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  1. A so-so song-I do have a few of their CD's
  2. Nice ! I bought this a few years ago and it is worth owning !
  3. Annie Christian-Prince
  4. Hey Soul Sister-Train
  5. Wild Boys-Duran Duran
  6. I liked him with Anthrax ,also.Lucky to see them play live
  7. Circle of Love-Steve Miller Band
  8. Real Love-Doobie Brothers
  9. Muscle of Love-Alice Cooper
  10. nyoilers


    Trump's not doing anything right and I look forward to voting against him again. But the sad reality is that there's not much difference between the left and the right. The small difference is how does it affect me and my family.Everything else like immigration,abortion,climate change,etc... takes a back seat to what's important to me-my retirement ,which the republicans want to cut and healthcare,which is what I want the republicans to leave alone. The truth from Tony Montana-First you get the money and then you get the power. I don't have the money so I vote for who's gonna help me out.
  11. nyoilers


    Time for the NFL again !
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