yes-50 Live
  12. nyoilers


    Fox is mainstream,just like CNN.But national news is basically about ratings.And the way to get ratings is to know your audience and cater to it.
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